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What do you want to be when you grow up? We explored a variety of different occupations that you you may want to considered one day. Come see what are the possibilities!

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Community Workers
By Theresa Dazey
An astronaut is a person that commands, pilots, or serves as a
crew member of a spacecraft.
Astronauts explored our solar system, conduct experiments, launch
satellites, maintain spacecraft and equipment. Their background
can be in engineering, science, or medicine. They can also work as
astronaut educators by inspiring students to consider joining the
US space program.
Bakers are people who work in a bakery. They make cakes, pies,
cookies, bread, pastries, and cupcakes. They are sold to consumers
from the grocers’ stores, restaurants, and wholesalers.
Construction Workers make many different types of buildings,
such as homes, schools, hospitals, libraries, and churches.
Doctors diagnose and treats diseases. They provide any medical
conditions, they also provide treatments including medication,
procedures, surgery, or therapy. They work along with nurses in
hospitals, nursing homes, medical clinics, and wellness centers.
Exterminators are workers who get rid of all the bugs in your
home, including mice, rats, ants, roaches, and fleas! Yuk!!!
Farmers grow a variety of food such as corn, wheat, carrots,
potatoes, tomatoes, soybeans, peanuts, apples, bananas,
strawberries, and many other fruits and vegetables.
Game Designers create computer games. They usually work as a
team to make the characters, settings, concepts, story, and how the
game will be played. The work with artists and programmers to
create the language and the artistic vision of the computer games.
Helicopter Pilots help people in emergency situations, such as in
car accidents, avalanches, floods, searches, scouts for the army,
forest fires, and traffic reporting. They worked in many different
areas, including the medical field, police, and military branches.
Illustrators create and design pictures. The illustrations are
created to help tell the story. Illustrations can be found in books,
newspapers, magazines, and on your computer.
Janitors work in many different buildings including hospitals,
schools, colleges, offices, factories, movie theaters, hotels, nursing
homes, and libraries. They are important to our health because
they keep the buildings clean and sanitized.
Kennel Workers help take great care of animals. They work in
dog pounds, humane societies, veterinary offices, and wildlife
Librarians help you to find information for your books, projects,
and assignments. They also help you to research information on
the computer. They work in schools, public libraries, and medical
Marine Biologists study all types of sea creatures: From the
plankton that they eat, to learning their behaviors and everything in
between. They study many different types of sea animals such as
sharks, dolphins, sea turtles, all types of fish, and coral reefs.
Nurses work in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, medical clinics,
and wellness centers. They worked with our doctors to help with
administered medication, surgery, and other duties.
Officers, especially K-9 Police officers, help to keep us safe. The
K-9’s are used in many search and rescue missions to help with
locating missing people and criminals. They are used in many
different places including airports, border patrols, military,
neighborhoods, and crime scenes.
Plumbers help keep our pipes in our homes, schools, hospitals,
office buildings, nursing homes, clinics, and businesses running
smoothly. They install and maintain the pipes, sinks, bathrooms,
septic tanks, and anything else in your home that require piping.
The plumbing system allows us to maintain our health by having
clean drinking water. These systems also allow us to have proper
sewage and drainage systems so you don’t get sick!
Quality Control Technicians are workers who test, monitor,
record, and analyzed data during the manufacturing and product
development. They analyzed many products that we use every day
such as clothes, food, and health care equipment.
Roofers put roofing on our homes to protect us from the elements
such as rain, snow, wind, and the sun. They use a variety of
materials such as metal, shingles, nails, hammers, etc.
Sign Language Interpreters work to help trained various people
in learning how to sign. This is important in helping students,
parents, teachers, and other professionals learn how to
communicate with anyone who cannot hear. They worked in
schools, businesses, offices, hospitals, government buildings, and
Teachers help their students learn various subjects including math,
reading, social studies, science, art, music, etc. Many teachers
work before school and continue to work after the school day ends.
They develop the different lessons throughout the day to help their
students acquired their much-needed skills to become the best
person that they can be. Teachers can work in schools, colleges,
universities, and theaters.
Umpires are workers that begin or end a game. They enforced the
rules of the game. They used various calls including (in baseball),
determining if a person is safe, out, foul balls, and “ball. In
football, they call penalties, time outs, touchdowns, and field goals.
Can you think of other sports where there are umpires?
Veterinarians are people to help make sure our pets are healthy.
They help to diagnose and control any diseases that our pets may
have. They also treat sick and injured animals. They advise us on
how to properly care for our animals. They work on many
different animals including cats, dogs, birds, lizards, snakes, and
wild animals. They work in veterinary offices, clinics, farms, and
in wildlife centers.
Writers are people who love to write books, poems, scripts,
articles, songs, and essays. They can publish their work in
textbooks, children books, magazines, newspapers, and media.
X-Ray Technicians are workers that used machinces that can take
our x-ray of our bodies. They help the doctors, nurses, and other
health care professionals by providing information from these x-
rays to help determined what types of care we may need, such as a
broken leg or hand. X-Ray machines are located in hospitals,
doctor offices, and dentist offices.
Yard Engineers (or aka conductors) are people who work on
railroads. They drive the trains and are responsible for unloading
and loading the supplies on the trains and putting attaching the
railway cars either together or separting them. They have to make
sure that the supplies get to their location on time and they travel
throughout the United States!
Zoo Keepers work with the zoo animals to help them stay healthy
by maintaining their feeding and daily care. They clean the
exhibits and watch for any health problems of the animals. Zoo
Keepers work in zoos, wildlife conservations, and our national
What will you
be when you
grow up?
Theme: A Child’s Place in Time and Space
Strand: Government
Topic: Civic Participation and Skills:
Civic participation embraces the ideal
that an individual actively engages in his or her
community, state, or nation for the common
good. Students need to practice effective
communication skills including negotiation,
compromise, and collaboration. Skills in
accessing and analyzing information are
essential for citizens in a democracy.
Social Studies # 9 Individuals have shared
responsibilities toward the achievement of
common goals in homes, schools, and