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Research report about Siberian Huskies

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        Siberian Huskies     By: Sydney Clark




   Introduction:  Page 2 


    A Huskies Purpose: Page: Page 4


   Apperances & personalities: Page 6


   Physical Characteristics: Page 8


   Intreging Facts: Page 10


   The Conclusion: Page 12






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      "A dog is the glue to are lives." "Be the person your dog thinks you are because they think the world of you." Siberian Huskies have been around for a long time for many different purposes that we don't think about today. Siberian Huskies are also crazy and loving creachers but they have way more Apperances & Personalities. Siberian Huskies have fur that can withstand harsh weather and more Physical features. There are so many more intriguing facts in here so  listen up and pay attention because you are in for a treat.






This is a picture of a purley playful Siberian Huskey. They have so much energy you can't even imagine.


A Siberian Huskies Purpose:

       I have always thought as Huskies as cut and adorable dogs, but really they are way more than that. Back in the day they were known for different purposes.Little did I know there is more than 1 type of Husky- in fact I am writing about the Siberian Huskies. Way back when during the Gold Rush in 1896-1899 in Alaska they were not only used for transportin goods - but for amument for minners in the form of dog races. I just thought of Huskies let alone Siberian Huskies as play filled dogs but they can come to much more use. Though they Originated in Siberia they have been breaded by the Chukchi Eskimos from northeastern Asia. In 1925 20  packs of Huskies[12 Huskies in each pack] saved a small town from Diphtheria [a dangerous bacterial desease that affects breathing] to stop them from inhabiting it. The packs of Huskies traveled th anti-toxin over 674 miles in the ice and snow in only 6 days. The tempture was bellow 23 degrees.The snow that the traveled in was so dence that planes could not fly or take off. So because of that heroic achevment their name became Antichuskies in 1938-1991.  

The pack of Huskies walking in the dence snow to get the people the anti-toxin.


          Did you that Hiskies coat colors are usaually a combination of black, brown, red and white fur. The markings on their coats can be so beautiful and so plane you never know. Their fluffy tan, black, or dark brown tails-that make a little cirve. Oh but their beautiful eyes- they can be mixed with white and black or black and brown the speacies is really very mysterious. Their mischievous yet magnificent eyes make them look almost...   WOLF LIKE!!!

These are the eyes of a harmless soul... but is it really that harmless!


    Do you really want to know what what is going on in that dogs head that is across from you in the pet store? Don't worry they may look scarey but they would not hurt a fly. Don't worry about if he/she will like you they love any one and everyone. If you have 2 year old the Husky is very good around kids just tell him to settle down. They are also very affectionet that is why when you leave make sure you have a fence because they will trace you down. They will also not tern down any amount of fun.

The amazing loving Huskey that you do not want to miss out on.

Physical Characteristics:


        I have told you before that Huskies were beautiful but I didn't know that they are ranked the 2 most beautful dog breed in the whole world. A full grown female Husky weighs about30-50lbs. A male weighs about 30-60lbs. They would not aggresivley hurt another dog. I was questioning if 8 mounths after a mother gives birth[8 months so the pups can walk] if she is still wild. I found out that they do play with their vigor pups. The pups need to be able to run around in order to mantain happeness. Mothers have not been tought to handel un happy pups so if you have the time to take on a Husky then be my gest-but if you don't you should not get a Husky just hurt it.

This is a diagram of a Husky and all of its feachers.

Intregging Facts:


       Here is only 1 out of all the amazing facts you will learn in this section. Siberian Huskies were used as research in WORLD WAR 2. So don't you worry about getting a Siberian Husky because if you are allergic to dog fur you will not be affected by Siberian Husky fur.  They were actually feachered in movies like the "White Fang", and "The North Runner." They are very good at jumping so if you are thinking about getting one-I edvice you to have a really tall fence. 

A rest after restarting the job.

The Conclusion:

           Now you have realized that Siberian Huskies are not just pets their family. "Dogs come into are lives to teach us about love, they depart to teach us about loss, a new dog never replaces a new dog, it merley expans the heart."