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Sun Leader Broschure (ENGL.)

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R E T R A C T A B L ER O O F   P E R G O L A S
Y O U R   T R U S T E D   P A R T N E RY O U R   T R U S T E D   P A R T N E RI N   T E R R A C E   D E S I G NI N   T E R R A C E   D E S I G NW O R K   W I T H   U S !W O R K   W I T H   U S !w w w . s u n l e a d e r . r o

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BUILD A DREAM TERRACE!FOR EVERY SEASONWhat would it be like to be able to relax on your terrace nomatter how the weather is outside? Or being able to offer yourcustomers a comfortable, stylish and safe space to disconnectfrom the stresses of everyday life?Design your ideal relaxation space with the Sun Leader team. Rethink the usefulness of your terrace!

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CONTENTBIOCLIMATIC PERGOLASVPC MEMBRANE PERGOLASFlat Pergola Spline Pergola Vault Pergola City PergolasHarmony PergolasGLASS SYSTEMSPanoramic Glass systemsSliding Glass systemsTransparent foilACCESSORIESTerrace furnitureDeckingTerrace heating systemsGLASS ROOFABOUT USSHADING SYSTEMSZipscreen vertical systems Skyscreen orizontal systems

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ABOUT USSUN LEADERsunleader.roThe Sun Leader team brings a newperspective to your home orrestaurant terrace design.We offer you efficient and stylishcovering solutions, multiple sideclosure options and other accessoriesto make your terrace comfortable in allseasons.Find out about automated retractablepergolas, sliding glass or guillotinesystems, decking, shading systems orterrace furniture directly from thespecialists!Make your life easier, more relaxingand more comfortable with SunLeader!Through our commitment to quality, innovation and respect for both peopleand nature, we want to exceed our expectations and be rewarded withcustomer satisfaction.

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We provide you with a team of passionate and professional people,customised products, services and accessories so that together we can buildthe terrace of your dreams.

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WHY WORK WITH US?SUN LEADERsunleader.roFree consultancyfrom specialists andengineersQuick quotation inless than 5minutesFree on-site visits,demonstrationsDelivery andinstallation includedin the priceHigh quality,customised productsand servicesVery quick andprecise responsetimeFast andprofessionalassembly

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Various projects, bothresidential andHoReCa/commercialAnnual maintenanceand servicing, and onrequest/needFree renderingsand experttechnical design

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WITH ALUMINIUM BLADESManufactured with a roof made ofaluminium blades that rotate and retract,they are ideal for residential andHoReCa terraces in the mountains or inareas with intense weather conditions.Installation options: - wall mounted- with independent structure- with hanging profiles - on an existing structureBIOCLIMATIC PERGOLASsunleader.roAutomatedsystems, withremote control ormobile appRotating andretractable snow-resistant aluminiumbladesAluminiumstructure withintegrateddrainage, in anyRAL colorsLED and RGBlighting, dimmers,audio systems andother accessoriesWarranty 5 yearsThermal insulation

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Pescăruș Restaurant, Herăstrău

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Maximum dimensions allowed per module: 8 x 4.5 m

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RETRACTABLE PERGOLASVPC MEMBRANE sunleader.roAutomated retractable pergolas madewith extruded aluminium structureelectrostatically painted and VPCmembrane. They have a sloping roofwith curved or straight rafters and areadaptable to any terrace design.They can be installed:- with wall mounting- with independent structure- with hanging profilesTriple-layerwaterproofmembrane withcarbon insertion30 YearsWarrantyUVProtectionAutomatedsystems, withremote control ormobile appAluminiumstructure withintegrateddrainage, in anyRAL colorsLED lighting,dimmers, audiosystems and otheraccessories

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Wonder Bistro&Bar, Cluj-Napoca

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VPC MEMBRANEFLAT PERGOLAsunleader.roThe Flat pergolas offer you pergolaswith a sloping retractable roof withstraight rafters.Built to protect terraces fromscorching sun, wind, rain or hail, thesepergolas successfully replacetemporary terrace covering solutionswith permanent solutions.30 YearsWarrantyUV ProtectionStraightsloping roofSnow resistance15 cm Maximum dimensions allowed per module: 10 x 13 m

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Residencial project, Botoșani

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VPC MEMBRANESPLINE PERGOLAsunleader.roThe Spline range of pergolas offersyou pergolas with a slopingretractable roof and curved rafters.Thanks to the curvature of the roof,these pergolas bring more snowresistance, elegance and nobility toyour terrace.Maximum dimensions allowed per module: 11 x 13 m30 YearsWarrantyUV ProtectionCurvedsloping roofSnow resistance20 cm

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Vatra Regală Restaurant, Predeal

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sunleader.roVault pergolas are the most commonchoice for event terraces, restaurantsor hotels with medium-sized terraces. The freestanding structure, curvedshape and balanced appearance areadvantageous for building terracesfrom scratch and transforming theminto complete self-contained spaces.Maximum dimensions allowed per module: 11 x 13 mVPC MEMBRANEVAULT PERGOLA30 YearsWarrantyUV ProtectionIndependentcurved structureSnow resistance25 cm

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Balada Hotel, Suceava

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CITY PERGOLASsunleader.roAlso known as console pergolas, Citymodels are ideal for small terraces orcity terraces.They are attached to a retaining walland the traditional poles are replacedby top-fixing hanging profiles.HangingprofilesSun and rainprotectionVPC MEMBRANEMaximum dimensions allowed per module: 5 x 13 m30 YearsWarrantyUV Protection

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Residencial project, Bistrița Năsăud

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HARMONY PERGOLASsunleader.roThey are ideal for large freestandingterraces and outdoor events spaces. The gable or house alike roof allowsthe membrane to open towards theridge, and cover areas up to 22 mwide.IndependentstructureAll Seasonsprotectionmax. 20 x 13 mmax. 22 x 13 mVPC MEMBRANE30 YearsWarrantyUV Protection

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Wonderland touristic complex, Cluj-Napoca

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Conacul Albert, Brașov

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GLASS SYSTEMS COVERAGEGLASS ROOFsunleader.roConsisting of aluminium structure andfixed or mobile glass systems, thisGlass Roof is ideal for small terraces,wintergardens and entrance ways.They can be closed with sliding orfixed glass systems on the side andthey bring more light and warmth tothe terrace.Aluminiumstructure withintegrateddrainage, in anyRALGlass panels withmaximumdimensions3500 x 700 mmWarranty 5 yearsOpaque ortransparentglass

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PANORAMIC GLASS SYSTEMSSIDE CLOSURESsunleader.roPractical and convenient, with easycontrol via remote control or mobileapp, the panoramic systems bringmore thermal protection and comfortto terraces.The only vertically sliding systems inRomania, they are the perfect choicefor restaurants, event venues or a chichome terrace.Glass panels withaluminium profiles,sliding up anddownWarranty5 yearsOpaque or transparentglassPassagesystemsBalustradesystemsAutomated control,with remotecontrol or mobileapp

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Jidvei Winery, Bethlen Haller Castle

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SLIDING GLASS SYSTEMSsunleader.roMade with vertical glass panels thatslide in by hand, Sliding systems arethe most common side closures. They are suitable for both residentialterraces and restaurants or eventterraces and are very easy to handle.Glass panels withaluminium profiles,left-right slidingWarranty2 yearsManual slidingsystemsSIDE CLOSURESOpaque or transparentglass

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Residencial project, Bucharest

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Sun Leader rendering

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TRANSPARENT FOILsunleader.roTransparent Zipscreen systems arethe perfect solution if you don't wantto enclose your terrace with glass, youstill need light but you want windprotection.They are electrical systems with VPCmaterial and transparent foil that canbe customised to your needs.Maximum system dimensions: 4 m high x 3 m wideVPC Material perforated or solidCustomizedtransparentmaterialStandardprotectionto wind Automated control,with remotecontrol or mobileappSIDE CLOSURES

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Residencial project, Bucharest

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ZIPSCREENSHADING SYSTEMSsunleader.roDesigned to bring more privacy andprotection against the sun, Zipscreensystems work like a protective screen.They are electrically operated andextremely useful for: - windows- gazebos - terracesWide colourpalette forprofiles andmaterialUVfilterMaximum system dimensions: 5 m high x 4 m wideVPC Material perforated or solidAutomated control,with remotecontrol or mobileapp

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SKYSCREENSHADING SYSTEMSsunleader.roIn the case of glass covered terraces,Skyscreen systems are absolutelynecessary for shading. They can be installed outside or insidethe glass roof and are electricallyoperated.Maximum system dimensions: 3 m high x 5 m wideWide colourpalette forprofiles andmaterialUVfilterVPC Material perforated or solidAutomated control,with remotecontrol or mobileapp

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RATTAN TERRACE FURNITUREACCESSORIESsunleader.roModern terraces also need modernand stylish furniture. Synthetic rattanfurniture pieces cover all the needs ofa terrace.The quality of this type of furnituregives longevity to your outdoor space.Attractive andadaptabledesign, eleganceWide range ofcolours andaccessoriesComfort andflexibilityLightweight andcompact piecesof furnitureEasy cleaningandmaintenanceResistance tohumidity and hightemperatures

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DECKING sunleader.roMade of composite wood (65%recycled wood + 35% polymer),perfect for areas with high humidity.Resistant tochipping andcrackingVivid, fade-resistantcoloursHigh grip, anti-slip platesEnvironmentally friendly,made fromrecycled woodWPC DECKINGElegant and 100% natural heat-treated ash or pine wood.THERMO-TREATED WOOD DECKEasy cleaningandmaintenanceACCESSORIESResistance tohumidity and hightemperatures

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TERRACE HEATERSACCESSORIESsunleader.roEasy installationCoversapproximately14 squaremetresSuitable forindoor andoutdoor spacesEfficient anduniformheatingControl by remotecontrolSafe and cleanRadiant panels for heating terraceswork with infrared and are efficientboth indoors and outdoors. Heating requirements are based onthe size of the space and other details.

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Bioclimatic pergolasVPC Membrane pergolasGlass RoofGlass systemsTerrace furnitureShading 0770 444 888YOUR TRUSTED PARTNER IN TERRACE DESIGN