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WHITE GLOVE DELIVERY SERVICE WITH NO ADDED COST FOR COLLIER AND LEE COUNTYServices by one of our team members include: Local Delivery, Product Fitting, Product Education, & Trash Removal Home of The Stabilizer Walker - It's like parallel Bars on the go!Home MedicalEquipment & Supplies

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WHAT OUR CLIENTS ARE SAYING...ABOUT THE COMPANYANY QUESTIONS?Collier and Lee CountyPrices include the followingservices by one of ourteam members: Local DeliveryProduct FittingProduct Education Trash RemovalOther areasPrices include:Free Delivery and a Follow Up CallCHAP Accreditation - Home Medical EquipmentStandards of Excellence. Certified Medicare provider.Stabilized Steps is also themanufacturer of a patentedattachment for medical walkers thathelps create the Stabilizer Walker.(pg.7) This stability tool gives the user the feeling of having parallel bars on the go and it is the mainexercise equipment utilized in the balance enhancingSTABILIFE System a home program to restore andsustain independence and quality of life. (pg.12) Stabilized Steps is a State of Florida licensedHome Medical Equipment Provider. "I was "I was extremely pleasedextremely pleased with the entire process with the entire processfrom from orderingordering to to deliverydelivery, , set upset up, , educationeducation andandpracticingpracticing in the home with the the home with the equipment.Stephanie was phenomenal from beginning to end.Stephanie was phenomenal from beginning to end.I would most definitely recommend her companyI would most definitely recommend her companyand equipment and equipment especially the stabilizerespecially the stabilizer to everyone.It is fabulous!" ~ Susan S.It is fabulous!" ~ Susan S.Our mission is to supportyou in regaining andmaintaining yourindependence,empowering you to takeeach step withconfidence and joy!

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Strategies for Post-Operative Care4The Stabilizer - as a Rehab Tool6The Stabilizer7Walker, Rollators & Canes8Knee Walkers11Home Exercise Program (Free Trial)12Mobility Accessories14Bathing & Toileting16Pillows, Cushions & Ice Packs19Foot Care20Independent Living Aids21The Stabilizer - A Fall Prevention Tool23DO YOU HAVEMEDICARE?Find Out if YourEquipment is Medicare-Covered.CALL US TODAY!HOW PLACE YOUR ORDERONLINEVISITWWW.STABILIZEDSTEPS.COMVIA PHONECALL(844) 691-STEP (7837)DOCTOR’S ORDERFAX ORDERS(949) 561-4653PRODUCT CATEGORIES“My experience with Stabilized Steps has been nothing but “My experience with Stabilized Steps has been nothing but professional professional & & positivepositive..The staff is The staff is pleasant pleasant and and understanding understanding - explaining why the Dr. has recommended- explaining why the Dr. has recommendedthe equipment & what insurance may cover. I was fortunate to have the owner,the equipment & what insurance may cover. I was fortunate to have the owner,Stephanie, deliver my equipment. She made sure I was comfortable with myStephanie, deliver my equipment. She made sure I was comfortable with myequipment and equipment and how to use it - especially getting in and out of the to use it - especially getting in and out of the shower.The equipment is The equipment is solidly madesolidly made and and cost is competitivecost is competitive, if not less expense, in, if not less expense, incomparison to the durable medical equipment supply stores in town. comparison to the durable medical equipment supply stores in town. Can’t sayCan’t sayenoughenough about this company!” ~ Sue B. about this company!” ~ Sue B.

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4UNDERSTANDING THE RISK FACTORS:Several factors contribute to the increased risk offalls among older adults after surgery:1. Muscle Weakness and Reduced Mobility:Surgery and immobility during recovery can leadto muscle weakness and decreased balance,increasing the likelihood of falls.2. Changes in Gait and Balance: Pain, stiffness, or limitations in range of motioncan alter gait and balance, further increasing therisk of falls.3. Side Effects of Medications: Pain medications and other drugs prescribedafter surgery may cause dizziness, drowsiness, orother side effects that can increase the risk offalls.4. Environmental Hazards: Hazards in the home environment, such as looserugs, uneven surfaces, or poor lighting, can poseadditional risks for falls.5. Cognitive Impairment: Older adults with cognitive impairment ordementia may be at an increased risk of falls dueto difficulties in judgment, perception, andawareness of surroundings.INTRODUCTION:As the population ages, surgeriesinvolving the lower extremities, such asthe foot, ankle, knee, or hip, havebecome increasingly common amongolder adults. While surgery can improvemobility and quality of life, it alsopresents challenges, particularly inreducing the risk of falls during therecovery process. Falls can have seriousconsequences for older adults, leading toinjuries, decreased independence, andprolonged recovery periods. In thisarticle, we explore strategies toprevent falls among older adults aftersurgery and promote safe andsuccessful recovery.CONTACT USwww.StabilizedSteps.com844-691-STEP (7837)PREVENTING FALLS AMONG OLDER ADULTS AFTER SURGERY:STRATEGIES FOR POST-OPERATIVE CARESTRATEGIES FOR PREVENTION:Preventive measures can significantly reduce therisk of falls among older adults recovering fromsurgery:1. Fall Risk Assessment: Healthcare providers should conductcomprehensive fall risk assessments before andafter surgery to identify individual risk factors andtailor interventions accordingly.2. Environmental Modifications: Caregivers should assess the home environmentfor potential hazards and make necessarymodifications, such as removing tripping hazards,installing grab bars, and improving lighting.3. Strength and Balance Exercises: Physical therapy and rehabilitation programsshould include exercises aimed at improvingmuscle strength, balance, and flexibility toenhance mobility and reduce the risk of falls.4. Medication Management: Healthcare providers should review and adjustmedications to minimize side effects that mayincrease the risk of falls, particularly sedatives,tranquilizers, and medications that affect bloodpressure.5. Assistive Devices: Depending on mobility limitations, older adultsmay benefit from assistive devices such as canes,walkers, or handrails to support safe movementand prevent falls.CONCLUSION:Preventing falls among older adults aftersurgery requires a multidisciplinary approachinvolving healthcare providers, caregivers, andthe individuals themselves. By addressing riskfactors, implementing preventive strategies,and promoting a safe recovery environment,we can minimize the risk of falls and supportolder adults in achieving optimal outcomesfollowing surgery. Through collaborativeefforts and proactive measures, we canensure that older adults maintain theirindependence and enjoy a fulfilling qualityof life during the recovery process.Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only and should not replace medical advice or treatment.Always consult with your healthcare provider for personalized recommendations based on your individual needs and circumstances.

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5cdefgLET OUR EXPERTS HELP YOU!At Stabilized Steps, we understand thechallenges you may face during yourrecovery journey. That's why our commitment goes beyond justproviding medical equipment. With our expertguidance and training services, we ensure thatyou feel confident and supported every step ofthe way.During our delivery appointment, our team takes the time to do a quick assessment yourhome environment and anticipate any challenges you may encounter post-surgery. We'llguide you through essential activities like:Getting in and out of the carGetting through the front door and navigating your houseShowering safely, and more.With Stabilized Steps, convenience is key. As part of our service, we bring along aselection of products directly to your home for you to explore, with no commitment topurchase. It's like having the store come to you, ensuring you find the perfect solutionsfor your needs. Let us know what you would like to see and we will make sure to bring it to you. Personalized In-Home DeliveryExperience the Convenience of "Bringing the Store to You"a. Leg Elevation Pillow (p19)b. Leg Cast Cover (p.18)c. The Stabilizer (p.7)d. Walker Accessory Bag (p.15)e. Knee Walker (p.11)f. Knee Walker Pad Cover (p.11)g. Universal Cup Holder (p.14)h. Ankle Hot & Cold Pack (p.19)i. Gel Swivel Seat Cushion (p.21)j. Quad Cane (p.10)k. Shower Chair w/ Back (p.17)l. Premium Shower Chair (p.17)m. Shower Stool (p.17)n. Foot Massage Ball Set (p.20)o. Car Assist (p.22)p. Transfer Tub Bench (p.16)q. Commode (p.16)abhijkplmqonCONTACT US! We may be able to do a special order for you.DON'T SEE A PRODUCT YOU WANT?Visit our website for a full list of products

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6The StabilizerThe premier rehab equipment foryour post operative activities and exercises. Optimal safety and security Builds confident independenceSuperior stability and support indoors and outdoorsRobust support tool for physical therapy exercisesMulti-use device avoids extra costs for additional equipment purchasesEase of handling (foldable and portable)One tool.Many solutions!Take your post-op steps confidently!“Stabilized Steps has been wonderful. First they recommended the best solution for mebased on my needs. I had hip surgery and initially recommended from my doctor's office,crutches. But after speaking with Stabilized Steps, a walker with a platform at the bottom wasrecommended. It's made my recovery so much better. I'm able to easily move around myhome. I appreciate that there was no pressure or felt that recommendations were based onincreasing their sale, but focus on my recovery. I especially like the speed of delivering theequipment, training me on the use, the follow-up during the entire process. I was so impressed, I've recommended Stabilized Steps to my PT group and to mysurgeon's office.”CONTACT USwww.StabilizedSteps.com844-691-STEP (7837)Kim J.Scan to Learn More

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7SW1002SG1002Heading into Surgery? Had an Injury? Stabilized Steps is your Next Step! If you are facing foot, ankle, knee, or hip surgery, or a lower extremity injury, we have you covered! Our goal is not just about supplying youmedical gear, it is ensuring your post-op comfort and safety.Your One-Stop Shop for a Seamless Recovery From walkers to commodes, we provide everything prescribed by your doctor, along with insights for a smoother transition home. Our experts offer personalized advice and FREE in-home delivery across Southwest Florida. Let us ease your worries and enhance your recovery journey!Why Choose Us? Medicare coverage Tailored solutions for your needs Free in-home delivery and setup Expert guidance and training at no extra costReady to make your recovery worry-free? Partner with us today! Call now for personalized assistance or visit our websiteThe StabilizerSuperior Stability (indoor/outdoor terrain)Bottom tracks give this device the stability of parallel bars, farsurpassing the stability of a walkerProduct comes fully assembled, needing only adjustment forheight of userAvailable in Junior SizeWeight Capacity: 350 lbs. Product Weight: 9 Lbs. Walker Platform Attachment -The Conversion KitAttaches to most standard 1" tubing walker, transforming yourwalker into a Stabilizer Walker. Quick and tool-free assemblyAdds about 3 lbs. to existing walkerWeight Capacity: up to 500 lbs. (Adheres to the weight capacityof the walker that it is being modified)The Stabilizer199.99$(Walker with 2 platform attachments)119.99$

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8SW100310224RP1003Prices include free shipping/delivery. In SWFL it also includes: Product assembly, fitting, and direction of use by one of our team members.10226WKAAW2BST10233CONTACT USwww.StabilizedSteps.com844-691-STEP (7837)The Stabilizer with a seat229.99$Nylon seat hooks on frame for asecure seat. When not in use, it rollsup and stores on the frame allowingfor a full strideFolds flat for transport and storagePlatform has 6 rubber pads on eachside. It does not glide.Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.Product Weight: 11.45 lbs.The Stabilizers ReplacementPads – Rubber (6 pack)17.99$Rubber replacement pads6 rubber pads included in packScrews and washers included Walkers, Rollators & CanesDeluxe, Trigger ReleaseFolding Walker84.99$Trigger release feature for openingand closing allows users to close thewalker without removing their handsfrom the handle Available in Junior sizeWeight Capacity: 350 lbs.Product Weight: 6 lbs.Deluxe, Trigger ReleaseFolding Walker w/ 5" wheels94.99$Trigger release feature allows to close thewalker without removing their hands fromthe handle. Folds for easy transport 5" wheels are ideal for maneuvering bothindoors and outdoorsAvailable in Junior sizeWeight Capacity: 350 lbs. Product Weight: 6 lbs.Folding Walker w/ Wheelsand Roll-Up SeatClever-Lite LS, Adult Walker135.99$Rear glide push-down brakes and 5" fixedfront wheelsComes with flip-up seat with built-in carryhandleFolds for easy transport Soft, flexible backrest provides comfort andsecurity while seatedWeight Capacity: 300 lbs. Product Weight: 11 lbs.99.99$Provides the convenience of a rollatorand the functionality of a walker Nylon seat hooks on frame for a secureseat. When not in use, it rolls up andstores on the frame allowing for a fullstride Weight Capacity: 300 lbs. Product Weight: 8.45 lbs.

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9MOB1057BLUR726BL102662RDMOB1010BLKCONTACT US! We may be able to do a special order for you.DON'T SEE A PRODUCT YOU WANT?Visit our website for a full list of productsAluminum Rollator, 6" CastersAvailable in Blue, Red, and BlackLightweight aluminum frame Comes with a comfortable, durable padded seat Zippered pouch under seat for added privacy and security ofpersonal items Ergonomic handles are easy-to-grip and are adjustableWeight Capacity: 300 lbs. | Product Weight: 13 Lbs. Rollator WalkerAvailable in Blue, Red, Black, and PinkSuperior Support And Stability, with 8” wheels Compact Foldable DesignDual Braking SystemIncludes an integrated cane holderWeight Capacity: 300 lbs. | Product Weight: 19 lbs.Prices include free shipping/delivery. In SWFL it also includes: Product assembly, fitting, and direction of use by one of our team members.Walkers, Rollators & CanesNitro Sprint RollatorRollator Walker with SeatExtra-Large BackrestEnhanced 3-mode Breaking System (free, slowdown, & park)Large 10" front caster wheelsFolds easily with one hand and locks in place for easy transportWeight Capacity: 350 lbs. | Product Weight: 19 lbs.115.99$Rollator Model SAvailable in Blue, Red, and BlackSafely Supports Independent MobilityAdjusts For Optimal Comfort, Perfect For TravelDual Braking System. 8” Sport wheels Includes an integrated cane holderWeight Capacity: 300 lbs. | Product Weight: 18 lbs.179.99$249.99$349.99$

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10MOB1033BLKMOB1026BK10215RDPrices include free shipping/delivery. In SWFL it also includes: Product assembly, fitting, and direction of use by one of our team members.RTL10372PL1030110381BLKCONTACT USwww.StabilizedSteps.com844-691-STEP (7837)Upright Walker239.99$Supports walking uprightEasy height adjustmentsComfortable on the go seatingStand assist handlesStylish storage bagFolds for compact storageWeight Capacity: 300 lbs.Product Weight: 20 lbs.Go-Lite Bariatric Steel Rollator215.99$Rolling Walker with SeatStable and secure8" casters with soft-grip tires are idealfor indoor and outdoor useSoft padded oversized seatFoldableWeight Capacity: 500 lbs.Product Weight: 26 lbs.Walkers, Rollators & Canes3 Wheel Rollator169.99$For those who need mild to moderatesupport Easily Navigate In Small SpacesFoldable DesignLightweight Adjustable FrameAccessory BagWeight Capacity: 250 lbs.Product Weight: 11 lbs.Gel Grip, Aluminum OffsetCanes43.99$Easy-to-use, one-button heightadjustment with locking ring Lockingring prevents rattling Comes standard with premium GelGrip and wrist strapWeight Capacity: 300 lbs.Quad CaneOffset Aluminum Caneswith Tab-Loc Silencer37.99$Tab-Loc silencer provides addedsafety to ensure a locked heightadjustment. Ergonomically designed paddedhandle. Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.44.99$4-point base, combined with offsethandle provides additional stabilityand supportAdjusts from 30 to 39 incheseasy to use one-button heightadjustment with locking boltWeight Capacity: 300 lbs.

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796791RDMOB1007BLUPrices include free shipping/delivery. In SWFL it also includes: Product assembly, fitting, and direction of use by one of our team members.CSH1006BLKCSH1086BLUCSH1019BLK11Steerable Knee Walker199.99$For individuals recovering from ankle orfoot injury or surgeryCan be steered for increasedmaneuverabilitySteering assembly folds down for storage7" wheels with adjustable hand brakeWeight Capacity: 350 lbs.Product Weight: 21 lbs.Knee Walker235.99$Available in Blue, Black, and PinkSteerable knee walkerDual braking systemCompact folding designHeight AdjustableRemovable storage bagWeight Capacity: 300 lbs.Product Weight: 22 lbs.Nitro Glide Knee Walker256.99$Available in Red and BlueWidth expanding front axels (16", 18", 20") Large 10" caster wheelsCompact Folding DesignIntegrated disc brake technology forincreased stopping powerWeight Capacity: 350 lbs.Product Weight: 23 lbs.Knee walker pad cover,Faux Sheepskin32.99$Easily attaches to most knee walkersStretchable elastic straps easily securethe soft platform cover Relieves pain and pressureThe non-slip cover firmly stays in placeMachine washableMemory Foam KneeWalker Pad34.99$Knee WalkersCONTACT US! We may be able to do a special order for you.DON'T SEE A PRODUCT YOU WANT?Visit our website for a full list of productsFoam Knee Walker Padwith Comfort Gel36.99$Soft Memory Foam PaddingReduces Pressure On Injured LegRelieves Pain For All Day ComfortEasily Attaches To WalkerSoft and Layered Memory Foam forGreater ComfortRemovable Gel Pack for Hot or ColdTherapySecure Fit with Easy InstallationMachine Washable

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12You can access this simple program from any deviceIncrease Your Balance. Reclaim Your Independence.Then select "Quick Intro to the STABILIFE System"

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13At Stabilized Steps, we understand thatmaintaining your balance is the key topreserving your independence and enjoyinga fulfilling life. That's why we've created an innovative homeexercise program designed specifically foradults with balance issues.We believe that losing your balance is notmerely a physical challenge – it's a threat toyour independence and overall quality of life.Falls can cause catastrophic consequences, andthe fear of falling can be paralyzing. But it doesn't have to be that way!Our program focuses on fall prevention byenhancing your balance, stability, and mobility.We are dedicated to helping you sustain andrestore your independence, enabling you tocontinue doing what you love withoutunnecessary limitations or placing burdenson your loved ones.Don't let age define you. Age is just a number.With our program, you can take control of yourbalance and enjoy the activities you cherishmost. Experience the joy of moving freelyand confidently once again.To learn more about our program, call us at844-691-7837 or visit our website. We are here to support you on your journeytowards maintaining a vibrant, independent,and fulfilling life.

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141011010109MOB1006CVRPAK4Prices include free shipping/delivery. In SWFL it also includes: Product assembly, fitting, and direction of use by one of our team members.STDS1040SSUP1064BLKMOB1035BLKCONTACT USwww.StabilizedSteps.com844-691-STEP (7837)Glide Ski28.99$For use with all 1" folding walkersEasily added to walkerDurable composite constructionensures long lifeEasily maneuvers over most surfacesDimensions: 3"(L) x 2"(W) x 1"(H)Walker Ski Glide Covers11.99$Durable ski glide covers allow the walkerto glide smoothly and quietly over thefloorDesigned for indoor use, the fabric coversare suitable for use on hardwood, tile,laminate, and carpeted floorsFits standard ski glides. Machine washableIncludes: four ski walker glide coversMobility AccessoriesUniversal 5" WalkerWheels Replacement Kit25.99$Kit converts folding 1" walker towheeled style there are 7adjustment gearsHeight adjustable with 350 lbs. weightcapacityEasy installation5" rubber sport wheelsUniversal Cup Holder 29.99$Clamp allows cup holder to swivel tokeep contents levelEasily attaches to wheeled walkers,rollators, transport chairs/wheelchairswith tubing diameter from ⁵/₈" to 1"Special clamp insert can be added orremoved as necessary toaccommodate different size tubingWalker Grip PadsSheepskin Walker GripPads23.99$The grips provide plush cushioning thatevenly distributes pressure andeliminates irritation and frictionMinimizes soreness and fatigueFits on any walkerRemovable foam paddingSoft and breathable 100% faux wool19.99$Reduces hand and wrist fatigue andpainComfortably padded hand gripsFits on any walkerContoured foam paddingBreathable, moisture-wickingmaterials

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MOB1013BLKMOB1050BLKMOB1036BLKPrices include free shipping/delivery. In SWFL it also includes: Product assembly, fitting, and direction of use by one of our team members.RTL10255PKRTL10254RTL10256NV154 Point Cane Tip24.99$Self standing rubber cane tip is easilyinstalled on a standard 3/4" or foldingcaneConstructed with a durable non-skidrubber, the quad cane tip makes walkingon uneven or loose terrain easierDimensions: 4.5 x 3 inStanding Cane Tip24.99$Exceptionally lightweight and flexible,this standing cane tip replaces worn,damaged or lost cane tips with amodern, self-standing baseThe standing cane tip fits all standardand folding 3/4" canes providinggreater stability and traction on anysurfaceStanding Dome Cane Tip24.99$The stylish design features multiplecontact points with a textured, nonslipbase, which provides greater tractionand stability on any walking surfaceDesigned to fit on any standard 3/4”caneConvenient Self-Standing DesignUniversal Mobility Bag19.99$Securely attaches to wide range ofmobility aidsRemovable, optional cross-bodycarrying strapTreated with water resistant technology10" (L) x 6.5" (W) x 3" (D)Weight Capacity: 3 lbs.Walker Accessory Bag25.99$Mobility AccessoriesCONTACT US! We may be able to do a special order for you.DON'T SEE A PRODUCT YOU WANT?Visit our website for a full list of productsAccessory Tote Bag29.99$Adjustable bag loop fasteners attach towide range of mobility aidsVarious pockets (interior, front, andback) to hold many essential items.Treated with water resistant technology16" (L) x 9" (W) x 2.5" (D)Weight Capacity: 6 lbs.Available in Blue Floral, Tropical Floral,and Army GreenDual attachment options securelyattaches to wide range of mobility aidsSpacious interior pocket with zipperclosure and key ringTreated with water resistant technology11" (L) x 11" (W) x 3" (D)Weight Capacity: 9 lbs.

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1611148-11206512027RAPrices include free shipping/delivery. In SWFL it also includes: Product assembly, fitting, and direction of use by one of our team members.RTL1200012011KDRTL12036-ADJCONTACT USwww.StabilizedSteps.com844-691-STEP (7837)Folding Steel Commode96.99$Easily opens and foldsFolds flat for convenient storage andtransportationDurable plastic snap on seat and lidComes complete with 7.5 qt commodebucket, cover and splash shieldWeight Capacity: 350 lbs.Product Weight: 13.5 lbs.Raised Toilet Seat withRemovable Arms, 5" Height86.99$Adds 5" to height of toilet seatTool-free arms can be removed or addedLocking device with larger, heavy-duty"worm screw" and locking plate for a safe,secure fit. Fits most toiletsWeight Capacity: 300 lbs.Product Weight: 5 lbs.Bathing & ToiletingRaised Toilet Seat with Lid69.99$Heavy-duty molded plastic constructionLocking device with larger, heavy-duty"worm screw" and locking plate for asafe, secure fit Lightweight and portableFits most toiletsNo tools required for installationWeight Capacity: 400 lbs.Toilet Safety Frame withPadded Arms72.99$Anodized aluminum is sturdy andlightweightPadded armrests provide additionalcomfort and supportComes with height-adjustable andwidth-adjustable armsBracket secures safety frame in placeWeight Capacity: 300 lbs.Transfer Tub BenchAdjustable Clamp-On TubRail68.99$14.5" - 17" height adjustment Width adjusts from 3" - 7"Stainless steel locking mechanism andnon-wearing rubber pads providescratch-proof securityFits most tubs (not for use withfiberglass tubs). Tool-free installationWeight Capacity: 300 lbs.129.99$A-frame construction provides stabilityDurable blow-molded plastic benchand backrestHeight adjusts in ½" increments withunique "Dual Column" extension legsReversible to accommodate anybathroomWeight Capacity: 400 lbs.Product Weight: 13.6 lbs.

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RTL12004KD12202KD12203KDPrices include free shipping/delivery. In SWFL it also includes: Product assembly, fitting, and direction of use by one of our team members.LVA100912021KDRTL1250517Shower Stool59.99$Aluminum frame is lightweight,durable and corrosion proofImpact-resistant, composite seatLegs are height adjustable in 1"increments, and are crack proof andtarnish resistantWeight Capacity: 300 lbs.Product Weight: 3 lbs.Deluxe Aluminum ShowerBench without Back63.99$Drainage holes in bench reduceslippingFrame is lightweight, durable andcorrosion proofLegs are height adjustable Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.Product Weight: 5 lbs.Deluxe AluminumShower Chair with Back74.99$Aluminum frame is lightweight, durableand corrosion proofLegs are height adjustable in 1"increments, and angled with suction-style tips to provide additional stabilityWeight Capacity: 300 lbs.Product Weight: 7.5 lbs.Shower Chair with Arms &Back89.99$Extra-wide seat with handles Base of the item will fit most bath tubsand showers measuring 23.3” wideRubber tipped caps to avoid slippingduring useWeight Capacity: 300 lbs.Product Weight: 7.5 lbs.Premium Series ShowerChair with Back and Arms96.99$Bathing & ToiletingCONTACT US! We may be able to do a special order for you.DON'T SEE A PRODUCT YOU WANT?Visit our website for a full list of productsDeluxe Bariatric ShowerChair with Cross-FrameBrace106.99$Easy, tool-free height adjustment withheight indicatorEnhanced comfort seat fits all shapesand sizesLightweight design has large stable legswith soft non-slip feetWeight Capacity: 350 lbs.Product Weight: 11.5 lbs.Frame has width/depth cross bracesattached with aircraft-type rivetsAluminum frame is lightweight, durableand corrosion proof Drainage holesreduce slippingWeight Capacity: 500 lbs.Product Weight: 7.5 lbs.

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18RTL12095RHB1020RTLPC23402Prices include free shipping/delivery. In SWFL it also includes: Product assembly, fitting, and direction of use by one of our team members.LVA1095WHT12037LVA2072GRYNon Slip Bath StripsCONTACT USwww.StabilizedSteps.com844-691-STEP (7837)Super AbsorbentCommode Pail Liners18.99$Prevents the commode bucket fromgetting soiled and eliminates odorsand bucket cleaningEquipped with a super absorbentpowder which soaks up bodily waste(up to 64 oz) within secondsLeg Cast Protector19.99$Keeps casts and bandages dry whilebathing or showeringStretch tight fit eliminates the need forpumps, straps, and adhesive tapesReusable design folds to compact sizeNot to be submerged under water24.5" LengthBathing & ToiletingLeg Cast Cover, Watertight 27.99$Complete protection against water,sand, dirt and grime Reusable leg cast protector is leakproof and tear-resistantEasily glides over most adult casts andsecures with a watertight sealGreat for showering and bathing31.1" Length9.99$Reduce slips and falls on slipperysurfaces such as showers, bathtubs,and entrywaysSet of 24 non-slip strips (7.5" x 0.75")Each anti-slip strip improves tractionand stability with a lightly texturedsurfaceEasy to install on any nonporoussurfaceDeluxe Handheld ShowerSpray with Diverter ValveMemory Foam Bath Mat 19.99$Available in gray and brownProvides soft cushioning with a warm,luxurious feel, featuring a thickmemory foam layer with a soft flanneltop layerExceptionally absorbent to keep floorssafe and dry when stepping out of thebathtub or shower17” x 24”34.99$On/Off switch built into handle foreasy accessComes with diverter valve that allowseither the regular shower head tooperate or be used as a handheldshower sprayExtra-long 80" reinforced nylon hose

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CSH1060BLURHB1055Prices include free shipping/delivery. In SWFL it also includes: Product assembly, fitting, and direction of use by one of our team members.M8070CSH1050WHT19RHB2070GRYCSH1027WHTCoccyx Cushion44.99$Contoured memory foamErgonomically designed to relievepainful pressure on the tailbone,effectively supporting proper postureto minimize tension and fatiguesoft, breathable cover with a nonslipbase and a carry handle18.78” x 14.02” x 2.99”Knee Hot And Cold Pack27.99$Provides soothing relief for knee pain,swelling, and inflammationDouble-sided - Nylon material (strongerand colder treatment) and soft plush Velcro on the strap is a double sidehook, and can be used on either sideFlexible and reusablecan be heated by microwaveDual Strap Ankle Hot andCold Pack29.99$Provides you a complete coverage of thefoot and ankle with a flexible when-frozenwrap. Can be used soothing heat or cold therapywith mild compression Sized to fit most ankles and is secured inplace with two flexible fastener straps.Premier One General UseFoam Cushion (20"x18"x3")38.99$Provides comfort and stability with asimple, economical designAerated foam helps keep the user cooland dryLow-shear water-resistant stretch coverhelps maintain sensitive skin integrityConvenient 12" tie straps secure thecushion to the wheelchairLeg Elevation Pillow (23" x 16" x 8")59.99$Pillows, Cushions & Ice PacksCONTACT US! We may be able to do a special order for you.DON'T SEE A PRODUCT YOU WANT?Visit our website for a full list of productsKnee/Single Leg ElevationPillow(32” x 13" x 9.5”)73.99$Optimal leg elevation for maximizedcomfortMemory foam contours to your bodyfor ideal supportRelieves tired, swollen feetAmply wide to accommodate both legsRemovable knit cover with stable, non-slip base. Machine washable.Elevates and immobilizes the knee,calf, and ankle for optimal healingAlleviates swelling and fatigueWide leg channel accommodatesbandages and castsSuper soft, removable cover withnon-slip bottom. Machine washable.Stands up to heavy use

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20Prices include free shipping/delivery. In SWFL it also includes: Product assembly, fitting, and direction of use by one of our team members.INS1014BLURHB1032LVA2071BLURTL10273LVA2007GRYRHB1034Folding Exercise Peddlerwith Electronic Display CONTACT USwww.StabilizedSteps.com844-691-STEP (7837)Toe Stretchers (4 Pieces)- Silicone Gel Separators15.99$Stretch and straighten your toesRelieves toe and foot painIncreases flexibility and circulationComfortable resilient gelWhat’s Included:Toe separator loops - one pairToe separator spreaders -one pairMassage Ball Set (4 Piece)Foot Pain Hot Cold Therapy29.99$Deep Tissue Massage and MyofascialRelease Ideal for pain relief & promoting bloodcirculationMassages your feet by rolling back and forthEffective Hot and Cold TherapyDurable, Lightweight and PortableFoot CareFoot Scrubber, 13"x9" w/Hanger29.99$Cleanse, exfoliate and massage feetwhile standing in the tub or shower Dual bristles and a pumice stone,cleans, exfoliates and stimulatescirculation in the feet. Secured to the floor of a tub or showerwith 36 suction cupsEasy to clean and store between uses.57.99$Ideal for leg and arm muscleexercisingFive function display indicates exercisetime, revolution count, revolutions perminute (rpm) and calories burned Four anti-slip rubber pads preventsliding and protect surfacesResistance easily adjusted 6 Piece Hip And Knee Surgery Recovery Set 52.99$Includes: 1 Folding, Reacher Grabber, 1Shoe Horn, 1 Sock Assist, 1 Loop Leg Lifter,1 Shower Back Scrubber, 1 Dressing Stick.Provides essential aid for everyday taskswhile recovering from hip or knee surgery,bariatric surgery or for daily living needs forthose with limited mobility, restricted rangeof motion or other hindrances.23" Shoe Horn with SockRemover15.99$Extended length shoe hornLarge, easy grip handleIncludes a sock remover tab for easilyslipping off socks and hosiery withoutbending and twistingSeparates into two short pieces with aquick release connector to easily fit in ahandbag, carry-on or suitcase

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Prices include free shipping/delivery. In SWFL it also includes: Product assembly, fitting, and direction of use by one of our team members.21RHB1011NRHB1050SBLULVA1030HRHB1017RTL5021FCSH1028BLKBalance Pad (16" x 13")39.99$Improves strength, balance, and mobilityDurable foam balance pad increases jointstability and motor skills, safelystrengthening weak ankles, knees and hipsLightly textured to provide a nonslip surfacethat is safe for use barefoot or with shoesLightweight and portable, can also be usedas a comfortable seat cushion or footelevator at home or on the goStep Stool with Handrail67.99$Safely reach high cabinets and shelving bystepping up on the sturdy stool with anintegrated handrail Exceptionally stable, the foot stool hasangled legs capped with wide, nonsliprubber tips to prevent tipping andreducing unwanted movementSafely supports up to 300 lbs.11"D x 14"W x 33"HFinger Strengthener - 3pk 34.99$Build hand strength, grip, and fingerdexterity. Designed to increase thestrength of the fingers, wrists andforearmsThree levels of targeted resistanceIsolate each finger for targeted strengthtrainingGreat for therapy Comfortable gripLight weight, compact, and portable32" Foldable Reacher23.99$With a lightweight aluminum framethis Reacher helps to eliminatebending and stretchingEasy-to-operate trigger requires only12 ounces of pressure to close jaws.Jaws rotate 360 degrees to reachitems at any angleTransfer Belt with Handles35.99$Independent Living AidsCONTACT US! We may be able to do a special order for you.DON'T SEE A PRODUCT YOU WANT?Visit our website for a full list of productsGel Swivel Seat Cushion42.99$Easy to put on, adjust and removeA safe way to assist patients and loved oneswhile walking or transferring from a bed toa wheelchair, bedside commode or chairHeavy-duty buckle with nonslip, lockingteeth allows the belt to be easily adjustedfor a secure fitSafely supports up to 500 lbs. and waistsizes up to 60”Perfect solution for individuals who spendlong periods of time sittingEnsure proper spinal alignment whilerelieving the pressure placed on your hips,lower back, and tailbone Gel-infused memory foam pillow conformsto the shape of your bodyNon-slip bottom360-degree seamless rotation

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22Prices include free shipping/delivery. In SWFL it also includes: Product assembly, fitting, and direction of use by one of our team members.LVA1093BLKLVA1100BLKLVA2098LVA3015BLKLVA1098PAK4CONTACT USwww.StabilizedSteps.com844-691-STEP (7837)Car Assist - Car DoorSupport Handle18.99$Allows you to easily exit your vehicle andstand with easeEasy to install, sliding into the car door’slatchSafely supporting up to 300 lbs.Works with most vehicles, universallydesigned to work with compact andmidsize cars, trucks and SUVJar Opener 19.99$Open jars and containers with ease Stabilizing rubber pad and strong innerlining of non-marking metal teeth, allow youto quickly open jars, cans, and othercontainers independentlyIdeal for those with arthritis pain, preventinginjuries to hands and joints by minimizinghand strainCompact and lightweight design makes iteasy to store when not in useIndependent Living AidsAutomatic Night Lights, LED with sensor, 4 pack15.99$Soft dusk to dawn lightingThe warm night lights are gentle on theeyes in darkened areasBuilt In Light SensorNight lights automatically turn on as thespace goes dark and then gradually dimsbefore shutting off as the space is lit up byoverhead lights or natural sunlightFloor to Ceiling Grab Bar199.99$Ideal for any room in the house. Providesstabilizing support when standing, sitting,or lying down. Transfer pole features a u-shaped handlefor an easy grip with one or both handsSteel safety bar is tension-mounted andheight-adjustable to fit ceiling heightsbetween 7’ 5” to 9’. Supports up to 250 poundsRollator / Walker TravelBag39.99$Safely stores and protects your mobilityaid while travelingTSA-approved, the large travel bagholds most styles of rollators, walkers,and hybrid transport chairslightweight, waterproof material that isexceptionally durable and washable35” by 26” by 9.5”1222PM-Rail Home Bed AssistHandleProvides support when getting into andout of bed and when moving from a lyingposition to a sitting positionSafety strap wraps around mattress orbox spring to ensure a secure fitIncludes accessory pouch for storingremote controls, glasses, magazines andmore68.99$

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23“My husband, who suffers from neuropathy and balance issues, is very thankful for hisStabilizer. He uses it while shaving, to move from his wheelchair to a new location, to help himbend down to retrieve an item, and he sets it up in the restroom at night to help him get upand down and move around so he doesn't fall. This was a great purchase! “~ Marcia G.CONTACT US! We may be able to do a special order for you.DON'T SEE A PRODUCT YOU WANT?Visit our website for a full list of productsScan to Learn More

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