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Secure, Instant Calling From Your Website or Mobile App
Web-Based Toll-Free Call Buttons can be added to
any website, app, or digital touchpoint to seamlessly
connect customers, suppliers, partners, and
employees, from any device, anywhere in the world.
Visual IVR menu allows customers or employees to
navigate to the correct department or individual within
the company to avoid time-consuming IVR systems
and address their needs faster.
Geo-Location | Smart Call Routing to specific
representatives, departments, or offices around the
world, based on time of day, day of the week, native
language, or location of caller.
Call Wait Queue enables you to answer more calls
than lines or agents available and holds them in queue
until an agent is ready to take their call.
Leverage New Data Pipeline to access caller
information in real-time - IP address, call initiation
source, time to answer, call duration, plus much more.
Intuitive Analytical Dashboard provides strategic
insights into caller behavior to optimize marketing
campaigns and increase ROI.
CRM | Contact Center Integration enables you to
leverage customer profiles and caller history for faster
problem resolution and superior service.
Live Interactive Call Buttons can be added to your
email signature and e-marketing campaigns for
customers to instantly connect to your business while
remaining engaged with the digital content.
End-to-End Encrypted calling structure provides
secure communications to protect your sensitive
information and that of your customers.
A patent protected, WebRTC | VoIP calling solution
that enables secure, instant communications within
any website session, and integrates with your
Contact Center or CRM solution to elevate and
manage the customer experience.
Over-the-Top (OTT)
Plug & Play SaaS solution
VoIP calls placed through secure WebRTC/ORTC
communication channels
Global toll-free calling connects to any endpoint
Easy integration with any website or mobile app
Call buttons generated and managed through
self-admin panel
No additional hardware or infrastructure to
Works with any legacy TDM/IP-PBX system and
CRM/Contact Center solution
No downloads, plugins, or logins required from
either party customers just click and connect!
Proactively Engage with your customers and own
the entire digital experience.
Add the Human Touch to your website, mobile
app, or digital media to deliver richer real-time
Increase brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.
Seamlessly and Instantly connect employees,
customers, suppliers, and partners from anywhere.
Reduce website abandonment and improve
conversion rates by offering real-time assistance.
SaaS Solution packed with powerful features that
works on any device to enhance customer
experience and drive sales.
Expand global reach, Eliminate high telco costs,
and Increase revenues.
Affordable, Scalable, and Secure cloud-based
calling solution.
Your Website Our Toll-Free Call Button
Customer clicks.
Your phone rings.
It’s that simple!
Boost Call Volume, Increase Sales & Engage
Better With Your Customers
Agent Program
The Agent Program allows you to expand your
market position by delivering an innovative service
at the forefront of the customer service industry,
while earning some of the most generous residual
commissions. As a trusted advisor, we want you to
bring the most advanced solutions to your
customers that fit their needs so they will continue
to do business with you.
White Label Program
The White Label Program allows you to grow your
business, brand, and profits by adding TACTAL to
your product offering. This program lets you focus on
your core competencies, customers, and bottom line
by adding an innovative new service under your
name. You own the customer relationship, set your
own profit margins, and handle support and billing,
while we support you.
i-Comm Connect’s Global Partner Program is as innovative as the products we bring to market. It has been
designed around partner profitability, ease of doing business, and assisting partners with creating
opportunities to grow their business. TACTAL makes you stand out from the competition by elevating the
entire customer-communications experience. It is the solution that your clients want today!
i-Comm Connect was founded in 2009 in Portland, ME with a mission to transform the customer
service industry. As a market leader, our focus is on developing cutting-edge technology and
driving the shift to innovative online customer engagement solutions.
+ Unique market opportunity by offering the
industry’s only patent protected and secure web-
based calling solution on the market today
+ Grow your business and increase your revenue
+ Technical resources to help sell, implement, and
support TACTAL
+ Create demand for your brand and accelerate your
+ Sell more with quick wins for you and a lasting win
for your clients
+ Program rewards partners actively selling TACTAL
Contact Information
i-Comm Connect
7 Custom House Street
Portland, Maine 04101
+ Differentiate your brand and product offering
+ Gain a competitive advantage with ongoing
product innovation, sustained customer
engagement & growth
+ Comprehensive product education and
training to help you gain the skill sets needed
to succeed
+ Marketing and sales enablement tools
provide resources designed to support the
sales process
+ Designed for partners who want to manage
their client relationships as trusted advisors or
own the customer relationship
Global Partner Program
Cutting Edge Solutions That Drive Success
Patent Protected
U.S #8,520,661 granted August 27, 2013
Japan: #529781 granted June 21, 2013
Canada: #2,633,648 granted June 23, 2015
EU Application: #. 068394162
Program Benefits
Communication Enable Any Website
Communication Enable Any Website