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St Cecilias College Yr8 Welcome Booklet

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We lc o m e to Ye a r 8We lc o m e to Ye a r 820222022Secondary School of The yearMaking a DifferenceNational BSI AwardWinners for Trust(Inclusion & Diversity Standards)

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School creSt Our crest represents a combination of influences and ideas. The religious and spiritual influence in the design is based on the Madonna and Child paintings. It shows clearly the bond between the two symbols whether it be Mother/Child; Teacher/pupil or an older pupil to a younger pupil.

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Dear Pupil,On behalf of all the staff, we are delighted to welcome you to St Cecilia’s College. This is an exciting and anxious time for you as you leave behind all that has been familiar to you over the past seven years but I want to reassure you that you will settle in quickly and happily to our College. You will be specially looked after by our Sixth Year ‘Guardian Angels’ who will connect with you throughout the year.Our school motto is ‘Aspire Endeavour Achieve’. We ask that you always try your best in everything you do here at St Cecilia’s and we in turn will always do ours. We will recognise and celebrate all your talents and gifts and we will continue the good work of your family, primary school and parish in developing your faith. Each of you will bring something special to our school community and we are looking forward to finding out what that will be! We have provided information in this booklet that will help to answer any questions you may still have about your first year at St Cecilia’s College.We all look forward to meeting you all in September and greeting you as our new Year 8 pupils.Mrs C CurrieSenior Teacher KS3Welcome

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School PrayerAlmighty God, we ask your blessings on the pupils, teachers and all who work in this school.May it be a centre where knowledge and goodness will flourish and where peace will reign.We ask this through your divine Son, his Blessed Mother Mary and our patron saints, St Patrick, St Columba, and St Cecilia.

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November 22nd 2016 saw the launch of our school House System. The aim of the House System is to further build on the effective relationships across the school and to have each pupil be part of a ‘House Family’. “You did not pick the names of local town lands or of colours. Instead you picked Faith, Courage, Peace, Grace and Hope. That speaks of the values and ideals that the school wants to hand on to it’s young people. In a world of very fragile heroes, you invite them to dream of doing beautiful things with their lives and you offer them the vocabulary which will support them in that.”- Bishop Donal McKeownEvery pupil is placed with their Form Teacher in one of five Houses; Courage, Faith, Grace, Hope and Peace. Houses are identifiable by their ties, and each house competes each term to collect the most house points to win a treat for the entire house. Treats could include a house breakfast or a movie afternoon. Points are awarded for kindness, good deeds, manners, participation in after school activities and for representing the school.houSe SyStem

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The House Merit system rewards pupils for different actions throughout the year. Some of these actions include: • Good deeds recorded in Daybook or House Merit Cards • Being an Ambassador for the School • Significant improvement and/or continuous good work ethic • Commitment to Extra Curricular activities, earning points for your House • Top of the Class in Mid-Term Assessment, class tests and reaching termly targets • Exceptional Prefect Duties • Participation in School Show, school visits or other outings • Helping at PTA events, Parents’ Evenings, Assembly, attendance at Open Day • Pupils who have been commended by the public for example: St Vincent de Paul, Young Peoples’ Awards • Kindness to members of staff, other pupils and members of the communityhouSe meritS

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We pride ourselves on being a caring school. St. Cecilia’s College is a happy place, where re-spect for others underpins all our dealings with one another. Our aim is to create an environment where every child feels safe and where everyone can suc-ceed. The welfare of our students is our highest priority.Form TeacherYou and your daughter will develop close links with her Form Teacher as she will meet with her Form Teacher every morning. You can rely on the dedicated and caring support of your daughter’s Form Teacher to comfort, challenge and motivate her through her life at St. Cecilia’s College.Head of YearMiss McGrory’s principle role is to ensure the welfare of the children within her year group. She will guide the academic, social and emotional progress of all the students in her care. Designated TeachersEvery pupil’s safety is paramount at St. Cecilia’s College. You and your daughter will be made aware of the role of the Child Protection Officer Miss O’Sullivan, her deputies and how they can be contacted for support.CounsellorWe have a professional counselling service available one day a week for pupils in need of extra support. Pupils can refer themselves or be referred by a parent or member of staff. We are also the only school to have a qualified CBT practitioner on our staff.Guardian AngelOur ‘Guardian Angel’ team play their part in ensuring a smooth transition from primary to secondary school for our Year 8 pupils. Each Year 8 pupil has her own Guardian Angel. This is a 6th Year pupil committed to helping her ‘little St. Cecilia’s sister’ settle in and find her feet in her new school.School Structure

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• Attend• Be Responsible• Be Punctual• Work Hard• Meet Deadlines• Act Sensibly• Respect Others

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code of conduct A St Cecilia’s pupil will:• Be punctual for morning assembly at 8.50 a.m.• Remain on the school premises from 8.50 a.m. until 3.00 p.m. and attend all the requisite classes unless excused from so doing by the relevant authority.• Complete all class assignments, homework and coursework on time and to the best of their ability.• Treat other people’s property, and the school environment, with respect.• Take proper care of school resources, equipment and furniture in the building. • Wear their uniform with pride, wear one pair of ear studs in each ear and refrain from other piercings. • Have hairstyles and hair colour consistent with school policy.• Respect the authority of all the teaching and support staff as well as that of school transport workers and prefects. • Observe the discipline that is proper to each part of the College or to activities within the College and on school trips, as well as travelling to and from school while in school uniform.• Always respect the health and safety of themselves and others.• Attend school regularly and arrive punctually for school and all classes. • Provide a written explanation of any absence, immediately upon return, signed by a parent, guardian or carer.• Refrain from making appointments during school time when possible and to provide a written note in the daybook in advance explaining the details of any appointments. If such appointments are unavoidable pupils should be collected and signed out, and then returned to school by their parent or other appropriate adult.• Respect the property of fellow pupils, the school and the community.• Use all school equipment in accordance with established guidelines.• Represent St Cecilia’s in any activity, if so requested, and to prepare properly to represent it worthily (unless it is decided otherwise by the College after consultation with a parent/guardian).• Avoid the use of harmful substances including tobacco, e-cigarettes, alcohol, solvents and illicit drugs. • Refrain from any unauthorised selling or buying of merchandise.• Use only the designated areas and designated times for eating and drinking.• Refrain from using a mobile phone whilst inside the grounds of the St Cecilia’s unless under teacher supervision.

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Guidelines: The types of behaviour detailed below are considered serious and unacceptable and will not be tolerated towards any member of the school community. This is in line with the Parental Complaints Policy. Parent/Guardian AgreementRationale:At St Cecilia’s College, we believe staff, parents and children are entitled to a safe and protective environment in which to learn and work. Behaviour that will cause harassment, alarm or distress to school staff or children, is contrary to the aims of the school. Aims: • That all members of the school community treat each other with respect. Expectation: • That adults set a good example to children at all times, showing them how to get along with all members of the school and the wider community • That no members of staff, parents or children are the victims of abusive behaviour or open to threats from other adults on the school premises • Physical attacks and threatening behaviour, abusive or insulting language verbal or written, to staff, governors, parents and carers, children and other users of the school premises will not be tolerated and may result in withdrawal of permission to be on school premises • Any parent who is asked to leave the school premises will have the right to appeal the decision by writing to the Chair of Governors/CCMS. All staff and governors agree that any adult found to be using inappropriate behaviour towards other adults or children should be dealt with using the following steps:An adult approaches another child on the school site.e adult will be spoken to immediately and the issue investigated by the school Principal. e adult will receive a warning letter.A parent approaches another parent on the school site.e parent should report this to a member of sta. e oending parent/s will be spoken to by the Principal as soon as possible aer the incident and reminded that we have a zero tolerance of inappropriate behaviour. A letter will be given to the parent/s. is will inform the parent that if it recurs they could be banned from the school site.A parent approaches a member of sta.is should be reported immediately to the Principal. is will be investigated as soon as possible. e parent/adult will be spoken to and given a warning letter. is warns a parent/s that if it recurs they could be banned from the school site.Recurring inappropriate behaviour.If a parent/s use inappropriate behaviour or language, he/she may be banned from the school site.

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Parent/Guardian AgreementThis is not an exhaustive list but seeks to provide illustrations of such behaviour: • Shouting, either in person or over the telephone • Inappropriate posting on Social Media Platforms which could bring the school into disrepute or be deemed as bullying • Speaking in an aggressive/threatening tone • Physically intimidating, e.g. standing very close • The use of aggressive hand gestures/exaggerated movements • Physical threats • Shaking or holding a fist towards another person • Swearing • Pushing • Racist, sexist, ageist or comments including sexual innuendo.The Board of Governors of St Cecilia’s College considers the use of Social Media Platforms being used in this way as unacceptable and not in the best interests of the children or the whole school community. In the event that any pupil or parent/carer of a child/ren being educated at St Cecilia’s College is found to be posting libellous or defamatory comments on Social Media Platforms, he/she will be reported to the appropriate ‘report abuse’ section of the network site and the relevant authority. The school will also expect that any parent/carer or pupil removes such comments immediately. Additionally, and perhaps more importantly is the issue of cyberbullying and the use by one child or a parent to publicly humiliate another by inappropriate social network entry. We will take and deal with this as a serious incident of school bullying.

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uniform• St Cecilia’s College green school blazer • Green pleated skirt/ green trousers • White long/short sleeved shirt • Bottle green jumper with school crest • Green socks/ Black tights • Black flat shoes, pumps or brogues (No plimsoles, Vans or Converse) • Clip on House Tie (Your daughter will receive her House tie on the last day of Summer School)Uniform stockists:• Max Fashions• Select Kidz

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Pe uniformSt Cecilia’s half-zip• Youth £26.50• Adult £31.50Compulsory • Green St Cecilia’s T Shirt (Included as part of school funds) • Black leggings • Trainers (No Vans, No Converse) • St Cecilia’s half-zip top (Please see next page for instruction on ordering) Optional Items • St Cecilia’s black leggings (Please see next page for instruction on ordering) • St Cecilia’s skinny joggers (Please see next page for instruction on ordering)

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PurchaSing your Pe KitCompulsory Half-ZipWe suggest that parents closely check the sizing of the half-zip during your induction meeting before placing your online order as they cannot be exchanged once purchased. This item can be personalised with pupil initials embroiderd onto them. We will have these samples available at the front office. This part of our school PE uniform is supplied directly by MFC sports and made available through their dedicated online ordering portal. Parents are responsible for ordering this aspect of the PE uniform directly from MFC sports who will deal with all ordering, payment and garment details online. School T-ShirtYour school t-shirt, which is included as part of your school funds, can be collected from the PE department at the begining of the school year.Online ordering portal closes on Tuesday 5th July 2002. Follow the link below to a

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mfc WebSite

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Safety in SchoolJewellerySynthetic braids, extensions or jewellery especially rings, tongue and nose piercings are not permited since they break school health and safety rules.If leaving school earlyYou may only leave school if your parent / guardian collects you in person from the front office. You must have a yellow slip signed by your Form Teacher.HairHair must be tied back at all times this is particularly important in practical subjects such as Technology, PE, Home Economics. Art and Science.FootwearYou must wear flat black shoes. Please do not buy shoes with high heels, plimsoles or Vans.

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child Protection

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getting Started School Fund £35 This includes • All Text Books• Stationery • Daybook • PE T Shirt• House Tie Mathematics Requirements: Scientific calculator – CASIO FX83Home Economics £8 (Compulsory) Art Pack £15 (Compulsory)• A4 Sketchpad• Watercolour paints with paintbrush • HB and 2B pencil • Colouring pencils (set of 12) • Eraser• Sharpener • Plastic Ruler • Scissors • Oil pastels • Glue Stick• Clip Folder with handle

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tyPical School day• 8.20am - Breakfast Club in restaurant • 8.50am – Assembly in the MPH and registration with Form Teacher in Form Class • 9am - start of today’s classes ( Periods 1&2) • 10.15am -10.25am Break-time • 10.25am– 12.20pm classes (periods 3-5) • 12.20pm - LUNCH – restaurant/ lunch room What can we do at lunch? • Lunch clubs/art club/ playing outside • 1pm Classes resume (periods 6-8) • 3pm Home Time or After School Activities Some of our after school activities available from Monday – Thursday 3.00pm– 4.15pm Dance, Drama, Netball, Sports, Gaelic , Choir, Football, Gymnastics, Street Dance, Jazz Band, Irish Traditional Band

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SCHOOL TRANSPORT2022-2023Below are the designated bus routes for your school busJ and K Coaches EA BusBus 17.48 Madamsbank Rd Steelstown Bus stop7.50 Fernabbey7.52 Skeoge7.54 Leafair7.56 Shantallow Shops8.00 Opposite Greenhaw Primary School (Racecourse Rd)8.02 Carnhill Estate8.05 Brookdale Bus stop8.07 White Chapel Ulsterbus8.09 Moss Park Bus Stop8.11 College Glen8.13 Northland Road8.15 Glen Road8.30 St Cecilia’s College8.00 Templeard8.05 Culmore Point8.10 Elmvale8.15 BrookhillUlsterbus7.50 Woodbrook8.00 Ballymagroarty8.07 HazelbankUlsterbus service will be avail from1st September.J and K Coaches FaresBus 1 & Bus 2 (J and K Coaches)Bus 28.00 Crescent Link Bus Stop(McDonalds)8.03 Crescent Link Bus stop8.08 Top of the Hill(Strabane old road bus stop)8.10 Corrody Road8.12 Opposite Spar Shop Trench RD8.15 Shepherd’s Glen Bus Stop8.20 Abercorn Road (beside garage)8.35 St Cecilia’s College£2.00 return£1.50 singletranSPort

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tranSPortAfter School TransportAfter School Activities nish at 4.15pm, Monday to Thursday. We provide transportation for all pupils who avail of these activities to anywhere in the city.Parking and Collecting • Our school uses separate gates for pedestrians and vehicles. Be careful of traffic at all times when entering and leaving the school grounds. • Please enter and exit the school by the rear doors of the building. • Your parent/guardian should leave you off at school before 8.50am and collect you after 3p.m. • All visitors should report to Reception via the main entrance. • A parent/guardian who is picking you up from the school should park in the designated areas at the side of the main building.

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At any stage you can see your daughter’s attendance live using the Sims app and every month the students are made aware of their attendance percentage. The girls discuss this with their Form Tutor and decide whether their attendance is on target or in need of improvement. The girls can note their attendance in their day books.A school year is very short and every day missed results in your daughter missing eight lessons. Over the last few years, our time in school has been disrupted resulting in pupils forced to spend additional time working from home. This time at home has helped us all recognise that time in school is precious. Absence from school and lateness to school can have a negative effect on a student’s educational progress, achievement and employment prospects. Therefore, daily attendance and excellent punctuality is our goal for all students.Here are some of the key reasons why it is so important children attend school: • To learn• To make new friends• To experience new things in life• To develop new skills• To gain qualifications• To build confidence and self-esteem• To have the best possible start in life How can you support your daughter in this move to secondary school (transition): • Helping her to be organised for school each day (guide her in reading her timetable and organising the necessary books, equipment and PE kit).• Making sure she gets screen free time and a good night’s sleep.• Ensure that she arrives punctually every day at 8.45am. • Ensuring that she is only absent from school if she is really unwell.• Checking and signing her daybook and encouraging that all homework is recorded and completed the day it is given. • Taking an interest in what she is doing in school and encourage her to get involved in extra-curricular activities.• Monitoring social media. • Contacting her form tutor if you have any concerns.attendance

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• Our school restaurant is open from 8.20am until 8.45am for breakfast club. • Our restaurant uses a biometric (fingerprint) cashless system and you can add money to your account using parent pay or one of the machines in school. • Students who are eligible for free school meals will automatically have £2.80 per day (to be confirmed) added to their account each day. • We are an environmentally friendly school and we encourage all our students to bring a reusable bottle with them to fill throughout the day using the water fountains throughout the school. • In the restaurant you may choose from a varied menu of hot and cold food such as soups, stews and curries, sandwiches, paninis and wraps. • Year 8 students who bring a packed lunch to school, eat it in the restaurant. c reStaurant

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Here in St Cecilia’s we provide a wide range of programmes and activities that pupils participate in before school, during lunchtime, after school and in the evenings.Here are a few programmes that are offered:• Art • Athletics • Band • Camogie • Choir • Creative Writing • Dance • Drama• Early morning swimming • Gaelic • Lego Club• Lunch Club• Netball We work very hard to ensure that pupils participate in as many after school activities and programmes as possible. We offer after school transport to any location in the City at 4.15pm Monday to Thursday. Pupils must sign into the after school transport book each day they require transport. This book is available in the Library.extended SchoolS

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tranSition to Secondary School Transition How can you support your daughter in this move to secondary school: • Helping her to be organised for school each day (guide her in reading her timetable and organising the necessary books, equipment and PE kit). • Making sure she gets screen free time and a good night’s sleep. • Ensure that she arrives punctually every day at 8.45am. • Ensuring that she is only absent from school if she is really unwell. • Checking and signing her daybook and encouraging that all homework is recorded and completed the day it is given. • Taking an interest in what she is doing in school and encourage her to get involved in extra-curricular activities. • Monitoring social media. • Contacting her form tutor if you have any concerns.

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Where at all possible, parents should avoid coming to the school without an appointment. Instead we ask that you ring ahead to the school office and seek an appointment at a time when the member of staff you wish to speak with is free. This avoids any interruptions to teaching and learning as teachers cannot leave class for meetings.Please ring the school, leave a message with our reception team giving a brief outline of the issue and the member of staff will call you back as soon as they can. It is reasonable that this call may come the next day (for example, some staff teach all day without a break and then may have a meeting/a personal appointment/child care arrangement after school). Alternatively, you can leave a note in your daughter’s day book requesting a call back. NB: Where parents feel their complaint/concern is of a very serious nature, or relates to the health, safety and/or well being of a young person, they should make contact with the Designated Teacher for Child Protection or Vice Principal.if you have concernS

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f.a.c.tF.A.C.T with St Cecilia’s College support have a family support worker based in the school who offers support both on a 1 to 1 basis.F.A.C.T offers families a listening ear, support and guidance and help with connecting families with their communities.F.A.C.T’s aim is to bring the best out in your child both in school and at home, which we aim to achieve through a wide range of support and advice to help them reach their goals.If you would like to have a chat with one of the F.A.C.T team about the types of support that we offer during and after transition, please contact us (028) 71 365330 or (028) 71 281800.We want to wish your daughter good luck with her new school journeyFamilies Achieving Change Togetheris will take place over three days from Monday 22nd to Wednesday 24th August.Your daughter will get to meet sta, fellow pupils from her year group and take part in fun activities. Children will need to bring a mid-morning snack and a lunch each day.Please note there will be a nominal cost of £5.00 to cover the various activities. is payment can be made via Parent Pay. 9.45am – 2.30pm Monday 22nd to Tuesday 23rd August in St Cecilia’s College9.30am – 12.30pm Wednesday 24th August in Brunswick Moviebowl one big Summer School

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SimS Parent aPPDear Parent / GuardianWe have recently launched our SIMS Parent App. We will be using SIMS Parent to share information with you about your child’s school life. You can access the system from a smartphone, tablet or PC – anytime, anywhere. What will you find in the SIMS Parent App: • Important information such as attendance and timetables• School term, inset dates and contact details available at the click of a button• Access your child’s school report• Receive notifications to remind you about important information such as key dates for your diary • Access to update your contact details, so we always have the most up-to-date information in case of an emergency • If you have more than one child at school, you’ll have access to information for all your children, from the same app. The information that you receive through the app will help you to stay up-to-date with your child’s school life as well as support your child’s development and progress. GETTING STARTED WITH THE SIMS PARENT APP: 1. We will send you an activation email, simply click on the link from your tablet, PC or smartphone to activate your account. 2. You can then login using your normal Facebook, Twitter, Google or Microsoft username and password. 3. From your smartphone or tablet, download the app from the Google Play or Apple App store - search for SIMS Parent. 4. From a PC or Windows phone, login online at Please note that your activation email is unique to you and should not be used by anyone else. If you require an additional login then please contact school. Your activation email will expire after 14 days if it is not used, please contact school if you require a replacement after this date.Yours sincerely,Transition Team

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your firSt dayItems to bring with you:• A healthy snack for break • Money for the cashless catering system or a packed lunch • A bag in which to carry all your books, stationary and pencil case • Your St Cecilia’s water bottle (you will get this during summer scheme)On your first day in St Cecilia’s, Year 8 and Year 13 students will be the only students on campus.• You will get to meet your Form teacher and the rest of your form class. • You will also get the opportunity to meet and get to know your Year 13 Guardian Angel.You will have ample opportunity to look around the school and familiarise yourself with your new surroundings. Year 8 form teachers and your Guardian Angels will help you find your way, so there is no need to feel anxious about getting lost. On your arrival: 31st August 2022 • Prefects will meet and guide you and your parents into the assembly hall • 8.50 am Principal will welcome Year 8 in the assembly hall • At the end of Assembly, you will be accompanied by your Form Teacher and prefects to your form room • Getting to know your form class activities • Break -time • Guardian Angels introduction • School photographs and biometrics • Get your new timetable and take a tour of the school, you will be finished at 12noon. *Please note there are no buses available on your rst day on 31st August *

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guardian angelS • The Guardian Angels are Year 13 pupils who meet with you weekly. During this time you will have the opportunity to chat with your Guardian Angel and seek advice if you have any problems. On your first day you will be presented with your Guardian Angel Badge which you will wear during your time at St Cecilia’s College. The aim of the Guardian Angel System is to:• Help you make friends with your peers and older girls at the school. • Encourage and guide you to achieve your potential.

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timeline of Key dateS21st May 22 You will receive your acceptance letter and welcome pack 6th JuneInvitation for sims app registration will be sent via email6th JuneInvitation for Parent Pay registration will be sent via email9 & 10th June 1:1 Induction meetings in the college (date and time of your meeting has been sent to you)13th June New Year 8 pupils will visit the college for workshops and a short assessment/test22nd – 24th August Summer School hosted in the college 31st August First day as a St Cecilia’s pupilKey dates and information Over the next few weeks we will be in contact to assist your daughter through the transition into secondary school. Below are some key dates and information about each stage of the transition process.

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Bligh’’s Lane, Derry,Northern Ireland, BT48 9PJT: 028 71281800E: o stceciliascollegederry