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Here are some tips on how to survive on an island

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Survival Manual

BY: Vanessa Rodriguez 



  1. Make sure you aren't losing too much blood. 
  2. If you are secure your injury with torn cloth strips or leaves.


First day on the island.

  1. Once you're on the island search for anything that might seem helpful and useful.
  2.  Gather up all the things you have gotten and go through them.

Tip #1

Get to know the island you are on, look around explore it because that island is going to be very useful. 

  1. You want to start building your shelter. Find a stream with plenty of water or if you are near an ocean maybe think about building your shelter within easy walking distance.
  2. You can create a lean-to shelter by leaning tall branches against a solid base and covering them with leafy branches to create a wall that will keep out some water, wind, sun.
  3. If possible build your shelter on or in a view of the beach so you can run out quickly to signal passing boats or planes. 

Tip #2

Time has past and dusk is coming. 

  1. Food: You can sharpen a stick to spear fish or make a pole by using a shoelace. You can lay them out on the sun to dry 
  2. If fishing isn't working look for recognizable fruits like coconuts or plantains. 
  3. You can also eat ants just make sure they are dead. Don't risk your life eating questionable barriers and mushrooms. 


Day 2: morning.

  1. Rescue: Build a big fire on the highest shore point 
  2. When you see a ship or a plane, you can create big amounts of smoke by tossing on slightly damp moss or branches.
  3. You can go around the island looking for materials that will reflect the sun and use them to signal passing planes or boats. 


Later on day 2.

  1. You want to start building weaponds inorder to protect yourself while on the island. 
  2. For protection sharpen spears and knifes from any branches you find laying aroun. 


  1. If you have been rescueed with the fire signal this might no aply to you.
  2. If you have not been rescued you might want to start building a raft just incase you are not rescued. 


  1. You want to collect up to 12 logs and tree trunks.
  2. Find a few smaller logs to use as braces.
  3. Cut notches in the logs in the place where your vine will be looped to hold each log together.
  4. Begin interweaving the vine into the notches of the long. Over and underlapping from one long to the next.
  5. When the entire structure is finished, tie off. 

building a Raft 

Days have past and no rescue.

Those are some tips for surviving on an Island.