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A science, technology, engineering, and math enrichment program for the very young

The Program

STEM Explorers is a laboratory where young children can explore scientific, technological and mathmatical concepts freely, openly and with ceativity. 


The work of childhood involves experimenting, building, dreaming and imagining in an attempt to understand the physical and abstract rules of the universe. This class is designed with this is mind. Each class is designed in the spirit of the innately curious, inquisitive and tenacious child.



Class Structure


Each class begins with an engineering invitation. This might involve building, solving a physical problem or working on long term group engineering effort.


We have a "group think" about our topic. What do we know about it already? What do we want to know about it?


Books, images, art and videos are used to introduce and reinforce new concepts and vocabulary. Lists and diagrams are made by the class, along with at least one hypothosis or question to be answered.


A demonstration is performed to illustrate a concept or idea.


An invitation to experiment with the concept or idea is provided. Children are guided through the process but are in charge of their own learning and exploration of the materials.



Class is 45 minutes long and will begin promptly.


STEM Explorers is offered in semester format. Drop-ins are not permitted so that the class can feel consistent and like a familiar community.


Winter semester: Week of January 4 to Week of March 28th (13 classes), with no class during the week of February 15.


Spring semester: Week of April 11 to week of June 27 (10 classes), with no class the week of April 25.


Price of the semester is TBD based on enrollment and location.

About The Teacher


Mary Bronstein is the co-founder and head teacher at The Playschool, an alternative preschool program in her own community of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. She holds a BFA in theater arts from NYU, a masters degree in child life from Bank Street College of Education and a masters degree in applied child psychology from Columbia University Teachers College. Mary is also the after school enrichment coordinator at The Playschool, where she has created popular and innovative programs in STEM and theater arts. Outside of teaching she writes and publishes academic theory based on her passion for feminist issues.


Mary lives in Williamsburg with her husband and their five-year-old daughter.


An explorer learns about absorption by experimenting with sugar cubes and colored water.

These Explorers are amazed by the results of the closed electrical circuit they just figured out how to create.

Explorers test the theory that air expands when heated.

This paper cylinder is about to take off toward the ceiling!