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This is a great
spot for a
You can use this clean,
professional brochure just as it
is or easily customize it.
On the next page, weve added
a few tips (like this one) to help
you get started.
(By the way, to replace the logo
or a photo with your own, just
right-click it and then choose
Change Picture.)
[Recipient Name]
[City, ST ZIP Code]
[Company Name]
[Address, City, ST ZIP Code]
A brief description or your company
tagline would work well here
Make It Yours
If you think a document that looks this good has to
be difficult to format, think again!
We've created styles that let you match the formatting
in this brochure with just a click. On the Home tab
of the ribbon, check out the Styles gallery.
Customize in Almost No Time
To try out other looks for this brochure, on the
Design tab of the ribbon, check out the Themes,
Colors, and Fonts galleries.
Have your own company fonts or colors? No
problem! Those galleries give you the option to add
your own.
What to Include?
We know you could go on for hours about how great
your business is. (And we dont blame youyoure
amazing!) But since you need to keep it short and
sweet, here are a few suggestions
Focus on What You Do Best
You might try a summary of competitive benefits at
left and a brief client success story or some of those
glowing testimonials here in the middle. For example:
Your company is the greatest. I cant
imagine anyone living without you.Very
smart customer
The right side of this page is perfect for a summary
of key products or services.
You might want to mention a few of your most
impressive clients here:
Big, important company
Really well-known company
Very impressive company
Key Offerings
Dont be shy! Show them how fabulous you are.
List or summarize key points here about what you
do. And heres one more tip for the road
Make It Picture Perfect
If you replace a photo with your own and its not a
flawless fit for the space, you can crop it to fit in
almost no time. Just select the picture and then, on
the Picture Tools Format tab, click Crop.
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