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The Fault in Our Stars


Peter Van Houton is Hazel's favorite author who also wrote her favorite book which she and Augustus both read. Van Houten is an alchoholic and can sometimes be a brutal and unreasonable man to be near.

Hazel Grace Lancaster is a sixteen year old girl and has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Thyroid cancer with metastasis in her lungs. While deciding to live with the pain, she falls in love with Augustus Waters. 

Augustus Waters had cancer before but it was said to be cleared up now. He fears oblivion and despises the idea of not leaving a mark on the world. He also, rather abruptly, falls in love with Hazel.


Isaac is Augustus Water's best friend and the one who wanted Augustus to go to support with him, so he did. Therefore, Isaac is the reason Gus and Hazel are together. 


In The Fault in Our Stars, Hazel and Augustus met through a support group for cancer. They develop strong feelings for each other and eventually take a trip to Amsterdam to visit Peter Van Houten. While on that magical trip, Augustus tells Hazel that they found cancer in him again. Naturally, Hazel is very devastated and doesn't know what to do. After they've been home for a few weeks, Hazel receives a call and finds out that Augustus died. She doesn't know how to go on and frankly, is lost for words. All she could do was cry. After a while, she learns to live with the pain because she knows Augustus would want her to be strong for him.


The story takes place in many different places from different houses, Amsterdam, the hospital, and more smaller ones. Hazel and Augustus both adapted in different ways to their surroundings because of their different personalities. Battling cancer made it much more difficult to adapt easily to anything but they both fought a good fight.


The theme of the story clearly involves life and death but also involves love. Hazel and Augustus did fall in love and they did make memories together. They both wanted more but before they could make more, Augustus' cancer had won. Augustus would always want to leave behind a legacy which Hazel could never understand. She would question him why she wasn't enough for her. He knew she was all he had ever wanted but he still knew that he would always have the passion to leave a legacy behind and to Hazel, he definitely did.

Personal Review

I thought The Fault in Our Stars was a great book! The plot and storyline were explained thoroughly throughout the book to form an amazing story. I do enjoy many love stories so that's a plus too! I do wish Augustus had not died but in a way it does make the story better. John Green is a talented author who writes very detailed and meaningful stories. This love story is for sure one of my all time favorites and I am very glad that I read it.