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St Benedict's College Prospectus 2021

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Contents:Principal’s Welcome 2Our Identity and Aims 4Year 8 Transition 6Our Curriculum Offer 8GCSE - Exam Success 10Careers Education,Information and Guidance 10Pastoral Care 11Special Educational Needsand Inclusion 12Student Leadershipand Student Voice 13Extra-Curricular Activities 14Sport 15Our Partners 16Voice of a Past Pupil 18Admissions Criteria 20Our Primary School Partners 21School Management Informationon Back Cover“I really like St. Benedict’sbecause everyone has made mefeel very welcome. The teachersare all very nice and helpful. Myfavourite subjects are Maths andP.E. P.E because I love fitnessand sport and Maths because itcan be challenging and I likechallenges. We get achievementpoints and rewards for goodattendance and work.My sister inspired me to go toSt. Benedict’s and I’m so gladI did.”Shauna McCannst benedicts 2021:Layout 1 27/01/2021 15:42 Page 2

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1“I wanted to go to St. Benedict’s because my Dad is a teacher there.My sister goes there and I had lots of friends moving there too.When I arrived in September I felt happy but nervous. Now that I’ve completedmy first term I feel much better because I have met new people and new teachers.The teachers are all very nice. My best moment was when I won an award in class.It made me feel proud.”Marty Bonnesst benedicts 2021:Layout 1 27/01/2021 15:53 Page 3

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2Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,I am delighted to welcome you to St. Benedict’s College. I hope ourprospectus will give you an insight in to the excellent educationalexperience we offer.St. Benedict’s is a non-selective, all ability, co-educational CatholicCollege that welcomes, respects and values all of its students.We have high standards for all and are committed to the deliveryof academic excellence. This can be seen in our excellentexamination results at GCSE. We provide a broad, balanced andrelevant curriculum which meets the varied needs and aspirationsof our students. Through our curriculum delivery we ensure that allour students are positively engaged in their learning and areempowered to reach their full potential. Students are also giventhe opportunity to develop, deepen and refine their knowledge,skills and personal capabilities. As an 11 to 16 provider we ensureour students are provided with clear curriculum pathways to Post16 study, training or employment.We pride ourselves on the excellent Pastoral Care delivered in theCollege. Our students are at the centre of everything we do. We havehigh expectations and aspirations for all our students and wechallenge, nurture and support our young people to learn and toachieve.We strive to develop our students’self-esteem and self-beliefthrough the development of positive and respectful relationships.Our dedicated, experienced and hardworking staff work tirelessly toremove any barriers to children’s learning and success.St. Benedict’s offers an extensive range of extra-curricular activitiesand enrichment opportunities. All of which aim to discover andnurture individual student’s talents and abilities. They providestudents with opportunities to build friendships and experiencenew things. Students and their parents also benefit from a diverseand innovative Extended School’s Programme.Principal’s Welcomest benedicts 2021:Layout 1 27/01/2021 15:42 Page 4

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3Like all good schools our best advocates and exponents are ourstudents. They will assure you that our College is a school whereeveryone is included and valued, where standards andexpectations of all are high and where everyone is affordedopportunities to achieve and enjoy success.St. Benedict’s College is determined to grow in size and status. Aswe do so, we will continue to ensure that every student in our careis happy, safe and successful. We also remain committed todelivering high quality Catholic Education to the young people inour local parishes and community.I hope you will be encouraged by what you already know aboutthe College and by what you will learn from the prospectus andpromotional materials that will be released in due course.Obviously this is a year when traditional open nights can-nothappen but despite this we remain available to you as you makekey decisions for your child. If you have any questions about theCollege, who we are and what we do, please do not hesitate tocontact me. I will look forward to hearing from you and towelcoming you to St. Benedict’s College soon.Catriona McAteer, Principal“I couldn't be happier to be part of the Student Leadership Teamin St. Benedict’s. I am so proud to be able to say I am HeadBoy. It is an honour to represent all the students in the schooland to work alongside Mrs McAteer. I believe that St.Benedict's is a caring school, that wants the best for all itsstudents. My time at St. Benedict’s has been a great experience.Teachers have a really positive attitude to everything they do.They have taught me to believe in myself and that I can dowhatever I want if I put my mind to it and work hard. Youngerones might ask what are the best subjects in school, I would tellthem that all the subjects are fun and that they will have a greatexperience in all of their classrooms. When it came to makingmy GCSE choices, I chose Construction, I.T and Double AwardScience. I’m so glad I did as the teachers are exceptionallyhelpful and understanding. I hope to do well in my GCSEs andto move on to the NRC to study Motor Vehicle Studies asI would like to be a mechanic.I love my school and I know anyone who chooses to come to itwill love it too..”Michael McLaverty - Head Boy“I won’t like secondary school”, my words, the words that mademe fear the future. You see, little did I know that transferring toSt. Benedict’s College would change my wholeperspective and outlook on life. Little did I know the genuinehappiness that I would experience from the moment I set foot inthis school. You might be wondering, what’s so different aboutSt. Benedict’s? Well, I have the answer. St. Benedict’s doesn’tstrive for perfection or try to create walking, talking robots butas a school it strives to create happy, safe and successfulstudents.Over the past five years at this school, I have come tounderstand many things including responsibility and theimportance of commitment and hard work. Being here hastaught me resilience and given me the determination I need tosucceed. I participated in the StudentCouncil, it played amassive part in building my self-confidence. My experiences inschool gave me the confidence to apply for and secure theposition of Head Girl, the highlight of my school career to date.The support from all the teachers over the years has beenimmense and I genuinely don’t know what I would have donewithout school at times. We can’t forget our Principal, MrsMcAteer, who goes above and beyond to care for and supportevery single one of the students within her school. I will foreverbe grateful for the help and support I have receivedfrom all the staff over the years. It is something I will alwaysremember.By coming to this school, you’ll soon understand theimportance of positivity, experience true happiness and be sureof success!”Katie Robinson - Head Girlst benedicts 2021:Layout 1 27/01/2021 15:43 Page 5

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4Our Core ValuesStaff and students in St. Benedict’s College will:Respect themselves, others, their school and theircommunityDemonstrate kindness, empathy and concern for othersBe inclusive and tolerant of other religions, cultures andtraditionsBe honest and truthfulBe charitable and giving and demonstrate a commitmentto service and social justice.Our AimsTo deliver excellence for allTo ensure all our students are happy, safe and successfulTo ensure all our students are challenged and supportedto be the best that they can beTo empower all our students to achieve their personalpotentialTo ensure all our students’achievements are celebratedTo ensure all our students are included, valued andrespected and that religious and cultural differences arecelebrated within the school communityTo develop our students’ understanding of their Catholicfaith and to promote Christian values and attitudeswithin the school communityTo awaken in our students a sense of their own dignityand self worth and to promote their self confidenceTo promote student health and well being and developstudent resilienceTo provide enrichment and extra curricular opportunitiesto enrich student experienceTo support our students to become independent andlife-long learnersTo prepare our students to meet the challenges of achanging world in the 21st centuryTo work in partnership with parents, parish andcommunityTo develop a culture of accountability, responsibility, selfevaluation and self improvement.Our IdentityCollege HistorySt. Benedict’s College was founded by the Down and ConnorDiocesan Trustees in 2006, through the amalgamation of St Olcan’sHigh School and St. Malachy’s High School. St. Benedict’s College isa well-established and successful 11-16 Catholic, all ability,co-educational college that mainly serves families from the parishesof Antrim, Duneane and Randalstown.College CrestThe Cross represents the High Cross of St.Olcan, associated with Cranfield and theformer patron of St. Olcan’s High School;The Bell represents the monastic life of St.Malachy, the former patron of St. Malachy’sHigh School, and St. Benedict, our patron.The Book represents the Bible, the Wordof God, and a symbol of Learning.The design which encloses the three symbols is deeply rooted inCeltic Tradition and represents the Trinity and Eternity.College MottoOur motto is Guigh agus Foghlaim - Pray and Learn. The motto ofSt. Benedict was‘Orare et Labore’-‘To Work and to Pray’. This was adaptedto create the school motto ‘Guigh agus foghlaim’- ‘Pray and Learn’, toreflect our Catholic ethos, our aims and our Irish identity.For students in St. Benedict’s their ‘Work’ is ‘to Pray and Learn’.College Mission StatementSt. Benedict’s College is a Catholic, all ability inclusive schoolcommitted to delivering excellence for all. Together with home andcommunity, we strive to enable our students to be happy, safe andsuccessful.College Prayer – St. Benedict’s PrayerO Gracious and Holy Father,give us wisdom to perceive you,intelligence to understand you,diligence to seek you,patience to wait for you,eyes to behold you,a heart to meditate on you,and a life to proclaim you;through the power of theSpirit of Jesus Christ our Lord,Amenst benedicts 2021:Layout 1 29/01/2021 14:20 Page 6

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5“I really like St. Benedict’s because the teachers are all really nice.The atmosphere is calm and it's a really good place to learn.”Marie Niziost benedicts 2021:Layout 1 27/01/2021 15:43 Page 7

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To ease the process of transition:In June our Head of Year 8 and Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo) visit our feeder primary schools. They meetP7 teachers who provide us with a profile of our transferringstudents.Year 8 students and their parents are invited to an InductionMeeting with a member of our Year 8 Pastoral Team. Thismeeting is an opportunity for pastoral and academicinformation to be shared. Students with additional needs areinvited to meet the SENCo.A Welcome Pack, containing key information about theschool, is provided to students and parents at this meeting.CAT4D Testing is completed to ensure accurate andappropriate class placements, it is consolidated by ProgressTests in English and Maths.An Induction Day is held at the end of August to enable newstudents to meet and get to know their Form Tutors as well asthe layout of the school and daily routines.An Induction Programme is developed and delivered to allYear 8 students in August/September.Our Year 8 Pastoral Teamremain constant and arehighly skilled andexperienced in dealingwith the challengesof transition.Upon arrival:Year 12 Mentors are assigned to each Year 8 Form Class toprovide important peer support. Bus prefects also providereassurance.Year 9 class guides are in place for the first fortnight of theschool year.Year 8s have an early lunch and are allowed on the bus first forthe month of Sepmteber.Year 8s enjoy break and lunch in their own designatedrecreational area.The Morning Club, supervised by support staff, operates in theLibrary from 8.30am daily.The Homework Club, supervised by teaching and support staff,is available Monday to Thursday until 4.30pm.The School Counsellor is available to Year 8 students whorequire support.We have a zero tolerance policy towards bullyingYear 8 Transition•••••••••••••••6St. Benedict’s is committed to ensuring that all of our students are happy, safe and successful from their arrival in the College in Year 8to their departure in Year 12. We recognise the need to effectively guide and support our youngest students as they make the transitionfrom primary to post primary school to ensure that the transition process is a positive experience for benedicts 2021:Layout 1 27/01/2021 15:43 Page 8

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The first year is a busy and exciting time for Year 8 students.Activities they may be involved in include:Year 8 Mass of WelcomeSchool RambleLittle Minds/Mental Health WorkshopYoung Enterprise WorkshopShared Education - LLW ProgrammeChristmas PantomimeYear 8 Retreat (Clonard)Rewards Trips – Bowling, Cinema, Portrush••••••••7“When I arrived inSeptember I felt nervousand curious about my newschool, friends, teachersand subjects. Now thatI’ve completed my firstterm I feel happy. I feel like I’ve been hereforever because I’ve become close to all myfriends and teachers. The best moment inthe first term was finding out that I wasvoted Class Captain. This has given memore confidence in myself. It was great to beasked to represent the year group and toread at the Year 8 Mass of Welcome.”Conan O’Boylest benedicts 2021:Layout 1 27/01/2021 15:43 Page 9

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8Our Curriculum OfferETI INSPECTION REPORT – NOV 2018“Pupils spoke positively about the academic and pastoral support they receive. They arehighly appreciative of the work of the teachers who help them achieve their targets.”• Home Economics• I.C.T• Numeracy• Literacy• Performance Arts• Technology and Design• Personal Development• Learning for Life and Work• Physical EducationKey Stage 3Our Key Stage 3 Curriculum is designed to provide opportunities for all students to reach their full potential. Weprovide a broad and balanced curriculum to cater for the academic, creative, sporting and personal development ofall students.In Key Stage 3 all students study:• English• Science• Mathematics• Religious Studies• French• Irish• Geography• History• Artst benedicts 2021:Layout 1 27/01/2021 15:43 Page 10

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9• Media Studies• First Certificate in Information & Creative Technology• First Award in Physical Education• First Award in Performing Arts• Prince’s Trust Achieve Programme• Occupational Studies Bench Joinery• Occupational Studies Childcare•Occupational Studies Food• OCN NI Level 2 Certificate in Essential Skills - Communication•OCN NI Level 2 Certificate in Essential Skills - Application of Number• OCN NI Level 2 Certificate – ICT• OCN NI Level 2 Certificate – Religious Studies• OCN NI Level 2 Certificate – Science•OCN NI Level 2 Certificate in Personal Success and Well-BeingKey Stage 4At Key Stage 4 the curriculum is designed to meet the needs, abilities and aspirations of all our students. We offer a wide range ofacademic and vocational subjects so students can choose to study subjects that best fit their educational needs. Students studyingGCSE or equivalent subjects are provided with pathways that lead to success at GCSE and progression to Post-16 study, trainingor employment.In Key Stage 4 students study:• English Language• English Literature• Mathematics• Religious Education• Science - Single Award• Science - Double Award• Art and Design• Construction• Geography• Statistics• History• Home Economics/Food• Child Development• Learning for Life and Work• IrishOur curriculum offer ensures that all students are positively engaged in their learning and are empoweredto reach their full potential while developing, deepening and refining their knowledge, skills and personal benedicts 2021:Layout 1 27/01/2021 15:43 Page 11

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Careers Education, Information and Guidance is at the heart ofthe curriculum in St. Benedict’s College.Students are guided to make well informed and positive choicesregarding their education and future careers. In our Collegestudents are encouraged to build upon their existing skills andto understand the wide range of transferrable skills required foremployment. Labour Market Information is a key focus inCareers Education and Skills in Demand are used to highlightskills shortages and areas for employment growth.All students at Key Stage 3 receive careers guidance as part ofthe Employability strand of Learning for Life and Work. At KeyStage 4 all students receive timetabled careers lessons to ensurethat they are well prepared for their Post 16 Pathways.Our students have access toA range of software packages and web based careersresources.Careers advice and guidance from a Careers Advisor in Year10 and one to one interviews in Year 12 with follow upsessions if required.Careers Advisors are made available to students and parentsat Year 10 and 12 Parents’Meetings.All Year 11’s participate in a one week work related learningprogramme.Year 12 students have the opportunity to experience anInterview Skills Day. This involves completing applicationforms, aptitude tests and engaging in one on oneinterviews with business advisors.Key Stage 3 and 4 students participate in Young Enterpriseworkshops throughout the year.Key Stage 4 students attend Careers Fairs, Open Days andbenefit from attendance at a variety of presentations fromPost 16 providers with which the College has maintainedexcellent links.Careers Education,Information andGuidance(CEIAG)-Planning for the future•••••••5 A* - C82%5 A* - C68%including English and MathsGCSE -PerformanceStatistics 2019-2010“In September 2021 my 8th child will be startingSt. Benedict’s. I had no hesitation in making thisdecision as all my children have attended the schooland have been happy and content there. Any issuesare always dealt with immediately and without hassle,from the great office staff to whatever teacher isinvolved. Every query was always sorted out withoutany hesitation. The children were always encouragedto work hard in all their subjects but were also giventhe chance to shine in all the sports they enjoyed aswell as afterschool activities like the school play. Myolder children have all left the school with anexcellent work ethic which hasbeen a great advantage tothem in their chosen careersand in their life after school.”Mrs Paula Hughes,mother of Calum Hughes, 8GMount Saint Michael’sPrimary Schoolst benedicts 2021:Layout 1 27/01/2021 15:44 Page 12

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11Pastoral CarePastoral Care permeates all aspects of school life in St. Benedict’sCollege where the care and welfare of all students is of paramountimportance. Fundamental to our pastoral approach is the promotionof a caring ethos and family atmosphere and the development ofpositive and respectful relationships throughout the schoolcommunity.Our aim is to develop students spiritually, academically, emotionally,culturally, and socially and to produce well rounded and wellequipped young people, who have the skills to meet the challengesof the 21st century world.The Pastoral Care TeamThe Pastoral Team is made up of Form Tutors and Heads of Year whoare led by the Pastoral Co-ordinator. The Form Tutor interacts withstudents in their form class on a daily basis. They monitor theirattendance, behaviour, academic progress and endeavour to ensuretheir well-being. The Head of Year liaises with Form Tutors to facilitatetracking academic progress, pastoral concerns and disciplinaryissues. In addition to leading the Pastoral CareTeam, the Pastoral CareCo-Ordinator has responsibility for Safeguarding and ChildProtection and liaises with parents and external agencies.The Pastoral Team work together to provide a network of support forall of our students and maintain close links with parents and home.The College works in partnership with a variety of statutory andvoluntary support agencies to deal with personal or social issues thatstudents and families present with. Students can avail of one to onesupport from an ICSS Counsellor. We are delighted that EA YouthServices are also on site. They deliver the Learning TogetherProgramme and provide needs led small group support at Key Stage3 and are currently co delivering a Level 2 OCN Certificate in PersonalSuccess and Well Being to two targeted groups of Key Stage 4students. The Pastoral Co-ordinator organises School Based CareTeam meetings three times a year to ensure the needs of the mostvulnerable are met.Rewards SystemWe expect all of our students to have excellent attendance, a highstandard of behaviour and a strong work ethic. We actively promotethese through our positive reward system. Our students are regularlyrecognised and rewarded for progress and achievement in theseareas.Personal Development ProgrammeOur Personal Development Programme is delivered by our FormTutors in a timetabled class delivered weekly. It is designed to ensurethat our students grow in confidence, resilience and independenceof thought. The programme addresses issues such as bullying, drugsand alcohol, e-safety, relationships and sexuality and road safety in anage appropriate manner. A variety of speakers and outside agenciessupport us in the delivery of the programme by addressingassemblies and facilitating student workshops. We are delighted thatthis year we have been designated a Take Five School in recognitionof our work in promoting positive mental health. Take Five StudentChampions have been appointed and are helping drive the MentalHealth and Well-Being Programme across the school.ETI INSPECTION REPORT – NOV 2018“In discussions with the inspectors,the pupils reported that they feltsafe and are aware of what to doif they have concerns about their safetyor welfare.”st benedicts 2021:Layout 1 27/01/2021 15:44 Page 13

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12Special Educational Needsand InclusionSpecial NeedsThe College is committed to knowing and meeting the individualneeds of all of its students. We are determined that all are fullyincluded in the life of the school and have access to the wholecurriculum and all facilities.All students with additional needs are challenged and supported toachieve their potential. We have a great team of learning supportassistants and behaviour support assistants who support studentswith specific learning difficulties. They provide support to childrenon a one to one basis and/or in small groups and are led by ourSpecial Educational Needs Co-ordinator.On entry to the College students’ skills are assessed throughstandardised testing. Information from primary schools and parentsis also gathered. The data collated is used to build up pupil profileswhich are shared with all staff. Differentiation in the classroom tomeet individual student needs is actively promoted. If a student hasa statement of special educational needs, this information andarrangements to address the child’s needs is communicated to allstaff by the SENCO. Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and IndividualBehaviour Plans (IBPs) are developed as required and are monitoredand evaluated by staff, students and parents on an ongoing basis.We have a School Intervention Team, which is led by the SENCO.Using data, they identify low and underachievers and put in placetargeted intervention programmes for underperforming students.In addition, the school liaises with a variety of external supportagencies to assist students who require academic, emotional orphysical support beyond that provided by staff in school.InclusionThe College prides itself on being an inclusive school. Pupils fromany cultural or faith background are welcomed, respected andvalued equally by both students and staff. A staff member has beenemployed 1 day per week, to provide targeted support toNewcomer children and their families. The Intercultural EducationService has facilitated whole staff training on how to effectivelysupport Newcomer and Syrian children in the classroom. Schoolcommunications are translated into all home languages. In 2020GCSE Arabic was delivered successfully by the LanguagesDepartment to a student in Year 12.“Seeing Ciaran visibly relax at an Open Night mademe realise instinctively that St. Benedict’s was goingto be the right school for him. He has additionalneeds but the support put in place from the beginningwas great. Thanks to Ciaran's teachers and classroomassistant, his personality is developing. He is turninginto a happy, confident, less stressed young man whogenuinely enjoys going to school. I would highlyrecommend St. Benedict’s for your child”Mrs Clare Hoey, mother of Ciaran Hoey 8GSt Joseph’s Primary Schoolst benedicts 2021:Layout 1 27/01/2021 15:44 Page 14

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Student Leadershipand Student VoiceStudent LeadershipStudents are given leadership opportunities throughout theirschool career.In Key Stage 3 students can be appointed as class prefects orlibrary mentors. InYear 12 students are given the chance to take onthe prestigious role of Prefect, Mentor or Head Boy/Head Girl. Year12 Mentors actively support Year 8 at the point of transition,attending morning registrations and assemblies with theirassigned tutor groups.They are also actively involved as Leaders inthe Shared Education Programme delivered to Year 8 students.Year 12 Mentors and Prefects have a supervisory role at break andlunch and are available to provide advice, guidance and support toour Year 8 children. Students in Year 12 have been trained as AntiBullying Ambassadors through the Diana Awards. They haveaddressed Year 8 assemblies and have been actively involved indeveloping and delivering a peer led anti bullying campaignacross the school. Our Senior Prefects further support Year 8s intheir role as Reading Buddies.Student VoiceIn St. Benedict’s College we recognise the importance of StudentVoice. We are fully committed to ensuring that our students aregiven a voice and that their voice is heard and valued. We have anactive Student Council with elected representatives from all yeargroups. The Council meets with the Principal regularly to updateher on student concerns and to share their views on whole schoolissues. Student Voice Surveys are completed on an annual basis.Student returns allow us to evaluate our practice and provisionand to identify areas for improvement and development.ETI INSPECTION REPORT – NOV 2018“The senior pupils take on leadership roles andresponsibilities which develop their personal,social and employability skills; many of thembenefit from opportunities to mentor and supportthe younger pupils”ETI INSPECTION REPORT – NOV 2018“The pupils who met with inspectors were articulateand confident. They are very proud of their school andspoke with enthusiasm about their learning”13st benedicts 2021:Layout 1 27/01/2021 15:44 Page 15

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We are fully committed to the holistic development of all students. We deliver anextensive range of extra-curricular activities and enrichment opportunities, alldesigned to develop our students’skills, talents and capabilities. Clubs and Societiesfacilitated by our dedicated staff are offered before school, during lunchtime and afterschool. They offer our students opportunities to experience new things and to build newfriendships. The ECO Club are very active and have forged strong community links through theTidy Randalstown initiative. Our students and their parents also benefit from a diverse andinnovative Extended School’s Programme.Extra curricular activities available to our students include:School TripsOur students’ learning experiences areenriched through a variety of school tripsincluding Aid Trips to Romania, HistoryTrips to Krakow and Ski Trips.••••••••••••••••••••••••••Annual School RambleEco ClubCoding ClubHomework ClubTraditional Music GroupSchool ChoirBand ClubSchool ShowUplift Performing ArtsProgrammeSTEM ClubT&D Craft ClubArt ClubCredit Union ArtCompetitionPottery Class(pupil and parent)Feis na nGleannGaeltachtBreakfast ClubCookery Club(pupil and parent)Library ClubGames ClubBook ClubAccelerated ReaderLiteracy/Numeracy ClubsRotary Youth LeadershipProgrammeAlpha ProgrammeYoung EnterpriseExtra-Curricular Activities14“When I started St. Benedict’s I feltscared but excited at the same time.Now that I’ve completed my first term I feel morecomfortable and settled. My favourite subject is H.Ebecause I love to cook and want tobecome a chef. I really like St. Benedict’sbecause the Principal and teachers arevery nice, I have good friends and I likemy subjects. It’s a big change fromprimary school but an exciting change.”Callum McGroganETI INSPECTION REPORT – NOV 2018“The pupils spoke verypositively about the enrichmentactivities from which theybenefit and the additionallearning experiences whichdevelop their skills and interests”st benedicts 2021:Layout 1 27/01/2021 15:45 Page 16

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Physical Education is compulsory for all students at Key Stage 3and 4 and is available as a GCSE option. It aims to encouragestudents to engage in sporting activities to improve theirphysical fitness and to maintain positive mental health and well-being. In a society where obesity levels are on the rise andlifestyles are becoming more sedentary, the PE Departmentstrives to instil in our students a commitment to exercise andhealthy living. All sporting activities are designed to enhanceour students’ communication, teamwork and leadership skillswhile developing self-discipline, confidence and resilience.Sports available to our students include:•••••••••CamogieRoundersAthleticsNetballBasketballDanceGymnasticsBadmintonVolleyballBoxingGirls GaelicFootball15•••••••••••SportCross CountryHurlingBoys Gaelic FootballSoccerTable TennisSwimmingIndoor GamesRugbyFitness Clubst benedicts 2021:Layout 1 27/01/2021 15:45 Page 17

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16ParentsParents are the prime educators of their children so we work hard todevelop and sustain positive and respectful partnerships betweenschool and home. We are accessible to parents at all times andoperate an open door policy. We communicate with parents on anongoing basis through phone calls, texts, letters and flyers. Parentsare invited to school to attend Induction Meetings, Parents’Meetings,SEN Information Evenings, Careers Events and Parent Workshops.Through our Extended School Programme we offer Parent/Childcookery and pottery classes. As valued stakeholders we invite parentsto comment on and evaluate our provision through discussions andthe completion of evaluative questionnaires. In 2017 we establisheda new PTA, Friends of St. Benedict’s.Moving Forward TogetherWe are proud to be a member of the Moving Forward TogetherPartnership within the Antrim/Newtownabbey Borough Council.It sees twenty one nursery, primary and post primary schoolsworking together collaboratively. Our school choir has sung withthe MFT choir who perform in a variety of concerts annually. Ourstaff have engaged in cross sector working parties which havefocused on sharing good practice and resources in the areas ofSEN, Literacy and Numeracy and have also received training onpromoting Positive Mental Health through the partnership. Ourparents have been offered the opportunity to attend ASD supportworkshops. We value highly MFT as it is a key vehicle for importantcollaborative work with ourselves and students and staff in our keyfeeder primary schools.Our Partnersst benedicts 2021:Layout 1 27/01/2021 15:46 Page 18

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17Shared EducationSt. Benedict’s College has been actively involved in the SharedEducation Signature Project since its inception in 2016. Our SharedEducation Partnership sees us work collaboratively with AntrimGrammar School and Parkhall Integrated College. All KS3 pupils inthe College have had the opportunity to participate in joint LLWlessons co-developed and co-delivered by teachers from all threeschools in the partnership. The schools established a Joint StudentCouncil in 2017 and members of our School Council are activelyinvolved in it. In May 2018 our students and staff visitedWestminster with the Joint Council. We are fully committed toShared Education as it allows our students to learn more aboutother cultures and religions and challenges them to welcome,include, respect and value everyone. Our staff have benefited toofrom their participation in a joint staff development programmedelivered across the Shared Education Partnership.Post 16 PathwaysSt. Benedict’s College is currently an 11 to 16 College. As such weare fully aware of the need to have clear pathways in place forour students post 16. We have developed strong links with localbusinesses and employers, the Northern Regional College and ofcourse our partner post primary schools within the wider familyof Catholic Schools in the area.“The teachers in St. Benedict’s are amazing. They not onlygive students excellent academic support but they alsoprovide great pastoral care. All of them would readily taketime out of their day to help a student in need. Even-thoughmy Year 12 came to an abrupt end, due to COVID, I believethat my teachers did all they could to prepare me for thejump to A level, which I greatly appreciate.I'll never forget my years at St. Benedict’s and I'll always begrateful for them as they have helped make me into theperson I am today.”Ellie Johnston, Former Head Girl.Now Year 13 - Slemish Integrated Collegest benedicts 2021:Layout 1 27/01/2021 15:46 Page 19

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18“St. Benedict’s College is a really good school. When I arrived in SeptemberI was nervous but happy to be starting a new adventure. I love going intoschool every day. I feel relaxed when I am there. I have made new friendsand I enjoy learning new things. My favourite subjects are Science andPerforming Arts because I really enjoy them. A highlight for me was whenI became Pupil of the Month in September. It made me feel really proud ofmyself. The teachers have been very supportive during lock down.”Ciaran HoeyVoice ofa Past PupilWhen leaving primary school and starting the next chapter of myeducation naturally I was nervous and apprehensive about the newchallenges that lay ahead. However, it didn't take long for all thesefears and worries to pass. I still remember my first day in school andjoining all my new class mates. Soon the worries and fears subsidedand excitement and anticipation for what lay ahead took over.The welcoming and inclusive atmosphere of St. Benedict’scomplemented by its caring, interested and always helpful staffallowed for a smooth transition from primary to post primary. Oncesettled and the years passed on I was given many opportunities toexcel and grow as an individual. For me, the vast opportunity of extra-curricular activities in the form of sports allowed me to gain manyskills such as team work, time management and leadership that I usetoday in my job as a Deputy Ward Sister on a busy inpatient ward inthe Cancer Centre at the Belfast City Hospital.During my time at St. Benedict’s, I always felt safe, supported andlistened to. The staff gave me the confidence, knowledge and skills topursue my pathway to post-16 education and then onto universitywhich ultimately allowed me to be where I am today.I have fond memories and look back on my time at school with greatjoy. As well as gaining the education to build my foundation I hadmany opportunities, ski trips, days out such as the College Ramble andthe trip to Romania to name a few. To this day I still remember and amgrateful to the teachers who supported me and helped me to becomethe person I am today.Gemma Lavertyst benedicts 2021:Layout 1 27/01/2021 15:46 Page 20

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19“Now that I’ve completed my first termI’m looking forward to what’s ahead…”Brogain McGuckien“I wanted to go to St.Benedict’s College because mysister and brother went thereand I knew it was a reallygood school. It’s been greatbecause I like all my teachers,I have made a lot of new friends andI have learned lots of new things.The best moment so far was whenI met Lucy and Kate!”Daisy May Robinsonst benedicts 2021:Layout 1 27/01/2021 15:46 Page 21

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20Admissions Criteriafor Entry into Year 8The Board of Governors of St. Benedict’s College hasdetermined that, in the event of over-subscription, children willbe selected on the basis of application of the followingadmissions criteria which will be applied in the order of priorityset out below.Within each criterion priority will firstly be given to childrennormally resident in Northern Ireland and then to thosechildren regarded by the Board of Governors, on the basis ofsupporting evidence provided by parents and/or statutoryagencies, as having special circumstances e.g. medical, social orsecurity factors.Children living in the parishes of Antrim, Duneane andRandalstown, not listed in any order of preference.Children attending: Creggan, Millquarter, Moneynick,Mount St. Michael’s, St. Comgall’s, St. Joseph’s, St. MacNissis'and St. Oliver Plunkett’s Primary Schools, not listed in anyorder of preference.Children who are first children or who have brothers/sisters,half-brothers/half-sisters, presently enrolled in the school.Children whose parent/guardian is presently a permanentmember of the school teaching/ancillary/auxiliary staff (orwho have been appointed to take up imminentemployment in the school).This information must be stated on the green Transfer Form.Children whose parent/guardian, brother/sister, half-brother/half-sister are past pupils and are residing listed in (1).Dates of attendance and other names (if appropriate) shouldbe stated on the green Transfer Form.Children whose parent/guardian, brother/sister, half-brother/half-sister are past pupils.Dates of attendance and other names (if appropriate) shouldbe stated on the green Transfer Form.In the event of places being available after the application ofthe above criteria, final selection will be made on the basis ofpreference being given to the older pupil.Admissions to Year 8 after 1st September 2021Parents who wish to have their child considered for admissionin the event of a place arising after 1 September 2021 shouldwrite to the Principal clearly stating this. In the event of such avacancy arising the above criteria will be applied to theseapplications benedicts 2021:Layout 1 27/01/2021 15:47 Page 22

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Our Primary School PartnersWe believe that the excellent relationships we nurture and the links that we have withour local primary schools are key to the smooth and stress free transition of Year 8students to us. We have established a Reaching Out Programme which sees us deliver aseries of scheduled activities to P6 and P7 pupils, in our school and in theirs. All aredesigned to give primary pupils an opportunity to meet members of the St. Benedict’sTeam and to experience what is on offer in the College. It is very important to us thatstudents and parents know that when they leave their primary school we will do all thatwe can to ensure that they are happy, safe and successful in St. Benedict’s.21“Choosing a post primary school for Jude, was one of the hardest decisions we have had to make.Upon attending St. Benedict's Open Night back in January 2020, my choice was made easy. Listeningto the Principal, a parent, past and current pupils, I was very impressed. Meeting the teachers andtouring the school, gave me the same warm fuzzy feeling I had with Jude's primary school. This pastyear has been challenging for everyone, however St. Benedict's have surpassed themselves with thesupport and care they have shown towards Jude. They have become part of our extended family”Mrs Clare McCready, mother of Jude Mc Cready, 8HSt. Joseph’s Primary Schoolst benedicts 2021:Layout 1 29/01/2021 14:26 Page 23

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ST. BENEDICT’S COLLEGE5 Craigstown Road, Randalstown BT41 2AFTel: 028 9447 2411 Fax: 028 9447 3372E-Mail: ManagementInformationPrincipal: Mrs Catriona Mc AteerChairman of theBoard of Governors:Very Rev Fr Forsythe, PPSchool Type: Catholic Maintained Secondary SchoolAge Range: 11-16 yearsApproved Enrolment: 500Year 8 Admissions Number: 100st benedicts 2021:Layout 1 27/01/2021 15:47 Page 24