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 Bringing the right truck to your freight.

As your honest Broker, our job is to:

  • Find you the moves that benefit you.
  • be easy to work with.
  • Do what we say.
  • Work when you work.

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What Sets Us Apart...

Who We Are...


We are an established local Broker, founded in 2010. The Tadmore name provides value to both the shipper and trucker, which allows us to have a large carrier following.


Working closely with our shippers and truckers is how we express our full committment to exceeding expectations. We believe in honorable, respectful business practices, and we do what we say.


Most importantly, we believe in "fair fare." Fair rates helps get your freight moved by responsible, careful truckers. Our business systems are built efficiently. Shippers benefit from lower freight costs, and we can offer better pricing to both parties.

Communication: We pride ourselves in answering our phones 24/7; as simple as this is, we are able to stay ahead of bad information, and potentially assist a truck/shipper in need. This gives us up to a 36 hour jump start to stay ahead of any challeneges.


Insurance: We are designed to protect your cargo from potential loss...our intent is to protect your freight, not just meet the minimum criteria. Our affiliation with the TIA allows us to purchase insurance through Avalon Risk Management, which includes; Contingetnt Cargo, Contingetnt Auto Liability, Errors and Emissions, and Dishonest Acts by Third Parties.


Credibility: Being in the top 5 percentile of all brokers for credit worthiness (ComputNet), makes us an attractive business partner. A trusted broker has a strong credit rating to show an indicator of affective attention to detail and efficient reliability.





Always giving you a "Tad-More"


Structured Efficiently

Tadmore pays drivers a "tad-more," and we charge our shippers a "tad-less." Low operating expenses and no long-term debt allows us to provide the best experience at the right price. Our preferred carriers take good care of us, because we take good care of them. Our business model operates on a 9-12% profit margin, which allows us to fairly pay our drivers.


100% Reliability

When we quote you a price, it is for a real truck at the fair market rate. We quote your load to move it on a reliable, professional carrier.


Compliment not Compete

We strive to compliment by working with shippers of all kinds and freigh of all kinds. However your shipping is structured, we can help. A few loads a day? Once a month? Full truck load , or less than a load? We have found consistent carriers for shippers in areas known to be tight.




We are at the forefront of this quickly

changing economy and industry.


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