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1st Period

                A big part of Spain is it’s major and unique traditions. One of Spain’s more basic traditions is called Fiesta de Tomatin ,and it became a thing when a group of friends ensued in a tomato fight at the middle of Bunol. Another part of the Spanish culture is Futbol, also known as soccer in America. It is a big part of their culture because they have been playing for years and years with different styles. Another exciting or interesting tradition in Spain is the Run of The Bulls which takes place in Pamplona where people run away from bulls to honor St. Fermin. A tradition most enjoyed by children would be  Los Tres Reyes Magos,and  it is the day of the Three Wise Men. Kids usually like this tradition because  they are given gifts. One of the most exciting traditions in Spain is their music and dance, and  it is influenced from various cultures and dates back to the 1500s. One of their most famous dances is called flamenco. Tradition plays a major part of the Spanish culture because it is what makes them unique from all of the other countries (Perritano).



                    Spain has a lot of different things when it comes to culture, but one of its main attractions is its food. Starting with Spain’s more basic but well-known dishes is the “Spanish Omelet”, and it is pretty much the traditional omelet that an American would know, but with additional things such as onions and peppers. Next is  Jamon Serrano which is another more common dish in Spain,and it is ham with spices dried out and usually hung, and it drags a lot of people to the restaurant  just from the smell. Turron is a food that is normally found around Christmas time, and it is a sweet mixture of sugar, honey and egg whites that cool in the refrigerator. Next is Gazpacho,and it is a food that came from Andalusia. It’s pretty much the opposite of the common soup  because it is cold, and it has the ingredients of regular tomato soup. Starting in Valencia, Paella is a dish that’s worth a try. It is a mixture of all kinds of seafood, mixed in with rice. As seen, Spain has it’s own unique foods that are made on special occasions and are different from other countries. (Thyberg)


Spain is similar and unique to other countries when it comes to holidays, they share some of the same holidays that countries like USA would have. One of their similar holiday’s is New Year’s Day, but what makes their New Year’s day different is that they eat 12 grapes representing the 12 months. Another holiday that takes place on January 6 is Epiphany, and it is known as the Twelfth Night. Epiphany is a part of the Christmas holiday, because it celebrates the presents given to baby Jesus. Like the USA, Spain celebrates Easter, which is the celebration of the resurrection of Christ, and it is mostly celebrated in the Catholic regions of Spain even though it’s rare to see parts of Spain not celebrate it. Another holiday in Spain is the Assumption of Mary, and it is celebrated on August 15th. It is the rise of Mary into Heaven, and the celebration for it is a lot like the 4th of July in the USA. Finally, is the Hispanic Day which is celebrated on October 12th, and it is celebrating the day Columbus discovered the New World. Usually a parade is held to celebrate this day. Spain is like other countries when involving holiday’s but their celebrations are a lot different from other countries at the same time.

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