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ABOUT STREAMSCOMMUNITY HUBSharing Community We embrace the value ofshared experience. We valuecollaboration and work toestablish enduringrelationships with our clients,partners, supporters, and thelocal community.To ignite learning, inspireyouth, and enrich thecommunity through the arts.OUR MISSIONVibrant Youth. Inspired Artists. Enriched Communities.OUR VISIONOUR VALUESCreativityWe place a high value onindividual explorationwith, and expressionthrough, art as a meansto unlock potential, anddiscover purpose.Compassion We find and meetneeds. We believe ingiving our time andtalent to better thelives of others.Accessibility & Inclusivity We design our programsand services to ensure thatthere is equal access to theopportunities we provide.Integrity We speak and act in an honest manner. We believe in beingaccountable for the impact we have on others.2

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Streams Community Hub acknowledges that we reside and work withinthe traditional territory and ancestral lands of the Tionontati (Petun),Attawandaron (Neutral), Haudenosaunee (Six Nations), and Anishinaabepeoples. We also acknowledge that the County of Dufferin resides withinthe treaty lands named under the Haldimand Deed of 1784 and two ofthe Williams Treaties of 1818: Treaty 18: the Nottawasaga Purchase, andTreaty 19: The Ajetance Treaty. With this statement, we honour and respect the past and presentconnection of Indigenous peoples with this land, its waterways andresources.Streams Community Hub also acknowledges the many Africandescendants brought to these lands against their will, who were notsettlers but forcibly displaced and made to work in and on these lands. OUR COMMITMENTTO ACKNOWLEDGINGHISTORY3

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#TEAMSTREAMSOURSTAFFJULI-ANNE JAMESExecutive DirectorTANYA FOWLOWBookkeeperMEGAN MAREProgram CoordinatorNONI THOMASManager - Music ProgramsBRODY IRETON Facility Manager5

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LETTER FROM THEBOARD CHAIRBetween teaching classes atStreams, leading the team atTown Tees and catching up onthe lines for my next audition, I'vebeen watching our vibrant youthlight up our community’slandscape with creativity. Let metell you, there's nothing morerefreshing than witnessing rawtalent come to life, right in ourbackyard.At Streams we have someunwavering beliefs—one of them:every child deserves their stage,their canvas, their moment in thespotlight, no matter where theycome from. And this year? Boy,did they shine!In between my next class andcall back, I'll be thinking of wayswe can make 2024 even morespectacular. And remember,every bit of applause, orsupport, counts.Cheers to many encores,While it hasn't been all standingovations and curtain calls(navigating the world ofphilanthropy can sometimesfeel like a never-ending dressrehearsal), we've takeneverything in stride. After all,every great show has its hitches,right? Looking forward, the script issimple: more reach, more art,more dreams realized. And witha community like ours, I've nodoubt the reviews will be rave.So, here’s to all of you – ouraudience, our critics, our fans.Let’s keep the show going!co-Founder & ChairAndrew James6

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EVENTSUPCOMINGHere’s a look at what’s coming up for Streams.Be sure to save the dates, and get involved!The annual contest offers kidsand teens (8-17) from DufferinCounty a chance to showcasetheir creativity and win sizablecash rewards. Participants cansubmit online, with finalistsreceiving in-person coachingand competing in a filmed finale. Join us for the live final onNovember 25 at Grace TiplingHall. For more information andto get tickets, visityourwordofmouth.caWe're thrilled to be selected byour neighbourhood TimHortons for the proceeds fromtheir inaugural Holiday SmileCookie campaign. Mark yourcalendars for November 13-19and gear up to grab thosecookies in abundance!Looking to spread somecheer? Get in touch if you'rekeen to join our visit to a localTims to help craft thosedelightful cookie smiles!Join us at Streams for a "Very Merry Holiday Market" onDecember 1 and 2. Dive into the festive spirit withunique handcrafted treasuresfrom local artisans and vendors.Capture the moment at ourspecial holiday photo spot, andindulge in delightful cookiedecorating and sumptuous hotchocolate. Let's celebrate theseason together in style!1 3RD ANNUAL WORD OFMOUTH MONOLOGUECOMPETITION2TIM HORTONS HOLIDAYSMILE COOKIE CAMPAIGN3VERY MERRY HOLIDAYMARKET7

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Blissful BakingMusical MagicArtQuestDive into an exhilarating MarchBreak at Streams! Select from ourtrio of engaging programs inculinary arts, drama, and visualart. Hurry, registration is nowopen and spots are filling up fast! Join the fun at:We're meticulously crafting asummer season lineup you won'twant to miss. Keep an eye on our website andsocial channels to be among thefirst to snag your spot whenregistration launches.4 MARCH BREAK CAMP5TOWN HALL ART GALLERYTAKEOVER6SUMMER CAMPStreams Community Hubproudly presents the talents ofour local artists, encompassingboth emerging youth andseasoned community creators.Every piece on display in theStreams Art Gallery Takeover isavailable for purchase, with halfof the proceeds from each saledirectly supporting StreamsCommunity Hub.8

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POINT OF VIEW: FROM THE CREW QUARTERSVolunteering atStreams isn’tjust aboutclocking inhours; it's aboutgrowth,mentorship,and forginglifelong bonds. By Megan MareProgram Coordinator at StreamsCHANGEMAKERSTHE POWER OFVOLUNTEERING: AN ODE TO OUR YOUNG 9

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Volunteer John is seen here helping a student in the Video Pros program in the Summer of 2022.In the corridors of StreamsCommunity Hub, atransformation is taking place.And no, it's not just the inspiringart and creativity we're known for—it’s the vibrant energy of ouryoung volunteers, the verybackbone of our community. Asthe Program Coordinatoroverseeing the magic behind ourvolunteer efforts, I’ve had theprivilege of witnessing firsthandthe profound impactvolunteering has on these youngindividuals and, in turn, on theentire Streams family.Our volunteers, primarily juniorhigh and high school students,step into our space with a sharedpurpose: to not only fulfil theircommunity service requirementsbut to make a difference. Thededication with which theyprovide classroom support to ourartist-educators is trulycommendable. They become anindispensable bridge betweeneducators and students, fosteringan environment that's bothconducive to learning and full ofcompassion.But here's the beautiful irony ofvolunteering at Streams: whileour volunteers give their timeand energy, they receivesomething invaluable in return.They acquire essential skills thatgo beyond the classroom—teamwork, leadership,adaptability, and the immense joyof giving. Our environmentnurtures their potential, and it'sheartening to see many of themtransition into teaching roles orsecure employment with usduring the summer months. The narrative of volunteering atStreams isn’t just about clockingin hours; it's about growth,mentorship, and forging lifelongbonds. It’s about that high schoolstudent who started as a shyvolunteer and blossomed into aconfident assistant teacher, orthe junior high student who,inspired by our artist-educators,decided to pursue a career in thearts.To all our young volunteers, Iwant to say this: Thank you. Yourcontribution is not measured inhours but in the smiles of thechildren you help, the educatorsyou support, and the positiveripples you create in ourcommunity. You embody thespirit of Streams, proving thateven the youngest among us canmake the biggest waves.And to those consideringvolunteering, know that it’s morethan just a checkbox on your highschool journey. It’s anopportunity to shape and beshaped, to inspire and beinspired. Dive in, and experiencethe transformative power ofvolunteering at Streams.In the spirit of community andgrowth, Megan10

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519.941.2949 210 Broadway, OrangevilleSBA is an innovative and “out of the box”thinking firm employing a combination ofcreative thinking and problem solving toprovide long term, quality solutions for allof our clients: Municipal, First Nation andPrivate Industry alike.Dedicated to bringingtogether the best team ofexperts for your projectProud Sponsor

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POINT OF VIEW: FROM THE HELMREDEFINING PHILANTHROPICNORMSPlanting Seeds for a Brighter TomorrowIn 2016, when we sowed the seeds of our vision, we rootedit in a core belief: every child, irrespective of socio-economic circumstances, deserves a canvas to paint theirdreams. We envisioned spaces where imagination wouldn'tjust be a fleeting thought but an integral aspect ofchildhood development. Yet, as we navigate the world ofphilanthropy, our journey is met with many obstacles. Theroute to securing grants often feels less like a merit-basedevaluation and more like rolling dice, hoping for a favorableoutcome.Beyond the Administrative Expense StigmaThe conventional stance held by manyfunders, which is a hesitancy ordownright refusal to financeadministrative costs or limit them to avery stringent amount, is worth re-examining. While the intent might be toensure prudent utilization of publicfunds and to prevent potential misuse,the consequences of this restrictiveapproach are profoundly impactful.Let's begin by understanding thedisparity. In the business world,overhead and administrative expensesare considered necessary to ensuresmooth operations. These costsunderpin the very structure thatensures a company can grow, innovate,and weather challenging times. Theyfund the departments that scout for toptalent, implement robust trainingprograms, and establish a culture ofexcellence. In essence, administrativeexpenses are the backbone of anythriving business.In the sprawling, picturesque landscapes of rural Ontario,creativity among our youth thrives. I've witnessed thisfirst-hand as the co-founder, board chair, and now theinaugural executive director of a charitable organizationcommitted to nurturing this creativity.CHANGE, NOT CHAINS:11

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By constraining theoperational capabilities ofcharities, we inadvertentlyhamper their potential tocreate meaningful, lastingchange. Operational Excellence: Just like any other business, charitiesneed a well-oiled machinery to effect change. This includesinvesting in technology, infrastructure, and processes thatcan scale their efforts and enhance their reach.Innovation: The challenges facing society are ever-evolving,and so must the solutions. Charities need the freedom andthe finances to experiment, innovate, and iterate theirprograms.Talent Acquisition and Retention: Competent leadership andskilled staff are indispensable for any organization. Charities,just like corporations, should be able to offer competitivesalaries and benefits to attract and retain the best minds. Thisis essential not just for daily operations but also for strategicplanning and vision execution.Financial Security: A charity, like any other organization,faces operational risks. Adequate financing ensures they canmeet these challenges head-on, be it a sudden global crisis ora more localized issue.However, when it comes to charitable organizations, thisperspective seems to shift dramatically. Despite charities havingmissions centered around public welfare and societal betterment,they are paradoxically expected to operate with shoestringbudgets, especially concerning administrative costs. Thisexpectation is not only unrealistic but also counterproductive.Here's why: foundational assumption that administrative costs detract from a charity's mission needs revisiting.If anything, they are critical enablers. While accountability and transparency in the use of funds areessential, it's also vital to recognize that depriving charities of the resources they need to functionefficiently is an injustice to their mission.By constraining the operational capabilities of charities, we inadvertently hamper their potential tocreate meaningful, lasting change. It's high time we recognize and rectify this discrepancy, treatingcharitable organizations with the same business acumen and respect that we reserve for profit-drivenentities. After all, their bottom line is the betterment of society.Navigating the Granting Process: A Personal ExperienceIn our early attempts to bring in local artists to inspire creativity among our youth, we approached arespected funding body multiple times. Out of five attempts, success graced us just once, and that toounder unconventional circumstances. After declining our application, the funder discovered they hadsurplus funds to get rid of, so they later approved our application. Our encounters with other majorprovincial grantors bore a similar tale.Our most recent grant application's decline, due to a minor technicality, underscores a glaringdisconnect in the grant review system. This process isn't just about numbers on a paper or ticking offcheckboxes. It's about recognizing the spirit of community service, understanding the nuances ofchallenges on the ground, and the passion that propels us.12

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Here, on the frontlines, I can assert that grantreviewing cannot remain a detached,bureaucratic process. It demands empathy,engagement, and, above all, relationship.A simple phone call, a brief conversation, couldbridge the vast chasm between grant reviewersand those striving to make a difference. Yet, ourquest for constructive feedback is often metwith closed doors, inflexibility, or silence.The need of the hour is a reformedphilanthropic sector.If the philanthropic sector aspires to createmeaningful impact, granting bodies must divedeeper into comprehending the intricacies oforganizations that seek their support. Thismeans a deliberate allocation of time andresources, not merely for a superficial oroverly technical review but for exploringqueries and concerns that arise during theassessment. Is there a future where we might see fieldvisits become standard? Where stakeholderengagement, assigned relationship managersand an emphasis on more than just numericaloutcomes are the norm?Isn't it time we value an organization's coremission at least as highly as any individualproject it undertakes? After all, forcingorganizations into devising projects that alignwith a funder's agenda only adds layers ofcomplexity, especially when many are alreadystretched thin on resources.Can we dare to imagine a future where thereview panels who review grant applicationstruly mirror the diverse tapestry ofcommunities that are directly impacted bythe organization’s mission? It's a future worth striving for.But in the meantime, local businesses have thepotential to bridge the gap. They can createlasting change by adopting a charity andgenuinely financially committing to its cause.Incentives and tax breaks could furtherpromote this transformative shift.And of course, one thing has always beenclear—it’s going to take the power ofcommunity to fund the work needed in ourcommunities. Even the most modest,consistent contributions from the everydaycommunity member can provide charitieslike ours a clearer vision for the future. The philanthropic sector is at a decisivejuncture. One route adheres to the statusquo, while the other promisestransformative change. For our children, our communities, and ourcollective future, I deeply hope we opt forthe latter.13

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BUSINESS OFTHE YEARD U F F E R I N B O A R D O F T R A D E ’ S2 0 2 3 B U S I N E S S E X C E L L E N C E A W A R D towntees.caCustom apparel decorationthat empowers youth, impacts community, one shirt at a timeC O N G R A T U L A T I O N STOWN TEES O N R E C E I V I N GA P R O U D S U P P O R T E R O F

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A STREAMS TRADITIONFREEZEE FRIDAY:By Brody IretonFacility Manager at Streams Community HubPicture this: parents, grandparents, siblings, neighbours, all converging at Streams, each holding aFreezee, sharing stories, smiles, and the simple pleasures of summer.Sun-drenched days, the delightful laughter of kids,and the soft hum of a summer breeze; this paintsthe idyllic picture of a summer in full swing atStreams Community Hub. And there's one traditionthat encapsulates the spirit of this season: FreezeeFriday.From the very inception of our summer camps,Freezee Friday has been a beloved hallmark. AsFriday rolls around, signaling the culmination of aweek filled with learning, creativity, andcamaraderie, there's a palpable excitement in theair. Young campers eagerly await the momentwhen they can wrap their fingers around the cool,colorful Freezees, a delightful treat that promisesinstant refreshment.It's more than just the allure of a frozen delight on ahot day. It's about coming together, taking a pause,and appreciating the joy of shared experiences.With every sip, campers not only beat the summerheat but also build memories that last a lifetime.POINT OF VIEW: FROM THE SUN DECK14

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A Summer Friday at Streams: Program participants enjoying asweet cool treat after a longweek of creativity.This tradition is deeply ingrained in the fabric of ourcommunity. But why stop at just our program participants?Our vision is expansive. We dream of a day when FreezeeFridays become a neighborhood affair, where the widercommunity, irrespective of age, can join in. Picture this:parents, grandparents, siblings, neighbors, all converging atStreams, each holding a Freezee, sharing stories, smiles, andthe simple pleasures of summer.At Streams, we believe in the power of shared traditions.They anchor us, they bring us together, and they create asense of belonging. Freezee Fridays aren't just about the icytreat; they represent our commitment to community, totogetherness, and to creating moments that matter.At Streams, we believe inthe power of sharedtraditions. They anchorus, they bring ustogether, and they createa sense of belonging.Brody15So, as the next season of summer Fridays approaches, we extend an invitation to one and all. Come be apart of this beautiful tradition. Join us under the summer sun, grab a Freezee, and let's make memoriestogether. Because at Streams, every Freezee Friday is a celebration of community and joy. And we'd lovefor you to be a part of it.Cheers to more cool summers,

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THE ENDLESS BENEFITS OFMUSIC EDUCATION FOR KIDS TUNING IN TO THE FUTURE: There's a symphony in each child, waiting to be discovered, nurtured, and celebrated.Having spent over 15 years in the field of musiceducation, I've seen, time and again, the power of musiclessons in a child's life. From the subtle tapping of theirfeet to bold chords on a piano, music offers a gatewayto a world where creativity knows no bounds.Merging my private vocal and piano practice with theStreams family has been more than just a professionaltransition—it's a vision coming to life. A vision whereevery child, regardless of background or circumstances,gets to experience the profound joys of music. And it'snot just about discovering a potential prodigy or thenext big pop star; it's about the life skills anddevelopmental benefits that music imparts.Music offers children a unique outlet to express theirfeelings, especially when words fall short. Whether it'sthrough the keys of a piano or the rhythm of the drums,children learn to channel their emotions in constructiveways.POINT OF VIEW: FROM THE MAIN THEATRENumerous studies have showcased the positive impact of music lessons on cognitiveabilities. Children who learn an instrument often exhibit better memory, attention span, andproblem-solving skills. Mastering an instrument doesn't happen overnight. It requires practice, patience, andperseverance—qualities that benefit children in all aspects of their lives.Playing in a group or ensemble fosters teamwork. Children learn to listen, collaborate, andharmonize, both in music and in life.There's an undeniable sense of achievement in mastering a musical piece or performing infront of an audience. These milestones boost a child's confidence and self-worth.16

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17At Streams, we've recently expanded our musical horizon, adding guitar and drum lessons to ourrepertoire. This growth isn't just about diversifying; it's about making music more accessible. It'smy belief, backed by experience, that being able to communicate in the language of music holdsunlimited potential for our children. We are laying down tracks for futures filled with creativity,resilience, and harmony.Let's not just teach our children to create music; let's teach them to listen, to feel, and mostimportantly, to play from the heart.In harmony, Noni

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Proud Sponsorwe grow it. we make it. you love itLavender Farm + Lavender Lounge + Boutique141051 15 Sideroad East Garafraxa Ontarioherewardfarm.com226.779.4973OPEN ALL YEAR ROUND

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AT THE HUBPROGRAMS & ACTIVITIES v i s u a l a r t sArtVenturesIn ArtVentures, young artists are guided through hands-onprojects that ignite their creativity and foster a love for artisticexpression. They will explore different art mediums throughengaging activities, experiment with textures, and discover the joyof bringing their ideas to life on canvas.Art ExplorersArt Explorers will explore various art mediums through engagingprojects, including painting, drawing, mixed media, and more. Ourexperienced instructors will guide each participant's artistic stylewhile imparting fundamental techniques and concepts. Fromvibrant canvases to imaginative sculptures, our young artists willhave the opportunity to bring their visions to life.Artful BeginningsIn these engaging sessions, your child will embark on a journey ofexploration, honing their fine and large motor skills while creatingand having fun. While enjoying these creative activities, childrenalso learn all about colors, shapes, patterns, and numbers.ArtQuestAt ArtQuest, we offer adiverse array of creativeexperiences, including dotpainting, quilling, and somuch more! Each programis designed to inspire,challenge, and captivate.D R A M A Mini PerformersMini Performers is a journey of self-discovery and growth. Throughinteractive games and exercises, children unleash their creativityand develop foundational singing, acting, and dancing skills.Musical MagicYoung participants dive into beloved musicals, from classic tunes tocontemporary hits. They develop vocal skills, learn engagingchoreography, and discover how to bring characters to life on stage.Through teamwork, self-expression, and the joy of performance, theygain invaluable life skills and make unforgettable memories.Other Drama programs: Broadway Bound, Musical Revue!, Improv Club, Stage MastersOther Visual Art programs: Art it Out, Eco Art, Art Explorers, Journey to Creativity18

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T E X T I L E S Stop Motion AnimationEmbark on a journey into animation with our Stop MotionAnimation program. Discover the magic of bringing inanimateobjects to life through stop motion.Students gain a comprehensive understanding of stop-motionanimation techniques and principles. They explore planning,designing characters, crafting sets, and seamlessly capturingmovement frame by frame. With hands-on guidance, they delveinto the fascinating world of stop-motion equipment, includingcameras, rigs, and software.Cozy Knit ClubDiscover the world of cozy creations with Cozy Knits Club, ourfun after-school program that introduces the art of hand knittingand crochet to enthusiastic learners. Creativity flows as theydive into intricate techniques, explore various types of yarn, andcraft unique masterpieces, from cuddly bunnies to charmingscarves and pillows.Stitch It!In this program, budding young fashion designers are introducedto the fundamentals of sewing in a supportive and funenvironment. Guided by an experienced instructor, they learnessential skills, from threading needles to mastering basicstitches, gradually building their confidence in handling fabricsand sewing machines.Picture PerfectStudents in the Picture Perfect program learn fundamentalphotography techniques and get the chance to apply them inreal-world scenarios to capture moments that tell compellingstories. From mastering the essential technical aspects ofcameras to embracing the art of composition and storytelling,they explore the visual world around them.AT THE HUBPROGRAMS & ACTIVITIES d i g i t a l m e d i a19

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16AT THE HUBPROGRAMS & ACTIVITIES m u s i c Group PianoTailored for youngsters aged 4 to 7, thisclass is a delightful introduction to thepiano. Within a small, supportive groupsetting, students will explore the basicsof the piano and introductory musictheory.Kiddy KeysKiddyKeys is a piano-focused weekly class forchildren aged 2.5 to 5. The program giveschildren skills that prepare them for formalmusic lessons should they be interested as theyage. KiddyKeys offers children a chance toplay a piano keyboard weekly.Sing ClubSing Club at Streams Community Hub is theperfect haven for young, aspiring singers to uniteand embark on a wonderful vocal journey. Ourvocal ensemble provides a nurturing andsupportive setting where participants can singwith their peers, explore healthy voicetechniques, and delve into the world of music.MusaicStep into the world of Musaic, whereindividual voices unite to create asymphony of community andconnection. Musaic is more than achoir–it's a celebration of diversity,where every voice finds its uniqueplace in a tapestry of sound.Private LessonsPiano, Drums, Vocal & GuitarOther Music programs: Djembe Beat, Ukulele Jamboree, Da Capo Violin, Melody Makers20

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c o n n e c t i o n Literacy: Turning Pages with Mini IntelTurning Pages with Mini-Intel fosters a passion for literature in apositive and nurturing setting. The program is dedicated tohoning reading skills while igniting the flames of imaginationthrough the enchanting world of storytelling.Flourish: Girls Growing TogetherAn empowering program for young girls aged 9 to 12, helpingthem recognize their unique beauty and the positive impactthey can make in the world. Flourish provides a nurturing spacefor girls to be creative, grow self-assurance, and cultivatemeaningful friendships.Storytime at the HubDuring these engaging sessions, children are transported to newworlds through captivating stories, whimsical rhymes, and joyfulsongs. Led by our caring and experienced facilitators, Storytimeat the Hub is more than just reading—it's a vibrant andinteractive experience that sparks the imagination and fosters alifelong appreciation for words and creativity.AT THE HUBPROGRAMS & ACTIVITIES T u t o r i n g ThriveA group for growing young men to gather, foster healthy positivefriendships, receive support and guidance, learn new skills, andconnect with experienced, caring mentors.Chess With CharlieDrop into Streams Community Hub for a crash course inone of the most popular board games in the world. Charlieis a 13-year-old Primrose Elementary School student who ispassionate about the game. Charlie loves to share hisknowledge and be challenged by others.This tutoring program is designed to strengthen and solidifygrade-specific foundational knowledge, ensuring a strongmathematical base to build upon.Numeracy: Math Foundations21

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BY THE NUMBERSFY23Grants64.2%Camp & Class Registration13.6%Donations12.9%Rentals5.5%Other3.7%Facility34.7%Payroll26.8%Other13.5%Facilitator Fees9.2%Professional Fees6.3%Taxes6.1%Insurance3.3%I N C O M EIn 2023, Streams generated a totalincome of $380,642, with the majority(64.2%) sourced from 4 different grants.Other significant contributors includedcamp and class registration at 13.6%, anddonations accounting for 12.9%. Withdiverse revenue streams like rentalincome also playing a part, Streamsshowcased its innovative and adaptiveapproach to financial sustainability in achallenging philanthropic landscape.E X P E N S E SIn 2023, Streams' total expendituresreached $338,416. A notable portion,34.7%, was dedicated to facility-relatedexpenses, underscoring our commitmentto maintaining a conducive environmentfor our programs. Payroll and facilitatorfees followed at 26.8% and 9.2%,respectively, highlighting the valueplaced on our dedicated teaching artistsand team members. Other categories likeprofessional fees and insurance, ensuredsmooth operations, constituting 6.3% and3.3%, respectively. *These numbers for 2023 are preliminary, as at the time of this publication, we have not closed our books for 2023.F Y 20 2 322

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342This year, we served 342unique participants through ourwide range of arts programs. 591The interest in our arts offeringswas overwhelming, with 591registrations across all ourprograms. $24,705True to our commitment to accessibility andinclusivity, we awarded over $24,000 worthof scholarships to participants in 2023. The average scholarship amount a familyreceived: $561814These passionate volunteerscollectively dedicated anastonishing 814 hours to ourmission.26These 26 individuals brought notjust hours, but diverseperspectives, skills, and talents thatenhanced our programs and madea lasting impact on our participants.BY THE NUMBERSFY23FY 202323

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Greenwood FundWoodlot FundAbiding Place MinistriesBethel Restoration MinistriesDufferin Community Foundation MakeWay Foundation – Harbinger FundRotary Club of ShelburneStarbucks Foundation There’s room for youOUR DONORS & FUNDERS & FRIENDSAaron HillAdrian FrameAlison PortAnnalea KiddAnthony JamesAyrlie MacEachernBeth SavanBrody IretonCarley WalkinshawCarol FrenchCatherine AllisonCeline ReedChristine PostChristine WallaceClaire KnightDarius TrohakDarla FraserDevon HawkinsDr. Dino DiSantoElly GreenGabrielle DalyHailey FarkasJeannette FrenchJeffery HallJenna StevenatoJennifer RobertsonJerome ThomasJessica BennettJo ThomsonJoanne BurkeJohan LetimonierJuli-Anne JamesJulia CadastreJustin HamiltonKatie KwasnickiKen WallaceKim GoddardLauren HayesLeonard GuchardiLisa FabianLynda BuffetMarisa ByersMaureen MurrayMegan MareMelissa CarsonMicale AmsingMiranda O'ConnorNasir GhobrialNatalie AliNatanya BarrocksNichola KingPatricia MartinPatrina Bowen-StaplePhilip DeWarRajita KarranRebecca HudsonRebecca Janna CowellRichard MagderSamantha NicholsonSasha DavidShanaaz KubairShannon McGradyShannon Miller-CaseleySheila FazekasSheldon BarrocksSherie AndersonShirley BoxemStephanie WilliamsSteve AndersonSuzette DaleyTanya FowlowTeniqua Gaynor-SpenceTerra OragunyeTrish KeachieTristan BarrocksValerio RosatiVicki SinghVicki SwordWinnifred AndersonEVERYDAY ROCKSTARSCORPORATE PARTNERSCaravaggio IDACrewson Insurance BrokersDufferin CountyGo With CroweLennox Farm MarketS. Burnett & Associates LimitedShelburne Family ChiropracticSmart OrganizingStarbucksThe Dufferin Public HouseTim HortonsTown of ShelburneTown TeesUpper Grand District School BoardCOMMUNITY PARTNERSTHANK YOU24

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BE THE RIPPLE IN OUR STREAMAs you can see, our journey is powered by the generosity of wonderful supporters just like you.Imagine the thrill of knowing that every month, your support plays a lead role in shaping thestories of the youngest lives in our community. Setting up a recurring donation is more than acontribution; it's a commitment to their ongoing stories of creativity and potential. With everycontribution, you're not just fueling the current, but ensuring a steady ‘Streams’ for tomorrow.And here's a another way you can support. Consider creating a dedicated scholarship fund.Whether it's in your name or in tribute to someone who ignited your passion, thesescholarship funds act as beacons of hope. When a young, aspiring talent knocks on our doorwith dreams in their eyes but financial constraints holding them back, your scholarshipensures they soar unhindered.READY TO TOSS YOUR PEBBLE INTO THE POND?Scan the QR codes below to select your desired level of giving and embark on a journey with us—a journey where every step you take echoes well into the future.Scan here to set up arecurring donation of$100 dollars or less.Scan here to set up arecurring donation of $150 or more. Scan here to set up ascholarship fund.25

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STREAMS ONLINE:In a world where philanthropy often struggles to adapt to the demands of aconstantly evolving society, we've recognized the need to innovate. Diversifying our financial avenues becomes paramount to remainresilient and robust in our mission. So, we've turned our eyes to aspace where creativity, education, and connectivity thrive: YouTube!Why YouTube?YouTube isn't just a video-sharing platform; it's a community, aneducator, and a hub for talent and innovation. With the power of thisplatform, we can share our stories, showcase the plethora of talentswithin our community, and most importantly, generate resources thatcan be reinvested into our charitable initiatives.What's Brewing on Our Channel?From the delectable aroma of fresh bakes to the mesmerizing strokesof a paintbrush, our YouTube channel promises content as diverse asour community. Right now, you can find great content on our channel,including Juli-Anne’s Unicorn Braided Bread Recipe Tutorial, 6 Tips forAcing Your Next Audition, How to Add Percussive Elements to UkulelePlaying, a tutorial on how to use your hands to knit a cozy blanket andso much more. You can also find the Word of Mouth MonologueCompetition Finale videos from 2021 and 2022. It’s also where you’ll beable to tune in to watch 2023’s competition.Empower Us by Hitting 'Subscribe'Every view, every like, every share, and every subscriber pushes us a step closer to our goal: financialsustainability that fuels our broader mission. When you engage with our content, you're not justlearning a new recipe or technique; you're strengthening our foundation and amplifying our voice.Remember, by subscribing, you're doing more than just joining a channel; you're becoming a part of amovement. It’s a movement that believes in the power of creativity, the strength of community, andthe importance of sustaining efforts for the greater good.So, if you're curious, passionate, or simply want to support us in this novel endeavor, visit our YouTubechannel at Let's craft, create, and change the world together.CHANNELING CREATIVITY FOR A GREATER CAUSEPOINT OF VIEW: BEFORE YOU DISEMBARKMeet Streamie. Member of#Team Streams. The mostcompassionate monster you’llever meet.26

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