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Summer 2023

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J U L I E VA S Q U E Z PUBLISHER GRAPHIC SouthernIdahoKids ARTIST ADVERTISING julie southernidahokids com southernidahokids www southernidahokids com S H A W N E E B U RT ON THE COVER Tyler Gutierrez of Twin Falls COMMUNITY EVENT Melissa Gutierrez Photography HI I M ROCKY SPECIALIST shawnee southernidahokids com AND I M RUBY Did you know Idaho is nicknamed the Gem State More than 72 different types of gemstones are found here We are hidden gems and will be hiding around the pages of the magazine each month KRISTEN FRANCOM COME FIND US EDITOR Southern Idaho Kids is a subsidiary of Limelight Design Reproduction without written permission of the publisher is prohibited Submitted editorial content or advertisements are not necessarily endorsed by or representative of the views of Southern Idaho Kids Southern Idaho Kids is not responsible for the reliability or timeliness of any content submitted Southern Idaho Kids is printed and distributed monthly 2023 Southern Idaho Kids All rights reserved Se Ha bla Esp a o Smiles 4 Kids 1 2 Page Horizontal 208 734 7415 1411 Falls Ave E 1000C Twin Falls www smiles4kidsidaho com A l l i n s u r a n c e s w e l c o m e i n cl u d i n g M e d i c a i d N o r e f e r r a l s n e e d e d Diplomates of the American Board of Pediatric Dentists 2 www southernidahokids com l

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SUMMER CAMPS ACTIVITIES Try something new this summer BASKETBALL TENNIS GYMNASTICS DANCE ROBOTICS COOKING READING RUNNING MATH FOOTBALL MORE For a list of camps and activities for kids scan the QR code or visit www southernidahokids com summer Garbage Bin Cleaning Bin Bath 1 8 Page Horizontal Commercial Residential Pressure Washing locally owned operated One Time Monthly or Quarterly Cleanings thebinbath com 208 731 0601 Epic Shine 1 8 Page Horizontal UNLIMITED MEMBERSHIPS STARTING AT 20 MO MULTI CAR VETERAN DISCOUNTS OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 221 POLE LINE RD E TWIN FALLS WWW EPICSH INE COM Summer 2023 3

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COLORING CONTEST Name 4 www southernidahokids com Age

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COLORING CONTEST Local Artist Coloring Contest Local Kimberly Idaho artist Alannah Dyer has created a fun and unique coloring book called The Ultimate Alphabet Coloring Book The book contains a coloring page for all 26 letters plus an additional can you spot this activity questionnaire This isn t just an ordinary children s coloring book Each page is laden with detailed illustrations of the items beginning with the featured letter You will find many famous people animals food and everyday objects lining the pages of this unique coloring book The Southern Idaho Kids Magazine has partnered with the artist for our coloring contest this year Readers can color the page on the left or print their own larger version using the QR code below All entries are to be submitted to ToyTown on 1236 Blue Lakes Blvd N in Twin Falls and must be received by August 5th Winners will be announced August 10th 2023 Scan code for a larger PDF version to print 3 WINNERS WILL EACH RECEIVE A FREE COLORING BOOK PRIZE BUNDLE AGE CATEGORIES One winner per category 4 7 years old 8 12 years old 13 18 years old SCAN CODE TO GET 3 FREE DAYS AT GOLD S GYM THEIR KIDS KLUB Golds Gym 1 4 Page Vertical 2 4 H O U R FA C I L I T Y POOL SAUNA HOT TUB GROUP EXERCISE CLASSES RACQUETBALL LARGEST EQUIPMENT S E L E C T I O N I N T W I N FA L L S Smart Mouth 1 4 Page Vertical GOLDS GYM 1471 FILLMORE ST IN TWIN FALLS 208 7 3 3 4 6 5 3 Summer 2023 5

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COMMUNITY ARTICLE Tips to Stop the Summer Slide For anyone not involved in education the term summer slide might sound like something good maybe a new feature at the waterpark For educators the summer slide is that dreaded regression many students experience when they lose valuable skills over the summer As a parent there are some ways that we can support our kids and prevent them from going down the summer slide Reading Keeping kids reading is the best thing to help them stay on track for when they return to school in the fall Have older children read out loud to younger siblings and encourage all readers to read something every day Not sure how many books your child should be reading over the summer A good goal is six books at their current reading level That s roughly two books per month of summer vacation Math Skills It doesn t matter if it s family card night or a game that s specifically designed to enhance math skills any use of math over the summer will help keep those brain connections healthy so teachers don t have to dust off cobwebs when they return to class NOW OFFERING A DOCTOR SUPERVISED WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM CSI 1 4 Page Vertical Lose 20 35lbs in 6 weeks with no drugs exercise injections pre packaged food or shakes More energy less pain less inflammation and less weight in 2023 We are here to support you Dr Jill 1 4 Page Vertical Call to schedule your no cost no obligation consultation today 788 Eastland Drive Ste B Twin Falls Idaho 208 734 3030 www drjillfamilychiro com 6 www southernidahokids com

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COMMUNITY ARTICLE Everyday opportunities can help reinforce math skills throughout the summer Have your child help cook dinner using a recipe units and measuring create a budget and go grocery shopping and identify shapes and math terms in the real world Every time we can explore a math concept outside of school new pathways to remember that skill are created Writing Think writing over the summer feels like homework Well rest assured no one even has to read what your child is writing over the summer Simply continuing to write will help maintain those writing habits and skills A simple journal drafting the itinerary for the family trip or writing a letter to a friend will help build and reinforce the writing skills they learned in school Take Advantage of Educational Programs Keeping kids engaged in their areas of interest can help to mitigate the summer slide Our community has a wide variety of programs and experiences that can Gemstone 1 4 Page Vertical engage any child Local libraries host reading events STEM activities and even game nights Looking for something a little more structured Check out summer camps offered through the College of Southern Idaho and the Boys and Girls Club or advancement classes through your local school district Many schools offer opportunities for students to either get caught up on missing skills or take classes to get ahead In Twin Falls students in or entering high school can join pre engineering or welding classes and families can utilize advanced opportunities funding to take overload courses through Idaho Digital Learning Academy Whether you just want to help your child stay on track or get them ahead there are many simple things you can do to keep your child engaged in learning throughout the summer We promise the teachers will thank you for keeping them off that summer slide Eva Craner Public Relations Director Twin Falls School District Celebrating 40 years of Junior Productions by bringing West Side Story to the stage Jump Co June 29th July 1st 7 pm 1 4 2pm Page Sat Matinee Vertical All Tickets 10 each Roper Auditorium Tickets can be purchased from cast members kurt s Pharmacy Magic valley arts and at the door jumpcompanytwinfalls jumpcompany weebly com Summer 2023 7

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HIKING TRAIL GUIDE Hikes in Southern Idaho 1 Snake River Canyon 3 Balanced Rock Wendell It is a 4 3 mile heavily trafficked loop trail located near Wendell Idaho The beginning of the hike is steep and quite exposed Watch out for poison ivy on the trail 7 Ross Falls South Hills This is a 0 4 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located in the South Hills This is a short easy hike Great for families with younger kids Look for the trailhead sign Buhl The park is a few miles down the road from the rock Campsites are available at the park but there are no RV hookups You can hike up to Balanced Rock it is a steep hike 4 Mermaid Cove 6 Box Canyon Twin Falls A 2 2 mile back trail that goes under the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls It features a waterfall and is good for all skill levels The trail is primarily used for hiking walking and nature trips Gooding Little City of Rocks Loop is a 4 9 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Gooding Idaho that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate Twin Falls A 12 3 mile heavily trafficked trail It runs along the canyon rim and is primarily used for hiking walking and biking 2 Mogenson Trail 5 Little City of Rocks 8 Oolite Interpretive Grand View Jerome This is a very short hike and great for families You can continue hiking down to the river although it is pretty steep Auger Falls is on the other side south of the river It is a 1 6 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Grand View Idaho A great place to see geological formations SCAN THE QR CODE WITH YOUR PHONE TO SEE MORE INFO ON EACH HIKE AND AN INTERACTIVE MAP IDAHO ALL STARS COMPETITIVE CHEER Idaho All Stars 1 2 Page Horizontal NON COMPETITIVE CHEER TUMBLING CLASSES MENTION THIS AD AND GET A DISCOUNT FOR MORE INFO CALL OR TEXT 208 421 5360 OR 208 539 0818 WWW IDAHOALLSTARCHEER COM 8 www southernidahokids com

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WHAT S MAGIC ABOUT THE MAGIC VALLEY 12 Swimming Pools To 1 Twin Falls City Pool 4 Gooding Pool 2 Jerome Pool 5 Eastman Park Swimming Pool 3 Filer City Pool 6 Nat Soo Pah 756 Locust St N Twin Falls 2032 S Lincoln Ave Jerome 610 Park Ave Filer 336 Illinois St Gooding 618 Poplar St Buhl 2738 E 2400 N Twin Falls NOW ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS Frontier Peds 1 4 Page Vertical Children s Dentistry 1 4 Page Vertical Children s Dentistry of Twin Falls 1186 Eastland Dr N B Twin Falls 208 733 9331 10 www southernidahokids com

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WHAT S MAGIC ABOUT THE MAGIC VALLEY Visit This Summer 7 1000 Springs Resort 10 Burley Swimming Pool 8 Miracle Hot Springs 11 Ross Park Aquatic Center 9 E Street Community Center 12 Roaring Springs Water Park 18734 US 30 Scenic Hagerman 19073 US 30 Buhl 1751 Elizabeth Blvd Twin Falls Kool Minds 1 4 Page Vertical 1820 Parke Ave Burley 2901 S 2nd Avenue Pocatello 400 W Overland Rd Boise Boba Blast 1 8 Page Horizontal Talking with your family about quitting can be hard Project Filter is here to start the conversation Project Filter 1 8 Page Horizontal Call 1 800 QUIT NOW or visit ProjectFilter org for more information on quitting smoking chewing or vaping for you or a loved one www koolminds com September 2022 Yo u d e c i d e w h e n P r o j e c t F i l t e r w i l l s h o w y o u h o w Summer 2023 11

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COMMUNITY ARTICLE Summertime STEAM Activities The sun is attempting to tease us with summer coming even in Idaho we sure do enjoy our summers Camping hiking swimming fishing and exploring the beauty around us Get outside and explore But don t worry we have some great STEAM activities you can add to your array of warm weather fun Some fun ideas for you are sidewalk chalk art sidewalk chalk games such as hopscotch and creating a human sundial Let your imagination soar with your artistic vision Create positive notes or pictures for your neighbors to enjoy as they pass by Summertime is also for cool treats to help beat the heat ice cream popsicles and lemonade Here s a fun and sweet STEM activity to try this summer Make Kool Aid Rock Candy Supplies needed 4 cups of sugar wood skewers parchment paper Kool Aid packets one per flavor you d like to make mason jar for each flavor or similar large cooking pot and heat source clothespins one per stick Be sure to ask an adult to help you as this experiment requires cooking and heat 1 Start by dipping sticks in water and roll them in sugar Place on parchment paper and allow them to dry completely Ward Ortho 1 2 Page Horizontal 12 www southernidahokids com

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COMMUNITY ARTICLE 2 You want to make sugar water that is fully saturated with sugar You want 1 part water to 3 parts granulated sugar To start with combine 1 cup water and 1 cup sugar over medium heat until sugar is fully dissolved Add 2 more cups sugar and continue cooking and stirring until it is dissolved you should only see a clear liquid If it is cloudy keep cooking and stirring 3 Empty 1 package Kool Aid in a large canning jar Add sugart water to the Kool Aid 4 Put your sugar dipped and dried sticks in the Kool Aid sugar water We used a clothespin to keep the stick upright 5 Now set them out on the counter to let the science part happen Have fun with si dewalk chalk Enjoy your summer and don t forget to explore discover dream create inspire investigate and play Find the complete instructions and images at www 123homeschool4me com kool aid rock candy_44 IDOT 1 4 Page Vertical ck candy Make Kool Aid ro CANYON FOOT ANKLE FEBRUARY 2021 DIGITAL ADS 02 08 21 Canyon Foot 1 4 Page Vertical https shift idaho org child passenger safety Summer 2023 13

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s p on s or ed b y HEALTH WELLNESS HEALTHYHABITS Water Safety Tips for Summer Warm weather is quickly approaching meaning we will soon be able to enjoy the beautiful lakes and rivers Southern Idaho has to offer Warm weather also results in water filling our canals and other irrigation waterways helping to fuel our agricultural state While great for recreation and farming these waterways can create dangers even for children who know how to swim It s important for parents and caregivers to be aware of these risks so they can educate and prevent children against drowning related injury or death Idaho has one of the highest rates of accidental drownings in the nation and drowning is the leading cause of death in children ages 1 to 4 Different age ranges in children typically see different types of drowning risks Children under the age of 1 are at higher risk for risks at home like in a bathtub or large watering bowl Drownings can happen in as little as two inches of water In children ages 1 to 4 accidents are more commonly seen in swimming pools neighborhood ponds and irrigation waterways For those 5 to 14 years old open water such as lakes rivers and ponds are of highest concern Risky activities such as cliff and bridge jumping can increase drowning risk and remove distractions such as cell phones when supervising a child near water Enrolling kids in swim lessons can substantially lower their risk of drowning by almost 90 for kids ages 1 to 4 Educate children on 1 The dangers of open water and currents 2 Never swimming alone and making safe choices in waterplay 3 Not swimming in agricultural waterways These waterways are to be utilized for farming purposes only We can all help kids grow up safe in Idaho please help share these tips to prevent drowning related injuries or death Katie Barnhill St Luke s Children s Injury Prevention Sponsored by The good news is we can ALL help prevent fatal drownings and drowning injuries Drowning is quiet You are unlikely to hear a child drowning which is why it is essential to never leave a child unsupervised near water Remain vigilant 14 www southernidahokids com

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LEAD IT MIGHT BE IN THE PAINT IN YOUR HOUSE The paint in homes built prior to 1978 might contain lead Flaking and chipping paint could be exposing your children to lead No amount of lead exposure is safe Learn about your lead exposure risk Test your children for lead poisoning EDUCATE TEST PREVENT Learn more at healthandwelfare idaho gov health wellness environmental health lead

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sponsored by CALENDAR OF EVENTS June 8 July 26 and enjoy the music Shows are Thursdays until August 3rd with special 4th of July Show at CSI 10 00 AM 12 00 PM Twin Falls City Park F R I D AY S W E D N E S D AY S Naturebrary A caregiver and me program for babies toddlers and pre k kids They will have storywalks make mud pies learn about plant life and much more Naturebrary is a messy outdoors program so dress accordingly Game Day Western Days S AT U R D AY S 11 00 AM 12 00 PM Twin Falls Public Library The library will supply the space the LEGOs and the build sheet All you need to do is come build your masterpiece Free to the public T H U R S D AY S Twin Falls Municipal Band Concert in the Park 6 00 PM 7 00 PM Twin Falls City Park Come relax on your chairs blankets or sit on the benches Enjoy a free movie at the library F R I D AY S U N D AY 1 00 PM 4 00 PM Filer Public Library Tween STEM is a science program for tweens ages 8 12 The tweens will learn about different science technology engineering and math concepts through fun projects and experiments 3 00 PM 5 00 PM Twin Falls Public Library Bring your own games or play one that the library has available June 13 July 25 TWEEN STEM pediatric eyecare vision therapy 1 00 PM 4 00 PM Filer Public Library LEGO Build Time T H U R S D AY S Children s clear vision S AT U R D AY S Canyon Rim Trail Parkrun 7 50 AM Twin Falls Visitor Center Participants are welcome to walk jog run or volunteer Meet at the Perrine Statue for a 8 00 AM start All abilities are welcome to join S AT U R D AY S Movie Matinee summer SAVINGS June 2 4 Twin Falls City Park Friday 5 00 PM 8 00 PM Saturday 9 00 AM 9 00 PM Sunday 12 00 PM 8 00 PM S AT U R D AY June 3 Western Days Parade 9 00 AM Start time Route from Blue Lakes Blvd to Shoshone St N Enjoy a lineup of antique cars businesses horses and more at the Western Days Parade June 5 July 1 Read to a Therapy Dog June 5 6 00 PM July 1 10 30 AM Twin Falls Public Library Children s Clear Vision 1 4 Page Sponsorship 50 OFF 30 OFF REGULAR SUNGLASSES Horizontal Children s clear vision pediatric eyecare vision therapy Children s clear vision pediatric eyecare vision therapy Children s clear vision pediatric eyecare vision therapy EYE EXAM Cannot be combined with insurance Offer expires 8 31 2023 16 OR FRAMES Cannot be combined with insurance Offer expires 8 31 2023 www southernidahokids com

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Be sure to check out our online calendar as we will be adding events all summer www southernidahokids com calendar Come read to a therapy dog from the Pets Helping People Therapy Team Sign up for a 10 minute slot when you arrive Imagine the possibilities With over 100 young entrepreneurs selling at this event we hope you ll join us in supporting their ingenuity T U E S D AY S S AT U R D AY June 6 20 July 4 18 August 1 15 Reptile Revue June 10 Monster Truck Insanity 7 00 PM 9 15 PM Cassia County Fair and Rodeo F R I D AY Don t miss these awesome trucks compete in tailgate dragging Insanity Style Skills Shootout Battle Bracket style racing and insane high flying mud flinging Freestyle Tickets are available at www burleymonstertrucks com Summer Reading Kickoff M O N D AY 2 00 PM 5 00 PM Twin Falls Public Library Safe at Home Program 6 00 PM 7 00 PM Herrett Center CSI Campus An interactive experience with live reptiles June 9 Bring the whole family to the park and come together to play They will have great outdoor games and lots of fun activities from other community organizations S AT U R D AY June 10 Filer Fun Days Filer Fairgrounds An annual fun family event This year s theme is Red White and Boom A Veteran s Tribute Parade starts at 11 00 AM June 10 Magic Valley Kid Market 10 00 AM 1 00 PM The Shanty Bell Burley A vendor market run by kids Spanish Summer Reading Jerome Public Library Tuesdays starting June 6 1 00 PM Storytime Buhl Public Library Wednesdays 10 00 AM Storytime Hansen Public Library Wednesdays starting May 31 10 00 AM Preschool Storytime Kimberly Public Library Wednesdays starting June 7 10 00 AM Summer Reading June 12 Filer City Public Library Wednesdays starting June 7 1 00 PM 1 00 PM 2 00 PM Twin Falls Public Library Summer Reading Presented by St Luke s this class is designed for students in 4th 6th grade to prepare them to be safe when they are home alone The class is free but class size is limited so please contact the Youth Services Department at 208 7332964 ext 301 to register F R I D AY S U N D AY June 16 18 California Trail Weekend City of Rocks National Reserve S AT U R D AY L I B R A RY C O R N E R A full weekend of history and adventure including Junior Ranger Pioneer Games hiking storytelling and learning about life in the 1850s Register by calling the City of Rocks National Reserve at 208 824 5901 Kimberly Public Library Wednesdays starting June 7 1 00 PM Little Reader Storytime Filer City Public Library Thursdays 10 30 AM Storytime Wendell Public Library Thursdays 10 45 AM Summer Reading Jerome Library Fridays starting June 2 10 00 AM 11 30 AM FOR MORE SUMMER PROGRAMS VISIT YOUR CITY LIBRARY S WEBSITE OR SOCIAL MEDIA PAGES Summer 2023 17

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CALENDAR OF EVENTS S AT U R D AY June 17 Fun Color Run 9 00 AM CSI Campus Hosted by Magic Valley Elite Cheerleading with proceeds going toward the athletes season costs Register by visiting https www eventbrite com e magic vallet cheerleading colorrun tickets 622871153387 S AT U R D AY July 1 Burley Freedom Boat Parade 2 00 PM 5 00 PM The Boathouse in Burley blue Parade route is 5 miles long and starts and ends at The Riverside Resort located at 175 W HWY 30 Burley Helicopter flyover free giveaways military presence and more T H U R S D AY July 6 F R I D AY S AT U R D AY July 7 8 Kimberly Good Neighbor Days Kimberly City Park A fun annual event put on by the people and businesses in Kimberly including live music and food Family Storytelling Workshop S AT U R D AY Twin Falls Public Library Magic Valley Kid Market July 15 Learn how to use storytelling to celebrate individual family and community history heritage and culture You will create your own family storyboard and get a takehome activity for later 10 00 AM 1 00 PM Twin Falls City Park A vendor market run by kids Imagine the possibilities With over 100 young entrepreneurs selling at this event we hope you ll join us in supporting their ingenuity Wear your best red white and Destress Relax MV Ped Cancer 1 4 Page Vertical Float Magic 1 4 Page Vertical Your Rest Recovery Sanctuary 152 2nd Ave S Twin Falls 208 933 2620 www FloatMagic com 18 www southernidahokids com

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Be sure to check out our online calendar as we will be adding events all summer www southernidahokids com calendar S AT U R D AY F R I D AY W E D N E S D AY S AT U R D AY Kids Art in the Park Summer Reading Finale Street Dance Cassia County Carnival July 22 9 00 AM 11 45 AM Twin Falls City Park A half day of fine arts workshops for kids ages 3 17 years old Register at www magicvalleyartscouncil org kids artin the park registration July 28 6 00 PM 8 00 PM Twin Falls Public Library Bring the whole family for a street dance There will be music snacks games and a lot of fun S AT U R D AY S AT U R D AY July 22 Ice Cream Funday 11 30 AM 3 00 PM Twin Falls City Park Presented by the Twin Falls Rotary Club Taste and judge the best ice cream flavors and help raise money for local charities August 12 Magic Valley Kid Market 10 00 AM 1 00 PM Jerome County Fair August 16 19 Cassia County Fair and Rodeo Burley Come experience the thrill of classic carnival rides games and treats The carnival will open at 5 00 PM on Wednesday and Thursday 4 00 PM on Friday and 12 00 PM on Saturday Whether you re a thrillseeker or just looking for some oldfashioned fun the carnival is the place to be during fair week Don t miss out on the excitement A vendor market run by kids Imagine the possibilities With over 100 young entrepreneurs selling at this event we hope you ll join us in supporting their ingenuity 98 Cleaning Exam X rays for EVERYONE Clearwater 1 2 Page 2152 Village Park Ave Twin Falls ID Horizontal 208 735 5599 Clearwater Dentistry Clearwater_Dentistry_Twinfalls www ClearwaterFamilyDentalCare com Have a Great Summer and Don t Forget to Schedule Your 6 Month Dental Check up Summer 2023 19

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WOULD YOU RATHER WOULD YOU RATHER WOULD YOU RATHER look like a skunk or smell like a skunk be able to slide down rainbows or jump on clouds WOULD YOU RATHER WOULD YOU RATHER kiss a frog or lick a slug have 5 good friends or 1 best friend WOULD YOU RATHER WOULD YOU RATHER be a wizard or a superhero be able to meet someone famous or meet your favorite book character HONEST Orange Leaf 1 4 Page Vertical 15 OFF PROFESSIONAL EXTERIOR HOUSE PAINTING ON FROYO SHAKES FLOATS AND SMOOTHIES Please present this coupon for discount Not valid for any other discounts one coupon per customer Valid at the Orange Leaf TWIN FALLS location only Expires 08 31 23 20 O N BU D G E T Aim High 1 4 Page Vertical 725 BLUE LAKES BLVD NORTH TWIN FALLS ID 83301 208 944 9276 725 BLUE LAKES BLVD NORTH TWIN FALLS 83301 ORANGE LEAF ID TWIN FALLS 208 944 9276 ON TIME FREE ESTIMATES 208 329 4037 www aimhighpainting com www southernidahokids com

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WOULD YOU RATHER WOULD YOU RATHER WOULD YOU RATHER be super strong or super fast have wings or have a mermaid tail WOULD YOU RATHER WOULD YOU RATHER have an unlimited amount of candy or chips have to sleep upside down or sleep in a bed of garbage WOULD YOU RATHER WOULD YOU RATHER live in a cave or live in a treehouse be able to fly like a bird or swim like a fish Black Dragon 1 4 Page Vertical TF Derm 1 4 Page Vertical NOW ACCEPTING INSURANCE Laurel Krupski PA C MSW Summer 2023 21

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s p on s or ed b y s p on s or ed b y HEALTH WELLNESS Micro Current Neurofeedback MCN I I IIIIIII I I III III IIIIIIIII IIIIIIIII I III III Micro Current Neurofeedback MCN is a therapy that has shown remarkable results in the treatment of various nervous system disorders It is a non invasive treatment modality that uses a 510K FDA Class II medical biofeedback device that emits low frequency electrical currents to stimulate the brain and nervous system This stimulation works to normalize the brain s electrical activity and increases the production of neurotransmitters such as dopamine serotonin and norepinephrine IIIIIIIII I This therapy has been found to be effective in the treatment of anxiety depression ADHD ADD PTSD sleep disorders OCD autism Raynaud s disease focus issues athletic performance autoimmune disorders and many other nervous system disorders point most people will require no further treatment This shorter time frame is not only more convenient for clients but also reduces the overall cost of treatment One of the unique advantages of MCN is its passive retraining of the brain Unlike traditional neurofeedback or other biofeedback modalities MCN passively retrains or reboots the dysregulated brain using low intensity pulses with transcranial stimulation or LIP tES This low intensity stimulation uses less than 3 trillionths of a picowatt to achieve the stimulation of neurogenesis the creation of new neurons and neural pathways a brain reboot and over time sustained regulation The treatment is also completely painless and patients may even experience an immediate calming effect making it an ideal therapy for those who are sensitive to traditional treatment modalities MCN has image based peer reviewed evidence which has shown its effectiveness in treating various nervous system disorders This evidence based approach is essential in the medical field and ensures that clients are receiving treatments that have been scientifically proven to be effective Approximately 85 of clients have been observed to have a positive effect within the first 3 5 treatments and sustainability usually occurs within 10 20 treatments At this If this is a treatment you are interested in learning more about please visit peakbrainhealthmcn com and sign up for your free consultation REBOOT YOUR BRAIN WITH ASI S M ic ro Cur re nt N e urofe eHealth d bac k Peak IBrain Sponsor Page FREE CON SULTATI ON AND 40 OFF FI R ST SE SSION Horizontal MICRO CURRENT NEUROFEEDBACK O F F ER EX P I R E S AU G U S T 3 1 2 0 2 3 208 32 0 2 9 24 22 www peakbrainhealthmcn com www southernidahokids com

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BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS This year the theme for our summer reading program is All Together Now Check out some of these great books about communities friendship and togetherness If you or your child would like more suggestions come see us at the Twin Falls Public Library Recommending titles and connecting the right book with the right reader is our favorite thing to do Preschool All of Us by Kathryn Erksine Friends can help us understand the world and ourselves opening our eyes to unique cultures and ideas In a story that travels the globe it s easy to see how the world is a community made up of people who are more similar than we are different 4th 6th grade Wink by Rob Harrell After being diagnosed with a rare eye cancer twelve year old Ross discovers how music art and true friends can push him through treatment and survive middle school K 3rd grade Thank You Omu by Oge Mora When the aroma of Omu s homemade stew fills the air her neighbors arrive one by one for a taste until all is gone except for her generous spirit 7TH GRADE Channel Kindness Stories of Kindness and Community by the Born This Way Foundation Lady Gaga This book is part of Lady Gaga s Channel Kindness project which was launched in 2017 The program encourages participants to come up with projects that will have a positive impact on the world The book highlights 51 first person accounts of projects started by young people that made their communities kinder better places We re here Communities 4 Youth 1 4 Page Vertical High Quality Personalized Aeris Peds Pediatric1 4 TeamPage You Can Trust Vertical Care By An Experienced Jared Hansen MD FAAP Jimmy Roberts PA C Call today to schedule 208 391 5952 706 N College Rd Twin Falls ID 83301 Summer 2023 23

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HE L P PAC K T H E B AC KPAC K B Y F IL L ING IN THE W OR DS SUMMER SUN OUTDOOR FUN KITES RC CARS ROCKETS GAMES SCIENCE PRESCHOOL SCOOTERS SO MUCH MORE Toy Town 1 4 Page Vertical 20 ofF E N T I R E PU RC H A S E EXCLUDES HOBBIES 1236 BLUE LAKES BLVD N TWIN FALLS EXPIRES AUGUST 24 2023 24 www southernidahokids com Summit Dental NO DENTAL INSURANCE 1 4 Page Vertical We now have a savings plan for the whole family call us for details 208 733 9999 285 Canyon Crest Drive Twin Falls ID www summitdentalsmiles com ANSWERS 1 KNIFE 2 FLASHLIGHT 3 ROPE 4 KETTLE 5 LANTERN 6 BINOCULARS 7 KIT 8 THERMOS 9 MAP 10 COMPASS 11 HAT 12 MATCHES camping CROSSWORD PUZZLE PUZZLES GAMES

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sponsored by SMART MONEY Making Money This Summer Summer is a time for playing in the sun but also a great time to earn extra money Maybe you have your eyes on a new bike a video game or just want to buy some ice cream from the ice cream truck when it comes by We have a few ideas on how to safely earn some extra cash this summer Can I walk your dog in the evening for 3 a day Or put in whatever work you think you could do really well for a few dollars This could include pulling weeds mowing their lawn picking up dog poop cleaning a pool raking up leaves and more Cool Drinks on a Hot Summer Day Be sure to tell your parents which houses you are marketing to and when you will be back They can tell you which houses to avoid and which to visit to make the most of your time Selling lemonade or another cold drink to neighbors friends and people passing by is a summertime classic Many people enjoy supporting young business owners and getting a nice cold drink when it is hot outside In order to get attention and sell your drinks here are a few tips Use fresh water with plenty of ice Set up in a place with steady traffic but where people cane drive slowly like at the entrance to your neighborhood Sell the drink in a big cup for a reasonable price like a full red disposable cup for 50 cents Sell more than just drinks like cookies or Rice Krispies treats Be sure to tell your parents what you are doing and where you will be They can keep an eye on you and make sure you are being safe and smart while selling your cool drinks Doing Yard Work and Chores for Your Neighborhood The last thing many adults want to do after a hard day of work is head outside in the heat and pull weeds mow the lawn or walk their dog You can earn some extra cash by offering to do it for them As you go door to door have ideas of what services you will provide Don t go and ask if they have work you could do because they might not be able to think of any Instead say something like Hello I m trying to earn some extra money SUPER SAVERS Garage Sale Got some old toys comic books outfits or video games you don t need anymore Do your parents have a garage full of clutter they want to de junk Hold a garage sale to make some money and get rid of stuff you don t want around Clean everything up put a price on each item make signs to direct people to your garage sale and pick a weekend to start selling You could even combine this with a lemonade stand to make some extra money People will likely haggle to try and get your prices lower which is part of the experience Be willing to lower your price because whatever you don t sell you have to keep In many scenarios it s better to sell something for cheap and still get some money than nothing at all and your item goes back in the house to collect dust Keep Your Money Safe Now that you ve earned some money you need to keep it safe A piggy bank can work but why not earn some extra money with your cash If you open a Pioneer Super Star Youth Savings Account you earn interest every month Depending on how much money you have saved in the account you earn a little bit of money regularly which is better than sitting in your piggy bank Federally Insured by NCUA Membership required xxx Sponsor Page Horizontal At the end of a Rainbow is a healthy financial future for your child Federally Insured by NCUA Summer 2023 25

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FOR MORE DELICIOUS THINGS TO MAKE VISIT w w w o h s o d e l i c i o s o c o m COCONUT LIME SPRITZER INGREDIENTS 1 tablespoon coconut syrup 1 lime juiced 8 ounces sparkling water INSTR UCTIONS 1 Add coconut syrup and lime juice to a glass 2 Top with sparkling water 3 Garnish with mint and fresh lime FOR LOWER CALORIE OPTION COCONUT STEVIA SIMPLE SYR UP 1 cup water 1 cup stevia 1 tablespoon coconut extract 1 Combine all ingredients in a saucepan 2 Heat over medium high heat until stevia has dissolved 3 Remove from heat and cool Use 2 TB of this simple syrup in place of the coconut syrup listed in the recipe EP OX Y PAT I O C OV E R S DROP SHADES COATINGS PERGOLAS FOR GARAGES PATIOS AND WALKWAYS AW N I N G S 25 YEAR WA R R A N T Y Superior 1 4 Page Vertical Armor Flooring 1 4 Page Vertical MENTION THIS AD FOR 5 OFF MENTION THIS AD FOR 10 OFF 208 420 5548 SuperiorPatioCovers com 26 ARMOR FLOORING IDAHO 208 585 7249 www southernidahokids com CALL TODAY FOR A FREE QUOTE W W W A R M O R F L O O R I N G I D A H O C O M

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TEACHER OF THE MONTH Kindergarten Rock Creek Elementarty Carly O Conner Twin Falls 3 Years in Education What is your favorite part about being a teacher Building connections with my students I always want my students to know that I know them as a full person and not just a number in my class I also love watching my students make connections and get excited about learning new things Something your students might not know about you I love to go antique shopping specifically for old glassware A word of advice Always write down the funny moments Those sparks of joy and laughter are the reason we do what we do Write them down and look at them often Nominated by Alexes Brown Ms O Conner is one of the best teachers my kids have ever had I ve had the opportunity to volunteer several times throughout this last year and every time I m there I am SO impressed by the way she takes care of her sweet kindergarten class She s so sweet with them and really knows how to get them to listen to pay attention and to learn I ve never seen someone so good with these sweet little kids I ve been sooo impressed by her My daughter is getting ready to be done with kindergarten and move on to first grade and I m just wishing she could be her teacher forever The Teacher of the Month will receive a Sodamix gift card and a cookie party for their class To nominate a teacher visit www southernidahokids com nominate your teacher Buy xxx any cookie get a FREE 24 OZ DRINK Sponsor Page Horizontal Expires August 31 2023 1553 Washington St North Suite 100 Twin Falls 208 613 1771 30 www southernidahokids com

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SUMMER LUNCH PROGRAM DID YOU KNOW Children age 1 18 can receive FREE lunch this Summer SCAN THE QR CODE WITH YOUR PHONE TO FIND A LOCATION NEAR YOU Twin Falls 2318 Addison Ave East Twin Falls ID 208 734 0293 8am to 9pm Every Day TwinFallsGroceryOutlet OFFER VALID JUNE 1 2023 AUGUST 31 2023 Grocery Outlet 1 2 Page Horizontal 5 off 25 minimum purchase excludes alcohol dairy gift cards tax state bottle deposits Locally Owned Operated by Deja Ryan Tony Cochran Valid at Twin Falls Grocery Outlet only One coupon per person Offer valid in store only Not valid with any other offer Redeem in store only Offer Valid June 1 2023 August 31 2023 Independent Owner Operator Summer 2023 31

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