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Canada, Jamall Stewart 

3rd period, Miss Armstrong 11/30/17


The culture of Canada can be traced back from 1867 during the British north america act. This had allowed the bilingual policy for both french and English. Due to its large population of french speaking residents, one can safely assume the Quebec community will survive In the future. The many languages spoken In Canada are a reflection of the country's long history and colonial roots. This does not include the large number of native languages that can be heard around the country.


The topic sentence of Canada Is foods. The food in Canada Is very diverse in many ways from the united states from Blue Berry Blossom Honey and boar,bison,venison and lamb chops.They even have different game day food which Is caribou, the most expensive food items in Canada in apples,oranges,pasta products,fresh or frozen beef.                                 


Canada loves to celebrate Canadian independence day also known as Canada day.This is a day where Canada was able to unite with others country's to defeat Germany out of the trenches, Canada joined the league of nations as a independent nation, Canada dislikes the united states a little because when they defeated Germany country's were skeptical of how much power the u.s had that's why they made a stronger line of defense, against the united states.This is Canada's 150th birthday as a independent nation and there going to enjoy it.

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