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2022/23 Prospectus

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Supporting I Participating I eXcellingSt Pius X CollegePROSPECTUS

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ContentsWelcome 1St Pius X College Vision 3Pastoral Care & Pupil Wellbeing 4A Caring Environment 7Respect for All 8Pupil Voice 11Year 8 Transition 12College Uniform 15Supporting Every Child 16Our Shared Catholic Ethos 17Excellence in Learning 18Careers Guidance 21Home-School Communication 22Community Partnerships 25Sporting Experiences 27Developing Talents 29Celebrating Success 30College Information 32

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Welcome to Our SchoolIt is my pleasure on behalf of the governors, staff andpupils to welcome you to our school.Céad míle fáilte!A big St Pius X College welcome to allparents/guardians and our potential pupils of thefuture! We really look forward to the day when you andyour child become part our college family. St Pius X College is consistently a top performingschool, providing success and future pathways for allour children. In the college we strive to provide thebroadest and most engaging experiences for ourstudents to ensure they have the best possiblepreparation for life beyond school. Our College is a very busy and enjoyable place and wehope this prospectus gives you a flavour of some of theexciting opportunities that exist.In our school we are a family of learners, teachers andpupils alike, dedicated to the best possible outcomesfor all our pupils. We take particular satisfaction in providing top qualityeducation, academically and pastorally. Generations offamilies have chosen to send all of their children to ourcollege, wearing the same uniform, for the holisticeducation we offer.Our ethos of care, equality and mutual respectpermeates college life; in the classrooms, on thecorridors, on the fields of play, in the canteen and inthe playground. By providing a safe, positive, inclusiveand welcoming environment we allow the pupils of thecollege to flourish and grow to their full potential.Past pupils have progressed into all walks of lifeincluding the professions, finance, skilled trades,engineering, mechanical, administrative, leisure,entertainment and the clergy. We are very proud of our students’ achievements, andwe take time to recognise, enjoy, celebrate and reflectupon these. Our college’s identity is deeply rooted inour community and reflects the diversity therein. The triangular relationship between the college, thehome and the community allows us to create, maintainand improve a college that pupils aspire to go to, feelwelcome at, perform well in and which the communityis proud of. We are ‘Pius Proud’.Mol an óige agus tiocfaidh sí. Mr P Friel BSc (Hons), P.G.C.E, P.Q.H(Principal)St Pius X College I Magherafelt 1

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AMBITIONSt Pius X College I Magherafelt 2

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Supporting ParticipatingeXcellingSt Pius X College VisionOur Mission“To promote partnership, develop talentsand encourage participation”.Our VisionIn our college we are a family of learners,staff and pupils alike, dedicated to the bestpossible outcomes for all. We aspire toprovide a holistic education, academic andpastoral, that will enable pupils to contributepositively to their college, families andcommunities. Our EthosOur Catholic ethos of care, equality andmutual respect permeates every aspect ofcollege life. By providing a child-centred,safe, positive, inclusive and welcomingenvironment we nurture and empower ourpupils to excel and reach their full potential.Our Values: • Inclusive • Resilience • Rewarding • Confidence • Caring • RespectSt Pius X College I Magherafelt 3

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Pastoral Care In St Pius X College we pride ourselves on the quality of our care for all pupils. Webelieve that a caring and happy environment is essential for pupils to succeed. Wetherefore place a great emphasis on our pastoral care provision to foster positiverelationships and community spirit. We promote healthy lifestyles, emotional well-being and positive attitudes in all our pupils as well as fostering an environmentwhere diversity is valued.Our aim is to ensure that the college supports and equips all pupils with the lifeskills they need to make responsible choices and achieve their full potential. Wehave a specific pastoral care structure which provides guidance and support to allpupils. Each member of the team has an important role in supporting pupils andmeeting with parents. In addition, a number of external agencies help to providecounselling services.The pastoral care of pupils is supported by a well-planned pastoral programmewhich examines physical, spiritual, health and emotional needs and issues ofconcerns deemed relevant to our pupils’ lives. Rewarding and recognisingachievements are also very important and carry considerable weight in St Pius XCollege as they raise pupil self-esteem and promote self-confidence. Pupil WellbeingWe Are a Take 5 School! Our unique St Pius X College ethos is deeply connected topositive mental health and wellbeing. We continuously strive to improve upon ourexisting wellbeing initiatives to support everyone within our school community.Every day we encourage our pupils to connect with others - so no one feels alone,to keep learning by embracing change and challenges in all aspects of our lives, tobe active and look after our physical health, to take notice of ourselves and othersby being mindful in the moment, and to give to others through kindness andgenerosity of spirit as well as deed.Pastoral Care & Pupil WellbeingOur inclusive ethos is based on high aspirations, support and respect for all.St Pius X College I Magherafelt 4

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WELLBEINGSt Pius X College I Magherafelt 5

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SUPPORTSt Pius X College I Magherafelt 6

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We aim to provide a safe and caring environmentwithin St Pius X College which will allow pupils to feelsecure and may encourage them to consult membersof staff regarding their own personal concerns.All child protection concerns are discussed with ourdesignated staff identified below and, in someinstances, with external agencies.If any parent/guardian has a concern regarding asafeguarding issue, they should report the matterdirectly to Mrs E Toner (Designated Teacher for ChidProtection) or any of the Deputy Designated Teachers.At any time, you can call the following numbers foradvice and support: NSPCC 0808 800 5000 CHILDLINE 0800 1111 LIFELINE 0808 808 8000 FAMILYWORKS (028) 9182 1721 CARA-FRIEND 0808 8000 0390School CounsellorThe school counsellor is a professional counsellor fromFamilyWorks who supports pupils with difficult orchallenging situations they may face. Pupils can self-refer to the college’s counsellor or referrals can bemade by our pastoral support team.Drugs Education PolicySt Pius X College is committed to protecting andpromoting the health and safety of all members of thecollege and to adopting a consistent approach to drugrelated issues. In the interests of health and safetyneither the misuse of drugs or alcohol by the membersof the School/College nor the illegal supply of thesesubstances on school premises is condoned. Anyinstances of possession, use or supply will be regardedwith the utmost seriousness. Online Safety PolicyThe online safety policy identifies the risks involved inusing the Internet and the wide range of newtechnologies available. The Internet and othertechnologies are embedded in pupils’ lives, not just incollege but outside as well, and the college has a dutyto help prepare pupils to benefit safely from theopportunities that these present. The college iscommitted to developing a set of safe and responsiblebehaviours by all members of the college communitythat will enable us to reduce the risks whilst continuingto benefit from the opportunities emerging digitaltechnologies will continue to bring.A Caring EnvironmentWe are committed to providing a caring, friendly and safe environment for all our pupils.The designated teachers for child protection are: Mr P Friel Principal Mrs E Toner Designated Teacher Mrs I McCann Deputy Designated Teacher Mrs C Bell Deputy Designated Teacher Mr J Mulholland Deputy Designated Teacher Chair of Governors Designated GovernorSafeguarding/Child ProtectionSt Pius X College I Magherafelt 7

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Code of ConductEffective teaching and learning can only take place when attitudes andbehaviours are positive. In St Pius X College we strive to establish a positive ethos where all pupils areencouraged to develop a sense of responsibility. Our Code of Conduct is basedon the simple requirements of courtesy and mutual respect both on and off theschool grounds. The college is committed to creating an environment which is orderly, respectfuland conducive to teaching and learning. Our Code of Conduct clearly sets out our expectations and has a structuredsystem of rewards and sanctions which promotes high standards of work andbehaviour.We therefore seek the support of all pupils and parents/guardians for theimplementation of the Code of Conduct by asking them to sign a positivebehaviour contract which can be found in every Pupil Homework Diary.Anti-bullyingOur college ethos is that bullying is completely unacceptable. We support the Addressing Bullying in Schools Act (NI) 2016.The use of group work, peer support schemes, self-discipline and praise areused to support our anti-bullying culture. Anti-Bullying Ambassadors are appointed from our Post 16 pupils and all pupilshave access to the Cyber Syd Anti- Bullying App and the Safer Schools NI Appto fully support them.The following policies and structures are available on our college website andare designed to minimise risks; Safeguarding & Child Protection, Anti-Bullying,Online Safety, Pastoral Care & Positive Behaviour Management, RemoteLearning Guidance, Wellbeing Support Resources and the college Code ofConduct.Respect for allSt Pius X College I Magherafelt 8

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INCLUSIVESt Pius X College I Magherafelt 9

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CONFIDENCESt Pius X College I Magherafelt 10

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Pupil VoiceWe believe that pupils flourish when they are given the opportunity to lead and to mentor.Senior Pupil Leadership Team & JuniorPupil Leadership TeamOur Head Boy & Head Girl and Junior Head Boy & Head Girl play an essential rolein our school community supported by team members who hold responsibility for:Senior Mentors Our KS5 pupils provide mentoring support for our new Year 8 pupils to help themwith the transition from primary to secondary school and to make them feelwelcome to the St Pius X College family.Investors in PupilsSt Pius X College has been successfully awarded the ‘Investors in Pupils’ chartermark, recognising us as; “A really outstanding learning community in action”.Student CouncilPupils take an active part in decision-making in the college through the electedStudent Council. Their opinions are frequently sought across a range of areasincluding teaching and learning, extra-curricular activities and pupil welfare. TheCouncil gives a voice to the pupil population and provides an opportunity for thepupils to discuss pertinent issues with staff and to influence policy. The Council thenforwards proposals to the Senior Leadership Team.The aims of the School Council are: • to improve communication between pupils and staff • to ensure St Pius X College promotes a healthy environment in which we learn in partnership • to ensure that pupils’ views are acknowledged and where appropriate acted upon • to provide pupils with the framework for engaging in active citizenship • to make the school a more harmonious place to learn. Eco Schools TeamPupils actively participate in environmental issues within our college. They aim toimprove our carbon footprint with several initiatives that are ongoing throughoutthe school year.• Wellbeing• Literacy• Anti-bullying• Sport• Arts & Crafts• Social Media• EnterpriseSt Pius X College I Magherafelt 11

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Year 8 TransitionWe recognise that transition plays a key part in the future happiness and success of our pupils.In St Pius X College we aim to ensure that each new year 8 pupil experiences a smooth transitionfrom primary school. We are totally committed to supporting pupils throughout this process. Some of the key steps in our transition programme are outlined below:• In June, prior to arrival in St Pius X College, Mrs Moore (Head of Year 8) and Mrs Corr (Head of Learning Support - SENCO) visit our feeder primary schools to meet with the transferring pupils and their teachers. They are provided with comprehensive information on each pupil’s academic progress and any relevant pastoral issues; • An Induction day is held at the beginning of June for all parents/guardians and transferring pupils where they will receive important information and be introduced to the Year 8 Pastoral Team; Pupils participate in a range of practical activities to help them get to know other transferring pupils;• In July primary 6 and 7 pupils are invited to attend our Summer Scheme with current Year 8 pupils to help get to know one another, meet some members of staff and familiarise themselves with the school;• At the end of August the Year 8 pupils start school one day before other year groups return;• In September we have a range of Induction activities planned to help pupils settle in such as Young Enterprise “Your School Your Business”. Our KS5 mentors assigned to the Year 8 classes have a significant role to play in these events. These senior pupils also meet the Year 8 pupils at break time, lunch time and during PSHE class;• In October of Year 8 parents/guardians are invited to attend our Year 8 Mass and meet the new Year 8 pastoral team.• In Term 1 we have a trip for Year 8 pupils to promote friendship building.Year 8 Transition Learning SupportYear 8 pupils sit CAT 4 GL Assessment Tests. Pupils who aresubsequently recognised as having literacy or numeracy difficultiesare not set apart from the mainstream of everyday college life but;• begin work within the level suited to their ability.• follow the curriculum at a level differentiated to ensure their learning.• may be offered extra in class support through a team of Learning Support Assistants.• where appropriate pupils are set individual targets through an Individual Educational Plan. This is monitored and reviewed in partnership with parents, staff and the pupils.All pupils identified as having academic, physical and emotionalneeds where appropriate receive support from our Head of LearningSupport- SENCO as well as relevant external agencies. A close liaison is maintained between parents, staff and externalagencies where appropriate.St Pius X College I Magherafelt 12

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FAMILYSt Pius X College I Magherafelt 13

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RESPECTSt Pius X College I Magherafelt 14

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College UniformWe are ‘Pius Proud’ of our college identity expressed through our shared uniform.*Please note when purchasing school shoes that the following are NOT considered suitable: visible logos, boots, trainer-style shoes or shoes made with canvas material.KS3/4 Girls’ UniformBurgundy College Blazer (A F White)Burgundy College Skirt (A F White, Knee Length)Blue College Blouse (Trutex)Plain Black School Shoes*College Clip-on TieBlack TightsBurgundy College Jumper (Charles Kirk/Heritage)School Scarf (optional)Girls’ PE KitLaced Running Trainers (not fashion trainers)Sport Socks (Blue/Navy)Gaelic Football TopFootball BootsNavy ShortsTowel Swimsuit / Hat / Goggles Gum shieldBoys’ PE KitLaced Running Trainers (not fashion trainers)Football BootsGaelic Football TopTowelNavy ShortsGum shieldSwim wear / Hat / GogglesSport Socks (Blue/Navy)KS3/4 Boys’ UniformBurgundy College Blazer (A F White)Black Trousers – 1880 (not Super Slim)Blue College Shirt (Trutex)Plain Black School Shoes*College Clip-on TieBlack SocksBurgundy College Jumper (Charles Kirk/Heritage)School Scarf (optional)St Pius X College I Magherafelt 15

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CARESupporting every childWe ensure all pupils are well supported with their learning across all Key Stages.English as an Additional LanguageStudents for whom English is an additional language benefit from the support ofour Literacy Coordinator as well as access to external agencies (if appropriate) toensure all students have full access to our College’s learning opportunities.Special Educational Needs and Disability(SEND)We place great importance on ensuring that students in all Key Stages with specialeducational needs are identified, properly assessed and well supported, followingbest practice. SEND provision mapping provides tailored support for each student. The Head of Learning Support - SENCO in communication with classroom teachers,form teachers, Head of Year, Key Stage Coordinator and Pastoral Vice Principaloversees and monitors all pupils requiring learning support and accessrequirements. We also ensure that all staff are provided with continuedprofessional development to ensure that the needs of all pupils are best met.Gifted & TalentedWe are committed to providing a curriculum that meets the needs of every oneof our students. There are Gifted and Talented children in every year group andour lessons, extra-curricular programme and enrichment opportunities stretchand challenge students to ensure they reach their full potential.St Pius X College I Magherafelt 16

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FAITHOur Shared Catholic Ethos As a Catholic school we promote values of excellence and respect at all times.Religious Education is given priority in thecurriculum. One of our aims is to give pupils theexperience of a Catholic education. At thebeginning of each college year, a Mass is celebratedfor incoming Year 8 pupils and their parents, and forthe whole college community. The ReligiousEducation Programme meets with the approval ofthe Armagh Diocesan Adviser and satisfies all therequirements laid down in the NI Core RE Syllabus.The programme is about faith building and givesopportunities for pupils to develop their relationshipwith God and with each other using scripture,doctrine, prayer and reflection on their ownexperiences.We are fortunate to have a college oratory whichfacilitates regular class Mass, private and communityprayer, confessions and meditation and worship.The religious programme is further enhanced bydaily assemblies, class liturgies and regular visitsfrom members of Religious Orders.St Pius X CollegePrayerGod our Father,Through the intercession of St Pius X, we ask you to bless our college, all who work here and all who study here.May our college be filled with love, our learning be full of truth and our future full of hope.Lord, we pray that this collegebe a shining light in our worldand may it be a place where all are welcome.Amen.St Pius X College I Magherafelt 17

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Excellence in LearningSt Pius X College provides a student-centred, broad and balanced programme of study at each KeyStage, in keeping with the Northern Ireland Curriculum, Entitlement Framework and all otherstatutory requirements while also actively catering for the interests and preferences of all students.We encourage and support every student to achieve academic excellence at all stages of theireducational journey and ensure our students are active participants in their learning and positivelychallenged to be the best that they can be. Our teachers recognise the importance of building andmaintaining positive relationships with students and help to foster a lifelong love for learning bothwithin and beyond the classroom.Key Stage 3 CurriculumOur KS3 curriculum is designed to meet the needs of all our pupils within a learning environment where they will progress and feel valued and secure. At Key Stage 3 St Pius X College Offers:• The Arts including, Art and Design, Drama and Music.• English with Media Education including Irish with Media Education.• Environment and Society, including History, Geography and Business Studies.• Modern languages including French and Irish.• Mathematics and Numeracy.• Science and Technology. • Physical Education.• Learning for Life and Work including, Education for Employability, Local and Global Citizenship, Personal Development, including PSHE and Home Economics.• Religious Education.St Pius X College I Magherafelt 18

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INSPIREKey Stage 4 CurriculumOur Key Stage 4 curriculum complies with the Entitlement Framework and offersour pupils choices from both general and vocational subject areas.All St Pius X College KS4 students’ study: English, Mathematics and RE withadditional non-examination core subjects of PE, PSHE and Careers. There are awide variety of options available to suit every student’s needs and aptitudesthrough our S – P – X Pathway approach. Please view our KS4 Options Bookletavailable on our college website for further details. Key Stage 5 CurriculumOur school ethos of high expectations, individual care and support continues intoour sixth form provision where we enable all pupils to realise their full potential. Weoffer students a positive and friendly environment, where concern for the individualis paramount. Sixth form curricular provision is wide and varied and providesopportunities to mix and match qualifications, to meet specific requirements. Allstudents have access to a minimum of 21 subjects some of which may be accessedthrough collaboration with another school within the MRLP learning community.Please view our Post 16 Prospectus available on our college for further details.St Pius X College I Magherafelt 19

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EMPOWERSt Pius X College I Magherafelt 20

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Careers GuidanceWe empower pupils to make effective decisions about the future.The aim of Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) in thecollege is to help pupils develop their knowledge, understanding, skills andexperience of opportunities, to manage their career development, and makerelevant informed choices, ensuring successful transition into education, training oremployment and to become lifelong learners. The overall objective of effective CEIAG provision within the college is to enablepupils to become effective career decision makers, empowered to manage theirown career development successfully and with due respect and care for their ownneeds, those of others and of their wider communities.There are 3 main aims needed to realise this objective.Aim 1: Self-Awareness and Development Aim 2: Career Exploration Aim 3: Career Management Formal careers guidance begins in Year 10 when pupils select their subjects forGCSE. In Year 11 all pupils undergo preparation for work experience. In Year 12 all pupils complete mock interviews in order to improve interview skillsand enhance career prospects. In Years 13 and 14 pupils undertake a programme which focuses on self-development, career exploration, career management and the online UCAS“Apply” System. Throughout the programme pupils are involved in careers guidance interviews, amore focused work placements, mock interviews, university visits and talks fromvisiting speakers.Careers advisers from the Careers Service for Northern Ireland come to the collegeon a regular basis and participate in the delivery of the programme throughout allKey Stages.St Pius X College I Magherafelt 21

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Home School CommunicationWe strongly believe in working together to achieve and succeed.CommunicationParental involvement begins with pupil induction and regular contact continuesthrough various communication channels: Home/School Gateway, website, pupilhomework diary, parent/teacher meetings, reports on pupils’ progress, socialmedia, surveys, e-mail updates, pastoral/review meetings and various other schoolperformances and events.Parent/Teacher MeetingsThe college’s assessment/reporting policy is designed to promote confidence inpupils while challenging them to realise their full potential. It is used to informteaching and learning across the college. Teachers monitor attitude and progresstowards challenging personal targets. It includes both formal and informal tools sothat evaluation of performance is continuously recorded, monitored and reported.Feedback on pupils’ progress is reported to parents/guardians through formalreports and Parent Teacher Meetings.Website/Facebook/Twitter/School AppAt St Pius X College, parents/guardians and pupils are encouraged to visit thecollege website on a regular basis. All pupils can check their email account, work ontheir documents and visit our virtual learning environment (Google Classroom) viathe website. This college website contains policies, a calendar of events, pupil workand other important information. This website is updated on a regular basis duringthe college year. We use social networking, Facebook and Twitter accounts, toprovide instant communication updates on key events and issues.Our School Gateway App also provides an essential, convenient and quick methodof communication with all parents to ensure important information is easilyaccessed in a timely manner.The school website address is: www.stpiusxcollege.orgSchool PoliciesCopies of our school policies are available on request from the School Office andare also available on our college website.We welcome and value the involvement of parents and guardians in theirchild’s education and in the life of the school. We firmly believe that pupilsbenefit when home and school work closely in partnership and effectivemethods of communication are essential to ensure this.St Pius X College I Magherafelt 22

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CONNECTSt Pius X College I Magherafelt 23

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EXPLORESt Pius X College I Magherafelt 24

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Community PartnershipsWith BusinessesWe are proud of our strong links with local and major businesses and organisations.As a result of these partnerships we organise special enterprise days each yearalong with a rich programme of trips, visits, events and guest speakers whichexposes students to unique opportunities and industry expertise.With other schoolsWe develop strong partnerships with all our community schools in the primary andpost primary sector. We believe that partnerships with other community schoolsgreatly enhance the learning opportunities for our pupils. We build and develop strong partnerships with our local primary schools to ensurechildren are supported as they make the transition from primary to secondaryschool. As part of the Magherafelt & Rural Learning Partnership our pupils benefit from anextended curriculum with access to a wider range of services and enrichmentactivities. In addition, pupils get the opportunity to develop new experiences in ashared classroom.With CharitiesSupport for local, national and international charities is evident across all key stages.Our annual SVDP Hamper appeal, Trocaire Lenten Campaign, Children In NeedAppeal and Macmillan Coffee Morning are just a few of the events that ourstudents enthusiastically volunteer to fundraise for each year, giving of themselvesfor the benefit of others.St Pius X College I Magherafelt 25

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PARTICIPATE St Pius X College I Magherafelt 26

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Sporting ExperiencesWe promote sporting and physical activity opportunities for our pupils.Sporting AimsThe overall goal of physical education and sportis to promote the physical health and social andpsychological development of all pupils. The PEcurriculum and programmes for sport, gamesand competitions aim to:• make pupils aware of the benefits in terms of healthy life-styles and physical well-being• develop sports skills• develop an awareness of team work• develop self-disciplineWe have excellent sporting facilities. They include:• Sports hall• Fitness suite• GymnasiumOutside playing facilities include:• Full Size Gaelic Pitch• Practice Pitch• Football Pitch• All-weather playing surface• 6 permanent table tennis tablesThere are also two tennis courts and hard-court play areas aroundthe college. These are supplemented using the local swimmingpool, leisure centre and sports arena. Sporting activities are provided through the PE programme andafter college activities. Formal PE classes are provided for eachteaching group. For those pupils who wish to participate infurther sporting activities, time is allocated after school to coachsport and prepare teams.We promote physical activities throughout the school day. Pupilshave ample opportunities to participate in games before class andduring break and lunchtime.St Pius X College I Magherafelt 27

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CREATE - EXPLORE - ENJOYSt Pius X College I Magherafelt 28

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Developing TalentsWe encourage all pupils to develop their skills, talents and interests alongside their academic studiesABP ANGUS YOUTH CLUBART CLUB (LUNCHTIME)ART CLUB (AFTERSCHOOLS)BIODIVERSITY CLUBBUSINESS CLUBCAMOGIE - JUNIORCAMOGIE - SENIORCHESS CLUBCHOIRCUMANN AN tSEANCHAiDARTS CLUBDIGITAL MEDIA CLUBEARLY BIRD BASKETBALLEARLY BIRD TABLE TENNISGAELIC FOOTBALL - U16 GIRLSGAELIC FOOTBALL - U20 GIRLSGAELIC FOOTBALLGARAGE BANDLIBRARY CLUBMAKATON – SIGN LANGUAGEMIRACULOUS MEDAL NOVENAMOVIE CLUBPADRE PIO NOVENASOCCERSTEM CLUBSTRENGTH AND CONDITIONINGUKULELE CLUBExtra-Curricular activities are a vital element in encouraginga child’s development socially, emotionally and spiritually.St Pius X College provides an extensive range of activitiesbeyond the classroom each day, creating opportunities forfun, friendship and happy memories.These are just some of the activities currently on offer:St Pius X College I Magherafelt 29

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REWARDINGCelebrating SuccessTogether we achieve, Together we succeed & Together we celebrate!We praise and reward all of our pupils’ achievements and their positivecontribution to school life through our annual award ceremonies.St Pius X College I Magherafelt 30

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St Pius X College I Magherafelt 31

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College InformationClassificationSt Pius X College, Magherafelt, is a mixed gender 11-18 Catholic Maintained College.Education Authority (EA)The college is situated in the EA North Eastern Regionbut pupils from the Southern Region are also enrolled.Information for parents, published by the EducationAuthority, is available from County Hall, Ballymena.Admissions CriteriaThe EA North Eastern Region supplies a copy of itsbooklet ‘Transfer Information and Admission Criteriafor Post Primary Schools - A Guide for Parents’. Detailsof the College’s Admissions Policy are contained in thispublication and on our college website.College ClosingsThe college operates statutory closings as set out byDENI. Details of all closings are published throughcollege documentation and in the Pupil HomeworkDiary. Parents/guardians are asked to support us inobserving these arrangements.Class OrganisationIn Key Stage 3 pupils are organised into bandsaccording to their attainment in standardised Englishand Mathematics tests.Pupils with specific educational needs are placed insmaller classes where additional support for theirlearning is provided. In Year 11 to 14 pupils areorganised into classes according to subject choices.The College DayThe college operates a ten-day timetable. The daybegins at 8.55 am and ends at 3.30 pm. Details of thestructure are in the Pupil Homework Diary.Parent Teacher MeetingsThe college provides an opportunity forparents/guardians of all year groups to meet with theirsubject/ form teacher to discuss their progress. Ifparents/guardians wish to contact teachers at othertimes they are welcome to do so and should requestan appointment.College FundVoluntary subscriptions to the College Fund help coverongoing miscellaneous expenses. For the academicyear 2023/2024 a contribution of £50.00 for the firstchild, £30.00 for the second child and £20.00 foradditional siblings is requested up to a maximum of£100.00 per family. We thank all of our parents fortheir generous support as circumstances allow.Inspection & Obtainment of documentsA parent/guardian may obtain a copy of a relevantdocument on written request, giving one week’snotice.College PoliciesOur key policies are available on the College websiteor upon written request from the office, giving oneweek’s notice.St Pius X College I Magherafelt 32With thanks to Cathal McOscar Photography for pictures contained within this Prospectus, & Ruairi Boylan for all MacLarnon pictures.

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Supporting - Participating - eXcelling © IED Print. T: 028 9041 9005St Pius X College59 Moneymore Road, Magherafelt, Co. Derry, BT45 6HQT: (028) 7963 2186 F: (028) 7963 2573E: www.stpiusxcollege.orgReview & AmendmentsThe information in this prospectus is published subject to review andamendment, as and when necessary.Any changes in respect of any matter mentioned in this publication andknown before the end of June 2023 will be published in the 2023/24Homework Diary. Any amendments thereafter will be conveyed toparents/guardians by leaflets sent home with students.