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A Level Geography at St Ivo Scho

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St Ivo School Geography Department Level 3 AS A Level Geography http www worldwildlife org threats deforestation Head of Geography Mr R Chambers Geography is the subject that holds the key to our future Michael Palin The Department Why Geography We are constantly exposed to geographical issues in everyday life including environmental concerns natural disasters world weather local developments urban and rural change population movements maps and travel It is then not surprising that Geography is a popular option choice at AS and A2 Students are provided with an opportunity to develop an awareness and understanding of the patterns processes and relationships that characterise human and physical environments Traditionally Geography is seen as a bridge between the arts and sciences enabling students to keep their options open Geography also complements many other AS A level subjects These include in particular Sciences Biology Physics and Chemistry History Business Studies and Economics English Mathematics Politics and Ethics Course outline OCR AS A2 GCE Specification Aims of the Course The department intend to follow the OCR Level 3 Advanced GCE A level and Advanced Subsidiary AS from September 2016 this is still subject to accreditation of the specification The new OCR AS A level Geography specifications present a dynamic contemporary and exciting opportunity for students to engage with the Entry Requirements It presents an exciting and fresh approach offering a strong world around them Entry to St Ivo both human and physicalon attitude to learning love of geography well as foundation in Sixth Form is dependent disciplines inspiring a and behaviour as for examination performance asissues that a separate document calledown learning Entry lifelong learning drawing on set out in are relevant to a student s Sixth Form of Requirements available on the school website Students who meet the school entry the subject requirements required for Level 3 courses are accepted although usually students with Fieldwork continues to be very important in the a Grade B or above are best suited to the course delivery of the AS A Level and the specifications have been designed to strengthen geographical and fieldwork skills As such there will be a range of opportunities for students to be involved in a very hands on course in which students will participate in day trips as well as a residential field course The department has a team of 7 specialist Geography teachers We are a Geographical Association Centre of Excellence and also hold the Secondary Geography Quality Mark We have also held the Princes Teaching Institute Geography Mark for the past 2 years in recognition of our commitment to engagement in curriculum improvements and projects to constantly improve subject provision We have two specialist rooms designated solely for sixth form teaching with a range of A level resources available The department has access to the schools well equipped ICT facilities including access to a PC suite located within the department This will support students in accessing ICT to support individual investigations including access to GIS We have our own online portal www geobytes org uk with extensive online support materials to complement courses and providing a gateway to relevant web based resources We also have our own dedicated sixth form twitter feed and a department facebook page keeping students constantly up to date with Geographical news stories and articles and video clips to support their studies The department is well resourced and students are provided with a range of support materials We have a long history in using fieldwork to support AS A level units and put a strong emphasis on the importance of fieldwork in developing geographical understanding Assessment and Deadlines The AS level is a stand along qualification the first assessment of this course will be in June 2017 teaching starting September 2016 This consists of 2 written exams see detailed assessment overleaf The new A level is fully linear so assessment of a students knowledge and understanding takes place at the end of the two years of study The first assessment for Entry Requirements those starting in September 2016 will be June 2018 This consists of 3 written exams and Entry to St Ivo investigation see details overleaf an independentSixth Form is dependent on attitude to learning and behaviour as well as examination performance as set out in a separate document called Sixth Form Entry Requirements available on the school website Students who meet the A C A A Department Successes school entry requirements required for 2015 courses are accepted although Level 3 88 2 41 2 usually students with a Grade B or above are 2014 best suited to the course 91 3 21 7 A Level A2 Exam Results 2012 2015 2013 2012 100 95 2 43 6 57 1 Course details are correct at the time of going to press however may be subject to change on accreditation www geobytes org uk StIvoGeogAlevel StIvoGeography

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St Ivo School Geography Department Level 3 AS A Level Geography Head of Geography Mr R Chambers CONTENT AND ASSESSMENT OVERVIEWS AS Content and Assessment Overview Content Overview Assessment Overview Landscapes and Place Landscape Systems 01 Changing Spaces Making 90 marks Places 2 hour written paper Fieldwork Geographical Skills Optionality Hazardous Earth Geographical Skills 60 of total AS level Geographical debates 02 60 marks 1 hour 30 minute written paper A2 Content and Assessment Overview Content Overview Assessment Overview Physical Systems Landscape Systems 01 Earth s Life Support Systems 72 marks 1 hour 45 minutes written Geographical Skills paper Human Interactions Changing Spaces Making 02 Places 72 marks Global Connections 1 hour 45 minutes written paper Geographical Skills Optionality Hazardous Earth and one other to be decided probably Climate Change or Disease Dilemmas Geographical Debates 03 96 marks 40 of total AS level 24 of total AS level 24 of total AS level 32 of total A level 2 hours 30 minute written paper Geographical Skills Independent Investigation Investigative Geography 04 05 60 marks 20 of total A level The independent investigation is a compulsory part of the A2 course and will consist of a written report which will provide learners with the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills which are applicable not only to study in higher education but also in the world of work and life Course details are correct at the time of going to press however may be subject to change on accreditation www geobytes org uk StIvoGeogAlevel StIvoGeography

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St Ivo School Geography Department Level 3 Supporting Learning Head of Geography Mr R Chambers Fieldwork Fieldwork and geographical skills are fundamental in supporting the teaching and learning of any geography course and at St Ivo we have a strong tradition of fieldwork and practical hands on geography which is given a very high priority within the department Fieldwork effectively enables students to experience at first hand landscapes people places and issues bringing classroom theory to life We endeavour to provide a wide range of experiences as far as is possible within the time constraints of an advanced level course Students are given the opportunity to learn and develop geographical skills and practise observation and the interpretation of geographical features supporting concepts introduced in the classroom whilst providing an enjoyable experience for all As well as utilising fieldwork to contextualise topic specific skills the OCR A Level involves students using geographical and fieldwork skills within their independent investigation In doing so they will acquire the geographical and fieldwork skills to be able to investigate geographical questions and issues Pupils prepare for coastal fieldwork on the N Norfolk Coast Fieldwork Safety Both the school and the department believe that student s safety is of paramount importance at all times A thorough risk assessment is carried out prior to all fieldwork being undertaken and fieldwork is always led by a suitable number of well qualified staff Fieldwork opportunities at AS and A Level Whilst exact fieldwork experiences to support the new specification are yet to be developed they are likely to build on our current experiences offered which include Exploring the Glacial Landscapes of Snowdonia Enhancing Geographical Learning with new technologies In the Geography department we believe that the geography curriculum can be complemented and greatly enhanced with new online technologies As well as access to school facilities for processing and data manipulation the department makes use of GIS and Google Earth We also try and provide students with access to a variety of online learning resources through the use of our GeoBytes online portal www geobytes org uk This has been re launched for September 2015 and a new A Level area is to be created ready for the 2016 teaching of the new A Level This will include revision materials and links to useful materials to support independent study There is also the popular sixth form twitter feed StIvoGeogAlevel a four day residential in Snowdonia coastal studies in North Norfolk urban geography studies in London lectures in association with the University of Cambridge and the local Geographical Association an optional bi annual international geography experience designed to widen students geographical understanding and experience of the world in the past destinations have included Kenya and South Africa GIS Geographical Information Systems Students will explore opportunities and benefits of presenting and analysing geographical data through the use of Geographical Information Systems such as ArcGIS online www geobytes org uk StIvoGeogAlevel StIvoGeography

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St Ivo School Geography Department Level 3 Geography Beyond 00 Head of Geography Mr R Chambers Geography and the World of Work Geography at AS and A Level provides a wide and varied base for entry into university and many practical professions It can be successfully combined with both arts and science subjects as a foundation for higher or ongoing education It is inherently multidisciplinary in a world that increasingly values people who have the skills needed to work across the physical and social sciences Guardian 2015 Opportunities for geography graduates include cartography finance surveying environmental and ecological work teaching and travel and tourism amongst many others Geography provides students with an opportunity not only to develop a detailed subject specific knowledge and understanding but also to develop proficiency in a wide range of transferable skills These skills are applicable to a very wide range of potential career opportunities Transferrable Skills Skills developed on the A Level Geography course include Data gathering and manipulation Enquiry work and decision making Independent research and investigation Statistical Analysis Team Work Report Writing Summarising and synthesising information succinctly Geographic Information Systems and spatial analysis As many employers offer their own specialised training programmes these transferable skills developed during the geography course are seen as very valuable by employers The transferrable skills Geography develops means the list of careers is endless but may include the following News article from The Guardian August 2015 on the value of Geography A Level Geographers are seen as eminently employable Latest statistics show that only 5 8 of geography graduates were still job hunting six months after graduation against an average of 7 3 The Guardian Please do talk to your geography teacher if you have any questions or send us an email Your sixth form options are very important decisions so please ask for any advice if you need ST IVO SCHOOL GEOGRAPHY DEPARTMENT St Ivo School High Leys St Ives Cambridgeshire PE27 6RR Phone 01480 302953 Direct Dial Fax 01480 375444 E mail geography stivoschool org Website www geobytes org uk www geobytes org uk StIvoGeogAlevel StIvoGeography