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Stewardship 2020

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Why Commit

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I appeal to you therefore brothers and sisters by the mercies of God to present your bodies as a living sacrifice holy and acceptable to God which is your spiritual worship Romans 12 1 Dear ChuRch I have so enjoyed exploring the question Why Church with you We ve learned how vital it is that we church together By offering our whole selves as a living sacrifice to God churching forms us spiritually into the individuals and the community God created us to be and calls and equips us to God s mission and ministry Our lives are given purpose and meaning as others are drawn into the radically inclusive love of God This must be what Jesus meant when he said I came so that they could live life to the fullest John 10 10 CEB Thank you for your faithful support of our full life together at Westlake United Methodist Church As you prayerfully discern your commitment to Christ and His mission through our church know that our shared ministry is dependent upon the giving of committed churchers like you As you consider the 2020 proposed budget I invite you to re read the Fall Why Church Newsletter It was designed as a narrative of each ministry area our budget funds You will find news of ministry and mission that has changed lives and helped us connect and partner with our Westlake community in new and impactful ways If you no longer have your newsletter you can pick up another copy at the church or read it online at westlake umc org discover wumc Along with this brochure you will find your personal Commitment Card Bring your Commitment Card to Worship on October 27th This will be a time to lift our hearts in gratitude for our churching life together as we offer our commitments to God by placing them on the altar When we come together amazing things truly do happen Together as a community of faith we will bring all that we have to God and continue to be transformed by generosity faith and connection In Christ Pastor Tracey

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Proportional Giving As Christians we understand that everything we have is a gift entrusted to us for the purpose of serving and glorifying God The Bible teaches us to give in proportion to the material blessings God has given us Give in proportion to what you have Whatever you give is acceptable if you give it eagerly And give according to what you have not what you don t have 2 Corinthians 8 11 12 NLT God s desire is for us to be intentional in growing spiritually as Christians One way we do this is by practicing the spiritual discipline of giving Giving proportionally means offering a percentage of our income with the goal of giving the tithe Tithing is giving the first fruits one tenth or 10 of our income to God as we seek to put God first in our lives Annual Income Monthly Gift 12 10 8 5 2 1 40 000 400 333 267 167 67 33 60 000 600 500 400 250 100 50 80 000 800 667 533 334 133 67 100 000 1 000 833 677 417 167 83 150 000 1 500 1 250 1 000 625 250 125 200 000 2 000 1 667 1 333 834 333 167 250 000 2 500 2 083 1 667 1 042 417 208 300 000 3 000 2 500 2 000 1 250 500 250 2020 Budget 1 046 366 l Music 6 68 476 l Worship 27 283 767 l Children 11 110 416 l Youth 13 140 845 l Adult 8 84 346 l Service 8 79 351 previously Outreach l Congregational Care 10 102 262 l Fellowship 3 32 038 l Welcome 2 19 510 l Community Engagement 8 83 970 l Preschool 4 41 385 TOTAL FAMILIES WHO CURRENTLY GIVE 191 74 of all those who currently give submit Commitment Cards 20 000 55 000 7 4 10 000 19 999 14 7 5000 9999 49 26 2000 4999 54 28 0 1999 67 35 WUMC Member Giving Levels

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A Spiritual Practice for Giving Begin with prayer Thank God for your blessings and ask for guidance and discernment Assess your income and giving Determine your current giving as a percentage of your income Set your giving goal by considering the following If you are not regularly giving to your church make a commitment to giving at least 5 per week 20 per month Our goal is 100 participation in giving If you are already giving regularly commit to increasing your giving for 2020 by 1 to 3 of your income as you move toward the goal of giving the tithe 10 of your income If you are giving the tithe thank you for your faithfulness Prayerfully consider increasing your commitment by 1 to 3 to help your church take advantage of the opportunities before us Fill out a 2020 Annual Giving Commitment Card as an expression of your commitment to grow in your faith and generosity Worship with gratitude Bring your completed card to worship on Sunday October 27th As a congregation we will express our gratitude to God and present our cards representing our commitment to God s ministry through our church