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This is guide to help prepare and survive a cyclone as if it's in Cyclone Bhola. It will provide things for people who aren't as privileged as others.

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Surivval Guide


For a cyclone



By: Ellie


Cyclone Bhola a booklet to perpare you for the Cyclone



Topics covered in this Survival Guide:

  • How to get water
  • Special tips for survival
  • How to be perpared for a cyclone
  • How to survive a Cyclone
  • How to stay safe during a Cyclone
  • What to do in case of emergency escape
  • What to do if your a farmer
  • what to do if your a fisherman or live on coast
  • The before and after of cyclone Bhola

Water filtiration system


This is a system to get clean water easily and nautral.

You will need Rocks, sand charcoal gravel and Twigs in this order


Image result for easy natural filtration systems



Image result for charcoal

Image result for lime

If you need clean water here are some tips:


Have lime or charcoal use this in the water to get rid of bacteria



If there are any travllers plam's or any other tree that stores water collect it after treating with lime or charcoal


However the travellers palm's water is usally clean



Just poke a hole in any branch    


                                                 Travellers Palm


Image result for traveller's palm

Special tips

Nail wood over doors and windows put bags of sand in front of open spaces in your home


Relay on animals to show signs of cyclone birds flying inland for example or ants building homes on higher grounds


Bring charcoal or lime put in your water to kill of bacteria which means safe drinking water

Image result for birds flying

Preperation for Before a Cyclone


 Talk to loacl authoritys if your house is built well.


Check that the walls, and roof of your home are secure.


Trim treetops and branches well clear of your home.


Cover your windows with hard surface like wood


Move anything that could fly away inside.


If there is flooding know where high land is or emergency shelters.


Stay away from rivers they will flood possible

Image result for boarded up windows

Boarded up windows

Dos and Don'ts For during a cyclone if you stay




 Don't touch plugged things like cord phones 


Don't wash dishes or take showers/baths




Seek shelter in a safe house


Avoid unstable structures For example: patios, tarps etc.


Stay away from tall trees 


Crouch on the balls of your feet


Image result for ants on higher ground



  1. Personal documents (photos, certificates etc.)
  2. Water (10L per person) Food for 3-4 days canned
  3. First aid kit, (bandaids, medicine anything medical, etc.)
  4. Soap, shampoo & body wash anything you need for sanitariy use.
  5. Change of clothes, strong shoes,   Strong bags 
  6. If you have any sort of prescription/medication special items for babies/pets etc.
  7. Food utensils/ anything you need for cooking a gas stove and fuel if you have.
  8. Candles, matches, lighters, Spare batteries electronics with charger
  9. Cash Something to communicate with if possible
  10. Check with neighbors see what they are doing make sure they are perpared

Non perishable food

In case of Emergency Find away for Escape:


If you have a car have it filled with gas and facing towards the road in getaway position. 



If you don't have a vehicle head towards high ground away from the ocean



If you can’t find anyone then either check with government, get out early, walk on foot or you may stay in your home if you are willing to take the risk.


Head north away from the coast or to higher ground you

 could try to go to the chittagong division but the north.


Park facing outward of your home or getaway position they are the same thing

Image result for evacuation map for cyclone Bangladesh

Image result for bus

What to do if your a Farmer

Times before

Collect clean water 


When its coming

Collect clean water

secure all seedlings, stored foods and buildings

 Cover holes with bags of sand


If leaving

Bring some seedlings.

Bring some fruit thats ripe not too many



After Cyclone

If there is damage use local materials to repair,

replant fields,

Reduce compustion of staple food

try harvesting wild foods

find tempoary work

ask for help from neighbors

Image result for seedlings

What to do if your a fisherman


 Salt your fish so that they will last longer

Bring a knife, rope  and other essentials from the kit

Take any valubles or important 

Bring a sack or bags to carry your stuff

What to do if you live on coast


 travel to high ground away from ocean

make sure your house is secure

Cover holes and gaps with bags of sand

Board up windows and doors

Lock house


It is highly recommended that you leave your


home since it will take biggest hit by ocean

Image result for salt

Image result for salted fish

Image result for cyclone bhola

The before and after of Cyclone Bhola


It struck Nov 12 1970 Category 5



hit East Pakistan (now Bangledash)


Bangledash is cyclone prone as well as other natural disaters




Image result for before and after cyclone bhola

Bangladesh is now more perpared


having built buildings on concrete stilts as emergency shelters.

They issue evacuation orders early to avoid high death toll


Since many people live in the low lying coast


Most of the population lives near the coast where they are hit by cyclones