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Student Handbook 2022

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The address is: ____________________________________________________I will get there by: __________________________________________________The first day of school is: ____________________________________________ School starts at: ____________________________________________________School finishes at: __________________________________________________The Headteacher is called: ___________________________________________The Head of Year 7 is called: _________________________________________My Form Tutor is called: _____________________________________________My House is: ______________________________________________________My uniform is: ____________________________________________________My P.E. kit is ______________________________________________________ What I need to know

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Dear Student,I would like to welcome you to The Priory School. You are about to embark on an adventure and with the help and guidance from tutors, teachers and students here, you will blossom and grow into an amazing individual.The Priory School is one of a kind. It is a vibrant, friendly, caring and supportive community. We have high expectations here whereby we encourage you to work to your full potential and achieve your best. It is also important to us that every student is respectful towards others at all times. In return, the school will motivate and encourage you and also ensure that you receive the education that you deserve through classroom lessons and extra-curricular activities.Many new challenges await you. To help you overcome these challenges, you should:  Do the very best you can in everything you do  Be organised  Be polite, courteous and respectful to everybody  Do as you are asked by teachers  Maintain high standards  Challenge yourselfThe transition from your primary school to secondary school is an exciting time. Both teachers and pupils will help you to settle into the secondary school routine. If you are worried about anything or if you are experiencing any difficulties settling in, you can chat to your Form Tutor or me. That is what we are here for!Make the most of your time here, showcase yourself, take advantage of what the school offers you, be true to yourself and aim to achieve your best.I am looking forward to being your Head of Year this year. I wish you success, happiness and good times!Yours sincerely,Miss J RoachHead of Year

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Lessons at The PrioryAt The Priory School you will have heard of some of the lessons before, such as PE, RE, Music, Science, Art and Computing. Lessons that might be new are DT (Design & Technology), Food Technology (about food and cooking), a new language and you will also do Drama.You will go to different rooms for lessons. Your Form Tutor will give you a timetable that tells you what lessons you have and what room you need to go to. If you are unsure you can ask another student or adult for help. You will have a two-week timetable. This means that on Week A you might do something different to Week B. Teachers will tell you if it is Week A or Week B and there will also be a sign in Reception saying what week we are on. Normal school dayCatering at The Priory SchoolYou will be given a contactless fob, which your parents/carers will be able to add money to via a ScoPay account. Only you can use your fob as your photo will appear on the screen. Your parent/carer has been given a link code to set up an account and they can put money on your account before your first day. If you lose your fob - a replacement will cost you £3.00 (each time).Period 1 8.55am - 9.55am Period 2 9.55am - 10.55am Break 10.55am - 11.25am Tutor Time 11.25am - 11.55amPeriod 3 11.55am - 12.55pmPeriod 4 12.55pm- 1.55pmLunch 1.55pm - 2.25pmPeriod 5 2.25pm - 3.25pm

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I am sure your parents will want to take a photo of you looking smart on your first day of school. Your uniform will include the following:  A white shirt which must have a top button  A school tie must be worn at all times  Your school blazer, which must be worn at all times around the school  School skirt or black trousers  Black polishable school shoes, with no sporting labels  Optional school jumper My School Uniform  Emerald green polo shirt  Plain black shorts or black skort  Emerald green socks  Trainers and football boots for when you are playing football or rugby  Optional black jogging bottomsWhen you have swimming on your timetable girls must wear a one piece swimming costume and boys must wear swimming shorts. You will need to also bring a towel if you have swimming (don’t forget to take this and your costume home. Don’t leave them wet in your locker).My PE Kit

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School Code of Conduct You move gently and quietly about the school. This means never running, barging or shouting but being ready to help by opening doors, standing back to let people pass and helping to carry things. On the stairs and in corridors please keep to the left. You keep the school clean and tidy so that it is a welcoming place we can all be proud of. This means putting all litter in bins, keeping walls and furniture clean and unmarked and taking great care of displays, particularly of other people’s work. You must attend school regularly and punctually. This is essential if you are to gain full benefit from your education. You should wear your school uniform correctly, and take pride in your appearance.Out of school, travelling to and from school and on school visits, you should always remember that the school’s reputation depends on the way you behave. The Priory School does not allow bullying. If you are ever bullied you should report the incident on Tootoot or speak with your tutor immediately. It is safe for you to do this. If you try to bully other students you can expect to be punished. We have few rules at The Priory School. Instead we have a code of conduct which allows our school to run for the benefit of everyone, staff and students alike.Everyone is expected to behave in a responsible manner both to themselves and others, showing consideration, courtesy and respect for other people at all times.This means that:

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WalkingPractice your route over the summer with your parents.Be safe on your way to and from school. Leave plenty of time to make the journey in the morning so you can arrive by 08:45 in time for your first lesson at 08:55.CarWho will drive you to and from school? Take into account traffic conditions to be on site at 08:45.Remember to use the shared car park at the end of Longfield Road (not on the school site), and meet your lift there at the end of the day.CyclingAre you a competent cyclist?Is your bike roadworthy?Do you own a cycle helmet?Do you have a bike lock?Have you completed your road safety?BusWhich number bus?Which bus stop?How long does it take?Always have your bus pass ready to show the bus driver.Behave at all times on the bus and do not do anything to endanger or upset other users.Thoughts for SeptemberTravelling to schoolIt is important for you to know how you will travel to school and how long it will take you to get there.

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HomeworkYou will have homework to do each night. This will be posted onto Show My Homework (SMHW) by your teachers. You will be given a login for SMHW in September. It is worth making a note of your homework days for each subject to help you organise your time. Your tutor will give you this in September. Equipment and Timetables At secondary school you will not have each subject every day. You will have a timetable for your lessons; this will be given to you in September. You will need to plan what to put in your bag before you go to school - the night before is usually a good idea. You will need: 2 pens (either blue or black), ruler, pencil, rubber, pencil sharpener, calculator, reading book, PE kit.Make a copy of your timetable to keep at home. Maybe put it on the fridge or a notice-board. Remember to look at your timetable the night before and put the correct equipment into your bag. On the next page is a sample timetable for you to look at. Use the timetable to answer these questions.What subject do I have the 3rd lesson on Monday week A? ____________________What room do I need to find? ___________________________________________What equipment do I need for this lesson? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________Is this subject always in the same room? __________________________________What subject do I have 2nd lesson on Wednesday Week B? ___________________What room do I need to find? ___________________________________________What equipment do I need for this lesson? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________Is this subject always in the same room? __________________________________What is after break on Tuesday Week A? __________________________________Where will I go for Computing lessons? ___________________________________

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ABH Mrs A M BrundishAJS Mrs A JanesCDK Mrs C DerrickCFS Mr C A M FrancisCSN Mr C SwannGBD Miss G B Buckland GRE Mrs G K J RoseHTR Ms H TaylorExample timetable How to read your timetable 7A2 = tutor groupML = subjectCDK = teacher initials2.8 = room7x/En1CSN 1:27ab/Sc2JLR 3:67x/Pe2HTR G127A2/HiJBY H37A2/MlCDK 2:87A2/CoCFS G57A2/ArRFS G67A2/MlCDK 2:87x/Dt2ABH7x/En1AJS 1:47A2/MuSPN E37A2/MlCDK 2:87x/Ma3RFN 2:17A2/GeGBD H17x/Dt2ABH G37x/Ma3RFN 2:17ab/Sc2JLT 3:67A2/GeGBD H17A2/ReGRE R27x/En1CSN 1:27x/En1AJS 1:27ab/Sc2JLT 3:67x/Pe2HTR G127x/Ma3RFN 2:17A2/HiJBY H37x/En1CSN 1:27ab/Sc2JLT 3:67x/Ma3RFN 2:17A2/MlCDK 2:87A2/HiJBY H37A2/CoCFS G57A2/ArRFS G67A2/MlCDK 2:87x/Tx2JLS G107x/En1CSN 1:27A2/MuSPN E37A2/MlCDK 2:87x/Ma3RFN 2:17A2/GeGBD H17x/Tx2JLS G107x/Ma3RFN 2:17ab/Sc2JLT 3:67x/Pe2HTR G127A2/HiJBY H37x/En1CSN 1:27A2/ReGRE R27ab/Sc2JLT 3:67x/Pe2HTR G127x/Ma3RFN 2:17A2/DrJSM E1Mon1Mon6Tue2Tue7Wed3Wed8Thu4Thu9Fri5Fri101234 5JBY Miss J K BaileyJLS Ms J LewisJLT Mr J W LambertJSM Mr J D SherringhamRFN Mrs R FreemanRFS Mrs R FlandersSPN Mr S D Pohlman7A2/MLCDK 2.8

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What if…Inform Student Services in advance. You must bring a note in from your parents/carers or have an appointment card.Your parent/carer can also email the school office on to confirm your appointment before the day of the appointment.You have a medical appointment? Go to Student Services if you are ill before school or during break. Tell your teacher if it is during the lesson and they will send you to Student Services. A qualified First Aider will look after you. If you need to go home they will organise this for you.You are ill at school? Ask your Tutor for another copy or go to Student Services at break time or lunch time and politely ask for another copy to be printed for you. It will cost you 10p for each new printed copy.You lose your timetable? Please let a member of staff know if you are unhappy. Your Class Tutor is the most obvious choice. When you go home, talk to parents/carers; together we can solve most problems. You are worried or upset? Always check in Student Services as this is where Lost Property is taken to.You lose a book, games kit, uniform?

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Abbreviations are short ways to write lesson names. By looking at the sample timetable, see if you can work out the following and show the abbreviations.HISTORYMATHGEOGRAPHYRELIGIOUSEDUCATIONSCIENCEPHYSICAL EDUCATIONLANGUAGESDESIGN TECHNOLOGYENGLISHMUSICHow many lessons are there in a day at The Priory School?What time does registration start?What time is lesson 1?What time is lesson 2?What time is morning break and how long does it last?What time does the school day end?Who will you travel to school with?Do you know the answers to the following?

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13Top Tips  Prepare your bag the night before  Get up at a sensible time and eat breakfast  Always be on your best behaviour to and from school, show the best of yourself and showcase The Priory School.

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Friendship Quotes“It takes a long time to grow an old friend” John Leonard“Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think” Christopher Robin to Winnie the Pooh“There are big ships and small ships. But the best ship of all is friendship” Author unknownWhen setting out workAlways  write in pen (blue or black)  draw in pencil  put the date on the right  put a heading or title and underline this, using a pen and a ruler  rule off when asked  do not waste space!When listening  put down all equipment  look at the teacher  be quietYou may also find the following useful  scissors  glue stick  colouring pencils  USB Stick (Labelled with your name and Tutor Group)

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First Day - Friday 2nd September 2022On the first day at The Priory School you should go to the Main Hall at 8.55am where you will be welcomed and you will meet your Tutor. For most students there will be at least one person from your Primary School in your tutor group. Details of the school day, and further information on the school will be given in your tutor room. Lessons will start once these details have been given to you. All pens, pencils etc. must be available on the first day. School bagScientific calculator Pencil caseRulerPacked Lunch (or money on your account to buy food in the cafeteria)2 Pens Pencil SharpenerPencil Reading Book First Day ChecklistReady for September...On your first day in school you will be given your timetable to answer thisMy first lesson will be: __________________________________________The teacher will be: ___________________________________________The room I have to go to is: _____________________________________The subject is: _______________________________________________My second lesson will be: _______________________________________The teacher will be: ___________________________________________The room I have to go to is: ______________________________________The subject is: _______________________________________________

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Remember to send a POSTCARD during the summer holidays to Miss Roach at:We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

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