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     Rebecca Sugar

      Rebecca Sugar

   By Minseo Roh

    By minseo roh

Introduction to Rebecca Sugar

  Rebecca Sugar is best known for creating the Cartoon Network show Steven Universe. She is the first female solo animator in Cartoon Network's 21 year history. Her show Steven Universe was also one of the best cartoon network TV shows of 2015 according to many websites like The top tens,The odysey online,and more.

    Biography Of Rebecca Sugar

Rebecca Sugar was born on July 9 ,1887 in Silver Spring, Maryland.She had one brother named Steven Sugar.(Yes Steven Universe's main character name was based off of him.) She helped make an episode of Adventure Time in 2010 and made Steven Universe in 2013. Steven Universe is about a boy who lives with aliens called the Crystal Gems. The aliens are named Garnet,Amethyst,and Pearl and they were sent to earth to protect it from their own kind.





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