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2THE MOST MARBLED PORK IN THE WORLDAUTHENTICIBERICO PORKFROM SPAIN:UNSURPASSED QUALITYCENTURIES OF TRADITIONMODERN PRODUCTIONMETHODSCampo Iberian Pork is the term for pigs raised free range in Spain’s oak-shaded dehesa meadows, consuming a diverse, all-natural diet of grain and forage. Descended from Iberian wild boars that roamed a millennium ago, these animals are prodigious eaters, accumulating large amounts of intramuscular fat and creating intense marbling that gives Iberico pork its distinctive sweet, slightly nutty flavor. Justly revered for its marbled meat and unparalleled flavor, true Iberico pork looks and tastes like no other pork in the world. Some call it the wagyu beef of pork.Our Iberico pork comes from comes from Aljomar, a small, family-owned company lauded for their commitment to sustainability and respect for the environment. The family closely monitors the entire production process, from the nutritional balance of the feed on their farms, to their state-of-the-art processing facilities in Guijuelo, Spain.202735202737202746202748202736202759Chuletero (Frenched Rack)Pluma (End Loin)Panceta (Belly)Secreto (Shoulder Muscle)Lomo (Striploin)Tira Costilla Espinazo (Baby Back Ribs)6 Halves, 16lb/bx20pk/bx, 18lb/bx4pk/bx, 17lb/bx20pk/bx, 19lb/bx8pk/bx, 20lb/bx6pk/bx, 10lb/bx

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Spring/Summer 20223A Note from NancyThank you for inviting us into your kitchens and small businesses. We are honored to be your Independent Butcher and Purveyor!Summer is a special time throughout the Northeast. Our beautiful coast and mountains come alive with an array of visitors looking to soak in the natural splendor of our region and enjoy its nest foods. Your success hinges on these months, and our team of food professionals is equipped to help.This year, Dole & Bailey celebrates 154 years as part of the Northeast’s legacy of adding value to beautiful ingredients. For the second year in a row, we have been named one of the Top 100 Women-Led Businesses in Massachusetts. Our clients trust us as a valued resource for inspired new approaches to menu creation, new products and plate-cost innovation, and also look to us for up-to-the-minute market conditions and daily purchase opportunities that keep menu oerings relevant and diverse.We are proud to be considered important change-makers; our team is encouraged to be leaders in shaping and inuencing the culture of food. We understand the importance of robust, sustainable food systems to our region’s natural resources and economic growth, as well as the health and well-being of all who live here. Our experts invest hours researching and obtaining the nest ingredients from only the best sources. They pay close attention to quality, as well as food safety in handling, processing and record-keeping procedures, providing you full transparency.As you ip through this guide, we hope you feel inspired by our extraordinary selection of meats, seafood, cheeses, charcuterie, gourmet items, and more.We are grateful for the folks we work with every day those who farm, sh, harvest, and produce clean food for us to purvey. We are especially thankful to our D&B family for their dedication and their loyalty, and for making our work meaningful and extraordinary, no matter what the circumstances. We have never been prouder or more honored to work side by side with such a dynamic team dedicated to the special legacy of Dole & Bailey!Nancy Matheson-BurnsPresident/CEOTHE MOST MARBLED PORK IN THE WORLDAUTHENTICIBERICO PORKFROM SPAIN:UNSURPASSED QUALITYCENTURIES OF TRADITIONMODERN PRODUCTIONMETHODSCampo Iberian Pork is the term for pigs raised free range in Spain’s oak-shaded dehesa meadows, consuming a diverse, all-natural diet of grain and forage. Descended from Iberian wild boars that roamed a millennium ago, these animals are prodigious eaters, accumulating large amounts of intramuscular fat and creating intense marbling that gives Iberico pork its distinctive sweet, slightly nutty flavor. Justly revered for its marbled meat and unparalleled flavor, true Iberico pork looks and tastes like no other pork in the world. Some call it the wagyu beef of pork.Our Iberico pork comes from comes from Aljomar, a small, family-owned company lauded for their commitment to sustainability and respect for the environment. The family closely monitors the entire production process, from the nutritional balance of the feed on their farms, to their state-of-the-art processing facilities in Guijuelo, Spain.202735202737202746202748202736202759Chuletero (Frenched Rack)Pluma (End Loin)Panceta (Belly)Secreto (Shoulder Muscle)Lomo (Striploin)Tira Costilla Espinazo (Baby Back Ribs)6 Halves, 16lb/bx20pk/bx, 18lb/bx4pk/bx, 17lb/bx20pk/bx, 19lb/bx8pk/bx, 20lb/bx6pk/bx, 10lb/bx

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44you can still read the Dole & Bailey name - a reminder of Cyrus Dole - a homesteader from Acton Massachusetts, and Frank Bailey - a farmer from West Burke Vermont, who formed a partnership at the Boston Farmers' Market inside historic Faneuil Hall. Livestock was driven from the Northern and Western New England states into Boston, and slaughtered/dressed in Brighton; then distributed by horse and wagon or train. Dole & Bailey also featured fancy maple syrup, ne creamery butter and artisan farmhouse cheeses as well as locally-grown poultry, eggs, and fresh-caught seafood from the Boston Pier. As members of the Boston Fruit and Produce Exchange they had access to the freshest fruits and vegetables the market had to oer. Mr. Bailey's nephew, Clyde Smith, was the second generation to take over the reins, and through his church family in Watertown MA he began to develop the talents of the young Bud Matheson whose parents were immigrants from Prince Edward Island. It was under Mr. Smith's tutelage that Bud became third generation Dole & Bailey and a Master Butcher. Shortly after this training Bud would trade his meat-cutter's apron for a suit, to cultivate and grow new and existing partnerships with chefs, farmers, shermen, and suppliers of quality ingredients throughout all of New England, across the country, and around the globe. The growth of this business meant moving into and outgrowing three facilities within three years. Now in operation for over 150 years, the Dole & Bailey Food Hub is owned by Nancy Matheson-Burns and located in Woburn, MA, where the fth and sixth generation purveying teams are being trained up. High on the columns of Boston's historic Faneuil Hall

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Spring/Summer 20225Dole & Bailey is proud to be your independent butcher and purveyor.5We have been family-owned and operated since 1868We are a Certied Woman-Owned Business and were named one of the Top 100 Women-Led Businesses by the Commonwealth Institute and the Boston Globe in 2020 and 2021We are proudly Animal Welfare Approved, USDA Organic-Handling Certied, and Non-GMO Project VeriedOur Master Butchers have four-generations of experience and expertiseOur shmongers source the world for the nest local and imported seafood available12345We pride ourselves on the ability to source hard to nd productsOur Sales Team come from a wide variety of backgrounds- restaurants, hotels, bakeries, catering, and retail- and are here to expertly answer all your questions about our incredible productsOur transportation team are Professional Drivers and Food Experts. Delivering on our eet of 25 State of the Art trucks our drivers are trained on how to handle and deliver food in eort to ensure peak quality into your kitchen.We love sharing new products, beautiful chef creations, and insider specials on Instagram. Follow us at @doleandbaileyWe LOVE to talk food! Call us at 781-935-1234678910

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6Our skills are ve-generations strong. When working on whole-animal butchery, dressed carcasses or the nest details of portion control, our work is exceptional.Box Beef

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Spring/Summer 20227New York Strip LoinsUSDA Choice0x1 New York Strips6 per case • CHH180CSCreekstone FarmsUSDA Choice Black Angus0x1 New York Strips2 per case • 3CHA180CSCreekstone FarmsUSDA Choice Black AngusUpper 2/30x1 New York Strips2 per case • 2CHA180CSUSDA Prime Bronze0x1 New York Strips6 per case • PRH180CSUSDA Choice Bronze0x1 New York Strips2 per case • CHH180CSCertied Piedmontese0x0 New York Strips4 per case • PIED180CSTenderloin PSMOTenderloin PSMO10 per case • UGH189ACSUSDA Choice Tenderloin PSMO12 per case • 9CHN189ACSCreekstone Farms Premium Black Angus USDA ChoiceTenderloin PSMO12 per case • 3CHA189ACSRib EyesUSDA Choice Bronze Boneless Rib Eye5 per case • CHH112ACSCreekstone Farms Premium Black Angus USDA Choice Rib Eye2 per case • 3CHA112ACSCreekstone Farms Premium Black Angus USDA Choice Upper 2/3 Rib Eye2 per case • 2CHA112ACSUSDA Prime Boneless Rib Eye4 per case • 109700Creekstone Farms Premium Black Angus USDA Prime Ribeye, Lip On2 per case • 2PRA112ACSCreekstone Farms Premium Black Angus USDA Choice Upper 2/3 Rib Eye2 per case • 2CHA112ACSUSDA Choice Rib Export 2x23 per case • CHH109ECSCreekstone Farms Premium Black Angus USDA Choice Rib Export 2x23 per case • 3CHA109ECSCreekstone Farms Premium Black Angus USDA Choice Long Bone French Rib2 per case • 3CHA109ACSBrisketUSDA Choice Brisket5 per case • 120000Creekstone Farms Premium Black Angus USDA Choice Brisket5 per case • 3CHA120CSCreekstone Farms Premium Black Angus USDA Prime Brisket4 per case • 2PRA120CSChef CutsUSDA Choice Chuck Flap16 per case • 123160USDA Prime Flat Iron7 per case • 199999USDA Choice Sirloin Tips5 per case • 110310Creekstone Farms Premium Black Angus USDA Choice Sirloin Tips5 per case • 3CHA185APCSUSDA Prime Chuck Roll3 per case • 199230USDA Prime Top Sirloin Butt, Center Cut, Steak Ready5 per case • PRN184BCSNot seeing what you are looking for?Our butchers have many more options available!Reach out today.

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Dole & Bailey 8WagyuWagyu simply means Beef Cattle in Japanese. We proudly oer both American and Traditional Japanese Wagyu.Although popularized by the Kumamoto region of Japan, the breed originated in South Korea. The breed was developed to thrive in the heat and challenging terrain of Kumamoto. Its ability to tolerate heat and create a tender, heart healthy beef was ideal for the Texas climate. This beef is tender, rich, with deep umami characteristics, but it is NOT highly marbled “wagyu” in appearance. Akaushi American WagyuTraditional Japanese WagyuThe ultimate indulgence! Much like French wines Wagyu is identied by the region in Japan where it is raised – the Prefecture. Dole & Bailey has the greatest selection of A4 and A5 authentic Japanese Wagyu from multiple Japanese Prefectures. Oered FRESH through our pre-order “Air-Program” (1-3 days’ notice) Quantities are limited to what is imported weekly.Dole & Bailey consistently sources boutique Wagyu and heritage breeds. Call sales to inquire about this week’s oerings.

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Spring/Summer 20229Dry-Aged BeefDole & Bailey is proud to oer the Northeast’s nest Dry Aged Beef program. Our state-of-the-art Dry Aged Room is operated under strict USDA monitoring and features: • modern racking • high velocity air circulation • electronically monitored • UV lighting for the ultimate in bacteria controlWe start with only the nest, hand selected meat that’s tagged for complete traceability through the process. Over the selected age period the meats will develop avor from healthy bacteria and fat levels become intensied. The result is the most sensational and fully developed avor prole possible.All Dry Age products are curated to order for each customer and we have the ability to dry age Beef, Pork, and Lamb.

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10Chef’s SignatureButcher BlendBistroPattyArtisanPattyOur signature beef grind, Chef’s Signature Butcher Blend is crafted in house by our Master Butchers, using the nest beef cuts, including whole muscle chuck and cuts from sirloin, hanger, ribs, and tenderloin.Stock Sizes:• Bulk 2/5lb Tubes• Bistro Patties: 4oz, 6oz, 8oz• Artisan Patties: 6oz, 8oz• SlidersAsk us about special order sizes.OurSignatureGrind

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Spring/Summer 20221111Hand-Cut Filet MignonEach steak is aged to perfection, expertly trimmed and cut to exacting standards.Dole & Bailey Bronze• Our most aordable option• Grain-nished cattle• Fork-tender with delicious, mild avor 4 ounce • 40 per case • UGH1190B04 6 ounce • 24 per case • UGH1190B06 8 ounce • 20 per case • UGH1190B08Dole & Bailey Chef Signature USDA Prime • Cut from USDA Prime Angus-cross cattle• Pasture-raised and Grain-nished• USDA Prime represents less than 3% of all the cattle raised in the USA• The nest Filet Mignon that money can buy 6 ounce • 24 per case • PRN1190B06 8 ounce • 20 per case • PRN1190B08Dole & Bailey Chef Signature USDA Choice• Cut from USDA Choice Angus-cross cattle• Pasture-raised and Grain-nished• Exceptionally avorful and perfectly tender 4 ounce • 40 per case • CHN1190B04 6 ounce • 24 per case • CHN1190B06 8 ounce • 20 per case • CHN1190B08

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12PiedmonteseThe prized cattle of Italy, originating in Piedmont, and now pasture-raised here in the United States. This breed is cherished for incredible tenderness and deep avor prole. The genetics of this breed result in high inter-muscular fat which visually produce modest marbling but greatly enhance the eating experience. All Certifed Piedmontese beef is veried all-natural and raised without hormones or antibiotics.Piedmontese oerings change regularly. Contact your sales representative for more information.

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Spring/Summer 202213Know Your Lamb: Domestic v. ImportedDomestic Lamb Attributes• Raised on pasture and nished on grain• Largest eye size and overall weight• Rich rich yet mild avor• Exceptionally tender• No age restrictions in USAAustralian Lamb Attributes• Raised exclusively on pasture• Very similar weight to Domestic but muscle is longer and eye is slightly smaller• Great fat content but leaner than Domestic• “Grassier” avor• All lamb are younger than 12 months of ageNew Zealand Attributes• Raised exclusively on pasture• The smallest of all lamb• Very lean and most “lamb” avor• Straight age requirements of under 12 months, which maintains tenderness and sizing consistency13

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14Summer Grill Sensation

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15BeefUSDA ChoiceBrisket120000 • 5 per caseUSDA ChoiceCreekstone FarmsFlank Steak, Peeled3CHA193CS • 3 per caseUSDA PrimeOutside Skirt, Peeled121170 • 20 per caseUSDA ChoiceCreekstone FarmsTri Tip, Peeled3CHA185DCS • 8/4 packs per caseUSDA ChoiceCreekstone FarmsFlap Meat, Peeled3CHA193CS • 3 per caseUSDA Choice Korean StyleShort Ribs, 3 Bones114515 • Frozen 10lbs caseUSDA Choice Tenderloin Tips10lbs per case • Frozen 128504PorkBone-In Pork Butt406000 • 6 per caseBeeler St. Louis Ribs9 per case • 716230Baby Back Ribs423120 • Frozen • 18 per caseBeeler Pork Belly, SkinlessABF409CS • 2 per caseCreekstone Pork Belly, SkinlessCRK409CS • 2 per caseColeman St. Louis Pork Ribs416300 • 30lb caseSausageDiLuigi Sweet Italian Sausage510780 • 10/5lbs per caseDiLuigi Hot Italian Sausage416300 • 30lb caseJurgielewicz Asian StyleDuck Sausage523160 • 4/3lbs per caseGrand Banks Chicken Apple Sausage75610 • 2/5lbs per caseFabrique Merguez Lamb Sausage748012 • 12/12oz per casePearl Hot Dogs, 8:1514020 • 10lb casePearl Hot Dogs, 6:1511070 • 10lb casePearl Hot Dogs, 4:1511090 • 10lb casePoultryJurgielewicz Semi Boneless Chicken, Air Chilled, 2.5lbs524339 • 8 per caseJurgielewicz Chicken Legs, Air Chilled5243422 • 4/10lbs per caseDo Good Boneless & Skinless Random Breast520361 • 4/10lbs per casePortionsPork Chop, Long Bone, 12-14oz500905 • 12 per caseBeef Top Butt Steak, Square Cut, Center Cut, 10ozPRN1184BSQ10 • 12 per caseUSDA Choice Ribeye Steak, Long Bone, 38-48oz031141 • 7 per caseChef’s Signature Ground Beef Patty, 4ozCSBB13604 • 40 per caseChef’s Signature Ground Beef Patty, 6oz3CHA13706 • 28 per caseChef’s Signature Ground Beef Patty, 8oz3CHA13708 • 20 per caseUSDA Prime Brazilian Sirloin Steak, 10-12ozPRN1184D10 • 15 per caseUSDA Choice BonelessDenver Steak, 7-9ozCHN1116G08DS • 20 per caseUSDA Choice Dry-AgedTenderloin Tail, 3-5oz189415 • 2/5lbs per caseSpring/Summer 2022Not seeing what you are looking for?Our butchers have manymore options available!Reach out today.

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16ELEVATE EVERY EXPERIENCE™Explore the Premium Black Angus Beef™ Taste and Quality You Love • Beef This Exceptional Only Comes From the U.S.A. We work closely with local family farms and ranches, only sourcing products from cattle born and raised in the U.S.A.• Our Cattle are Sustainably Raised With Humane Animal-Handling Practices From how they’re fed to how they’re raised and processed, compassion and respect are at the core of every interaction with our animals.• Raise the Bar for Taste and Tenderness We choose our ranching and farming partners as carefully as they select true Black Angus cattle to produce the premium taste and tenderness consumers demand.For more information: Contact your Dole & Bailey representative or visit© 2022 Creekstone Farms

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Spring/Summer 202217Premium and BrandedBeef Programs Creekstone Premium Black AngusThe premier Black Angus Program in the USDA. Rigorous standards that are veried by the USDA to ensure that every animal meets or exceeds the demands of premium beef. The only Certied Black Angus program in the USA to be harvested in a single source harvest facility.• USDA Certication to ensure ALL Beef produced meets Chef expectations• Proprietary Black Angus genetics serve as the benchmark of quality• Hand selected Black Angus Cattle from the best Cattle buying sta in the business• Humane treatment protocols and systems developed by Temple Grandin• High quality corn and grain feed developed to enhance avor and texture of nished beef• State of the Art processing facility• Meets all EU Certied standards, the highest in the beef industryNortheast Family FarmsThe premier branded beef program produced in the Northeast. Heritage Breed cattle raised on family owned farms on lush Northeast pastures without the use of Antibiotics or Hormones. Animals are harvested at local Abattoir and sold exclusively through New England’s oldest farmgate and the country’s oldest Certied Woman Owned business.Dole & Bailey BronzeDole & Bailey’s hand selected USDA Choice Strips and Rib program for those customers looking for carefully curated beef with budget constraints. Dole & Bailey only selects programs with high quality marbling and smaller eye size to ensure thick portioned steaks for a delicious eating experience. All our Dole & Bailey Bronze lets are selected from premium ungraded tenderloin programs that oer high quality at an aordable price.17

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18BEELERSPUREPORK.COM As always, you’ll nd the best selection of premium quality pork from Beeler’s Pure Pork. Talk to your Dole & Bailey sales representative to learn more about Beeler’s full product offering, from primal cuts to sausage, bacon, hams and more.The new Beeler’s Sans Pareil™ chops, meaning “incomparable,” are a superior quality chop cut from the rib end of the loin, offering a beautifully marbled chop with the added avors of the darker rib meat. These chops are truly beyond compare to anything your customers have ever experienced. Ask your sales rep to try these Beeler’s Sans Pareil™ chops today!NEW PRODUCT!Beeler’s Sans Pareil™ Portion Cut Chops

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Spring/Summer 202219BeelerNot all pork is created equal. Enter the European “Red” Duroc. This breed is simply superior, to begin with. With beautiful marbling, texture, and the perfect pH, it truly is the “perfect pig”. Combine that with years of meticulous genetic work, and you’re left with a natural lineage of superior pigs which produce juicy, tender, and avorful dining experience rivaled by none.Beeler proudly meets and exceeds the USDA’s standard to be considered “minimally processed” which requires that nothing is done to the meat to alter the natural taste. Beeler has strict standards for the ingredients in their products and they also uphold humane treatment of their pigs. They reject the use of gestation crates and let their pigs have space to roam free.Premium & Branded Pork ProgramsAll Beeler products are free of:• Antibiotics• Growth Promotants• Ractopamine (paylean)• Nitrites and nitrates• MSG• Gluten• PhosphatesPork BellyLomoPlumaRackIbericoIberico Pork is a Spanish culinary treasure amongst the nest pork in the world. Raised “Campo Iberian Pork”, a term that requires that animals are raised in open air on an all-natural cereal-based diet.

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20tastyduck.comHard to spell.Easy to enjoy.

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Spring/Summer 202221Jurgielewicz Joe Jurgielewicz & Son was founded on the core belief that all their ducks must be treated humanely. Their ducks are raised free-roaming in large temperature-controlled barns and are fed only a nutritious diet of corn and soybeans. The ducks are never fed any antibiotics or hormones.Whole Duck, Fresh • 6.5lb eachDuck Sausage Links, Raw • 4oz eachDuck Legs, Fresh • 12-15oz eachDuck Wing Drummette, Frozen • 6:1Duck Breast, Boneless, Double • 16oz eachDuck Leg Cont, Frozen • 1lb average *Whole Duck, Head On, Gutted • 7lb average*Cooked Half Duck, Roasted • 1lb average*Dry Aged Whole Duck • 5.5lb average*Rendered Duck FatDuck Eggs5232405231605231825231705233117461555232375230265232435232865243756 per case4 per case30 per case4/5lb per case12 per case12 per case6 per case10 halves per case4 per case7.5lb each20 countFood ServiceWhole Duck, Frozen • 6.5lbsFresh Duck Legs, Raw • 10oz each*Boneless Duck Breast • 9oz each*Ground Duck Breast/Leg • 1lb*Roasted Duck Half • 16oz*Duck Leg Cont, Frozen • 1lb average5231505231835233175232475231995231966 per case10/2 pack10 per case10 per case8 per case12 per caseRetail*Pre-order items. Please allow 1 week lead time.Chicken Broilers • 3.5lbsSemi Boneless Chicken, Frozen • 2.5lbsChicken Legs, Medium*Whole Chicken Wings*Chicken Breast Randoms • 9-13oz*Chicken Breast Tenders*Whole Chicken Wings, Retail*Chicken Breast Tenders, Retail*52433652433952434252434152434352434452434552434610 per case8 per case4/10lbs per case4/10lbs per case4/10lbs per case4/10lbs per case10/1lb per case10/1lb per caseJurgielewicz’s slow-growing antibiotic free Hubbard Ross Chickens, raised in Hudson Valley, NY, are prized for their small frames producing rich meat and thin avorful skin. They are raised in large arena-style coops, free to roam with access to both indoor and outdoor areas and fed a natural corn diet. Their chicken is airchilled, minimally processed, and contains no articial ingredients.Air-Chilled ChickenWorld-Famous DuckNew! Chicken

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22Do GoodChicken.Who knewsaving our planet would be sodelicious?©2022 Do Good Foods LLC. All Rights Reserved. and the Do Good Circle logo are trademarks of KDC Agribusiness LLC.Do Good. Pick the carbon-reduced real chicken on a mission to fight food waste and combat climatechange from your kitchen. For more information, contact your Dole & Bailey sales representative or visit be sodelicious?©2022 Do Good Foods LLC. All Rights Reserved. and the Do Good Circle logo are trademarks of KDC Agribusiness LLC.Pick the carbon-reduced real chicken on a mission to fight food waste and combat climatechange from your kitchen. For more information, contact your Dole & Bailey sales representative or FORTNIGHT COLLECTIVE AD TYPE: FC_DGC_Magazine Print CLIENT: Do Good FoodsPUBLICATION: Newsletter (Food Service)MATERIALS DUE: INSERTION: TRIM: 8.5 × 11 LIVE: .25 inside trim BLEED: .125 all sidesCOLORS: CMYK DESCRIPTION: Brand Print Ad_Thai Chili Bite FOR QUESTIONS CALL: Marci Andress @ or 571-242-7935FC_DGC_ThaiChili_8_5x1_Industry_WithBleed.indd 1FC_DGC_ThaiChili_8_5x1_Industry_WithBleed.indd 1 5/9/22 1:30 PM5/9/22 1:30 PM

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Spring/Summer 202223Chef’s Signature ChickenDole & Bailey has chicken for every menu and every price point. Our Chef’s Signature Chicken features antibiotic free randoms and meticulously portioned antibiotic free single breasts from Nature’s Sensation. We also proudly partner with Freebird for free to roam, antibiotic free chicken raised in Upstate New York and Pennsylvania. For the ultimate local chicken we are proud to partner with Misty Knoll Farm in New Haven, Vermont, raising free to roam, antibiotic free chicken processed in their own USDA facility located right on their farm.Antibiotic FreeSingle Lobe RandomsExceptional Single Lobe Randoms that are perfect for sandwiches, salads, and everything in between.• Antibiotic Free• No Added Hormones• Humanely RaisedNature’s SensationPortioned Chicken BreastThis chicken breast is beautifully hand-cut for exact portioning. Available in 20 pound cases in 4oz, 6oz, and 8oz.• Antibiotic Free• No Added Hormones• Humanely Raised, GAP 2Freebird ChickenFreebird is devoted to raising pasture-raised poultry that tastes great and is good for the earth. We oer statlers, thighs, wings and broilers.• Antibiotic Free• No Added Hormones• Humanely RaisedLocal Misty Knoll PoultryOne of our Northeast Family Farms partners, Misty Knoll oers Vermont naturally-raised turkeys and chickens that set the standards for healthy and tasty poultry.• Antibiotic Free• No Added Hormones• Pasture RaisedDo GoodChicken.Who knewsaving our planet would be sodelicious?©2022 Do Good Foods LLC. All Rights Reserved. and the Do Good Circle logo are trademarks of KDC Agribusiness LLC.Do Good. Pick the carbon-reduced real chicken on a mission to fight food waste and combat climatechange from your kitchen. For more information, contact your Dole & Bailey sales representative or visit be sodelicious?©2022 Do Good Foods LLC. All Rights Reserved. and the Do Good Circle logo are trademarks of KDC Agribusiness LLC.Pick the carbon-reduced real chicken on a mission to fight food waste and combat climatechange from your kitchen. For more information, contact your Dole & Bailey sales representative or FORTNIGHT COLLECTIVE AD TYPE: FC_DGC_Magazine Print CLIENT: Do Good FoodsPUBLICATION: Newsletter (Food Service)MATERIALS DUE: INSERTION: TRIM: 8.5 × 11 LIVE: .25 inside trim BLEED: .125 all sidesCOLORS: CMYK DESCRIPTION: Brand Print Ad_Thai Chili Bite FOR QUESTIONS CALL: Marci Andress @ or 571-242-7935FC_DGC_ThaiChili_8_5x1_Industry_WithBleed.indd 1FC_DGC_ThaiChili_8_5x1_Industry_WithBleed.indd 1 5/9/22 1:30 PM5/9/22 1:30 PMDo Good ChickenEach delicious chicken stops approximately 4lbs of surplus groceries from being thrown away, thus reducing approximately 3lbs of greenhouse gases.• Antibiotic Free• No Added Hormones• Humanely Raised• Carbon-ReducedJurgielewicz Air-Chilled ChickenJurgielewicz slow-growing antibiotic free Hubbard Ross Chickens are raised in Hudson Valley, NY, are prized for their small frames producing rich meat and thin, avorful skin.• Antibiotic Free• No Added Hormones• Humanely Raised• Air-ChilledWhat is Air-Chilled?During air-chilling, each bird is individually chilled over the course of about three hours. Birds are moved into carefully monitored temperature-controlled chambers where puried air cools them. This process results in several benets - namely great-tasting chicken. It produces tender, succulent meat and keeps the avor in tact.What is Carbon Reduced?The #1 material in US Landlls is food waste and this is contributing to over 4% of the Green House Gas emissions. Do Good Chicken has created a system where they gather produce, sh trim, meat trim and cook these items that would have gone to landll into pellet form.

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Dole & Bailey 24Fresh Caught SeafoodEvery day Dole & Bailey is on the dock throughout the Northeast sourcing the nest fresh sh. We work with partners throughout the world in pursuit of always having the nest selection. Reach out to your sales representative to subscribe to our daily sh list to learn more about our availability.Maloney Seafood645635661220660830661600661310661150661230661700661347IQF Sole Fillet, 4oz10lb case21/25 Shrimp, Shell On6/4lb per case21/25 White Shrimp, P&D, Tail O5/2lb per case31/40 White Shrimp, P&D, Tail O5/2lb per case16/20 White Shrimp, P&D, Tail On5/2lb per case6/8 Tiger Shrimp, P&D, Tail On6/4lbs per case8/12 Tiger Shrimp, P&D, Tail On6/4lbs per case16/20 Tiger Shrimp, P&D, Tail On5/2lbs per case31/40 Shrimp Skewer Paddle1/10lbs per case

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Spring/Summer 2022The Original Pure CaviarThe Original is comprised of an exclusive selection of caviar and roes that have been hand-selected and harvested from the nest farms in the Americas and throughout Europe. This collection is the example of how taste and rened luxury can lead to the rediscovery of the golden age of caviar.Pacific SturgeonPacic Sturgeon caviar features large eggs, with a dark grey color and a creamy and smooth texture; the taste is delicate and elegant with a clean nish. Main avor prole of this caviar is a delicate and fruity avor with a light and silky buttery note on the palate.OscietraOscietra caviar boasts a rm egg, dark brown color with a golden hue and a rich, nutty avor. The Original Oscietra has a complex aroma and its roe is medium-small. Caviar experts may also detect the special translucent color, with tones ranging from dark grey to amber.Chef’s NoirChef’s Noir features Pacic sturgeon caviar that has been lightly heat treated, to become the perfect companion for recipes and for use in the kitchen. Its rmer roe allows for use in hot dishes, or sauces, yet maintaining a balanced avor prole and boasting notes of the ocean and a round and clean aftertaste.SiberianSiberian caviar has a well-rounded and bold avor that lingers on the palate. The Original Siberian boasts eggs of medium size and a rened and slightly bold taste. The roe is especially tasty and features a translucent color with tones from brown to amber.BowfinBow Fin roe is extracted from the Choupique, a very bony sh indigenous to the Southern United States. The Louisiana seafood delicacy is processed and packed by hand according to a traditional method. The roe boasts a small, rm, dark bead with a subtle brininess and tang, with a rich sturdy avor and a hint of smokiness.HackelbackWild caught in the USA! Hackelback roe boasts a smooth pearl with a mild avor and notes of butter and sardines. At a rst taste, the avor of the roe boasts a touch of salt, soon replaced by delicate hints of the sea, with a briny, nutty aroma that burst in your mouth lingering with a long nish and velvetly aftertaste.

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Dole & Bailey 26Kvarøy Arctic SalmonDole & Bailey takes pride in sourcing the nest ingredients for chefs. Kvarøy (pronounced kwa-ray) sh farm is located in the arctic region of Norway, in the pristine waters along one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline in the world. Like Dole & Bailey, Kvarøy is an independent family-owned and operated business.Fresh Salmon Fillet, Skin On, D-TrimKvarøy’s sensational salmon jam-packed with Omega-3s.Kvaroy Frozen Portions, 6oz eachKvarøy’s sensational salmon, frozen at peak freshness and expertly cut into 6oz portions.Classic Salmon BurgersCheese Salmon BurgersGrilled to perfection or pan-fried, these salmon burgers are rich in Omega-3 and combined with a unique blend of spices.Classic Salmon Hot DogsCheese Salmon Hot DogsThese salmon dogs are a step above the rest. Made with natural casing, these dogs tastefully redene an all-time culinary favorite.Smoked SalmonKvarøy Smoked Salmon is made using old world, traditional methods to create an outstanding product that’s delicious and heart-healthy.56244156243956248856248756246856248456246715lb case15lb case35 per case35 per case35 per case35 per case20/4oz per case

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Spring/Summer 202227Faroe IslandSalmonNoNoNoNoNoFamily-OwnedFallowedNet Fish ProducerNoYes1.5:1Omega-3 ContentTBDPCBsUp to 2 parts per millionUtilize Blockchain TechnologyNoWater FootprintUp to 2,000kgUp to 3.5kg CO2eq/kgCarbon FootprintThe rst salmon farm globally to receive Fair Trade USA certicationAll sites are certied.Certied.Certied.One of the only farmed Atlantic Salmon Certied.YesThe areas where we farm need a break after farming in order to give the ocean a chance to rest and regenerate. Therefore, we fallow 3 times more than other farmed salmon of Norway.<0.5:1Salmon are carnivores and salmon farming has taken more feeder sh out of wild stocks than it gives back in salmon on the plate. Kvaroy is a net producer of salmon. We use only MSC certied trim that is NOT for human consumption from the processing of wild sh such as herring, Mackerel and sardines. Plus we add vegetative nutritious ingredients to round out the sh diet including Algaprime to give the sh the highest nutrition.Just one 3.5-ounce serving of Kvarøy Arctic salmon has over 2000mg of omega-3s exceeding the weekly recommended goal. UndetectablePCB’s and Dioxins are removed from all parts of the sh trim that is used in their salmon’s diet. Removing it permanently from the food systemThe IBM Food Trust Blockchain connects every part of their farm, sh, feed, transportation across the supply chain through a permissioned, permanent and shared record of system data so that you know where it comes from, who has handled it at every point to get to you.1,500L/kg2.1kg CO2eq/kgBetter transportation, More Sustainable Feed Sourcing,Selling More Frozen than FreshNever ever antibiotic use or chemicals AntibioticLice Prevention27

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Spring/Summer 202229Dumpling DaughterAuthentic Chinese Homestyle Fare. Making people happy one dumpling at a time. Made from a recipe that was part of the iconic Sally Ling’s restaurant in Massachusetts, one of the rstne dining Chinese restaurants in America.Pork & Chive Dumplings560 count • 674931Vegetable Dumplings560 count • 674932Chicken & Cabbage Dumplings560 count • 674933Jaju PierogiLocally made from scratch by two sisters using their grandfather’s handwritten recipe.Potato & Cheese Pierogi50 count • 512510Cabbage & Mushroom Pierogi50 count • 512511Handy Crab CakesHandy oers tastefully dierent crab cakes, always fresh-o-the-boat crab meat, created by hand in very small batches to ensure exquisite taste and repeated quality. Gluten Free Crab Cakes, 3oz24 per case • 961535Gourmet Crab Cakes, .75oz50 per case • 961546Pub Style Crab Cakes, 3oz24 per case • 961550Asian DelicaciesSteamed Buns, Plain12/15 count • 674917Chicken & Vegetable Gyoza, .76oz20/12 count • 675020Pork Gyoza, .76oz288 count • 675140Shumai Shrimp20/15 count • 675151Chinese Spaghetti Factory Pork & Leek Dumpling, 1.7oz12/50 count • 674930Chinese Spaghetti Factory Pork Dumpling, 1.7oz200 count • 986140Calvisius CaviarCalvisius was one of the rst companies in the world to create a large scale sturgeon farm: to date it is, in fact, the most cutting edge farm with respect to the know-how for the production of caviar of the highest quality.Calvisius Oscietra Classic10g • 741356Calvisius Oscietra Classic28g • 741373Calvisius Black Bown100g • 741220Calvisius Traditional Prestige28g • 741372Calvisius Salmon Roe50g • 742243Crab MeatJonah Combo1lb • 5839802 Blue Star Jumbo Lump Crab Can12/1lb • 584180Blue Star Special Lump Crab Meat12/1lb • 584190Blue Star Lump Crab Meat12/1lb per case • 584191Blue Star Crab Claw Meat12/1lb • 584195Jonah Crab, Snap & Eat4/5lbs • 655750Smoked SeafoodDucktrap Winter Harbor Smoked Salmon, Sliced2lbs • 742640Ducktrap Spruce Point Smoked Salmon, Sliced2lbs • 742690Ducktrap Pastrami Smoked Salmon, Sliced2lbs • 742700Smoked Trout Fillet8oz • 743120LobsterLuke’s Lobster Tail, Raw5/6oz • 961853Exquisite Appetizers

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Dole & Bailey 30Pecan Chicken Tender.75oz • 100ct • 713810Chicken Satay.8oz • 100ct • 714720Beef Satay.8oz • 100ct • 714920Kabobs AppetizersGoat Cheese & Honey Phyllo Triangle.75oz • 200ct • 713405Tempura Crisp Shrimp1.25oz • 90ct • 713060Smoked Bacon Crustless Quiche4oz • 60ct • 714544Sauteed Spinach & Swiss Crustless Quiche4oz • 60ct • 714543Mini Beef Wellington1.3oz • 200ct • 714040Spanakopita.7oz • 200ct • 714880Coconut Chicken.8oz • 713680 • 100ctChicken Wellington1.2oz • 200ct • 714320Talk to your Dole & Bailey Sales Representative about special orders of non-stock items!

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Spring/Summer 202231Premium Lump Crab Cake1.5oz • 90ct • 714891Manchego & Quince Tart.6oz • 100ct • 714903Veggie Spring Roll with Ginger Sauce (Vegan).75oz • 100ct • 714894Saugatuck KitchenSpanish Beef Empanada.6oz • 100ct • 714897Brie & Raspberry Star.4oz • 60ct • 714898Stued Artichoke Hearts.85oz • 100ct • 714888Chicken & Cheese in Blue Corn Dough.6oz • 100ct • 714895Crispy Scallop Wrapped in Bacon (GF).75oz • 90ct • 714889Wagyu Beef Franksin a Blanket.75oz • 100ct • 714905Bualo Chicken Spring Roll.85oz • 100ct • 714892Shiitake & Leek Spring Roll (Vegan).75oz • 100ct • 714893Beef Short Rib & Bacon Skewer (GF).75oz • 90ct • 714904

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32With over a hundred years of experience, Orwashers Bakery has been making Artisan Bread before it was considered a ‘thing’. With roots that run deep, and a commitment to bringing quality into everything we bake, Orwashers produces traditional & contemporary table breads, hand-crafted bagels, sandwich rolls and more. Your guests will notice the difference.

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Spring/Summer 202233French Baguette, 12oz666601 • 22 per caseDemi Baguette, 5.6oz666602 • 50 per caseCiabatta, 17.6oz666603 • 14 per caseHerb Focaccia, 19.2oz666606 • 14 per case4” Tavern Burger, 1.9oz666621 • 72 per case3” Potato Slider Roll, 1oz666622 • 240 per caseCiabatta Rolls, 4x4, 4oz666623 • 60 per caseSourdough Batard, 46oz666624 • 6 per caseLevain Rolls666628 • 120 per caseChallah Pullman666632 • 8 per caseCountry White Pullman666633 • 10 per case Pullman Sourdough666634 • 10 per caseMultigrain Pullman666635 • 10 per caseRye Seeded Pullman666636 • 10 per caseSlicedSlicedSlicedSlicedReach out to your Dole & Bailey Sales Representative to place your Orwashers Bread order today!Orwashers Stock List

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Dole & Bailey Local CheesesParish Hill Humblefrom Putney, VermontA smaller raw milk tomme than Hermit, this cheese goes anywhere. Washed with hard cider, this cheese is aged at least 3 months and develops from mild and nutty to vegetal and earthy as it ripens. 570656 • 3.5lbs eachBlue Ledge Crotinafrom Salisbury, VermontHannah Sessions and her partner Greg run a herd of Dairy goats. Crottina ages for about 3 weeks before it is sent out. The bright white rinds yields to a ne cream line. It is salty, bright and tangy. 570892 • 6/4oz per caseBlue Ledge Lake’s Edgefrom Salisbury, VermontThis is the cheese that Hannah and Greg are most known for and nothing says Summer like this cheese. This gorgeous goat cheese has an ash rind with a dramatic line of ash separating the morning and evening milkings. It is pillory with a lactic undertone and is phenomenal with light-medium bodied red wines. 967405 • 1.5lbs eachJasper Hill Harbisonfrom Greensboro, VermontThis cheese has it all: umami, cream, shitake mushroom, and notes of forest oor after a Spring rain. It is wrapped in Native Spruce bark from the Jasper Hill Farm and has won awards all around the world. 570509 • 9/10oz per caseJasper Hill Sherry Grayfrom Greensboro, VermontNamed after a beloved substitute teacher from Greensboro, VT, this double cream, ash-ripened is really unique. Flavors of cultured cream dominate with hints of young button mushrooms and slivered almonds. It feels almost whipped on the tongue.507501 • 3lbs eachOld Chatham Ewe’s Bluefrom Old Chatham, New YorkThis cheese uses the same blue mold strain as French Roquefort. It is silky and buttery with a sheep’s milk bite. This cheese is usually aged around 4-5 months and it only gets better with age. It will stand up to a bold red and even white dessert wines. It is perfection served on Ee’s crackers with a raindrop of Mike’s Hot Honey. 539957 • 3lbs eachFour Fat Fowl St. Stephenfrom Stephentown, New YorkThis triple cream is a dream. It is silky and buttery with the perfect touch of salt. Made from 100% Jersey cow milk, it is perfect with bubbly and deserves center stage on your cheese plate.539972 • 6/8oz per caseHigh Lawn Crema Alpinafrom Lee, MassachusettsThis semi-rm cheese is made from 100% Jersey milk from the herd of 75 gals that graze on High Lawn grass in Western MA. It is washed with Down East Cider for 2 weeks before it is considered to be ready. 570230 • 4.5lbs eachHigh Lawn Farm Vachefrom Lee, MassachusettsFrom the Berkshires, this 100% Jersey cow’s milk button is oral and complex. It can range from buttery to fruity to mushroomy.570274 • 4oz eachVermont Shepherd Inviernofrom Putney, VermontCheesemakers Yesenia and David both grew up on farms, and David has raised sheep all his life. Yesenia had cows in her childhood in the Dominican Republic, so this award-winning cheese is very personal to them. Invierno is a mixed-milk (cow and sheep) cheese that has a natural rind and is aged about 5-6 months. The cow’s milk comes from their neighbor 2 farms down the road. It is buttery and grassy with an occasional hint of mushroom. 570588 • 6lbs eachFirst Light Goat Briefrom East Bethany, New YorkNot your average goat cheese…this supple bloomy rind goat brie is bright and clean with a mellow umami nish. Mellow for a goat cheese, this is a favorite for sure.539958 • 3/8oz per caseFour Fat Fowl Camemberthafrom Stephentown, New YorkNot just another Camembert, this soft-ripened bloomy rind cheese boasts milky vegetal notes. Warmed with a berry compote, it is the harbinger of Spring/Summer!965001 • 6/7oz per case

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Spring/Summer 20223535Von Trapp Mt. Alicefrom Waitseld, VermontOur go-to local bloomy rind. Easy to portion, bake, and much more! Buttery paste with a light mushroom avor on the rind.570499 • 1lb eachVon Trapp Mad River Bluefrom Waitseld, VermontVersatile, approachable blue that is mild but has enough piquant bite to impress blue lovers.570498 • 3.5lbs eachWestfield Farms Goat Cheesefrom Hubbardston, MassachusettsSmooth, tangy and refreshing. This versatile cheese can be served as part of a summer cheeseboard, a savory addition to entrees, or as an ingredient for desserts.539951 • 10/1kg per casePair your local cheeses with local charcuterie!We love Short Creek Charcuterie from Northwood, New Hampshire. Their handcrafted salamis are made in small batches. Learn more about them on page 36! Not seeing what you are looking for?Reach out to your sales representative for a listing of our current local and imported cheese oerings.

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Dole & Bailey Short Creek CharcuterieShort Creek Farm is situated on 300 acres of eld and forest in Northwood, NH, straddling the Great Bay and Merrimack River watersheds, a physical and metaphorical connection to the place they live. The produce farrow-to-nish pastured pork in an ecologically conscientious manner. Their handcrafted salami are made in small batches and use ingredients that are seasonally available.Garlic Scape Salami8/5.5oz • 327097Salzbier Salami8/5.5oz • 327198Parilla Salami8/5.5oz • 327199Poblano Salami8/5.5oz • 327200Pepperoni8/5.5oz • 327201Nduja8/5.5oz • 32720236

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Spring/Summer 202237La Brujula Tin FishFrom the sea to the table. Stopping time, preserving the fresh aromas and avors that brings you back to the ocean.Yellown Tuna Belly in Oil116g each • 757139Sardinillas118g each • 757148Sardinillas Fried in Sauce119g each • 757149Gill Caught Sardines in Oil130g each • 757155Razor Shell Clams115g each • 757157Cockles in Brine119g each • 757158Losada OlivesFor over 50 years, Losada has been redening the denition of quality, farm-to-table olives, controlling every step of their process from harvest to curing.Cornicabra Olives8/7oz • 757115Manzanilla Olives8/7oz • 7571163 Olive Mix, Pitted8/7oz • 757117Alorena Olives, Pitted8/7oz • 757118Gordal Olives, Pitted8/7oz • 757119Carmona Olive Mix8/7oz • 757125Family-owned since 1878Traditional Process for Authentic ExperienceMastery of Artisan Delicacies•••Authentic DierenceNew England CharcuterieAn Old World experience through New World techniques. Hot Sopressata5.5oz • 327104Saucisson Sec5.5oz • 327106Finocchiona1.8lbs • 327109Mole Salami5.5oz • 327115Bourbon & Bacon Salami5.5oz • 327128Coppa4/2.5lbs • 964933Genoa Salami3.5lbs • 964937

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38Gluten-Free Breaded PLANT CHICKENOriginal PLANT CHICKENHIGHWe made a better chicken and we made it out of PLANTS.Made with a short list of wholesome ingredients, Daring Plant Chicken does everything chicken does better. Not only are our Breaded and Original pieces GFCO and free of GMOs, they’re a true 1:1 swap with chicken, with a delicious, shreddable texture that’s uncannily chicken-y. Daring Plant Chicken stores in the fridge for up to 14 days, has a freezer shelf life of 12 months and cooks from frozen in under 7 minutes. Plus its XL piece size is nice and easy to handle.Ready for a free sample? Email us at 3.5 INCHES LONG1.5 OZ PER PIECE

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Spring/Summer 202239Hale & Hearty SoupsAt Hale and Hearty Soups, they believe soup makes everything better. That’s why they make their soups 100% from scratch in their Brooklyn kitchen, with homemade stock, local ingredients, and no added preservatives. They start each soup with fresh produce that they cut the day it’s cooked, and simmer into their chowder, chili, mac & cheese, and bisque. Hale & Hearty believe in making soup that’s not only delicious, but creates a moment of comfort in the day—it’s to be savored.Hale & Hearty soup oerings change monthly, visit our website at or contact your sales representative to see their current oerings. Soups come by the 2/110oz bags per case.Soup makes everything better.Retail Packs Now Available!Summer is here!Ask us about our monthly options that are perfect for gazpacho.

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Dole & Bailey 40Locally made gourmet pasta from Everett, Massachusetts. Lilly’s Fresh Pasta is a gourmet fresh pasta company that specializes in homemade fresh pasta, ravioli, tortellini, tortelloni, and gnocchi. Their products are always fresh or blast frozen, never precooked, and made from 100% semolina our. Ask us about seasonal Lilly’s oerings.Five Cheese AgnolottiImported fontina, Wisconsin white Cheddar, premium fresh ricotta, mozzarella, and pecorino-Romano cheeses.541550 • 2/3lbs per caseButternut Squash RaviolisFreshly roasted butternut squash wrapped in yellow turmeric pasta.541580 • 2/3lbs per caseWild Mushroom Porcini RavioliFilled with a blend of exotic mushrooms with mozzarella, mascarpone, and fresh thyme, wrapped in fresh pasta.541560 • 2/3lbs per caseGarganelliRolled tube-shaped pasta that compliments a variety of sauces.541622 • 2/3lbs per caseSpaghettiLong, rod-shaped fresh pasta, best with velvety cream sauces, olive oil or broth-based sauces.541620 • 3/3lbs per casePotato GnocchiFresh, homemade gnocchi made from whole Yukon gold potatoes, durum our and grade A eggs.541555 • 2/4lbs per caseLilly’s Fresh PastaRigatoniExtruded-cut tube-shaped pasta, perfect with any sauce and in casseroles.542573 • 2/3lbs per caseLinguineTranslating to “little tongues”, linguine is made in long, slender, at strips and often served with seafood or pesto.542574 • 3/3lbs per caseLobster RavioliA large ravioli lled with sustainable, wild-caught North Atlantic hard shell lobster claw and knuckle meat, caramelized shallots, fresh herbs, ricotta and mozzarella.542567 • 2/3lbs per caseAsk us about seasonal Lilly’s oerings.

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Spring/Summer 2022The Dough Co. Pizza DoughFormulated using King Arthur unbleached and unbromated our, Italian “00” our, water, fresh yeast,sugar, salt, and oil. Simple, consistent, fresh avors just as if you made it in your own mixer-- without the time, labor, and equipment to maintain. Free of all unnecessary chemical conditioners, this dough lasts 5-7 days in a cooler.Ecient dough management = max prots!6-ounce Dough Balls • 80 per case • 6565718-ounce Dough Balls • 46 per case • 656572Custom sizing is available!Contact us for more information.Foss Farms Marinara SauceFoss Farms Marinara has been a Farmer’s Market favorite throughout New England for years. Made locally on Cape Cod from just ve ingredients: Non-GMO Tomatoes, Olive Oil, Fresh Garlic, Fresh Basil, and Sea Salt. It is the perfect canvas for you to nish and make your own.1 gallon bag • 4 per case • 57092532oz jar • 12 per case • 570958No Sugar Added • Gluten Free • Vegan • Low Sodium • Locally ProducedThe rst all-natural frozen pizza dough made locally in Lewiston, MEDivina FoodsDivina crafts the ingredients you crave; olives, antipasti and spreads that celebrate the simplicity and joy of Mediterranean food.Basil Pesto (Nut Free) • 4.25lbs • 540820Blue Cheese Stued Olives • 1 gallon • 750290Caperberries • 32oz • 751020Capers, Non-Pereil • 32oz • 751150Castelvetrano, Pitted • 4/2lbs • 750351Fig Spread • 3.5lbs • 767080Greek Mix, Pitted • 10lbs • 750430Green Olives with Red Pepper • 3lbs • 750671Kalamata Olives, Pitted • 10lbs 750280Kalamata Tapenade • 34oz • 750370Elevate your plate with iconic and innovative ingredients that are crafted with care and tradition.41

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Dole & Bailey 788415788419788411744423Tokyo Wavy NoodleYebisu Ramen NoodleClassic Ramen NoodleTonkotsu Pork Stock5oz portion • 10/5 per case4.5oz portions • 10/5 per case10/5 per case10/2.2lbs per caseKaedama Ramen Noodle KitWhen you’re at a ramen restaurant and you’re just about to nish up your bowl but want more noodles, you’ll ask for “kaedama” which means “extra noodles please!” 12/13.5oz per case • 788413Spicy Sesame Noodle KitSpicy Sesame Ramen is also known as the “Tantanmen”. The Spicy Sesame broth has the perfect balance of spicy heat and creaminess from the sesame paste.12/13.5oz per case • 788455Miso Ramen Noodle KitA classic favorite, Miso Ramen is one of the staples of traditional ramen avors. 12/13.5oz per case • 788448Shoyu Ramen Noodle KitA classic favorite, Shoyu (soy sauce) Ramen is one of the staples of traditional ramen avors.12/13.5oz per case • 788449Sun NoodleRamen Noodle Retail KitsDunk’s Local MushroomsDunk’s Mushrooms is a gourmet mushroom farm from Brentwood, New Hampshire with an FDA registered food processing facility. Formed in January of 2016, they have provided local area restaurants and stores with the highest quality, gourmet mushrooms throughout the Northeast. William J Dunkerley, better known as Dunk, has a long background in foraging, wildcrafting, and food preservation methods, such as fermenting, making vinegar, curing, drying, etc. He has a passion for all things food, and playing with unique avors from wild foraged items is one of his specialties. Growing up in Errol, NH, he spent most of his youth in the woods, hunting, shing and foraging.Every week Dole & Bailey receives a brand new 3-pound Chef’s Mix box. Reach out to your sales representative for more information.42

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Spring/Summer 202243MANDARIN TANGERINE30oz • 762393MANGO30oz • 762600PAPAYA30oz • 762690PEAR30oz • 783020PRICKLY PEAR30oz • 783010APRICOT30oz • 762750BLUEBERRY30oz • 762630CHERRY30oz • 762320COCONUT30oz • 783160KIWI30oz • 762610RASPBERRY30oz • 762650STRAWBERRY30oz • 762720WHITE PEACH30oz • 762700Achieve cost and labor savings with The Perfect Purée’s premium purées, concentrates and zests. Made with real fruit and natural ingredients, our avors are frozen for optimal quality and consistency. Explore multi- application avor with beverage, savory and dessert recipes. Save on Time. Splurge on Flavor.PRICKLY PEAR SORBETThe Perfect Purée Prickly Pear • lime juice • orange juice • dark rum or rum extractSamples are complimentary to Food & Beverage Professionals only.ORDER COMPLIMENTARY SAMPLES:PERFECTPUREE.COM/DOLEANDBAILEYBLUEBERRY & SAGEThe Perfect Purée Blueberry • Corzo Silver Tequila • orange liqueur • fresh lemon juice• simple syrupFor full recipes and more:

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Dole & Bailey 44Forge to TableChef KnivesHandmade kitchen knives and cutlery: designed for professionals, crafted for all.Kitchen knives developed by industry professionals and handcrafted by third-generation blade smiths. Every knife is handcrafted to give you a unique blade at remarkable prices.3” ParingParing knives are perfect for small precise prep and delicate work. From peeling vegetables to dicing fruit, the 3.5 inch blade gives you tons of control with enough room to work medium tasks. With the razor sharp edge of all our knives on this small blade, you have laser like control for garnishes.7” BoningFrom breaking down chickens to butchering sides of beef this boning knife is your specialized go to. The octagonal handle that is great in all our knives but it truly shines here, allowing the knife to be comfortable in any cutting position. The grip holds up for those slippery situations.8” Chef’s KnifeForge to Table’s agship knife. Crafted for perfect balance, ease of use, and maximum performance. Toss out that old dull knife and work with the tool your kitchen deserves. The perfect all in one. Perfectly balanced along the entire length for comfort and grace in performance. The octagonal handle oers supreme grip no matter the situation or ingredients and ts perfectly in large and small hands, lefty or righty10” Chef’s KnifeFor those who like power! The 10” model of the best selling gyuto is heftier and heartier than before. Ready to tackle large tasks and power through hours of prep. A true workhorse. Build wider and thicker too for Chefs with larger hands who prefer more weight.10” SlicingThis 10 inch slicer is perfect for steaks, roasts, and anything large! Flexible enough to llet large sh, yet rm enough to slice and carve large roasts! Glide through your cuts without tearing with a sharp slicer. 7-in-1 Kitchen ShearsBalance your knife roll with a kitchen overachiever! These shears are utility and simplicity put in motion. Anything a knife can’t do these shears cover with ease, making them the ultimate utilit. Made from heavy-duty steel with ergonomic handles lined with silicone for sure grip and comfort. Dishwasher safe. Features include: built-in bottle opener, screwdriver, sh scaler, nut/bone/claw cracker, peeler and herb stripper. The two blades easily separate for cleaning, sharpening or dual-wielding.

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Spring/Summer 202245When you serve Villa Dolce, you are not only giving your customers the finest quality, but a certified, sustainable & responsibly made product.Get your free sample pack today, just scan the code with your phone!If you would like to order these or other amazing flavors, please contact your Dole & Bailey sales rep today!

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Dole & Bailey Certifications

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