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Here is a $20 bill in Suriname


By: Caden Boyes

This is where Suriname is located


Here is a 10 dollar coin in Suriname

Here is a look of Suriname high above the sky

This is the flag of Suriname

The Latitude and Longitude of Suriname is 4 N and 56 W

The overall population of Suriname is 565,046.

Suriname is under a government called parliamentary representative democracy. Suriname elects a president/ head of state and a legislature. The president gets a five year term if he gets elected for president. Suriname is ran by 3 branches just like the USA and has Judicial, Executive, Legislative. The Executive makes the laws 

This picture is a picture of Paramaribo,which is the capital city of Suriname

The size in area of Suriname is 63,252 miles Squared

here is one landform in Suriname, it is a Tropical Rainforest and it is one of the big landforms 

Here is the mountains in Suriname and this is another big landform

Here is a Coastal Lowland which is another famous/big landform in Suriname

The 3 big landforms are high Mountain Ranges, Coastal Lowlands, and Tropical Rainforests

the average temperatures in Suriname are around 79F in the cold months December to March. In the hottest months the temperature is around 82F September to October. 

The precipitation in Paramaribo, Suriname is 87 in of rainfall per year, or  7.3 in of rain per month. 


Suriname has a tropical climate.minor rainy season from early December to early February, a minor dry season from early February to late April, a major rainy season from late April to mid-August, and a major dry season from mid-August to early December.

Here are two example of climate regions in Suriname. Juliana top is the highest mountain in Suriname and its elevation is 4,199ft. Juliana top is a example of a highland in Suriname. Nieuw Nickerie is a lowland and its elevation is 0 feet. Nieuw Nickerie is a small city and its population is 13,143 people. Juliana top is a mountain and there is no streets/ city's living on that mountain.Juliana top has lots of  Tropical Rainforests on it. Juliana top is a highland and Nieuw Nickerie is a lowland. Juliana top has an average  temperature 63F to 82F. Nieuw Nickerie has an average temperature of 62F to 89F.

Climate Regions

Fort Zeelandia

In 1640 the french built a wooden fort which is now in the same spot which is now Fort Zeelandia. It was taken in 1667 Crynssen to become from that day Fort Zeelandia

In 1640 the french built a wooden fort which is now in the same spot which is now Fort Zeelandia. It was taken in 1667 Crynssen to become from that day Fort Zeelandia. Fort Zeelandia is Located in Paramaribo 

Jodensavanne is a big graveyard of all the jews that passed when the immigrated to Suriname. the first group of Jews came in 1652 and that wasn't the last group. there was 3 groups of jews that came to Jodensavanne.


Presidential Palace was built in 1730 and is home to Charel Emilius Hendrik de Cheusses the president of Suriname. The building received many new additions, such as the arched beams of the balcony. There are 3 floors on this big building.

Presidential Palace

Natural Resources in Suriname

Bauxite is one of the most common things found in Suriname. Bauxite is used for Aluminum production. If we don't have Bauxite we wont get more Aluminum products. and there is a lot of everyday things made of Aluminum.

Iron ore is usually found in Suriname to. Iron ore is used to make steel and steel is used to make automobiles, paperclips, furniture, and beams in buildings. Iron ore is super important and Suriname has lots of daily miner mining for Iron ore.

Diamond is found in Suriname too. diamond is really expensive and Diamonds are used for jewelry such as rings, necklaces, and watches. Diamond is also really useful for cut, grind or drill other materials.

Industrial Products made in Suriname

A big industry in Suriname is rice and Suriname is making about $40.4 million per year.

Suriname exports wood too. Rough Wood is exported in Suriname and Suriname gets $27.9 million. Rough Wood is a big Industrial product in Suriname

Per year Suriname makes $13.1 million exporting Hard Liquor. This is still one of the top selling things in Suriname

the production of coconut in 1999 was 9,00 tons. coconuts float if you put them in water. The coconut got its name from the sailors aboard Vasco de Gama's ships.

Rice is the second highest worldwide production. Rice grows on every continent except for Antartica.

Grown Products

The production of sugar cane in 1999 was 90,000 tons. sugar cane is the 9th most valuable crop.


In Suriname they speak many different languages. There main language is Dutch because it was the colony of the Netherlands it is Dutch. Some other languages they speak are Creole, Amerindian, and Javanese.

Suriname serves many, many different dishes around the country. Some famous ones are peanut soup, kouseband, chicken curry,saoto soup, and madame jeanette pepper. Those are only the few that I picked out.

in Suriname there is a holiday called Holi Phagwa and it is celebrated on March 12 usually on a Sunday. Another holiday is Diwali and it is celebrated on  October 19th which is usually on a Thursday. Suriname also celebrates holidays we celebrate like Labor Day.