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Mr. McDonald's class doing a classwide Google Slides presentation covering amendments. Great way to let students work on their own and create something that all can use to learn!


Cromer- I love the groups and rotations. 

Working on Reading and Canvas! 


After an initial traditional pen and paper lesson on sports (deportivos) Garcia-Fischer's students are blending it up like a sweet margarita!

Mrs. Boak's class taking a quiz on Looks like there are plenty of opportunities for immediate feedback on both ends! 


Mrs. Garcia-Fischer's 1st period class creating Google slides and Screencastify! #SSHSblending


Garcia-Fisher...the new Cuisinart...way to rock the blending!!!

-S. Patterson

WANTED: A Canvas Assignment as cool as Mrs. Patterson's

Including: Links to websites and an embedded video
#SSHSBlending #LearningEverywhere #WishIWasAsCoolAsHer
Great Job Mrs. Patterson!!!
I have been using Schoolnet now for about a year, and Alyssa gave me a quick tutorial of how she uses Canvas for testing. It was nice to compare and contrast as Canvas has some very useful features

Karen Calloway had a great Jeopardy game that the kids were using to review kitchen sanitation before they took a quiz on SchoolNet! 


JROTC specializes in blending!!

Maj Baker

Shout out to Mrs. Garcia-Fischer and her tech-based stations.  Blended learning makes learning how to *speak* Spanish much easier.


- R. Smith

I love Mrs. Jaffe's use of to motivate and engage her students. #SSHSblending 


Mrs. Dunn's Earth Science class is working on a cool website/game called to construct a safer environment for a population when an earthquake strikes.