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DEAR FRIENDS,It is a great joy and privilege to welcome you to our 2022 Summermusik! We are back in full force, and live! We have been waiting for this moment for two years and are excited to welcome you back to all our performances.This summer we oer four concert weekends, each centered around themes that aim to discover, reflect, and inspire.The first week of Summermusik will begin with music that is guaranteed to bring passion and joy – music from South America. Grammy award winner and bandoneon virtuoso, Hector Del Curto, will play Astor Piazzolla’s Bandoneon Concerto. World Argentine Tango Champion Fernanda Ghi and her partner Silvio Grand will turn up the musical and emotional heat as we explore the unique passion that inhabits the tango.Our second weekend will explore the “fantastical” side of the human experience: The supernatural, the dream state of our minds. György Ligeti’s Concerto Romanesc is fantastic in many ways and is inspired by folk music from Romanian mountains and villages. In his Concerto for Harp, Mascaras (“Masks”), Arturo Marquez creates music that is full of rhythm, color, and melody. Virtuoso harpist Ina Zdorovetchi is a fearless master of the instrument, tackling one of the most challenging concertos for the harp. Finally, French composer and arranger Arthur Lavandier takes Hector Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantastique on a wild ride. This is a unique opportunity to discover a familiar masterpiece in a new light – a fantastical new sound scape.The act of artistic creation is a miracle. In the third week. Summermusik explores what inspires artists. We explore the lives and legacies of the muses that inspired legendary composers. Clara Schumannwas a muse, fierce music critic, and virtuoso pianist all in one. Pianist Vijay Venkatesh will perform Clara’s piano concerto, tailored by the composer to her own extraordinary technical prowess. Soprano Victoria Okafor will be the soloist in the Finale of Gustav Mahler’s Fourth Symphony, celebrating “The Heavenly Life" - inspired by his muse and wife, Alma Mahler. As we will show this weekend again and again: Even a genius needs a muse.Water is often viewed as the most valuable resource – and source of life itself. It has also been a source of inspiration for many composers for centuries. The final concert of Summermusik opens with the most famous waltz of all time, composed by the "Waltz King" Johann Strauss II, himself: The Blue Danube Waltz. This music features some of the most iconic and memorable melodies of all of music history. The shimmering textures of water are masterfully depicted in Claude Debussy’s masterwork La Mer. With it, Debussy translated French impressionism into music, introducing a new sound world. Chinese-born composer Tan Dun writes music that is evocative, emotional, and colorful. In his Water Concerto, Tan Dun used water itself as a musical instrument. Multi-percussionist Yuri Yamashita plays many styles – from classical to contemporary, from Latin and Brazilian percussion to Tina Turner. She will bring unlimited imagination to her audiovisual performance of this unique work.I am more than excited about this season! Thank you for joining us in person for the incomparable experience of live music. Let’s celebrate the return of a full Summermusik season!3 DIFFERENT CONCERT EXPERIENCESMIX IT UP!2 | SUMMERMUSIK FESTIVAL 2022Photo Credit: Michael WilsonECKART PREUP.S. All of the works on our MainStage concerts are premieres for the CCO. Except one…

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SUMMERMUSIK FESTIVAL 2017 | 33 DIFFERENT CONCERT EXPERIENCESMIX IT UP!Each designed to provide something unique for everyone’s musical tastes.Hear the full chamberorchestra at four Mainstageperformances at SCPA’sCorbett Theater. Free PreludeTalks provide fascinatingintroductions to each program.Complimentary post-concertreceptions give artists andaudience members a chanceto share the experiencetogether.Interested in a variety of concerts? Select your favorites with one of our Flex Pass options and create-your-own four-concert festival package. Can’t decide on only four? Reserve your tickets for all events as a Festival Pass holder!These Sunday afternoon concerts take place at dierent venues across the area. Such intimate gatherings get patrons close to the musicians in a casual atmosphere. Artistically linked to the previous evening's SCPA performance, these concerts allow an opportunity for guests to delve deeper into the music and invite a close-up encounter with the weekend's featured artist!We host Chamber Crawl evenings at a variety of bars and restaurants across Greater Cincinnati.These interactive experiences highlight local culinary as well as musical talent. Musicians and patrons relax and have fun together with programs curated by our own CCO musicians.SUMMERMUSIK FESTIVAL 2022 | 3Savor the sound of summer in Cincinnati!

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CunriesTales of Two

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Wine will be available for purchase.TALES OF TWO COUNTRIESHECTOR DEL CURTObandoneonEnjoy a rhythmic musical tour of Peru and Argentina – all new to the ears of CCO audiences. The colors of Gabriela Lena Frank’s Elegía Andina (Andean Elegy) immediately summon the sounds of the Peruvian rain forest. Astor Piazzolla’s name is intertwined with the tango – not only as a composer, but as a player of the bandoneon. Bandoneon virtuoso Hector Del Curto, the 2019 Grammy Award winner for Best Latin Jazz Album, will be featured on a work by the national hero himself, Astor Piazzolla. Fernanda Ghi and Silvio Grand, legends in the world of Argentine tango, will bring the music to life.SATURDAY, AUGUST 6Prelude Talk: 6:45pm | SCPA Mayerson TheaterEckart Preu, conductor7:30 pm | SCPA Corbett TheaterSUMMERMUSIK FESTIVAL 2022 | 5Concert SponsorFERNANDA GHItango dancerSILVIO GRANDtango dancerGABRIELA LENA FRANKElegía Andina for Orchestra (CCO Premiere)ASTOR PIAZZOLLA, ARR. IAIN FARRINGTON (CCO Premiere)I. Romance del DiabloII. Tango del DiabloIII. Vayamos al DiabloFernanda Ghi and Silvio Grand, tango dancersOSVALDO GOLIJOVLast Round (CCO Premiere) ASTOR PIAZZOLLAConcerto for Bandeneon, Chamber Orchestra, and Percussion, “Aconcagua” (CCO Premiere)Hector Del Curto, bandoneonMusic SponsorsMichael Mui & Sijie DaiApproximately 1 hour and 30 minutes

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“Music does not need language of words for it has movements of dance to do its translation.” The CCO will transport you to a dimly lit tango club in Buenos Aires as we celebrate this sensual ballroom dancing style with Tony Award-winning dancer Fernanda Ghi and her partner Silvio Grand. Joining them will be bandoneon player Hector Del Curto, who directed the Broadway show “Forever Tango,” featuring several of his entrancing quintet arrangements that will bring together Hector together with CCO musicians. This time, it will take six to tango!TANGO AMORSUNDAY, AUGUST 7 | 4PMNOTRE DAME ACADEMY PERFORMING ARTS CENTERApproximately 1 hourA Little Afternoon Musik Series SponsorsROSEMARY & MARK SCHLACHTERIRV & MELINDA SIMON6 | SUMMERMUSIK FESTIVAL 2022ECKART PREUperformance curatormusic directorFERNANDA GHItango dancerSILVIO GRANDtango dancerVenue SponsorsHECTOR DEL CURTObandoneonASTOR PIAZZOLLAMichelangelo 70ANÍBAL TROILOChe, BandoneónHector Del Curto, bandoneonVICTOR LAVALLENVigiliaHeidi Yenney, violaHector Del Curto, bandoneonGERARDO HERNÁN MATOS RODRÍGUEZLa CumparsitaFernanda Ghi and Silvio Grand, tango dancersISAAC ALBENIZTangoCeleste Golden Boyer, violinEckart Preu, keyboardASTOR PIAZZOLLAVerano PorteñoInvierno PorteñoASTOR PIAZZOLLAReviradoFernanda Ghi and Silvio Grand, tango dancersCARLOS GARDELPor Una CabezaRuth Schwallie &Mark Silbersack

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Additional drinks and dinner will be available for purchase.FREE BEER TASTING INCLUDEDwith your ticket!Join us at Fretboard Brewery for a night filled with music spanning the centuries as the brass quintet attempts to unseat the string quartet from their title as reigning Battle of the Bands champions.Don’t be surprised to hear music from Gabrieli to Guns ‘n Roses as the bands duel for your support. Come have a pint and cast your vote to decide who will be the next Battle of the Bands champion.BATTLE OF THE BANDS REMATCH :STRINGS vs. MICROBRASSTUESDAY, AUGUST 9 | 7:30PMFRETBOARD BREWINGApproximately 1 hour and 30 minutesMusic SponsorsMANAMI WHITEperformance curatorCCO principal second violinBROOKE TEN NAPELperformance curatorhornSUMMERMUSIK FESTIVAL 2022 | 7Repertoire will be called from the stage.Chamber Crawl Series SponsorLOUISE DIETERLE NIPPERT MUSICAL ARTS FUNDJonathan & Nancy LippincottthemusicminionsVenue Sponsors

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8 | SUMMERMUSIK FESTIVAL 2022HarpFantasique

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SATURDAY, AUGUST 13Prelude Talk: 6:45pm | SCPA Mayerson TheaterEckart Preu, conductor7:30 pm | SCPA Corbett TheaterGYÖRGY LIGETIConcerto Romanesc (CCO Premiere)ARTURO MARQUEZConcerto for Harp, “Mascaras” (CCO Premiere)HECTOR BERLIOZ, ARR. ARTHUR LAVANDIERSymphonie Fantastique(North American Premiere)“Harp Fantastique” celebrates the harp at the center of a program that tells stories of human passion and transformation. Born in Moldova, Ina Zdorovetchi is an internationally recognized harp virtuoso. György Ligeti is known as an avant-garde composer par excellence. His music has been used in many movies like The Shining and Eyes Wide Shut. His Concerto Romanesc reflects on his early childhood in Romania and his first encounters with Romanian folk music: alphorn players in the Carpathian Mountains, virtuoso fiddlers, honking bagpipes, and masked musicians terrifying the children. This is orchestral folk music at its best: original, rough, wild.Arturo Marquez is one of the most prominent Mexican composers of our time. Hailing from a family of Mariachi and folk musicians, his music is influenced by the rhythms, melodies, and harmonies of the dance halls in Mexico City. Masks are an important part of Mexican culture, and are symbols of religious, social, spiritual, and political significance. In his Concerto for Harp “Mascaras” (“Masks”), Arturo Marquez tells of the rejection of the original peoples of Mexico and the resiliency and heart of the Mexican people through Marquez’s famous danzon. Hector Berlioz’ Symphonie Fantastique (Fantastic Symphony) was revolutionary in its musical language. Even now, 190 years later, its musical language is fresh, original, and captivating. Conceived as an autobiographical dreamscape, the symphony follows the passion for a beautiful woman, Harriet Smithson. In this new re-imagination of Symphonie Fantastique by French composer Arthur Lavandier, audiences will experience his obsession and pursuit of love in a new light. In this North America premiere, we experience a new interpretation the familiar masterwork. Intended as a ‘recreation,' it is an open-minded tribute to the genius of Berlioz' masterpiece.HARPFANTASTIQUEINA ZDOROVETCHIharpSUMMERMUSIK FESTIVAL 2022 | 9Wine will be available for purchase.Approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes

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10 | SUMMERMUSIK FESTIVAL 2022Listen as harpist Ina Zdorovetchi continues the fireworks on the harp. She and members of the CCO will perform music that was inspired by artworks from the collection of the museum. From Irish and American folk songs to virtuoso showpieces by French composer Marcel Grandjany, from the Romantic music by Tchaikovsky to Albeniz' Flamenco-inspired Asturias - this afternoon will be about musical stories full of passion and beauty.STORIES FOR STRINGSSUNDAY, AUGUST 14 | 4PMCINCINNATI ART MUSEUMINA ZDOROVETCHIharpVenue SponsorA Little Afternoon Musik Series SponsorsROSEMARY & MARK SCHLACHTERIRV & MELINDA SIMONMARCEL GRANDJANYRhapsodie Ina Zdorovetchi, harpCAMILLE SAINT-SAENSFantasy for Violin and HarpIna Zdorovetchi, harpCeleste Golden Boyer, violinApproximately 1 hour and 10 minutesFLORENCE PRICEFROM Five Folk Songs in Counterpoint4. Shortnin' Bread5. Swing LowJOHANN STRAUSS II, ARR. INA ZDOROVETCHIRomance for Cello and Harp in D minor, Op. 243PYOTR ILYCH TCHAIKOVSKY, ARR. E. WALTER-KÜNEEugene Onegin FantasyIna Zdorovetchi, harpISAAC ALBÉNIZAsturiasTony Cole

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GALADATE | LOCATIONPraesent cursus neque eu ornare facilisis. Vestibulum ullamcorper viverra augue, quis maximus eros faucibus sit amet. Morbi leo nulla, molestie at congue interdum, imperdiet et eros. Morbi varius euismod sapien, eget volutpat massa pulvinar a. Phasellus iaculis ut felis vel pharetra. Vestibulum ultricies a nibh a pulvinar. Vivamus maximus augue id massa volutpat, a pellentesque odio bibendum. Donec scelerisque id tellus id pellentesque. Mauris fringilla sapien ligula, pretium iaculis orci blandit non.ARTISTSFIRST LASTSPONSOR, SPONSOR, SPONSORPOSITIONSUMMERMUSIK FESTIVAL 2022 | 11GERALD FINZIFive Bagatelles, Op. 23HEINRICH BAERMANNAdagio CARL MARIA VON WEBERFROM Clarinet Quintet in B-at Major, Op. 34 II. Fantasia IV. Rondo, allegro giocosoWe’ll have you saying “On the rocks, please,” as CCO principal clarinetist John Kurokawa performs with a string quartet. He will lead a program of barrel-aged and full-avored favorites from Finzi, Weber, Vaughan Williams, Strauss II, and more. As you sample the musical selections, you will savor a tasting of spirits Forbes called “one of the most exciting new distilleries in the world” and Whisky Advocate named as one of the Top 20 Whiskies of 2019. Cheers!CLARINET ON THE ROCKSWEDNESDAY, AUGUST 17 | 7:30 PM [SOLD OUT] & 9:15 PMNEW RIFF DISTILLERYJOHN KUROKAWAperformance curatorCCO principal clarinetApproximately 1 hour and 10 minutesSUMMERMUSIK FESTIVAL 2022 | 11RALPH VAUGHAN WILLIAMSSix Studies in English Folk SongJOSEF LANNERBruder Halt!, Galopp, Op. 16JOHANN STRAUSS IITritsch-Tratsch Polka, Op. 214BÉLA KOVÁCSSholem-alekhem, rov Feidman!Event SponsorsChamber Crawl Series SponsorLOUISE DIETERLE NIPPERT MUSICAL ARTS FUNDDick & Mary Lu AftMusic Sponsor

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12 | SUMMERMUSIK FESTIVAL 2022Enjoy a bite of something sweet with the CCO as we screen the Academy Award-nominated film Chocolat. Directed by Lasse Hallström, this film details the sweet – and bitter – story of a chocolatier and her six-year-old daughter as they settle in a small French town and attempt to open a chocolate shop. Female composer Rachel Portman’s incredible soundtrack was nominated for both a Golden Globe and an Oscar for this 2000 film. Before the show, hear commentary about the lm and about Rachel’s music from CCO music director Eckart Preu.COMMENTARY & FILM SCREENING OF CHOCOLATTHURSDAY, AUGUST 18 | 7:30PMESQUIRE THEATREECKART PREUcommentatormusic directorSPECIAL EVENTTICKETS WILL BE AVAILABLE MAY 20DIRECTLY THROUGH ESQUIRE THEATREesquiretheatre.comApproximately 2 hours and 15 minutesThis film is rated PG-13.12 | SUMMERMUSIK FESTIVAL 2022

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14 | SUMMERMUSIK FESTIVAL 2022The Power of theMuse

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Prelude Talk: 6:45pm | SCPA Mayerson TheaterEckart Preu, conductor7:30 pm | SCPA Corbett TheaterSUMMERMUSIK FESTIVAL 2022 | 15SATURDAY, AUGUST 20THE POWER OF THE MUSELILI BOULANGERD'un Matin de Printemps(CCO Premiere)CLARA SCHUMANNPiano Concerto in A Minor, Op. 7 (CCO Premiere)Vijay Venkatesh, pianoGUSTAV MAHLER, ARR. KLAUS SIMONSymphony No. 4 in G Major(CCO Premiere)Victoria Okafor, solo soprano“Power of the Muse” celebrates figures who inspire composers to create masterworks. Lili Boulanger was an extraordinary French musical prodigy. Inspired by Fauré and Debussy she developed a compelling musical language that is entirely her own. Her D’un Matin de Printemps("Of a Spring Morning") creates an impressionistic sound world that is full of vibrant energy and delicacy. Even before her untimely death at age 24, Boulanger succeeded in being the first woman to win the Rome Prize - the most coveted composition prize of the time - making her an inspiration for all female composers to come. The brilliant Clara Schumann - the muse for her husband Robert, and Johannes Brahms - was recognized as one of the most important pianists of her time. Yet her accomplishments as a composer are still to be rediscovered. Award-winning pianist Vijay Venkatesh is the soloist in her dazzling piano concerto. She was only sixteen years old when she composed this concerto as a showcase for herself: bold, passionate, and imaginative. Full of passion and joy of life, Alma Mahler was a prolific composer and musician. Yet she had no support in being a creative, independent woman in Vienna. Instead, she is remembered as a muse, supporter, and lover to brilliant, creative men - like her husband Gustav. Gustav Mahler’s Symphony No. 4 is full of light and love. It describes a bright cheerfulness reflective of the unearthly joy of heavenly life. “Silver-voiced soprano” Victoria Okafor will join the CCO in this inspired symphonic masterpiece.VIJAY VENKATESHpianoVICTORIA OKAFORsopranoApproximately 2 hours and 30 minutesVijay Venkatesh SponsorsJeanne & Christopher BarnesWine will be available for purchase.Victoria Okafor SponsorsMr. & Mrs. Robert J. Walker

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ROBERT SCHUMANN Piano Quintet in E-Flat Major, Op.44I. Allegro brillanteVijay Venkatesh, pianoCLARA SCHUMANNFROM Six Lieder, Op. 13I. ‘Ich stand in dunklen Träumen’ III. ‘Liebeszauber’ Vijay Venkatesh, pianoVictoria Okafor, soprano Approximately 1 hour and 10 minutesWe continue to explore the miracle of the muse. Listen to some of the most intriguing love stories of music history. Hear who inspired geniuses like Chopin, Schumann, and Brahms. Pianist Vijay Venkatesh and soprano Victoria Okafor will combine forces with musicians of the CCO to perform some of the most inspirational - and inspired - chamber music of the day.KISSED BY THE MUSESUNDAY, AUGUST 21 | 4PMPLEASANT RIDGE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH16 | SUMMERMUSIK FESTIVAL 2022Donald W. Fritz, Ph.D.A Little Afternoon Musik Series SponsorsROSEMARY & MARK SCHLACHTERIRV & MELINDA SIMONMusic SponsorsVIJAY VENKATESHpianoVICTORIA OKAFORsopranoGuest Artist SponsorConcert SponsorReena Dhanda Patil & Yash PatilDonald W. Fritz, Ph.D.JOHANNES BRAHMSIntermezzos No. 2+3, Op. 118Vijay Venkatesh, pianoFANNY MENDELSSOHN HENSELString Quartet in E-at MajorIV. Allegro molto vivaceNADIA BOULANGERTwo Songs‘Cantique’ ‘Reets’ Vijay Venkatesh, pianoVictoria Okafor, soprano FREDERICK CHOPINSonata No. 2 in B-at Minor, Op. 35I. Grave – Doppio movimentoVijay Venkatesh, pianoJOHANNES BRAHMSPiano Quintet in F Minor, Op. 34III. Scherzo: AllegroVijay Venkatesh, piano

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We are going under the sea with the CCO! SoundWaves at the Newport Aquarium’s Shark Bay Theater will provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to immerse yourself in both music and aquatic life. As you listen to the CCO woodwind quintet, seated directly in front of one of the largest windows into the Aquarium’s million gallon shark tank, you can watch Sweet Pea, Scooter and Sunshine, their extremely rare shark rays, swimming alongside over a dozen sharks. Curated by CCO principal flute Rebecca Andres and principal bassoon Hugh Michie, the program and your included Shark Bite cocktail will go swimmingly together. A representative from the Newport Aquarium will share details about aquatic life and the importance of conservation.SOUNDWAVESTUESDAY, AUGUST 23 | 7:30PMNEWPORT AQUARIUMApproximately 1 hour and 10 minutesREBECCA ANDRESperformance curatorCCO principal uteFREE ALL-ACCESS AQUARIUM ADMISSION AND EVENT COCKTAIL INCLUDEDwith your ticket!Venue PartnersRosemary & Mark SchlachterSusan Esler & Steve SkiboLinda R. Holthaus & Richard ZinicolaSUMMERMUSIK FESTIVAL 2022 | 11CAMILLE SAINT-SAËNS FROM Carnival of the AnimalsI. AquariumALAN MENKENUnder the SeaERIC EWAZENFROM Roaring ForkI. Whitewater Rapids (Maroon Creek)MALCOLM ARNOLDThree Shanties for Wind QuintetALEXANDER WURMANMarch of the PenguinsVALERIE COLEMANRed Clay and Mississippi DeltaASTOR PIAZZOLLAEscualo (Shark) for Wind QuintetLEONARD BERNSTEINSelections FROM West Side StoryHUGH MICHIEperformance curatorCCO principal bassoonChamber Crawl Series SponsorLOUISE DIETERLE NIPPERT MUSICAL ARTS FUND

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SUMMERMUSIKEVENTS STARTWHY SUBSCRIBE18 | SUMMERMUSIK FESTIVAL 2022Praesent cursus neque eu ornare facilisis. Vestibulum ullamcorper viverra augue, quis maximus eros faucibus sit amet. Morbi leo nulla, molestie at congue interdum, imperdiet et eros. Morbi varius euismod sapien, eget volutpat massa pulvinar a. Phasellus iaculis ut felis vel pharetra. Vestibulum ultricies a nibh a pulvinar. Vivamus maximus augue id massa volutpat, a pellentesque odio bibendum. Donec scelerisque id tellus id pellentesque. Mauris fringilla sapien ligula, pretium iaculis orci blandit non.In eu rutrum nisl, eu imperdiet quam. Quisque urna augue, feugiat a est sed, sollicitudin tristique massa. Duis sagittis vestibulum tellus, et semper elit. Morbi tempus augue non dolor viverra faucibus. Mauris semper quis mi et molestie. Praesent dapibus condimentum mi ac congue. In quis velit dignissim nisl luctus dapibus. Fusce commodo rhoncus turpis, eget imperdiet felis aliquam vitae. Aliquam suscipit metus vitae vehicula posuere. Suspendisse id turpis nec dolor dapibus pellentesque. Pellentesque in laoreet sem, nec accumsan diam.Praesent id dui finibus, mattis dui vitae, consectetur quam. Maecenas eu tempus ex. Aliquam blandit fermentum nisl volutpat posuere. Aenean quis nisl enim. Maecenas facilisis dapibus rhoncus. Quisque id lobortis erat. Aliquam sed neque non erat varius tempor. Aenean nunSultry sounds from the heat of Rio de Janeiro will ll the Redmoor as we take an enticing musical excursion to South America. This time we delve into the intoxicating world of the Bossa Nova, a “new trend” that evolved from the traditional Samba and Cool Jazz. Accompanied by a band and musicians of the CCO, multi-talented percussionist and Bossa Nova acionado Yuri Yamashita will sing her favorite contemporary and classic songs - complete with your favorite Brazilian drink!BOSSA NOVAFRIDAY, AUGUST 26 | 7:30PMTHE REDMOORApproximately 1 hour and 30 minutesConcert SponsorFriends of Summermusik18 | SUMMERMUSIK FESTIVAL 2022YURI YAMASHITApercussion and voiceFREE EVENT COCKTAIL INCLUDEDwith your ticket!FERNANDA TAKAIKobuneSERGIO MENDESMas Que NadaDJAVANNuvem NegraMARIA RITAEncontros e DespedidaCara ValenteChamber Crawl Series SponsorLOUISE DIETERLE NIPPERT MUSICAL ARTS FUNDNOVOS BAIANOSA Menina Dança ELLA FITZGERALDAirmail SpecialAdditional works to be announced from the stage.

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20 | SUMMERMUSIK FESTIVAL 2022Sounds ofWat

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Prelude Talk: 6:45pm | SCPA Mayerson TheaterEckart Preu, conductor7:30 pm | SCPA Corbett TheaterSUMMERMUSIK FESTIVAL 2022 | 21SATURDAY, AUGUST 27SOUNDS OF WATERApproximately 2 hours and 30 minutesJOHANN STRAUSS IIBlue Danube WaltzTAN DUNWater Concerto (CCO Premiere)Yuri Yamashita, percussionCLAUDE DEBUSSY, ARR. IAIN FARRINGTON La Mer (CCO Premiere) The grand finale of Summermusik 2022 is a multi-sensatory experience. “Sounds of Water” starts with one of the most famous pieces of music of all time - the Blue Danube Waltz. This chain of five waltzes creates the illusion to be lifted o the floor - or to float on water. Chinese composer Tan Dun is famous as the composer of the music to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. The solo instrument in his Water Concerto is - water. Percussionist Yuri Yamashita joins the CCO to create a fascinating and magical sound world in an audio-visual performance where audiences will find themselves listening with their eyes and watching with their ears. The season ends with music by the master of French musical impressionism - Claude Debussy. His ultimate masterpiece La Mer (“The Sea”) was inspired by Hokusai’s woodblock print Under the Great Wave O Kanagawa and reflects on his tumultuous personal life at the time. In it he paints images of wind and sea in vivid and imaginative orchestral colors and textures that were revolutionary at the time and are still captivating now - 115 years later.YURI YAMASHITAvoiceGale & Dave BeckettWine will be available for purchase.Concert Sponsors

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CONCERTS SELL OUT QUICKLY!WHY SUBSCRIBEWe invite you to create your own Summermusik experience.BEST PRICES OF THE SEASONBecome a subscriber and lock in the best ticket prices of the season. You can save over 30% o single ticket prices, depending on your selected tickets.EARLY ACCESSAs a subscriber, you have the first chance to select your desired performances, ensuring you not only have the best seats in the house, but that you reserve your seat to our most popular concerts.TICKET EXCHANGESCan’t make it to a performance? Subscribers enjoy free, no-hassle ticket exchanges for other festival events.BRING A FRIENDSubscribers enjoy savings of $5 o additional tickets when they bring a friend to Summermusik.FOR INFORMATION & TICKETSsummermusik.org513.723.118222 | SUMMERMUSIK FESTIVAL 2022

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FESTIVAL PASS$289 {OVER 30% DISCOUNT}Get the best ticket rates of the season and join the CCO for the full Summermusik experience. EXPERIENCE THE SOUND OF SUMMER IN CINCINNATI!120FLEX PASSESSubscribe by May 1 to reserve the best seats.For a Summermusik event overviewSEE PAGE 28$24 | SUMMERMUSIK FESTIVAL 2022FLEX PASSESFlex Pass holders will be able to choose howto use their four tickets on their selected seriesthroughout the festival! SUMMERMUSIK FLEX PASSES $120 {OVER 12% DISCOUNT}(Apply your tickets to any festival events. Max 2 tickets per event.)GROUP TICKETSGroups of 10+ to any single performance receive special savings of 20% o tickets. Call our box oce for more information at 513.723.1182.SINGLE TICKETSEvent single tickets will go on sale on May 1.MAINSTAGESINGLE TICKETS: $35Student/Child: $10CHAMBER SERIESSINGLE TICKETS: $40Student/Child: $10

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120FLEX PASSESHOW TO BUY | 513.723.1182PARKING INFORMATIONVisit our website for additional information about your concert day experience, including detailed maps and parking information. Concert attendees will also receive our Performance Prep email with all the event details prior to the show. WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLEAll Summermusik venues are wheelchair accessible. Please see individual concert pages, check out our website or contact the box oce for information about the accessibility of specific performances.LATE SEATINGPatrons arriving late to a performance will be seated at the sta’s discretion.FOR INFORMATION & TICKETSsummermusik.org513.723.1182*Programs, artists, venues and pricing are subject to change without notice.Follow the CCO

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Become a Summermusik donor today! As the Sound of Summer in Cincinnati, Summermusik performances oer a fresh perspective in the context of music. Throughout the month of August, 12 events fill intimate, unconventional and often surprising venues with chamber music – featuring world-renowned guest artists, local musicians and new artistic collaborations.The Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra has experienced a renaissance in its transition to the Summermusik festival format, which would not have been possible without the loyal support of patrons, donors, and sponsors. We are committed to maintaining aordable ticket pricing. Individual contributions, foundation support and corporate sponsorships are integral to our success each season. Ticket revenue covers only a portion of the costs of presenting the collaborative, engaging performances associated with the CCO. As an actively growing organization, your contributions go further in creating a new artistic vision for chamber music. Enrich our community's musical landscape with your donation today!YOU KEEP THE MUSIK PLAYING!Elevate your Summermusik experience... join the INSIDER CLUB! Insider Club membership oers exclusive opportunities year-round to meet guest artists and CCO musicians while supporting your favorite chamber music programming. Donors at $500 and above enjoy an array of benefits, including advance access to tickets and festival information as well as exclusive invitations to special behind-the-scenes events.To support the CCO or inquire about Summermusik sponsorship opportunities, please call 513.723.1182 visit | SUMMERMUSIK FESTIVAL 2022

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SUMMERMUSIK FESTIVAL 2022 | 27YOUR GIFT MAKES A DIFFERENCEA Little Afternoon Musik series sponsors, guest artist and musicians at {un}Natural Rhythms.Your gift makes an impact beyond the concerts by supporting the Orchestra’s community engagements and educational outreach throughout the year.MicroBrass sponsors and musicians mingling after a sold out concert.Summermusik artist Julian Bliss leading a masterclass for SCPA students.SUMMERMUSIK FESTIVAL 2022 | 27Summermusik artist sponsors mingling with the Silver-Garburg Piano Duo.

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AUGUST 26, FRIDAY7:30pm Chamber CrawlBossa NovaThe RedmoorAUGUST 6, SATURDAYAUGUST 23, TUESDAYAUGUST 17, WEDNESDAYAUGUST 7, SUNDAYAUGUST 20, SATURDAYAUGUST 9, TUESDAYAUGUST 21, SUNDAYAUGUST 13, SATURDAYAUGUST 18, THURSDAYAUGUST 14, SUNDAYAUGUST 27, SATURDAYSCPA Corbett Theater7:30pm MainstageTales of Two Countries7:30pm Chamber CrawlSoundWaves7:30pm Chamber Crawl& 9:15pm Clarinet on the Rocks4:00pm A Little Afternoon MusikTango Amor7:30pm MainstageThe Power of the Muse7:30pm Chamber CrawlBattle of the Bands : Strings vs. Microbrass4:00pm A Little Afternoon MusikKissed by the Muse7:30pm MainstageHarp Fantastique7:30pm Film ScreeningChocolatTickets for this event available throughEsquire Theatre beginning May 20.4:00pm A Little Afternoon MusikStories for Strings7:30pm MainstageSounds of WaterNewport AquariumNew Riff DistilleryNotre Dame Academy Performing Arts CenterSCPA Corbett TheaterFretboard BrewingPleasant Ridge Presbyterian ChurchSCPA Corbett TheaterEsquire TheatreCincinnati Art MuseumSCPA Corbett Theater2022 EVENT CALENDARLISTED BY DATEHOW TO BUY | 513.723.118228 | SUMMERMUSIK FESTIVAL 2022Follow the CCO

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SUMMERMUSIK FESTIVAL 2022 | 29VENUES & PAR KINGGUIDE M A PSCPA Corbett Theater108 W Central Pkwy, 45202Washington Park Garage1230 Elm St, 45202Chavez Properties Parking Lot250 W Court St, 45202AABBCCThe Redmoor3187 Linwood Ave, 45208Public Parking Lot3187 Linwood Ave, 45208Newport Aquarium1 Levee Way, Newport, KY 41071Public Parking GarageIntersection of Dave Cowens Dr andWashington Ave, Newport, KY 41071Esquire Theatre320 Ludlow Ave, 45220Merchant Parking Lot330 Howell Ave, 45220HIJKKMPleasant Ridge Presbyterian Church5950 Mongtomery Rd, 45213Public Parking Lot5950 Montgomery Rd, 45213NO24 Distillery Way, Newport, KY 41073Public Parking Lot24 Distillery Way, Newport, KY 41073PQQFretboard Brewing 5800 Creek Rd, 45242Public Parking Lot5800 Creek Rd, 45242RSNotre Dame Academy Performing Arts Center1699 Hilton Dr, Park Hills, KY 41011Public Parking Lot1699 Hilton Dr, Park Hills, KY 41011TULCentral Parkway12th StElm StRace StCourt StDelta AveLinwood AveDelta AveHILudlow AveHowell AveNOCLIFTO NClifton AveHilton Hotel Parking Garage 35 W 5th St, 45202Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza & Orchids of Palm Court35 W 5th St, 45202DDOWNTOWNVine StRace StW 4th StW 5th StDELorem MT. LOOKOUTCreek RdI-71Deerfield RdRSBLUE ASHPLEASANTRIDGECincinnati Art Museum 953 Eden Park Dr. 45202Public Parking Lot953 Eden Park Dr. 45202GFJNEWPORTMLPPARK HILLSTUE 3rd StRiviera DrRiverboat RowRT 25Montgomery RdLester RdDaveCowens DrWash. AveDave Cowens DrHilton DrEEden Park DrGilbert AveArt Museum DrFGMT. ADAMSTEAR HERE

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August 6, SaturdaySCPA CORBETT THEATER7:30pm Tales of Two CountriesAugust 9, TuesdayFRETBOARD BREWING7:30pm Battle of the BandsAugust 7, SundayNOTRE DAME ACADEMY PERFORMING ARTS CENTER4:00pm Tango AmorAugust 13, SaturdaySCPA CORBETT THEATER7:30pm Harp FantastiqueAugust 17, WednesdayNEW RIFF DISTILLERY7:30pm & 9:15pm Clarinet on the RocksAugust 14, SundayCINCINNATI ART MUSEUM4:00pm Stories for StringsAugust 20, SaturdaySCPA CORBETT THEATER7:30pm The Power of the MuseAugust 23, TuesdayNEWPORT AQUARIUM7:30pm SoundWavesAugust 21, SundayPLEASANT RIDGE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH4:00pm Kissed by the MuseAugust 27, SaturdaySCPA CORBETT THEATER7:30pm Sounds of WaterHOW TO BUY | 513.723.1182TEAR HERE2022 EVENT CALENDARLISTED BY SERIES30 | SUMMERMUSIK FESTIVAL 2022August 26, FridayTHE REDMOOR7:30pm Bossa Nova!Follow the CCO

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“CCO has come alive with Eckart Preu’s leadership. Love the new direction and the energy and enthusiasm shown by the music and the musicians.”“Fantastic concerts! My favorite orchestra!”“This is the highlight of my year.”“This series has been beautiful beyond words… so much more than just a ne concert.” “Unafraid to take risks, the 32-piece Chamber Orchestra – including its hands-on board – has invented one of the most creative and innovative classical music experiencesin the region.” - Janelle Gelfand, Cincinnati Business Courier“But Eckart Preu kept things ebbing and flowing with his genial but firm command of his forces. The young maestro moves comfortably from the film music of Nyman and the New Age sounds of Enaudi to the atonalism of Zivkovic and on to the Baroque elegance of Vivaldi, Torelli and Handel. That alone qualifies him in most books and certainly in mine as a conductor to take notice of. Cincinnati has noticed and embraced him.” - Rafael de Acha, Rafael's Music Notes“If only streaming music could recreate a live performance of Pepe and the Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra. […] I found myself closing my eyes as well, giving myselfto the music.” - John David Back, ArtsWaveSUMMERMUSIK FESTIVAL 2022 | 31SUMMERMUSIKAUDIENCE & PRESS REVIEWS

Page 32 | 513.723.1182CINCINNATICHAMBERORCHESTRA650 Walnut StreetCincinnati, OH 45202Non-Profit Org.U.S. PostagePAIDPermit # 3074Cincinnati, OHRosemary & Mark Schlachter Irv & Melinda SimonSeason FundersRobert & Debra ChavezGale & Dave Beckett