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Staff Development Policy

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Achievement for All ST JOSEPH S BOYS SCHOOL STAFF DEVELOPMENT POLICY Reviewed _______________ Date ___________ Agreed SMT _______________ Principal Date ___________ Agreed BOG _______________ Date ___________

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St Joseph s Boys School Achievement for All STAFF DEVELOPMENT POLICY Rationale 1 1 According to its aims the object of the school shall be to advance learning and knowledge by teaching and learning to which end it shall provide facilities for teaching learning and the advancement and dissemination of knowledge in the pursuit of achievement for all It will enhance the contribution of the individual and teams to teaching and learning at St Joseph s and will be an active link in the implementation of our School Development Plan General Policy 2 1 It is the policy of the school to seek to provide all its staff teaching and non teaching with the training necessary to enable them to perform their duties most effectively and improve learning for all pupils In addition the school seeks to provide all staff with opportunities to learn further skills which may help in the achievement of personal and career development goals of all school employees 2 2 In pursuance of this policy it is the school s intention To link with the priorities of the School Development Plan To encourage staff to identify personal departmental and organisational training and development needs To provide the resources to meet these needs internally and externally where possible To use the CDT revised curriculum Professional Review and Staff Development and other team individual requests where they support the School Development Plan priorities to inform training needs Entitlement to Training 3 1 In line with St Joseph s staff induction policy new staff are entitled to an induction process 3 2 Where a staff member has acquired new or additional duties requiring the development of further skills staff should expect to be given training in those skills 3 3 It is the schools expectation that a member of staff will perform his her duties up to the best of his her capabilities Where training is required to support the practice of these duties within the resources made available by the school Western Education and Library Board Department of Education for Northern Ireland the Senior Management Team will endeavour to support and or provide training to enable staff members to carry out their duties most effectively

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Roles and Responsibilities 4 1 It is the responsibility of the individual member of staff to keep the performance of his her duties under review and to identify areas in which additional training would he helpful Individual Staff Plan App 1 4 2 Heads of Departments Heads of Year Co ordinators Heads of School should keep the needs of their management areas under review identifying areas for reassessment or change and advise the needs or appropriate staff training in this area This would include playing an active role in developing team and individual skills through appropriate staff development activities through a formal scheme of staff appraisal or through more informal methods and once identified to bring these needs to the attention of the Senior Teacher Responsibility Staff Development 4 3 The Senior Teacher with responsibility for Staff Development will provide a staff development Action Plan for any given academic year 4 4 The Senior Management Team will have overall responsibility for staff development to build on strengths and take in hand weaknesses Senior Management Team will take measures to identify training needs when staff acquires management or other promotional points and for revised curriculum demands Outcomes of Professional Review and Staff Development Training need to be addressed through provision of formal training or shared practice 4 5 It is responsibility of the Senior Management Team of the school to respond to requests for training and staff development and to seek to meet such requests within the constraints of the budget and in line with the School Development Plan 4 6 Staff development requires evaluation All members of staff should keep a record of their training and a copy should be given to Senior Management Team with responsibility for staff development An application evaluation form is in place for feedback 4 7 Opportunities should be created to disseminate training and evaluate the extent to which this can be implemented to improve practice and make progress Where staff development is considered unsuccessful this should be addressed by Senior Management Team 4 8 It is the function of the Senior Management Team to support and foster individual and departmental training and development initiatives identified with the school In so doing it seeks to move towards the achievement of the full potential of both individuals and departments in the best interests of the school as a whole Staff development can be achieved by 5 1 In service training Internal external 5 2 Individuals may learn through working with others in a coaching mentoring or supported role Staff sharing disseminating good practice 5 3 Developmental programmes leading to career opportunities formal qualifications 5 4 Observation 5 5 Discussions of pupils work results

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Organisation 6 1 The school has appointed a Senior Teacher with special responsibility for the coordination of staff training and development provision within the school A separate member of Senior Management Team in liaison with the Curriculum Advisory Support Service ensures that Newly Qualified Teachers meet the requirements of the Department of Education for Northern Ireland for qualified status 6 2 The Senior Management Team acts as organiser promoter and information centre liaison with departments as organisers and tutors of workshops seminars and other training activities 6 3 The Senior Management Team is the official body charged with the promotion of training across the school Team leaders Head of Departments regularly report to Senior Management Team on training and development activities undertaken by their teams and individuals 6 4 The Senior Management Team will ensure that the requirements of Department of Education for Northern Ireland and Curriculum Council for Examinations and Assessment are met on In service days 6 5 In the pursuance of training activities the Senior Management Team will liaise with Curriculum Advisory Support Service Western Education and Library Board Regional Training Unit Catholic Council for Maintained Schools and other external agencies 6 5 To encourage participation in Higher Education and for staff development that contributes to the work of the school a limited number of bursaries are available annually to the teaching staff Procedures 7 1 Use of application for courses attached sheet App 2 7 2 Approval of training will go through Senior Management Team with final approval from the principal 7 3 Work should be left for classes when absent on In service Training 7 4 An evaluation sheet should be completed on return and given to Senior Management Team for consideration of further or internal dissemination of knowledge and practice 7 5 Regular review meetings to ensure all staff development needs are met Policy Review This policy has been determined by the Board of Governors which said body may approve revisions as necessary and appropriate This policy was agreed on _________________________ It will take effect from _______________________ and will be reviewed two years hence

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APP2 St Joseph s Boys School Achievement for All STAFF DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITY COURSE APPLICATION Name______________________________ Date______________ Title of Course Training and brief detail Date of course_____________________ Duration of course________________________________________________ Is Substitute Cover provided and paid for YES NO How will this activity inform your practice How do you expect this can be used in school ie in Departments Year teams across the curriculum building technical or support areas etc How does this link with School Development Plan your Personal Development Plan Principal Signature __________________________

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St Joseph s Boys School Achievement for All REVIEW OF STAFF DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITY TRAINING Did the activity take place If no please explain YES NO How would you rate the course training on 1 5 scale 1 poor Interest 1 2 3 4 5 Relevance 1 2 3 4 5 Value 1 2 3 4 5 5 excellent Comments What changes in practice do you expect to make as a result of this activity Do you require follow up training support resources Have you spoken to other members of staff team leaders line managers in relation to this material

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APP1 St Joseph s Boys School Achievement for All Staff Development Individual training record Name__________________________________________________ Department_____________________________________________ Area of Responsibility_____________________________________ Training Purpose In Practice Further needs