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Why Spring Vale 97 Graduation Rate 90 College Attendance Rate 82 College Graduation Rate GET IN TOUCH 4150 S M 52 Owosso MI 48867 SPRING VALE CHRISTIAN SCHOOL JK 12 Local 7 12 Online 9 12 Boarding 989 725 2391 office springvale us www springvale us oll r n E ow N Classical Education Christian Values Spring Vale s mission is to prepare Christian Leaders well versed in God s Word and ready to fulfill His calling

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CAMPUS EXPERIENCE Academics All classes are taught from a Christian worldview and are academically rigorous everything from New Testament Greek to Calculus Dormitories Spring Vale boarding students have many of the amenities of home and are lovingly cared for and mentored by their Deans Athletics TUITION HOW TO LEARN JK 6 GRAMMAR LATIN MEMORIZATION MASTERING FACTS HOW TO THINK 7 9 LOGIC REASONING ARGUMENTATION CRITICAL ANALYSIS K 6 7 12 Boarding SVO JK JK JK JK and annually hosts the Flames Classic Tournament 450 month 4 500 year 550 month 5 500 year 1 150 month 11 500 year 350 month 3 500 year 5 Full Days 400 month 5 1 2 Days 300 month 3 Full Days 300 month 3 1 2 Days 200 month 4 000 year 3 000 year 3 000 year 2 000 year New Junior Kindergarten Program for 4 Year Olds Referrals Spring Vale has both boys and girls traveling athletic programs DISCOUNTS Get 500 for each new student you refer Ministerial 50 Full Time Ministry 25 Part Time Ministry SVCS Criteria must be met SPRING VALE ONLINE SVO Comprehensive Curriculum Core Classes Electives College Prep Homeschooling Spring Vale Online parents Let SVO grading and is a tremendous classes scheduling help We you can asset tackle set you to homeschooling difficult free subjects from time consuming planning so you can focus on instruction Social Connection As an SVO student your child will be able to connect with the students in our classrooms and other online students across the world as they grow academically socially and spriritually Multiple Student 15 2nd Student 30 3rd Student 50 4th Students HOW TO COMMUNICATE 10 12 RHETORIC FINE ARTS ARTICULATION INTEGRATED KNOWLEDGE CAREER READINESS SCHOLARSHIPS Academic Athletic Art Music Community John Addie Brann Denver COG7 Work Study Linda Walter VonDoloski Foundation Career Classes Internships Spring Vale offers classes and opportunities that blend real world skills with classical time honored education We engage in project based learning utilizing honey bees woodworking animal husbandry and more Free Dual Credit Classes via Baker College Spring Vale students have the amazing opportunity to enroll in We offer Financial Aid Dort Loans FREE dual credit college classes via Baker College

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