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St Cecilia's College Openday 2022

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Firstly, I would like to say how disappointing it is that we cannot welcome you to ourschool in person. We LOVE Open Day. Every year we throw our doors open and welcome hundreds of P6 and P7 girls in to our school and every year we get the mostamazing feedback. Pupils and parents talk of the atmosphere in the school, how warm andinviting it is. They talk about the relationships between our pupils and our staff, betweenour junior and senior pupils and between colleagues. St. Cecilia’s College is a truly specialplace to visit. In such uncertain times and as things continue to change, we have had to quickly thinkabout how best to let you see our school. We have therefore created a number ofopportunities which we hope will give you a sense of what it means to a part of the St.Cecilia’s family. This booklet will allow you to explore different departments within theschool. There are parents and pupils telling you a little about their experiences also.Our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages are a true reflection of our school, pleaseexplore the posts, videos, messages and celebrations . We are extremely proud of ourschool and how we have continued to thrive in 2021, this is captured beautifully on all oursocial media platforms.We have a number of promotional videos that can be accessed on our website. and withinthis virtual booklet Our school prospectus is available to view online also. Have a browse through at your leisure.Our Principal’s Address by Mrs Mulhern is on our Facebook page and will take you throughour new admissions criteria.If, after all of this, you have a question for us then please get in touch! You can: Email the school address DM the school’sFacebook page @stceciliascollegederryRing the school on (028) 71 281 800 and ask for a member of the senior team to contactyou.Welcome

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Names of teachers in your department: Catherine McGlincheyLesley Anne McGrorySubjects on offer:KS3 Art & DesignKS4 Fine ArtTextile DesignKS5 Fine ArtTextile DesignBest thing about the department? Art generates a love of learning and creativity. It develops the brain and helpsprepare students for the future by:• Teaches problem solving• Supports emotional intelligenceART & DESIGN

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BUSINESS STUDIESNames of teachers in your department: Mrs Juliette BarberMr Declan HegartyMrs Mary Jo O’CarolanSubjects on offer:KS3: Year 10 Enterprise/Business KS4: CCEA GCSE Business Studies CCEA GCSE Business and Communication Systems KS5: CCEA A-Level Professional Business Services Business Studies helps students to develop a lifelong interest in the world of business. They will be inspired, moved andchanged by following an exciting, enjoyable and worthwhile course. Students are given the opportunity to visit localbusinesses and will be involved in various business projects with outside organisations.Students will learn to apply skills that will benefit them in everyday life and in any career path they follow, for examplecarrying out research, working with others, proposing a business strategy or solution, understanding the role andviewpoints of a range of stakeholders in a business decision, and using financial information to make and justify adecision. Many St Cecilia’s students are top business women in this city, in N. Ireland and beyond.The Business Studies department is firmly committed to high expectations and classroom practice to ensure pupils enjoyrich learning experiences in a positive environment. The department actively encourages entrepreneurship and in 2020we set up a Young Enterprise Company “Green Defenders” The students (Company Shareholders/Directors) successfullydesigned and personally illustrated an educational storybook for children to learn about the importance of ClimateChange, “The Adventures of Globert”.The “Adventures of Globert” was a huge success with local primary schools buying class sets for primary 2/3 groups.The company continued to live up to its environmental objectives by planting trees in a local community park.

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BUSINESS STUDIES “Green Defenders’ went onto to win FOUR Awards at the North West Young Enterprise Company of Year competition: BestDigital Presence, Highest Sales, Learning and Development Award and Best Overall Company. But it didn’t stop there theywent on to become Runners Up in the NI YE Company of the Year 2020. Through this experience students enhanced theirskills in teamwork, communication, resilience, problem solving, organisation, financial capability, confidence and overalltheir entrepreneurial ability. We have recently introduced an Enterprise course in Year 10. This gives all students the opportunity to gain an insight intohow Business activity affects the daily lives of all people, as they work, spend, save, invest, travel, and play. This course willhelp students to see the importance of developing communication skills, marketing, budgeting and developingentrepreneurial skills. This could be the inspiration students need to be the next Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook).

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CEIAGDEPARTMENTMs Conaty has been a careers leader at St Cecilia’s College since 2005, co-ordinating a whole school approach toCEIAG at St Cecilia’s College. Recently Ms Conaty was awarded the UK Careers Champion Award in 2020, rewardingthose who make a difference in Careers Advice and Guidance. We are the only school in our City that has invested ina full time, fully qualified careers advisor.The CEIAG Department at St Cecilia’s College has won the Irish News “Careers Inspiration” WEA Award 4 times. The CEIAG Department is committed to providing all students with a planned programme of careers educationactivities throughout their school career, with opportunities at key transition points to access impartial informationand expert advice and guidance from Ms Conaty, Head of CEIAG Department.

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DANCEName of teacher/s in your department:Mrs Audrey O’ Donnell (Head of Department)Subjects on offer:KS3 DanceKS4 DanceKS5 DanceBest thing about the department?You get to work with professional dance companies.We get to attend workshops with West End shows.You get the chance to perform at many different events across Northern Ireland.We have an outstanding Dance studio.Did you know?That many famous actors/ dancers have studied Dance at St. Cecilia’s College:Saoirse – Monica Jackson: Derry Girls (2018), The Five (2016) and Finding You(2021)Pauline Hutton: Five Minutes of Heaven (2009), This Is My Father (1998) andOmagh (2004).Judith Roddy: Derry Girls (2018), The Fall (2013) and Rig 45 (2018).Cyra Taylor: Currently Dancing in Lord of the Dance (2019 to present).We offer after school Dance Club and Street Dance.Extracurricular dance classes in contemporary, street and Irish Dance

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DRAMABest thing about the department?We are simply amazing. Some of the today’s most famous actors have been taught by the Drama Department atSt. Cecilia’s College. Not only can we pride ourselves in having taught two Derry Girls stars Jamie-Lee O’ Donnell(Michelle) and Saoirse-Monica Jackson (Erin), we have also taught the highly acclaimed theatre actor JudithRoddy and great actors like Janie Doherty and Shannon Wilkinson. Our standards are high and we have a strong, encouraging work ethic. We consistently attain higher than NIaverage scores at exam level. We create opportunities for pupils to explore the world around them now and in the past, from Greek Theatre(441 BC) to the Future (TBC…..). Over the years we have built strong links with outside agencies such as thePlayhouse, Bruiser Theatre company, Millennium Forum and non-theatrical groups like the Free Derry Museum,Holywell Trust, the Human Library and the Nerve Centre. Our involvement in workshops from practitionersensure that our pupils have an insight into the working lives of those who work in the creative industries andeducation.The day to day activities in the Drama Room provide an important environment for play, for developinginterpersonal skills, for nurturing empathy and for encouraging our young people to find their voices. Yourimagination grows new branches here, where the spirit of creativity gives it the space it needs and the support itgets gives it strong, resilient roots. Names of teachers in your department:Ms Greta McTague (Head of Department)Mrs Catherine CurrieSubjects on offer:KS3: Performing ArtsKS4: GCSE Drama and BTEC Performing ArtsKS5: GCE A Level Drama and Theatre Studies

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ENGLISHNames of teachers in your department:Mrs Janita Murray (Acting Head of Department)Mrs Susan Parlour (Head of Department)Mrs Tanya WakeleyMrs Catherine CurrieMiss Cheryl CarsonMrs Jacqueline BradyMr Daniel GaviganSubjects on offer:KS3: EnglishKS4: English, English LiteratureKS5: English LiteratureThis year, we have also hosted local poet Julie Ann Campbell, The Derry Playhouse, Theatreof Witness and local writer Felicity Mc Call to ignite interest and inspire our Girls in Green touse their voices creatively and convincingly.Our budding writers are also nurtured and given a platform in our school newsletter and ourcreative writing group. While extra opportunities are also offered in small group literacy support to ensure ALL OURGIRLS IN GREEN become confident, passionate and articulate young people who read, writeand speak with clarity and confidence!

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GEOGRAPHYNames of teachers in your department: Mrs Davina Talbot (Head of Department) Mrs Cheryl RaineyMr Chris McMenamin Mrs Charlene McNultySubjects on offer: KS3: GeographyKS4: GeographyKS5: GeographyBest thing about the department? Geography is such a popular subject among pupils because of its variety. Fieldwork, outdoor lessons,using ICT, teamwork and insights into topical human, physical and environmental issues are just someof what to expect in the subject. Every lesson is different from learning about volcanic eruptions toinvestigating why it always rains in Ireland! Drawing diagrams, analysing maps and graphs, watchingdocumentaries or creating presentations/newspaper reports are what our Geographers get up to. Thesubject will foster respect for the planet and the people within it. Did you know? We offer Geography at A-Level and have an Environmental Club. Our dream is to organise aGeography fieldtrip to Iceland soon! Study Geography at GCSE and then A Level and that dream maycome to fruition!

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HISTORY & POLITICS Year 8: The Middle Ages: What is History? How and Why did the Normans Conquer the British Isles? The Black Death: what can we learn about public health from past pandemics? Year 9: Early Modern Europe and Ireland: Why did Europeans begin to explore in the 15th and 16th Centuries? What was life like for enslaved Africans? Why did the Christian Church split in the 16th Century? What were the Ulster Plantations? Why was Derry the centre of one of Europe’s biggest wars in the 17th Century?Year 10: Modern History: Total War: Why did Europe go to War in 1914? How did women get the right to vote? Why was Ireland divided in the 1920s? Why did Europe go to War AGAIN in 1939? Why was the 20th and 21st Century so troublesome? Students take part in a range of activities such as historical field studies and class debates. Students will complete site studies of the Derry Walls and attend the Siege and Tower Museum aswell as opportunities to go to Belfast, Stormont and Dublin. Names of teachers in your department: Mr C Rodgers (Head of Department)Mr A McAteer Subjects on offer: GCSE HistoryA-Level HistoryA-Level Government and Politics

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KS4: We follow CCEA GCSE History·Year 11: Life in Nazi Germany, 1933-45 and Changing Relations: Northern Ireland and its neighbours 1965-98Year 12: International Relations, 1945-2003KS5: Students follow CCEA GCE History·Year 13: Unit 1: Germany 1919-45·Year 13 Unit 2: Russia 1914- 41·Year 14: A21 Clash of Ideologies in Europe 1900-2000 ·Year 14: A22 the Partition of Ireland. KS5: Politics Students follow CCEA GCE Government and Politics·Year 13 Government and Politics of Northern Ireland·Year 13: the British Political Process·Year 14: Government and Politics of the USA and Political PowerBest thing about the department? Our students. Our students love of History is what drives us. History has become one of the most popularoption subjects in recent years and we love to get student feedback on what we are learning and theirenjoyment of it! Did you know? History Graduates tend to do a Master’s or a Post Graduate to go on and qualify as Solicitors, Teachers, SocialWorkers and Accountants. Its one of the most prestigious subjects with some of the best recruitment figuresafter University. HISTORY & POLITICS

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Names of TeachersMiss Margaret Rogers (Head of Department)Mrs Susan Deery (Technician) Subjects on offerKS3: Home EconomicsKS4: GCSE Home Economics: Child DevelopmentKS4: GCSE HospitalityKS5: Hospitality Best thing about the department The Home Economics and Hospitality department not only prepares you for your examinations, butalso provides you with life skills to become an independent young lady. You will have weekly HomeEconomics lessons which are active, engaging and relatable to everyday living. You will partake inregular cookery lessons building up not only your skills but also your confidence, your independenceand your ability to problem solve and make decisions about your learning and your future.We are previous winners in Dairy Council and Irish News/Mount Charles Young Chef competitions.We also have trained many staff in our local hospitality industry and hope to inspire and continue todevelop more employees in the hospitality industry. HOME ECONOMICS

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HOME ECONOMICSLook how the HE department has changed!!

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ICTName of teachers in your department:Mrs Jacinta Hardy (Head of Department)Mrs Marie PattonMs Clare CoyleAll learners acquire appropriate skills, capabilities, dispositions for lifelong learning and the skills tobecome a global digital citizen. They will be able to use information effectively; adapt to changingworkplace and environments; and keep abreast of technological advances through the transformativeand innovative use of technology in and beyond the classroom. With over 450 computing devicesacross the school in every department every pupil has the opportunity to engage be inspired andachieve.Department Highlights100% of A Level pupils received A-C in Cambridge Technicals ICT with 19 of them receiving an A*!100% of GCSE OCN Information Technology Applications pupils received Grade B92% of GCSE Occupational studies ICT students achieving and A-C grade.80% A* to C in Digital Technologywhich suits their aspirations and ability.

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ICTThroughout The YearCollaboration with LYIT in Teaching Programming at A levelThis year, students from the Year 13 ICT class undertook a unit - Systems Programming, from theCambridge Technical A Level qualification in collaboration with the Letterkenny Institute ofTechnology. On a weekly basis, two visiting lecturers Gary Cullen and John from the Institute came toSt Cecilia’s to introduce App Inventor software and programming language.Collaboration Between MTech and Year 10 ICT pupils.In collaboration with MTech business partners, one Year 10 ICT class undertook a year-long projectevery week during their ICT class, where the CEO from MTech, Diane Morrow in conjunction with ICTand Business departments, investigated smart solutions to everyday problems.

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LEARNING FOR LIFE & WORK Learning for Life and Work (LLW) it involves pupils completing learning activities threedistinct strands:1. Citizenship which explores issues such as racism, democracy and how to be an informedand active citizen.2. Employability including how to be an entrepreneur and how best to prepare yourself forfuture jobs. This strand has been devised specifically by heads of business and education.3. Personal Development which helps us to understand ourselves and relationships. Thisaims to promote a healthy, managed and realistic life essential for a successful future.All students have some experience of this subject, which has been designed to be bothrelevant and to incorporate new active learning strategies. This means that LLW oftenincludes group work, informal activities and discussions. Pupils have reflected that theirLLW lessons have been both useful and fun.Another focus of LLW is to develop links with the world around us. LLW pupils can see theimportant role that they have to play in society and so facilitating a development ofstrategies to make a positive difference to the world around us. Students also studyEntrepreneurship as a separate subject in Year 10.Assistance is given to students in choosing GCSE and A Level options in Year 10 and Year12 in discrete Careers lessons.

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Names of teachers in your department:Mr Brian Rogan (Head of Department)Miss Christina QuigleyMrs Maoiliosa McCabeMr Kevin O’ConnorMr Dermott O’KaneMr Martin WallsSubjects on offer:KS3 MathematicsKS4 GCSE MathematicsGCSE Further Mathematics KS5AS Level MathematicsA-Level MathematicsBest thing about the department?We have very high expectations of all our pupils and we endeavour to make sure that all our girlsachieve their full potential in mathematics.Did you know?In a room of 23 people there’s a 50% chance that two people have the same birthday.MATHS

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Names of teachers in your department:Miss Catriona Toland (Head of Department)Mrs Angela Carlin andMrs Bernadette Ó MianáinSubjects on offer:KS3 French, Irish and SpanishKS4 French, Irish and SpanishKS5 French, Irish and Spanish through FLCBest thing about the department?Outstanding GCSE ResultsLanguages are more than school subjects we have lots of activities all year roundEuropean Day of LanguagesFrench PlaysSpanish PlaysEuro QuizSeachtain na GaeilgeCéilíVisit to Irish-medium Primary SchoolsLunch at the Cultúrlann CaifeSchool trips to Spain, France, Italy, Germany, BelgiumDid you know?We are the only all-ability secondary in Derry to offer all three languages at GCSE.MODERN LANGUAGES

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Our award winning choirInstrumental lessons every week such as ukulele, piano, drums, strings, woodwind and brass, guitarand singing.Jazz bandIrish traditional groupGreen Lounge Studio sessions for all agesSchool shows every 2 years.School orchestraNames of teachers in your department:Miss Helen McConnell (Head of Department)Mr Ryan QuinnSubjects on offer: Music and Performing ArtsKS3: Fun practical topics such asFilm music, Musicals, Rock n Rolland African music. Use of instruments in the classroom such as keyboard, ukuleles and djembe drumsKS4: CCEA GCSE Music & BTEC Music Tech Award in Music PracticeKS5: A level MusicA Level Performing ArtsBest thing about the department?Did you know?•We currently have 124 pupils taking part in instrumental lessons every week!MUSIC

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Watching the girls coming out of their comfort zone and challenging themselves. Nurturing and developing talent.Boosting self-esteem.We offer a wide range of extra-curricular sport 6 days a week.We have 100% A*-C pass rate at GCSE.We are currently Northern Ireland U17 Football champions.Names of teachers in your department:Ms Gemma Thompson (Head of Department)Mrs Joanne NichollCoaches:Jim Herron, Shauna Mullan., Ciara McGurkSubjects on offer:KS3- 8 weeks of swim lessons (yr8)1 PE lesson a weekKS4 – CCEA GCSE Physical EducationOCN Level 2 Certificate in SportBTEC Level 2 SportKS5 – BTEC Level III in SportBest thing about the department?We promote psychological well-being.We develop social skills, confidence, contributingto academic performance and mental health.Did you know?In 2018, 25 pupils including staff travelled to Birmingham to spectate at the World Indoor AthleticsChampionship. The girls met a number of Elite athletes (medal winners) and coaches!Our Swim team have won the Intermediate cup at the North West swimming gala the past two years!Our U16 Gaelic Team have reached the final of the Erne Cup PHYSICAL EDUCATION

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RELIGIOUS EDUCATIONNames of teachers in your department:Mrs Martina Davidson (Head of Department)Mrs Jennifer KearneySubjects on offer:KS3 Religious EducationKS4 GCSE Religious EducationOCN level 2 Award in Religious EducationKS5 A Level Religious StudiesBest thing about the department?It is more than just an academic subject. You discover the key to living a full, purposeful, joyfullife by following Jesus. You grow to know and to love Jesus. You will learn that the spirit of God lives inand you were created by God to spread the love of God throughout the world. You will learn that as achild of God you are precious, unique, important, good and sacred in the eyes of God.Did you know?Did you know that the amazing Sister Clare Crockett was a St Cecilia’s girl.

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Names of teachers in your department:Mrs Paula McLarnon (Head of Department)Mrs Alison DaltonMs Charlene McNulty,Mrs Patricia KerrMr Simon GillMr Kevin LaffertySubjects on offer:KS3: Biology, Chemistry and PhysicsKS4: GCSE Double Award Science, GCSE Single Award Science and OCN Level 2 Certificate in AppliedScience.KS5: A Level Double Award Life and Health Science.Best thing about the department?The Science teachers love Science! It is a big part of our lives and we enjoy reading about it, telling jokesabout it and finding fun ways to make it enjoyable for our pupils.Did you know?Many of the Science teachers have worked in Science based jobs before becoming teachersso they have practical experience in a range of area that will benefit pupil learning.We offer a number of qualifications to ensure that pupils of all abilities can achieve inScience.SCIENCE

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TECHNOLOGY & DESIGNNames of teachers in your department:Mr Gareth Haughey (Head of Department)Mr Connor McClaffertyMr Connie Taylor (Technician)Subjects on offer:KS3 Technology and DesignKS4 Technology and DesignKS5 Technology and DesignBest thing about the department?St. Cecilia’s College Technology and Design department is a National and International award winning departmentthat specializes in Product Design and Engineering. We have won many competitions including the F1 in schoolsIrish and UK championships, F24 All Ireland racing car championships and many more.Our students study Technology and Design at both GCSE level and A level and we have had many students whohave studied university courses in engineering, architecture and product design, to name a few.We have a very well equipped department with two ICT suites. We have 3 workshops that are equippedwith thelatest CNC technology including 3D printers, laser cutters and CNC routers.Did you know?Our students consistently achieve well above theUK average at both GCSE and A level.

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TESTIMONIALS "My Favourite thing aboutSt Cecilia's College isDance! I use my danceclass techniques in class.""My Favourite thing aboutSt. Cecilia's College is beingpart of the St Cecilia'sFamily.""My Favourite thing about St.Cecilia's College is Art. I lovebeing creative and the Artdepartment is so relaxing."

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