Crafts & Projects
The Laws Guide to Nature Drawing &
John Muir Laws
A potent combination of art, science, and boundless
enthusiasm, the latest art instruction book from John
Muir Laws is a how-to guide for becoming a better artist
and a more attentive naturalist. In straightforward text
complemented by step-by-step illustrations, dozens of
exercises lead the hand and mind through creating
accurate reproductions of plants and animals as well as
landscapes, skies, and more. Take look before your next
walk around the neighborhood.
The Stencil Graffiti Handbook
Tristan Manco
With current political and cultural climates across the
globe growing more uncertain, a new generation of artists,
designers, and communicators are using stencil art on the
walls of towns and cities to voice thought-provoking
messages and ideas. Exploring the medium’s applications
within grassroots activism and the contemporary craft
scene, Tristan Manco returns to the streets and brings this
thriving art form to life.
Sacred Knots
Lise Silvia Gomes
Oakland based artist and writer Lise Silvia Gomes has
written a bright and vibrant guide to contemporary knot
making. It offers a meditative break from our busy lives,
calming the mind in a tactile and engaging way. Through
a journey of creative exercises and projects, this book
offers tools to form a knotting practice that will fuel
creativity and inspire mindfulness.
Craftland Japan
Uwe Röttgen with Katharina Zetti
In Japan, there has never been a clear distinction
between art, craft, and design. This voyage to Japan’s
remote studios features twenty-five craftspeople whose
products are intended for everyday life, yet are suitable
for museum display. This book is a celebration of how
Japan’s union of craft, design, materiality, and landscape
continue to flourish in contemporary interpretation,
however much the world around them has changed.
You Are an Artist
Sarah Urist Green
You don't have to know how to draw well, stretch a canvas, or
mix a paint color. This book is for anyone who wants to make
art, regardless of experience level. The only materials you'll
need are what you already have on hand or can source for
free. Full of insights, techniques, and inspiration from art
history, this book opens up the processes and practices of
artists and proves that you, too, have what it takes to call
yourself one.
Making Comics
Lynda Barry
Yet another beautiful, indispensable book from Lynda
Barry helps us tune into the early childhood feeling that
drawing is easy, and a great way to communicate. Open it
up and come back to the joy of doodling.
Interiors & Architecture
Everything: A Maximalist Style Guide
Abigail Ahern
Abigail Ahern guides us through the change in the world
of interiors as the pendulum swings away from
minimalism and over to our increasing desire for self-
expression and optimism. Readers will learn how to break
the "rules" of interior design, play fast and loose with
different periods in a single room, and have fun.
Maximalism allows us to dip into color palettes and any
decade or style, with the effect of stirring up emotions and
creating a bedazzling space we never want to leave.
The Lives of Others
Simon Watson
Since the 1990s, Watson has been one of the most prolific
chroniclers of remarkable interiors and portraits. The
photographer has documented rooms of note in cities, atop
mountains, and by the sea. I’ll be honest and say I only
recognized one name on the list of room owners, but that’s
probably how they like it. This book is a joy to browse
through, with lush photography on gorgeous matte paper.
A Field Guide to American Houses
Virginia Savage McAlester
A classic staff favorite! The fully expanded, updated, and
freshly designed second edition of the most
comprehensive and widely acclaimed guide to domestic
architecture: in print since its original publication in
1984, and acknowledged everywhere as the unmatched,
essential guide to American houses.
The Great Indoors
Emily Anthes
In this wide-ranging, character-driven book, science
journalist Emily Anthes takes us on an adventure into the
buildings in which we spend our days, exploring the
profound, and sometimes unexpected, ways that they
shape our lives. Drawing on cutting-edge research, she
probes the pain-killing power of a well-placed window and
examines how the right office layout can expand our social
The Poetics of Space
Gaston Bachelard
Since its initial publication in 1958, The Poetics of Space has
been a muse to philosophers, architects, writers,
psychologists, critics, and readers alike. The rare work of
irresistibly inviting philosophy, Bachelard’s seminal work
brims with quiet revelations and stirring, mysterious
Simply Living Well
Julia Watkins
In this timely and motivational guide, author Julia
Watkins shares rituals, recipes, and projects for living
simply and sustainably at home. For every area of your
householdkitchen, cleaning, wellness, bath, and garden
Julia shows you how to eliminate wasteful packaging,
harmful ingredients, and disposable items. Practical
checklists outline easy swaps and sustainable upgrades for
common household tools and products.
Gardening & Plants
Wild at Home
Hilton Carter
With this book, you will be armed with the know-how you
need to care for your plants, where to place them, how to
propagate, how to find the right pot, and much more, and
most importantly, how to arrange them so that they look
their best. Combine sizes and leaf shapes to stunning
effect, grow your own succulents from leaf cuttings, create
your own air plant display, and more.
Gardening with Drought-Friendly Plants
Tony Hall
An essential guide to growing and maintaining plants best
suited to our changing climate of warmer, drier summers.
Drawing on his two decades of experience working with
drought-friendly and Mediterranean plants, gardening
expert Tony Hall profiles more than two hundred species
and cultivars that are suitable for all types of planting
environments, whether a large outdoor plot or a small
indoor pot.
The Kinfolk Garden
John Burns
Anchored around the idea of nature as nourishment, The
Kinfolk Garden explores lush gardens and plant-filled homes
around the world and introduces the inspiring people who
coax them into bloom. Through visits to friends old and new,
the Kinfolk team learns the secrets to a good garden, and
what good a garden can do for our self-care, creativity and
Iwígara: The Kinship of Plants & People
Enrique Salmón
The belief that all life-forms are interconnected and
share the same breath—known in the Rarámuri tribe as
iwígarahas resulted in a treasury of knowledge about
the natural world, passed down for millennia by native
cultures. Discover in these pages how the timeless
wisdom of iwígara can enhance your own kinship with
the natural world.
The Half-Acre Homestead
Lloyd Kahn & Lesley Creed
Starting with a vacant half-acre piece of land in
Northern California, Lloyd and Lesley built their own
home, created a garden with vegetables and fruit, and
raised chickens, bees, and goats (all by hand). Lloyd,
the former shelter editor of the Whole Earth Catalog,
has published seven books on owner building,
showcasing hundreds of builders, and this is his first
book on his own work.
The Gardens of Eden
Gestalten with Abbye Churchill
Step into innovative little gardens created on small
terraces and city rooftops, as well as in the suburbs and
countryside.This book presents spaces that are more
imaginative, diverse, and sustainable. Learn how to grow
food in the city, get creative with native plants, and design
greener corners within urban areas. The Gardens of Eden
looks at fascinating examples around the world, teaching
what you can do for nature while revealing what a garden
can do for you.
Cooking &
Food Writing
In Bibi’s Kitchen
Hawa Hassan with Julia Turshen
Grandmothers from eight eastern African countries
welcome you into their kitchens to share flavorful
recipes and stories of family, love, and tradition in this
transporting cookbook -meets- travelogue. The women,
and the stories behind the recipes, come to life. With
evocative photography shot on location by Khadija
Farah, and food photography by Jennifer May, In Bibi's
Kitchen uses food to teach us all about families, war,
loss, migration, refuge, and sanctuary.
Ottolenghi Flavor
Yotam Ottolenghi & Ixta Belfrage
Yotam teams up with Ottolenghi Test Kitchen’s Ixta Belfrage
to reveal how flavor is created and amplified through 100+
super-delicious, plant-based recipes.Discover how to unlock
new depths of flavor by pairing vegetables with sweetness,
fat, acidity, or chile heat, and learn to identify the produce
that has the innate ability to make dishes shine.
Matty Matheson: Home Style Cookery
Matty Matheson
Matty returns with 135 of his absolute favorite recipes to
cook at home for his family and friends, so you can cook them
for the people you love. Home Style Cookery is his definitive
guide to mastering your kitchen, covering everything from
pantry staples (breads, stocks, and pickles) to party favorites
(dips, fried foods, and grilled meats), to weeknight go-tos
(stews, pastas, salads), and special occasion show-stoppers
(roasts, smoked meats, and desserts).
Old World Italian
Mimi Thorisson
Mimi explores the beautiful coasts and countrysides of
Italy in this lavishly photographed cookbook featuring
simple, authentic recipes inspired by the country's
devoted producers and rich food heritage.
Modern Comfort Food
Ina Garten
Home cooks can always count on Ina’s dependable, easy-to-
follow instructions, with lots of side notes for cooking and
entertaining—it’s like having Ina right there beside you,
helping you all the way. In Modern Comfort Food, Ina
Garten shares 85 new recipes that will feed your deepest
cravings. Many of these dishes are inspired by childhood
favoritesbut with the volume turned way up.
Vegetable Kingdom
Bryant Terry
Food justice activist and author Bryant Terry breaks down the
fundamentals of plant-based cooking in Vegetable Kingdom,
showing you how to make delicious meals from popular
vegetables, grains, and legumes. These recipes are enticing
enough without meat substitutes, instead relying on fresh
ingredients, vibrant spices, and clever techniques to build
flavor and texture.
The Rise: Black Cooks and the Soul of
American Cooking
Marcus Samuelsson with Osayi Endolyn and
Yewande Komolafe
Black cooks and creators have led American culture forward
with indelible contributions of artistry and ingenuity from the
start, but Black authorship has been consistently erased from
the story of American food.Driven by a desire to fight against
bias, reclaim Black culinary traditions, and energize a new
generation of cooks, Marcus shares his own journey alongside
150 recipes in honor of dozens of top chefs, writers, and
activistswith stories exploring their creativity and influence.
La Buvette: Recipes & Wine Notes from Paris
Camille Fourmont with Kate Leahy
The owner of a beloved Paris wine shop, bar, and café shares
the secrets of effortless French entertaining in this lushly
photographed book. She also introduces some of Paris’s best
wine and food makers in intimate portraits. Included are fifty
recipes for easy and delicious snacks and full meals perfect
for impromptu grazing-style entertaining
Lemongrass & Lime: Southeast Asian Cooking at Home
Leah Cohen with Stephanie Banyas
Growing up half-Filipino, Leah Cohen never thought food
from her mother's side would become her life's work. But
after working in Michelin-starred restaurants and then
competing on Top Chef, Cohen was still searching to define
what made her food hers. She found the answer in Vietnam,
Thailand, Myanmar, Singapore, Indonesia, and yes, the
Philippines, as she rediscovered the deliciously sweet,
pungent, and spicy flavors of her youth and set out to take
them back with her to New York.
East: 120 Vegan & Vegetarian Recipes
Meera Sodha
Meera Sodha's stunning new collection features brand-
new recipes from a wide range of Asian cuisines. This
cookbook is a collaboration between Sodha and the East
Asian and South East Asian home cooks and gourmet
chefs who inspired her along the way. There are
noodles, curries, rice dishes, tofu, salads, sides, and
sweets, all easy to make and bursting with exciting
The Full Plate
Ayesha Curry
Ayesha Curry knows what it's like to have so much on your
plate you can barely think about dinner. But she also knows
that finding balance between work and family life starts with
gathering around the table to enjoy a home-cooked meal. You'll
find 100 recipes that are flexible and flavorful and come
together in less than an hour.
The French Laundry, Per Se
Thomas Keller
Bound by a common philosophy, linked by live video, staffed by
a cadre of inventive and skilled chefs, the kitchens of Thomas
Keller’s celebrated restaurants—The French Laundry in
Yountville, California, and per se, in New York Cityare in a
relationship unique in the world of fine dining. Ideas bounce
back and forth in a dance of creativity, knowledge, innovation,
and excellence. It’s a relationship that’s the very embodiment
of collaboration, and of the whole being greater than the sum of
its parts. And all of it is captured in The French Laundry, Per
Se, with meticulously detailed recipes for 70 beloved dishes.
Rebel Chef: In Search of What Matters
Dominique Crenn
Almost thirty years after moving to San Francisco from
France, Crenn was awarded three Michelin Stars for her
influential restaurant Atelier Crenn, and became the
first female chef in the United States to receive this
honor. Reflecting on the years she spent working in the
male-centric world of professional kitchens, Crenn tracks
her career from struggling cook to running one of the
world’s most acclaimed restaurants,and speaks out on
restaurant culture, sexism, immigration, and climate
Chile Peppers: A Global History
Dave DeWitt
For more than ten thousand years, humans have been
fascinated by a seemingly innocuous plant with bright-
colored fruits that bite back when bitten.Dave DeWitt,
a world expert on chiles, travels from New Mexico
across the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia
chronicling the history, mystery, and mythology of
chiles around the world and their abundant uses in
seventy mouth-tingling recipes.
Dessert Person
Claire Saffitz
In Dessert Person, readers will find Claire’s signature spin
on sweet and savory recipes like Babkallah (a babka-Challah
mashup), Apple and Concord Grape Crumble Pie,
Strawberry-Cornmeal Layer Cake, Crispy Mushroom
Galette, and Malted Forever Brownies. She outlines the
problems and solutions for each recipe as well as practical
do’s and don’ts, skill level, prep and bake time, step-by-step
photography, and foundational know-how.
Eat A Peach
David Chang
Full of grace, candor, grit, and humor, Eat a Peach chronicles
Chang’s switchback path. He lays bare his mistakes and
wonders about his extraordinary luck as he recounts the
improbable series of events that led him to the top of his
Snacking Cakes
Yossy Arefi
With little time and effort, these single-layered cakes are
made using only one bowl (no electric mixers needed) and
utilize ingredients likely sitting in your cupboard. They’re
baked in the basic pans you already own and shine with only
the most modest adornments: a dusting of powdered sugar, a
drizzle of glaze, a dollop of whipped cream.
Baking at the 20th Century Cafe
Michelle Polzine
Polzine, one of San Francisco’s best pastry chefs, pays homage
to the foundational desserts of Central and Eastern Europe,
while lightening and modernizing the recipes through her
California lens. Her fruit desserts, nut-based desserts, and
chocolate treatsmany of them gluten-freeare smart,
interesting, foolproof, and deliver big flavor.