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Summary of learning from October 4, 2016

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Summary of Learning

Erin McAninch

Visible Learning

Chapter 8

October 4, 2016


When does a lesson end?

The main idea from chapter eight is how teachers should properly end a lesson. Teachers should aim to see the effect of her actions and teaching. Teachers should consider the student's evaluation of the lesson. The relationships and perceptions that students have about a teacher's impact on their learning are critical. Teachers should also critique the learning intentions by reflecting upon success criteria questioning. Alas, teachers and students should utilize data from formative and summative assessments to monitor teacher's effect, progress, and success of each student. 


"Teachers provide evidence that all students feel as though they have been invited into their class to learn effectively. This invitation involves feelings of respect, trust, optimism, and intention to learn." p.139


"Teachers collect evidence of student experience in their classes about their success as change agents, about their levels of inspiration, and about sharing their passion with students." p. 141


"Together, teachers critique the learning intentions and success criteria, and have evidence that:

a. students can articulate the learning intentions and success criteria in a way that shows that they understand them;

b. students attain the success criteria;

c. students see the success criteria as appropriately challenging; and

d. teachers use this information when planning their next set of lessons/learning." p. 143


"Teachers create opportunities for both formative and summative interpretations of student learning, and use these interpretations to inform future decisions about their teaching." p. 144

Four Different Perspectives

1. Student's

2. Teacher's

3. Curricular

4. Formative & Summative

The lesson does not end when the bell rings. Teachers must analyze their effect on student learning. Teachers must review the learning from a student perspective. The teacher should always be thinking, was this lesson/activity effective?