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Booklet on the Cuban Missile Crisis for Modern American History. This is being created for my EDUC 570 class technology playdate.

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Mr Starvish's Simple Booklet on The Cuban Missile Crisis

Cuban Missile Crisis


How far is Cuba from
the coast of Florida?
90 miles
After the Spanish American War, what
country’s corporations controlled much
of the commerce of Cuba?
The United States
Cuba, small island, 90
miles from FL
U.S. businesses
controlled much of
Cuba, U.S. military base
1959, Fidel Castro
overthrows Batista (US-
backed dictator)
Castro enters Havana 1959
What happened that worsened
U.S.-Cuban relations after Castro
took power?
Castro nationalized U.S.
industries, i.e. sugar
Relations Worsen
Castro takes over U.S.
January 1961, US breaks off
diplomatic relations
April, 1961, Bay of Pigs 1,400
anti-Cuban exiles attempted to
overthrow Castro
By Autumn 1962, Cuba has
received 1000s of USSR
missiles, jets, boats & personnel
Kruschev embraces Castro
Why was the USSR interested in helping Cuba?
To help a new Communist state
To get a launch base for inter-continental missiles (ICMs)
To test strength of new U.S. president, JFK
Khrushchev wanted to force JFK to bargain over U.S.
missiles in Europe
Why does this cartoonist
think that Khrushchev was
interested in Cuba?
14 October 1962, U.S. U-2 spy plane takes photos
of suspected USSR missile sites in Cuba
Missile sites nearing completion, could be
ready in 7 days
20 Soviet ships bound for Cuba carrying missiles!
The Missiles: Locations
The world holds
its breath….
Pres. Kennedy had 6 options
what were they?
Option #1
Air Strike
At least against missile sites, and perhaps against
wider targets
May provoke a Soviet response in West Berlin
Do Nothing
Ignore missiles in Cuba.
U.S. had military bases in 127 different countries
including Cuba.
U.S. had nuclear missiles in several countries close to
the Soviet Union.
Therefore, only right that the Soviet Union should be
allowed to place missiles in Cuba.
Option #2
Option #3
Offer the Soviet Union a deal
USSR remove missiles in CubaU.S. withdraw
its nuclear missiles from Turkey and Italy.
Option #4
Military Blockade
Use the US Navy to block any missiles from
arriving in Cuba
Announce that any ships coming into Cuba
would be searched for weapons before entering
Soviet ships could decide to not stop when
U.S. ships blocked them which could trigger
gunfire and possible escalation
Send troops to overthrow Castro
Missiles could then be put out of action
Option #5
Option #6
Nuclear Weapons
Use nuclear weapons against Cuba and/or the
Soviet Union.
What would you have done?
1. Air Strike
2. Do Nothing
3. Diplomacy/Negotiate
4. Military Blockade
5. Invasion
6. Nuclear Weapons
With a partner, rank the options from your most preferred option to your least preferred option
What actually happened?
10/20--JFK decides to
blockade Cuba
10/22-- Publicly calls on
Khrushchev to remove
10/24 Soviet ships
(accompanied by
submarine) approach
blockade zone
10/24, 10:32 am, Soviet
ships stop & turn round
What happened next?
10/25-- Photos show continued construction of missile
10/26--Kennedy receives offer: we’ll remove missiles if
you end blockade & promise not to invade Cuba
10/27--JFK receives 2
letter calling for withdrawal of US
missiles in Turkey too
agrees to dismantle
Soviet missiles in Cuba
U.S. publicly declares it
will never invade Cuba &
secretly agrees to
dismantle missiles in
What is this cartoonist trying to say about the
difficulties facing Kennedy during the Crisis?
Cuba remained Communist & heavily armed, but
without nuclear missiles
World saw the futility of the idea of Mutually Assured
Destruction (MAD)
Supported theory of containment & co-existence
because alternatives unimaginable
Permanent hotline between White House & Kremlin
set up
U.S. & U.S.S.R Negotiate a nuclear test ban treaty