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This booklet is the main piece to "My Dirty Diary". I want to create the image that I am finally writing down all my thoughts and opinions in my diary instead of continuously pushing my thoughts in the back of my mind while they collect dust. I'm passionate when it comes to controversial topics and I think it is finally time I share my old rotting thoughts.

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Dirty Diary

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W H A T 'S   T H E   P R O B L E M

the Levi Stadium. I'm sure you guys also know that it has caused a lot of controversy towards policeman. 

     For those who has yet to listen to the song or watch the video people are calling it the "Pro-Black Trap Song" interesting name, don't you think? To some extent, I would have to agree. In the song Beyoncé confronts several different topics. In the first section she talks about Hurricane Katrina, recreating a scene in New Orleans and her on top of a police car in flooded water. It's symbolism is questioning the way the government handled responding to the situation. 

     The song took me a few listens to really analyze what Beyonce was talking about. For a while I felt like the video was just everywhere, but it all came together at the end and she really was trying to make a point. 

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     OK! So if you know me, then you would know that I'm a pretty big Beyoncé fan. I love what she represents for our women and I love her creativity. She's a true artist and performer of all angles. She's the female version of Michael Jackson, who I am also a big fan of. 

     Now, as you all know she has come out with her new video "Formation" the day before she performed for Superbowl 50 at 



her husband and her daughter's hair. This woman is standing up for black women. Yet, I'm sure it's majority black women who are more than likely the ones who talk mess about her daughter's hair and her husband. Not that I'm trying to accuse anyone but seriously, what other race would really notice the "naps" in her daughters hair or comment stuff like, "brush that child's hair girl" - sounds like something my grandma would say to my mom if she had me looking crazy. I'm being funny, but on a serious note, ask yourself, who else would really say that besides her very own people who talks about having nappy hair and those who are more than likely comparing Blue Ivy to Kim and Kanye's daughter, North West.

     Anyway, while mentioning some of the main topics, the one that has a lot of people talking are the scenes representing Black Lives Matter and confronting the cops. At the Super Bowl she's surrounded by dancers representing Black Panthers. Another scene with a little boy with his hands up in front of cops, and lastly a message that says "Stop Shooting".  Then, she concludes her song with the bridge "let's get in formation" implying all her strong black women to unite. Now, I love Beyonce, but bottom-line, I felt


A few other big topics she mentioned was the Illuminati being rumors, her daughter rocking the effortless fro and how she has her husband's back whether he has a big nose or not while still rocking his gold chain. The only thing I find crappy is the fact she even had to approach the situation about 

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her input on the Black Lives Matter could have been left out. The only reason I say that is because the media has been covering the elections. So, the Blacks Lives Matter coverage has slowly died down. With that being said, I personally think it's that added more fuel to a fire that has finally calmed down. Don't get me wrong, something needs to be done with police brutality, but if I'm really being honest I think it's more of police just taking advantage of their authority and the hostility of our black community, which causes us to rebel from cop orders (then, usually doesn't conclude well). Plus, the media covers the news in such a way that it is no longer objective, reporters some how add their opinions while stating facts, which can cause people to react.

     The idea and pictures were phenominal, I just wish she did it in a way we can still be positve without having to bring up the past so much because I feel like it's a continuous reminder to continue hatred. Plus, I find it hypocrital that we protest Black Lives Matter when black-on-black crimes rates are higher just hardly discussed. I agree though, black lives do matter, but while we're saying that to cops, we should say that to our own people as well - but I'll save this for another day. 

     To bring it back to Miss Yoncé, overall I love her passion for what she believes in and I admire that so much about her. I love everything about the video, from the creativity to her pride in being black. However, I can see why cops who really are trying to help the situation are upset. 





What are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree? Share this!