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Steve Jobs
Early Life and
Born February 24, 1955
Was put up for adoption
After her first choice for an adoptive family fell through, infant Steve Jobs went to
live with Paul and Clara Jobs, in San Fransisco
Was 16 when he began classes at the University of California, Berkeley, and
English classes at Stanford
His Inspirations
When Jobs was two, he was joined by an adopted sister, Patricia. Seeking more space
for their growing family, the Jobs family moved to Mountain View, California in 1961.
In a bigger house, Paul Jobs returned to his hobby of rebuilding cars, constructing a
workbench for his son. Young Steve jobs would help his father rebuild cars as well as
with a wide range of household building and repair projects. These projects would
serve as a background for Jobs’ early interest in electronics, one he shared with the
many engineers who lived in his new neighborhood.
Purpose of Apple
Early on, Jobs had something in the late '70s that nobody else had: The feeling that a
computer didn't have to be used by four or five people in a lab at once and that it could
be used by just one person.
In a section from 1977, Jobs quotes:
“Our whole company is founded on the principle that there is something very different
that happens with one person, one computer ... What we're trying to do is remove the
barrier of having to learn to use a computer.
Impact on Society
When Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone in 2007, it was so different from other devices
that he had to explain what it was. "An iPod. A phone. An internet communicator. This
is one device, and we are calling it iPhone."
It turned out to be very popular and hugely influential. The iPhone transformed the
industry and its mobile platform altogether. It changed the way we go online and it's
transformed Apple, too. Thanks to its worldwide sales Apple is now the world's richest
technology company.
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