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GREAT DISHESANY- TIME BY ANYONE Your recipe for success“Outstanding,healthy and waste free meals at the touch ofa button.”

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CONTENTSUPPER INSIGHTS 4SUPPER SUCCESS 6SUPPER PROCESS 8SUPPER STORIES 10You want to serve a delicious and lavorul meal at any time of the day, without any food waste.How do you run a proitable hotel kitchen when guests order at any time of the day - or night? As an experienced chef, I understand the daily struggles and challenges in hotels. I can change that by providing a solution that suits the needs of the industry without compromising on meal quality. Together with a team of Michelin star level chefs and food innovators, I developed SUPPER: an all-encompassing food system. The key to success? We prepare outstanding fresh food and freeze it far below zero at the speed of light. You “wake up” the components with our best-in-class gastro microwaves, add a inishing touch, and serve a meal that exceeds the guests’ expectations while protecting your proits.We can save your day, and night.Tasty regards,Arne RamakCo-founder SUPPER‘SUPPER, your recipe for success’

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4EYE-CATCHING AND MOUTH-WATERINGSUPPER meals look delicious. Every meal consists of several components which you prepare separately. Arrange the perectly heated components nicely on a plate and garnish with fresh herbs and crunchy toppings. It looks so yummy; your hungry guests can’t resist to tuck in.PUT AN END TO YOUR F&B STRUGGLESHOW DO YOU SERVE A TASTY MEAL 24/7?Guests from diferent continents and time zones can walk in at any time of the day. You want to be able to ofer them a drink and a hot meal, even aer 11 pm, when the chefs le, and the kitchen is clean. SUPPER was conceived on the idea that any member of staf should be able to prepare a meal at any time of the day. The simplicity that we have embedded into our system, instructions and SOPs allow for a foolproof concept.‘ SUPPER looks and tastes fresh & exciting’SKIP THE OBVIOUS SOLUTIONGuests are bored with hamburgers, pizzas, and simple salads on the all-day dining menu.So let’s do it diferently. We ofer a wide range of modern dishes from all over the world. Healthy, vegan, gluten-free, a favorite meal for every guest. Our selection changes with demand. You will be informed immediately of our innovations and new exciting dishes.

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SUPPER FOOD AS A SERVICE | 5SUPPER GUARANTEES CONSISTENCY AND EFFICIENCY IN THE KITCHEN OR PANTRY WITH A TRANSFOR-MATIONAL FOOD SYSTEM, CREATING BENEFITS SUCH AS A 24-HOUR FOOD MENU, HIGHER MARGINS, LITTLE FOOD WASTE, AND EFFICIENT STOCK REPLENISHMENT. THAT’S PEACE OF MIND AT ITS BEST.Single channel, eicient operations, simple lifeGREAT DISHES, ALWAYS IN STOCKFAST PERFECTIONA SUPPER-meal is prepared and served to perection within 7 minutes, by anyone at the touch of a button, 24/7. Our microwaves heat every component with the greatest care, preserving lavor, structure, and nutritional values without drying out food.BETTER BOTTOM LINEDare to think diferent. The SUPPER-system can improve your bottom line without compromising on quality. Save on personnel costs up to 75%. Minimal food waste, predictable costs, low overhead, easy stock replenishment, and no hidden costs. Bottom line, more insight into- and control over your P&L. SUPPER SERVICEFinally, every member of your team can prepare your guests a delicious meal. But what if additional clarity is required? What if opera- tional hurdles remain? At those moments you can consult our online platform or contact the SUPPER suppor team directly. We always ofer the suppor you need.7 minuten24/7

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6WHAT MAKES SUPPER SO SEXY?SUSTAINABILITY Food waste eliminated up to 70% No wasted food miles Prepared per order from frozen to plate High tech nutritional frozen foodSIMPLICITY Meals are served within 7 minutes 24/7 One medium-qualiied employee can serve 60-80 guests Flexible and extremely scalable Simple system live within a day QUALITY Consistent quality High quality standards Research and development by food innovators and expers Continuous improvement 24/7

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SUPPER FOOD AS A SERVICE | 7CONTROL YOUR MARGIN AND COSTS Lower wage costs More revenue with 24/7 food ofer Predictable costs No luctuating price of ingredients Low overhead EFFICIENT OPERATION Service at the touch of a button Standardized processes SOPs and training No mise en place Flexible and scalable Transparent and traceable supply chain 100% food safetySTAFF FLEXIBILITY Easy recruitment: no qualiied staf needed Simple integration with other tasks High productivity Straightforward management

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82Together we make your plan of attack. Which (signature) meals do you pick for your menu? We will have your kitchen and crew ready to work with SUPPER within a day. Go go go!GET ON BOARD1Let’s meet. Let’s eat. Let’s make a deal. But not before SUPPER exceeds all of your expectations. Because we know for sure that we will. Getting hungry already?TAS T E4All good? Well, welcome aboard! And welcome to our SUPPER Academy and Community. Where you also beneit from our all-round service crew. At your service whenever you need us.3The proof of the pudding, uhm our dishes, is in the eating. Time to let the fun begin. Wow, just look at your guests enjoying their meals. And see how your staf really loves to work with SUPPER.TESTSUCCESSHOW SUPPER WORKS

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“We don’t need chefs in the kitchen on Sunday evenings anymore. One waitress or waiter is all it takes to prepare and serve the meals. The concept is also useful for room service” René Giel, Conference Hotel Kontakt der Kontinenten SUPPER STORIESDON’T BELIEVE US? BELIEVE YOUR COLLEAGUES! THIS IS HOW THEY EXPERIENCE SUPPER IN PRACTICE.“Down on team members or having to reduce operating hours due to lack of chefs? SUPPER is the magical solution for 24/7 availability” Michael Levi, Co-founder CitizenM HotelsSUPPER FOOD AS A SERVICE | 11“The collaboration with SUPPER enables us to serve our guests a tasty, good and responsible meal anywhere at any time, even when the kitchen team is not present” Reint van Rooij, Event hotels“Why SUPPER? Good quality, fast, and easy to use for everyone!” Remco Gerritsen, International Hotel Capital Parners (IHCP)“Our guests will be pleasantly surprised when they are served such beautiful and tasty dishes. SUPPER is a real upgrade for our in-room dining experience” Marco van Rutten, Anatara Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky AmsterdamAre you curious about our dishes? We are happy to visit for an extensive tasting session.

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SUPPER a Dutch company located in Amstelveen+31 (0)20 211 71 81hello@supperservices.comwww.supperservices.comSCAN AND BOOK YOUR TASTING SESSION!HUNGRY FOR MORE? Book your tasting session!LET’S HAVE SUPPER SOON!