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Tales from the Table Flavor Families and Friends Copyright 2021 Realize Bradenton Inc All rights reserved No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means including information storage and retrieval systems without permission in writing from the publisher except by reviewers who may quote brief passages in a review ISBN 978 1 7338746 4 9 Library of Congress Control Number 2021919553 Tales from the Table Flavor Families and Friends is a book that highlights ten local families who share their stories about a favorite family recipe The book features illustrations photos and fun and engaging activities where children and adults can learn together A Realize Bradenton Production For more information please contact info realizebradenton com www RealizeBradenton com Concept development by Johnette Isham Executive Director Project Management by Jodi Carroll Special Projects Manager and Lisa DiFranza Special Projects Coordinator Illustrations by Don Brandes Illustrations rendered in brown ink and watercolor washes Graphic Design by Paula Murray Artefact Design Inc Sara Piper Professional Educator Photographs courtesy of Cathy Slusser Henry Blyden the Ferrer family Trudy Williams the Najmy family Alfredo Garcia Bradenton Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc the Turpin family the Craddock family Jocelyn Geraldson Burness and the Ciferno family Printed in the United States of America by Manatee Printers Inc First Edition 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 This book was not prepared approved licensed or endorsed by any corporate owner of any of the brand name products referenced in the recipes All such brand names and trademarks belong to their respective owners alone Recipes found in this book have not been formally tested by us Realize Bradenton does not provide any assurances nor accept any responsibility or liability with regard to their originality quality nutritional value or safety Realize Bradenton Inc is not responsible for your outcome of any recipe found in this book Many factors could contribute to not achieving the desired result which could include variations in ingredients skipping steps the equipment used cooking temperatures typing errors omissions or individual cooking ability You must use your best judgment when cooking with raw ingredients such as eggs chicken or seafood Take care when using sharp knives or other cooking equipment To ensure the safety of yourself and others be aware of heated cooking surfaces while cooking Use of the Internet by children for Learn Together activities should occur under adult supervision

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TALES TAble FROM THE FLAVOR FAMILIES AND FRIENDS Cook Connect Learn Tales from the Table Flavor Families and Friends is a storybook cookbook with a twist of education The book highlights ten local families who share their stories about a favorite family recipe In addition to the story the book features illustrations photos and fun and engaging activities where children and adults can learn together Developed by a Manatee County School District elementary teacher the Learn Together activities include social studies math language arts and science lessons that are geared toward the 3 4th grade learner however they can be enjoyed by all ages with a little help from an adult Please keep in mind any learning activities that require use of the Internet should occur under adult supervision While cooking allows children to develop new skills and encourages creativity adults are encouraged to talk with their young cooking partner about safety in the kitchen and establish ground rules for using kitchen equipment We invite you to choose a recipe prepare it and learn together Realize Bradenton created this cookbook for children and their families and friends We connect people to each other in fun ways with art music history and food Bringing diverse people together with stories helps build a community where people want to live play and learn 3

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here did you come from Bradenton was established less than 150 years ago which means that if you live here you came from somewhere else Whether your family settled here generations ago or just moved we all bring a piece of our original home with us Our roots often show in not only what we cook but in how we cook it W 4 In my family my grandmothers revealed their place of origin through cornbread Both lived in Manatee County one on Ware s Creek and one on Anna Maria Island However my Grandmother Pace born in Indiana baked sweet cornbread but my Grandma Bayless raised in Alabama preferred a saltier blend Florence Louise Tichenor Pace Mary Myrtle Slivey Bayless Long ago a woman named Julia Atzeroth immigrated to Manatee County from Germany She her husband Joseph and their daughter Eliza arrived on Terra Ceia Island in the northwest part of Manatee County in 1843 Julia was known for her cooking particularly her baking of recipes brought with her from her homeland The problem she faced was that many of the ingredients she needed were not available on the Florida frontier Salt came from boiling sea water Sugar squeezed from stalks of sugar cane was coarse and brown instead of fine and white Apples would not grow in west Florida so she planted citrus trees and substituted oranges in her recipes instead No matter the substitutions everyone loved Julia s cooking

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For a time Julia worked as a cook for the commander of an Army camp called Fort Brooke located where Tampa is today There she met many of Florida s early residents including Holata Micco the Seminole Indian chief also known as Billy Bowlegs Julia and Billy became friends He continued to visit her when the Atzeroth family lived on Terra Ceia It was said that Billy always arrived at mealtime Just like Julia and Billy no matter how different we are or where we came from cooking together sharing meals and exchanging recipes builds friendship and understanding When we come together over a meal what we eat is important because it shares a piece of who we are and what made us that way It reminds us that while we are all from somewhere else we are also humans dependent on food not only for survival but connection No matter where you live Bradenton or beyond enjoy this cookbook of recipes from our diverse community Bring friends family neighbors even strangers closer together in your Cathy Slusser kitchen and at your table for good food and good conversation What are your stories about bringing people together with meals To this day my family doesn t care if the cornbread is salty or sweet because it is always served with love Cathy Slusser is a historian who writes historical fiction about Florida and the women who inhabited it She is the author of a trilogy about the Atzeroth family entitled From a Heavenly Land as well as a novel about her Grandmother Pace called The Sea Beneath Us 5

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The Get Together Tacos de Asada rowing up in Guerrero Mexico every afternoon after school we played in my grandma s house while she was cooking We are a huge family I have four brothers and three sisters It was beautiful to get all of us together I miss that G 22 My grandma Damazia Medrano claims that Mexican food is made to share with the people you love My grandma s traditional Mexican kitchen is made out of clay and she uses a wood fire to cook Everything she cooks is fresh and locally grown When she makes tortillas from scratch the process takes days First she boils the corn The next day when it s cool she grinds the boiled corn into dough using a traditional metate stone There are machines to do this but she likes the traditional way I don t know anyone who makes tortillas like my grandma She uses her bare hands nothing else and she makes huge tortillas You have two and you are full

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When I moved to Bradenton I started cooking for my husband and friends My friends bring their favorite dishes too We cook and share it all I am an artist and own a gallery in the Village of the Arts This recipe for The Get Together Tacos de Asada is one of my friends favorites There is a powerful connection between food and art a body soul connection They both bring happiness Food feeds your body and art feeds your soul 23 Alfredo Garcia owns the art gallery Arte Coyoacano in the Village of the Arts Alfredo and his husband live in Bradenton Florida You have two and you are full

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24 Tacos de Asada Serves 6 ingredients 4 pounds of New York strip steak sliced into 2 strips 1 medium sized onion chopped 3 tablespoons olive oil teaspoon salt teaspoon garlic powder 5 jalapeno peppers 1 chopped and 4 whole with or without seeds 5 medium tomatoes 1 chopped and 4 whole 12 tortillas either corn or flour The juice of 1 lemon Cheese of any kind for flavor optional Directions Add salt and garlic powder to the steak sear the outside to your preferred meat temperature I prefer to cook the meat until it is crispy Then add one chopped jalapeno pepper one chopped tomato and one chopped onion Cook for 2 minutes stirring The vegetables help provide moisture and juiciness to the meat Important The secret is to add the vegetables right away when the meat is crispy That will provide flavor for your tacos To make the salsa Boil the four remaining whole jalapeno peppers and the 4 remaining whole tomatoes Once they are soft put in blender with garlic salt and lemon juice to your preference of texture Warm the tortillas add the meat and salsa and then enjoy your tacos For extra flavor add any kind of cheese

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Learn Together Social Studies The Mexican culture is discussed in this story Research Mexico to learn more about the culture physical features vegetation and climate Language Arts The story talks about foods that are locally grown Research what foods grow locally in Manatee County Are they available year round What benefits would there be to purchasing locally grown produce Why do some crops grow well here and others do not Reading Comprehension What does the author say is the first step in making tortillas According to the story what feeds your body and what feeds your soul What do you think that means The author s grandmother said Mexican food is made to share with the people you love Why do you think she said that What did the author s grandmother prefer to use instead of a machine to make tortillas Mathematics If you want to double the recipe how many tomatoes onions and jalape os will you need If you need 4 pounds of New York strip steak to serve 6 people how many pounds will you need to serve 18 people Science The list of ingredients includes tomatoes onions and jalape os Compare and contrast these three plants What part of the plant do they grow on What climate or part of the world do they grow best Do they have any similarities in how they look These tacos would make a delicious and nutritious dinner Think about how you feel when you haven t eaten in a while Do you have a lot of energy or do you feel groggy tired and sluggish Once you eat a meal or snack does your body feel different What if you had a very active day playing sports or outside with a friend Are you more or less hungry at the end of the day Look at the ingredients in this recipe Which foods give your body more energy Why is it important to eat a balanced diet Are the following sentences fact or opinion My grandma s traditional Mexican kitchen is made out of clay and she uses a wood fire to cook she makes huge tortillas You have two and you are full Scan the QR Code above or visit www RealizeBradenton com TalesFromThe Table for answer key videos and more information 25

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champions of education Food is about love community connection and nourishment of the body and soul Julia Turshen American bestselling cookbook author food writer cook and food equity advocate The Champions of Education believe that children are our future These Champions have invested in our community s youth and education by partnering with Realize Bradenton to offer this storybook cookbook which features the stories of ten families in Bradenton Florida The book includes recipes illustrations photos and engaging activities for children and adults to learn together Realize Bradenton is honored that an anonymous out of state foundation believes in Realize Bradenton and our ability to make a difference to the children our community Their generosity provided the start up funds for this storybook cookbook Presenting Sponsor In Memory of Patty Virgilio Charles Marjorie Martini Janet Trettau 46 Realize Bradenton believes that our community s history art and stories create a place where children and the adults in their lives parents aunties grandparents neighbors teachers and friends want to live and learn As a nonprofit organization we work with our partners volunteers and donors to build a vibrant healthy and FUN Bradenton Here are business partners that make our work possible Presenting Sponsor business innovators downtown champions

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