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Sweaters go on a riot.

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The Adventures of the Sweaters

By Jackson Slavens 

and Zack Glick

Once upon a time, there was a sweater factory making sweaters for the Christmas season. Everyone was excited to buy one of these brand new sweaters. This company has been making sweaters for more than 2 decades and was always the most popular company in town.

Sweater Factory

 When the sweaters hit the store surprisingly, they barely got purchased. It was a shock to the  world because, this was always the go to sweaters and no one wanted them. The customers complained that they were uglier than mole rats.

Mole rat

Mole rat

But, there are rumors that the sweaters come to life at night, and the rumors were true. The sweaters could talk and walk. they were basically like humans.

This has never been proven to be true, but there are few that have seen them move. And when the sweaters heard this rant about them being ugly, they were super mad and offended.

The company got banned from making sweaters. So the sweaters ran away! The sweaters went on a adventure to get un-ugly. They wanted to prove to everyone that they are not ugly and make sure that, in the end, everyone will want to buy them.

First they had to travel across the ocean, but how to get there, they asked each other. As they stared at the ocean on the coast, trying to find a way across, “It’s as cold as ice out here! I bet it’s below zero degrees!” One sweater complained “Also  this freezing air is stinging my face!” He added, yelling. 

Ding!” went  a lightbulb in one sweater’s head. “We can let the wind carry us over the ocean! Let’s all lay on each other to become more solid and flap.” So that is what they did, and it worked! They were flying. They did this for a very long time. A very, very long time. 

 After lots of work they had finally made it.  They had made it to the island they were searching for. On this island there was supposed to be some sort of a civilization that was magic. The sweaters were thinking that if anyone could fix them, it was this civilization.

 They started searching for these people, knowing that it would be hard to track them down. After many days of searching, the sweaters finally found the ancient city that was enchanted by the sweater gods. The civilization worshiped sweaters and so the migrating sweaters were treated like kings.

They asked to see the scientist that they had learned legends about, so the people took the sweaters to the lab. When the sweaters got there, they immediately asked if the scientist could fix them. The scientist said he could, but there was no point for, as the sweaters went all the way there to be fixed, 

The doctor fixed the ugly sweaters and they were all happy.It was a miracle.The civilization granted the sweateers a boat on which to sail home on. On billboards, on posters, and even on the news! They snuck back to the store to which they were to be sold and climbed onto the supply shelf. Someone found them and put them out for sale. They were shooting out of that store like rockets! “Have a happy holiday!” The store  clerk would say when the very happy customers would leave. In the end, everyone had a very happy holiday indeed.

Yay were not ugly anymore!