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Connecting Consumers
To An Online World
Web-Based Toll-Free Calling Solution
TACTAL, our patent protected SaaS calling solution allows any e-
retailer to place a toll-free call button on their website or mobile
app to boost call volumes, engage customers, and increase sales.
A customer trying to contact your online retail store clicks on the
button and a free VoIP call is initiated through their browser from
any internet connected device, anywhere in the world.
E-commerce Reinvented
Deliver richer real-time customer experiences and increase brand
loyalty by adding the human touch to your website.
Maximize the value of your online presence
Increase upsell opportunities by offering visitors real-time assistance
as they browse your site
Deliver an exceptional brand experience while increasing conversion
rates and customer satisfaction.
Reduce website abandonment & improve conversions
TACTAL allows seamless communications between a customer or
prospect regardless of the device, anytime, anywhere
Your Website Our Toll-Free Call Button
Build Your Brand & Drive Revenue
Transform Customer Communications
Understand your customers better and track the success of your
marketing campaigns with powerful analytics.
Save on costly toll-free charges by pushing call volume away from
800 numbers to browser based VoIP calls
Expand global reach and drive sales from countries where
traditional toll-free services are not available
Add live call-to-action buttons to email signatures, shipping
confirmations, e-marketing campaigns, online ads and promotional
Affordable & Easy to Deploy
Plug & Play no equipment to purchase and no infrastructure to
TACTAL is a complementary value-added service; your telecom
carrier and toll-free numbers remain the same
No need to change anything about your business; your website
with our Toll-Free Call button
E-Commerce Made Easy
More Customer
More Sales
Your Website or App | Our Toll-Free Call Button
Increase Customer Satisfaction & Website ROI
Creating an Awesome
e-Commerce Customer
1-800 numbers revolutionized the way consumers
connected decades ago…
Now TACTAL Is Reinventing
How Customers Engage Online Today
www.icommconnect. com