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Stupid Things People Say

  • “I thought Europe and Africa were the same thing”
  • “Honestly though Hitler was a genius”
  • “Is Poseidon real?”
  • “That map can’t be of Asia, where’s Africa?”
  • - lets just call him ancient Joe Shmoe.

“Is that a real person?”

  • “I think in my past life I was Tom Sawyer”
  • “Is the moon a planet?”


“Yes it is”

  • “Is the sun a planet”
  • -  11,000 people voted for Harambe.

“Is that why Hillary lost?”

  • - Dragons are mythical creatures

“No they live in Europe or something”

  • “Dragons are real in Asia”
  • “Dragons are real, I saw them on snapchat”
  • “They sit like dogs and have wings and are brown and breath fire”
  • -  Komodo dragons don’t breathe fire

“Maybe there’s a different type or something”

  • “Does anime actually brainwash people?”
  • “Aren’t ants mammals?”
  • “Dragons are real in Russia”  (Again)
  • “I hate water.  I have only had water once in my life”  (Says this while drinking flavored water based drink.)
  • - (talking about teens and plastic surgery)

- what if someone had a really messed up face, shouldn’t they be able to have surgery?”

“No, that’s their fault.”

  • “It’d be so cool to have a pegasus, like you could just go to 7-11.”
  • “Cats in Canada aren’t real, like they’re just an illusion.”

  • -  (For like the fifth time):

“ Dragons are real in Ireland.”

“Dragons are real in finland”

  • “Who’s Vladimir Putin”

“Yeah, who is Vladimir Putin”

  • - (talking about contractions in grammar)

“Not the baby kind.  Ha Ha get it, because you're pregnant”

  • - If you take science courses, you might have to use the APA writing system

“No, they use the metric system!”

  • -  I’m not answering any questions that aren’t related to formatting. 

“But how do zippers work?”

  • “You could just clone yourself like three times and just live forever.”
  • “I saw in the news a guy got pregnant.”

“Like three years ago I saw a guy got pregnant on the news”

  • - Talking about abortion

“Why don’t they take the baby out and put it into another woman”

  • “Can a baby eat the other baby in the womb?”

“Yeah I think so.”

  • 1.6 million people in the U.S. have HIV.

“Oh my god that's over half the people in the U.S.”

-She’s so dumb like there’s billions of people in the U.S.  

- the only absolute in life is death

“No, you don’t always die”

  • “I want world war three, like my life is so boring”
  • Someone starts talking about how their eye hurts
  • Someone asks “why does your eye hurt?”

“It was dry so I used Chapstick on it” 

  • - everybody dies

“Not if you kill yourself”

  • “Clones and the person that got cloned are like the same person and share memories.”

  • Talking about the gender/bathroom controversy
  • The teacher says “so why isn’t this a problem in France?”

“Cause they don’t have Genders in France”

  • “Living past 60, there’s just no point anymore”
  • Who was the president during the great depression?

“Hillary Clinton?”

  • “Was there a country in the whole America that wasn’t affected?”
  • - Summary: “Beauty face masks and blackface are the same thing.”
  • “I hate coins.  Like when I buy something and they give me back coins, I throw them on the ground”
  • “We’re period 5? I thought we were period 4 for the longest time.”
  • “When I’m writing essays, sometimes I’ll put in words that I don’t know what they mean but they sound good
  • “I need you to slap me really hard.”


“My face is really pale today

  • -a picture of a pharmacy is shown

“I’ve been to one of those!!!”

  • - talking about clocks

“Wait the hour hand moves?”

  • - a synonym for temperate is moderate

Suddenly, “Moderate to severe Crohn’s disease”

  • “Is a thousand million a thing, because there’s like a hundred million
  • - talking about The Queen Elizabeth from the 1500-1600’s

“Is she still alive”

  • “Did they have speakers?”

- In Shakespeare’s 17th century theater

  •  - Mr. Lindsay is showing pictures of his baby

“Oooh he’s throwing gang signs

  • “Do foots have muscles?”
  • “What makes a foot hard, Cartilage? 

- Bone.

  • - Mr. Lindsay asks what is a minstrel

“Menstrual Cycle?”

- No.


“Yeah it sounds like soup.” (minestrone)  

  • “Isn’t Japan in China?”
  • - yeah today someone thought Japan was in China

“It is!”

  • “I told you dragons are real!”
  • “Did he ride it [the dragon]?”
  • “I’d rather have a husband than a puppy”
  • “I thought Michael Jackson died from going from black to white.”
  • “Something about Mario” (referring to Romeo)
  • “What’s a crowbar”
  • “How does 25 + 35 = 60?”
  • - my entire car flipped

“Was it cool?”

  • - talking about dog whistles

“Shut up dogs can’t whistle!”

  • - there isn’t much studying to do for the final.  It is about applying what you already know.

“That means you have to be smart so we’re all gonna fail!”