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Spring 2023

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Seniors give their advice to underclassmen The Problems with Polarization Has AI Gone too Far and MORE tritontimes com May 2023 phantom of the opera wows Cast wins big at Macy awards 19 Find out where our seniors are headed why being unique is overrated battle of the bands makes its debut 7 23

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Letter from the Editor EDITOR IN CHIEF Aaron Velez NEWSROOM MANAGER Nicolle Generaux HEAD EDITORS Kyla Brown Eden Havel Tyler Pearce Anthony Wu Jack Wolfsohn NEWS EDITORS Sophie Echternach Daniella Flores OPINION EDITOR Ava Miller STUDENT LIFE EDITORS AJ Cabagbag Shea Gallagher A E EDITOR Hannah Eberle SPORTS EDITOR Enzo Candolo WRITERS Chloe Ashe Dylan Backer Lindsay Coulson Mia DeRouchey Amanda Dirpes Jenna Forss Chloe Gerhard Claire Hedger Avery Kearl Sienna Miller Gabriela Pe a Mariana Ramirez Sophie Rapeepat Gracie Reynolds Otto Schniepp Sienna Taus Olivia Vergopia MEDIA DESIGN Nate Sulkess ADVISOR Mr Miller Mission Statement The Triton Times is a student run publication established in 1966 by students at San Clemente High School formerly known as The Triton The staff of the Triton Times seeks to recognize individuals events and ideas that are relevant to the community The Triton Times student journalists are committed to working in a manner that is professional unbiased and thorough in order to effectively serve our readers We strive to report accurately and will correct any significant error If you believe such an error has been made please contact us Opinions expressed in this publication are those of the journalism staff and not of San Clemente High School or the Capistrano Unified School District 2 tritontimes com

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Triton Times opinion 4 Polarization an ageold concept with a dire modern world impact 8 The graduation dilemma Willow Project 9 The betrays environmental promise News 10 San Clemente High s Model Congress Team Soars at Harvard student life 26 12 SCHS Satire 17 Spring Style at SCHS A E 24 Summer brings blockbuster movies and binge worthy shows 25 Hot Take Instagram Reels TikTok 14 Sports 27 NFL Preseason Top 10 23 18 3

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Polarization an age old concept with a dire modern impact What can we do to combat the growing divide between our friends and family Aaron Velez editor in chief As a society we are becoming increasingly polarized It seems that every issue no matter how small or insignificant gets turned into a battleground between two opposing sides by various media sources Many of us have become so entrenched in our own beliefs that we no longer listen to those who disagree with us Instead we shout at them demonize them and label them as enemies In fact novelist Fyodor Dostoevsky states that w hile nothing is easier than to denounce the evildoer nothing is more difficult than to understand him One of the biggest problems with polarization is that it makes it impossible to find common ground Even assuming that the other side is indeed an evildoer as Dostoevsky states means that the battle is already lost When we view those who disagree with us as enemies we stop listening to them We stop trying to understand their perspective and we stop looking for ways to work together This makes it much harder to find solutions to the problems we face as a society Instead of working together to find solutions we end up fighting each other which only makes the problems worse For teenagers like myself this period in politics represents a very interesting time We are told constantly that the partisan divide has never been like this or that insert other side used to be sensible but has totally lost it now Yet this is all that we have been accustomed to ever since we were old enough to think critically about our nation s politics Honestly when my parents talk about how little politics mattered in their 4 tritontimes com USC Brian Stauffer daily lives as teenagers I get envious senior Ashley Jahed stated I know it s good to stay informed but it often seems as though we are inundated with extrem ism of all kinds on a day to day basis One recent example that truly solidified modern polarization in my mind was this year s State of the Union Ad

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dress This year saw Joe Biden deliver a fairly non inflammatory address calling for more bipartisanship while of course hitting on typical party values And when he was heckled and booed by the GOP I thought very little of it as it was just a continuation of the world of politics that I was raised on Discussing it with my peers the next day we all agreed that the jeers while annoying were an unsurprising part of the speech After all to my memory Democrats had done it for nearly all of Trump s addresses Talking with my teachers however was a different story They reminisced on the times when that stuff didn t happen and the State of the Union was something to unite the country Initially this baffled me but when I did further research their nostalgic claims turned out to be true A 2009 article from PBS stated that o pen heckling of the president from members of Congress had happened only a few times in history Since the first address from the Obama administration in 2009 there have been dozens of major heckling events Yet before there were only two notable recorded events of heckling on the scale that we ve seen today one in 2005 where George Bush was booed for talking about reforming social security and one in 1975 in which two Democrats walked out of the congressional hall during the Ford administration over disagreements pertaining to the Vietnam War What then can we do First we need to start listening to each other We need to be willing to consider other viewpoints and try to understand where people are coming from This doesn t mean condoning Marjorie Taylor Greene s rambles about Jewish space lasers or having to agree with Andrew Yang s proposal for a universal basic income but it does mean that we need to be willing to have civil conversations and find common ground Second we need to stop demonizing those who disagree with us We need to recognize that people can have different opinions and still be good decent human beings We need to treat each other with respect and dignity even when we disagree Polarization is harmful because it prevents us from learning and growing When we only listen to people who agree with us we limit our ability to learn new things Echo chambers of any kind can lead to stagnation and a warped world view In order to move forward as a society we need to be open to new ideas and perspectives In our TOK Theory of Knowledge class we had a lengthy discussion about empathy senior Kate Loo said Though it is often boiled down to a simple emotion its true power comes in the way it enables us to see hear and acknowledge other people and viewpoints even those that conflict with our own Finally we need to start focusing on the things that unite us rather than the things that divide us We all want a better future for ourselves and those who come after us We all want to live in a safe and prosperous society These are the things that unite us and we need to start focusing on them So before dismissing that aunt uncle cousin or peer as a sheep crackpot or snowflake or getting enraged by whichever buzzword the news is pumping out this week please take a minute not to switch sides or give up your values but simply to understand 5

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Has AI Gone too Far The emergence of AI and its uncontrollability have left many in fear Nicolle generaux Newsroom manager H as artificial intelligence finally become an existential threat More than a thousand leaders and researchers in the technological field including Elon Musk CEO of SpaceX Tesla Twitter seem to think so Encompassed in a released open letter warning the public of the newfound dangers of continuing to advance artificial intelligence these leaders have urged all AI labs to immediately pause on their progression for at least six months with all systems more powerful than GPT 4 They consider this a necessary AI Summer in order to address safety concerns regarding the future of AI The letter goes as far as to suggest that a moratorium should be instituted if all labs do not follow immediately Realistically the letter is asking a lot from the AI labs junior Chris Pimentel mentioned But in order to ensure the safety of the people it is a necessity especially if important researchers and technological figures like Elon Musk have been pointing this out since 2015 in the original open letter to AI Other recognizable names that signed the letter following its release include Steve Wozniak co founder of Apple Jaan Tallinn co founder of Skype Evan Sharp co founder of Pinterest Craig Peters CEO of Getty Images professors from UC Berkeley MIT Princeton Harvard Oxford and more One of the profound risks this letter mentions is the current lack of management and planning for the progress that AI is making and its future impacts on 6 tritontimes com AI LETTER RELEASED URGING all AI labs to halt their programs temporarily to prepare for unforeseen future BeSingular society Lately many AI labs have solely focused on improving their technology and not outlined any restrictions creating an out of control race that produces extremely intelligent digital minds in which no one including the creators can understand predict or reliably control The letter describes how the new systems have become human competitive at general tasks and questions if humanity should let AI enhance to that extent and start to take over more jobs stating how it might risk loss of control of our civilization This new AI includes ChatGPT Microsoft s Bing and Google s Bard which are extensions and large improvements from Siri or Alexa According to the labs this new AI has been known to get details wrong or randomly spit out misinformation with enough confidence that it camouflages well among the truthful information The letter was published following the investment bank Goldman Sachs recent report that revealed that AI in its desire to increase productivity might take away millions of jobs that can be automated With these concerns in mind the letter has outwardly stated that the world is indeed not ready for these advancements in AI powerful AI systems should be developed only once we are confident that their effects will be positive and their risks will be manageable AI unchecked can pose a risk to millions of jobs since that can be automated junior Jadon Lawrence mentioned Their concerns are definitely more than fair In order to become prepared for these advancements the letter suggests that during the AI Summer all AI labs should work together to develop and implement a set of shared safety protocols overseen by experts to monitor the capabilities of AI possible model leaks and overall prevent potentially catastrophic effects on society and democracy However not everyone in the tech community is on board with this AI summer Bill Gates co founder of Microsoft rejects the idea saying how he does not believe that asking one particular group to pause solves the challenges that AI poses Other prominent AI figures like Yann LeCun chief AI scientist at Meta and Andrew Ng the founder of Deep Learning also argue to not proceed with the letter s request stating that it is unnecessary and counterproductive as AI labs could implement restrictions themselves without extensive research If you want to see it for yourself the AI Letter now signed by almost thirty thousand people digitally is https futureoflife org open letter pause giant ai experiments

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Why being unique is overrated If everyone is special then no one is special T here are over 8 000 000 000 people in the world What are the odds that any one of us is truly unique I m bad at math and don t even understand the calculations necessary to actually find the answer but in my opinion I d say it s pretty much impossible that any one of us is special Let alone all of us Every motivational quote emphasizes the importance of individuality and celebrating what makes us who we are But assuming the definition of who we are is based on how we think and act the truth is that we are not that different from each other There is no one thought a person could have or one thing they could do that another person is not also capable of experiencing This means that out of almost 8 billion people the chances that every one of us is unique are basically nonexistent Still we like to convince ourselves that we are special and this mindset is reflected in every aspect of our lives For example the idea of being the main character as described in every fictional book is something that every single person believes in People are naturally egocentric whether they know it or not and our own experiences will always matter more than the secondary experiences of others This doesn t mean that people are at their core selfish it just means that we all just want what s best for us It s just the way we re wired to strive for something that others don t have Is it even possible to have an original thought I think everyone wants to feel special because it makes them feel like what they do matters junior Niko Friebe said Motivation comes when you know there are actual reasons to try in the first place whether it s for success or just gratification In a way this belief drives progress If everyone wants to stand out competition filters those who work hard But so many people work hard and no matter how good you may be at something there will always be someone better or with the potential to be Even so the idea of competition only shows the success benefit of being special People also want to stand out because of the recognition that follows With growing social media and online presence a desire in people to get noticed has soared to its limit Being quirky or not like others girls is a desired status shared by so many people that it has become a topic of criticism Apart from the social implications of trying to be unique there are actual phenomena that prove people are alike even without knowing meaning that our desires to find individuality are doomed from the start The trending TikTok posts of having not one unique experience show incredibly specific details of someone s childhood No matter how obscure millions of people interact with the posts who experienced the same exact things without knowing it and each one previously thought that their past was unique to only them It is possible to be unique however it is limited to the extent of our own individual knowledge At the end of the day we are all the same But it doesn t even matter because out of 8 billion people so many others are trying and succeeding to do the exact same thing Though this idea may sound depressing at first there is a bright side Senior Cole Bundy s advice is that y ou only got one opportunity to live Surround yourself with what makes you happy The advice may be cliche and philosophical but it s fair There s nothing wrong with just being a decent human being and life s too short to be doing things just to prove you re special Do what you want with life and be happy doing it Be excited about shared experiences and celebrate them as an opportunity to relate and connect with others sophie rapeepat Writer 7

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The graduation dilemma We re assured that we will change the world but is it enough that we survived obituaries multiply countless people morning the untimely deaths of the people they loved so dearly The juxtaposition of our situation can make it hard to enjoy ourselves Moving forward can be difficult when so many are grieving and coping with immeasurable loss It is easy to feel like we are helpless easy to get wrapped up in the endless tragedies that fill news cycles With a high school career unexpectedly interrupted by a global pandemic and national polarization at an all time high this year s senior class has dealt with its fair share of challenges We have grown accustomed to crude discourse growing up in an era where politicians have seemed to lose respect for each other and the people they represent News channels report on the latest police killing systemic injustices more evident in America now than ever We hear about disenfranchisement across America voices being silenced in a country constantly preaching democracy We see bigotry being normalized and reinforced by leaders and anonymous online groups alike We have been told by our parents and grandparents that we will change the world a message with underlying pressure The pressure to make a significant impact can definitely be suffocating at times senior Farah Sumpter said but it s important to recognize that we are not defined by the expectations of others We have to remember to take things one step at a time and carve out our own paths Graduation is just the beginning and we have our whole lives ahead of us to make a difference As Winston Churchill once said Success is not final failure is not fatal it is the courage to continue that counts To the class of 2023 Stay true to yourself Be patient and kind with one another You don t have to change the world to be enough H igh school graduation is notoriously bittersweet for more reasons now than ever As the SCHS senior class of 2023 prepares to graduate there s a lot happening in the world Since the beginning of high school graduations graduates find themselves wrapped up in emotions anxiously anticipating the path that lies ahead We look back on our lives remembering things like the games we played as little kids our favorite snacks and our favorite toys Reflecting on our childhoods we are met with the brutal reality of the world we are entering Perhaps it s the youthful na vet but the world seemed brighter then At nine I was busy riding my scooter matching outfits with my American Girl Doll and starting to read chapter books The nine year old students at Nashville s Covenant School have no such luxury with three students murdered and others deeply traumatized by the school shooting they survived at the end of March It s horrific senior Emma Fann said So many kids have been stripped of their innocence I think it s fair to say that we as spectators of these atrocities have been heavily affected as well Students find themselves scared to go to school scared that they may leave home and never come back There have been more mass shootings than days in 2023 so far Week after week the 8 tritontimes com This year s senior class has undoubtedly dealt with their fair share of challenges Kyla brown head editor

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the Willow Project betrays environmental promise Drilling in Alaska threatens to destroy more of our planet and Biden s credibility however is contrary to these beliefs Because of his fear of the obvious hypocrisy he would be demonstrating Biden claims he will reduce the amount of new oil drilling sites from three to two and make efforts to plant more trees Regardless to his proclamation of measly attempts to save his public image Biden is rapidly losing credibility and support from environmental advocates and young voters who originally supported him because of his progressive stance on climate change Senior Bella Starnes stated I don t care if it is two oil sites or three Either way they will destroy our environment and push our planet closer to a point of no return Alaska has so much wildlife diversity and it is all in danger now Young advocates environmentalist groups and anybody that cares about the health of our Earth have taken to social media to oppose the carbon pollution the new oil drillings will produce The efforts pressuring Biden against the project are clear as this is not the president America voted for regardless Biden signed under the immense power and pressure of ConocoPhillips The drilling will result in environmental devastation This is not the step forward in climate change research and prevention people have been advocating for It is one giant step back and leaves the future of this planet even more uncertain Now more than ever it is critical that we as individuals make efforts to lessen our environmental footprints in our everyday lives Someone has to fight against the imminent threat of global warming and it looks like it certainly won t be our government T he Willow Project an oil drilling venture proposed by ConocoPhillips the largest crude oil producer in Alaska was approved to much dismay by President Joe Biden on March 13 The project will commence in Alaska establishing three drilling pads and will produce 180 000 barrels of oil a day generating enough oil to release 9 2 million metric tons of carbon emissions yearly So why did Biden sign off on such an environmental catastrophe The Willow Project will provide a boost to the United States economic standings by creating jobs and increasing energy production For those with concerns centered around economic gain and improvement the passage of the project will be to their benefit For those with the ability to see long term impacts it is evident this will ensure a greater climate crisis than the world can handle I was under the impression that Biden campaigned to reduce environmental impacts and this seems quite contrary to this promise senior Tessa Campbell explained Campbell is not alone in these concerns Biden did campaign on the basis of ending new oil drilling as he took a stance to protect the environment and to make efforts to lessen climate change The Willow Project Is our government taking the environmental crisis seriously Ava Miller Opinion Editor 9

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San Clemente High s Model Congress team soars at Harvard Tyler Pearce Head Editor S an Clemente High School s Model Congress team made a splash in the political pool this past February at the prestigious Harvard Model Congress HMC in Boston Massachusetts It was a snowy winter weekend full of passionate debates dramatic gavel banging and of course a touch of the Triton spirit SCHS students showcased their legislative prowess proving that they could hold their own among the nation s brightest young minds The annual event organized by Harvard University is a four day simulation of the United States Congress in which high school students from across the country play the roles of senators representatives and other government officials Participants get the 10 tritontimes com chance to draft legislation debate policies and navigate the labyrinth of American politics all while honing their public speaking and leadership skills For the uninitiated think of it as a high stakes fast paced and more fun version of the board game Monopoly but with the legislative process San Clemente s Model Congress team embarked on their journey to Boston armed with carefully crafted bills thorough research and a cando attitude The team s stellar performance was no surprise given that they had spent countless hours after school and on weekends preparing for the event The competition was fierce with students engaging in heated debates on topics ranging from climate change and healthcare reform to de fense spending and immigration policy Our very own Legislative Tritons demonstrated a remarkable ability to think on their feet using their wit and eloquence to sway their fellow delegates In a particularly memorable moment Tatum O Brien who portrayed Joni Ernst the Jr Senator of Iowa on the Small Business and Entrepreneur Committee fondly recalled I had the opportunity to socialize stroll through Boston and delve deeper into the minds of numerous highly intellectual individuals Likewise Blake McAlpin reminisced about a delightful experience of savoring cinnamon cake while embarking on a journey through Boston s historic Freedom Trail Such heartwarming memories these delegates made Of course it wasn t all work and no play for the SCHS team The students also had the opportunity to explore the historic city of Boston and tour round the Museum of Fine Arts and marvel at the sheer amount of snow on the ground a far cry from sunny San Clemente San Clemente High School s Model Congress team s remarkable achievements at Harvard Model Congress 2023 are a testament to their dedication intelligence and Triton spirit Their performance has made the entire SCHS community proud and their story serves as a reminder that with hard work and a pinch of humor anything is possible Congratulations to our Legislative Tritons and here s to their continued success in the world of politics and beyond We can t wait to see this group in action again next year

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OHANA FESTIVAL main stage where some of the best will perform Ohanafest com also be booths set up which provide information hands on education collecting donations signing up volunteers for local beach cleanups and more This fall will commemorate the 7th anniversary of the Ohana festival and will present over 35 artists across three different stages The three headliners for this year include The Killers Eddie Vedder and the Foo Fighters Haim Father John Mitsy The Chicks Suki Waterhouse Thee Sacred Souls The Backseat Lovers and more are set to play Personally the Sunday lineup is my favorite because we have The Pretenders The Foo Fighters Rainbow Kitten Surprise and my personal favorite The Backseat Lovers senior Kayla Shanafelt said 1 day tickets start at 169 for General Admission and 549 for VIP The next option would be a 3 day ticket which starts at 479 for General Admission and 1499 for VIP Of course there is also the Ultimate VIP package which it valued at 9950 What the Ohana Festival will look like in 2023 Who are you looking forward to seeing Daniella Flores News Editor Publicity E very SoCal resident s favorite music festival will be back this fall In early January Live Nation announced that the three day festival would again take over Doheny State Park in Dana Point CA from September 29th to October 1st 2023 Like other years the festival will offer a diverse lineup with big name headliners and rising artists Like other years the Ohana festival this year will center around activism Ohana has always had a focus on ocean and beach conservation and sustainability They highlight this aspect of the festival through their Storyteller s Stage Here attendees will be able to listen to panels with environmentalists researchers and professional surfers I love that the festival puts an emphasis on sustainability especially because it is on the beach San Clemente High School senior Kate De Vore said I think it s very cool that they make it a fun and educational experience Along with the Storyteller s Stage there will LINEUP RELEASED Headliner Eddie Vedder returns to the stage along with the Foo Fighters The Killers and The Chicks Ohanafest com 11

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SCHS Satire A fter a few issues last year in the boys bathroom the staff at SCHS decided it would be best to close off some of the bathrooms I m sure many students have noticed that the bathrooms once open in the p quad are now permanently shut off while the bathrooms in the English building are always hit or miss Many teachers don t like it when students ask to leave their classroom to use the restroom insisting that that s what break is for but if you want to use the bathrooms during our short breaks all I can say is good luck I literally spent the entire break in line in the bathroom and I was still late to class said senior Briley York Herds of people immediately crowd the bathrooms once that bell rings creating long lines that make it impossible to use The staff at SCHS has recognized the issue and after many months they finally decided that something needs to change A new policy will be implemented effective April 1st 2023 cleverly titled Hold it til you re home The policy is exact New bathroom policy hold IT These articles are satire and are meant for entertainment only ly what it sounds like The lovely staff has decided that because of unequal access to bathrooms they are taking away the root of the problem the bathrooms All student bathrooms will be converted for the use of the staff and the students will just have to deal with it To make this transition easier for the students the staff is also going to be removing the drinking fountains and water bottle filling stations How sweet of them to take away our hydration so that we don t feel they need to use the restroom They have truly thought of each and every thing The staff is keeping this under covers as of now for fear of student retaliation but some students have already heard the rumors and they are very unhappy indeed I cannot believe this This is so ridiculous I m so glad I m graduating this year states annoyed senior Courtney Coulson While the staff seems to believe that this is a perfect solution students believe that this is a violation of their rights NIGHTY NIGHT High school students participating in their nap period Triton Times Dylan Backer CUSD announces mandatory nap TIME for all high school students Chloe Ashe Writer atigue can have a significant impact on students affecting their academic performance mental health and overall well being Extreme levels of fatigue in students can result in a decline of academic performance and can potentially impair concentration memory and their ability to learn Students may struggle to stay alert in class absorb information from lectures and textbooks and complete assignments or exams Because of this members of the Capistrano Unified School District have agreed F 12 tritontimes com These articles are satire and are meant for entertainment only to implement a mandatory nap period for their students On April 1st 2023 all schools under the CAPOUSD curriculum must abide by this regulation If they choose to reject the request they could possibly be shut down for the time being Local high schools are upset to hear this Due to the sudden announcement it s causing quite an uproar and in San Clemente specifically There are many controversial opinions regarding the news Some parents are al Gaby Pe a Writer NO PEE ZONE San Clemente High will soon be featuring these bathroom closure signs on all their restrooms Triton Times Nate Sulkess It will be interesting to see how this new policy plays out ready starting to revolt causing backlash towards the statute Some guardians are even threatening to pull their kids out of school to avoid the new edict But as expected students are quite thrilled to hear of this news I actually feel like this could work out junior Bella Schmidt said I m always so tired in class that I can t properly concentrate But now I don t have to stress about zoning out during lectures Once it s put into play the administration hopes to receive feedback on the matter to help decide whether it s truly beneficial When our teachers first announced the nap time idea to us a lot of people treated it like it was childish But genuinely I think it could actually change the way our student body works as a whole Besides the students talking down on it are the ones that always fall asleep during class junior Josiah Armstrong said It is extremely important that we prioritize our student s health The importance of getting enough sleep at night is vital to the success of young scholars Creating healthy sleep habits such as establishing a consistent sleep routine avoiding caffeine and electronics before bedtime can help to promote better sleep and overall wellness

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LeBron announces that he plans on playing until Bronny III is in the league enzo candolo Sports Editor I n a recent interview with LeBron James and Adrian Wojnarowski better known as Woj they sat down and talked with LeBron about the legacy he ll leave for his kids in the NBA In a shocking statement the King claimed he wouldn t be retiring at least until his firstborn grandchild is in the league Bron made this statement last Tuesday and it has been a topic of discussion for the past week in the sports world I was shocked when I heard the news said junior Lucas Robbins When I got the Instagram post sent to me I thought it was from one of those fake meme accounts but sure enough when I saw it a These articles are satire and are meant for entertainment only few more times through my feed I looked into it and realized he legitimately said that Pretty wild if you ask me Woj pulled out the What s next question and added to it by saying How do you want your kids to remember as a competitor in this league And James responded They ll be competing against me for a few years Hopefully I ll get a chip with Bronny and Bryce before I can play with my first grandson or better yet granddaughter in the league Rightfully so Woj was a little taken aback but it seemed Bron was very set on his goal He s done the impossible before Who says he can t do it THE KING is averaging 28 9 ppg 8 3 rpg and 6 8 apg this season ClutchPoints again junior David Rudnicki said James is 38 and his oldest son Bronny is 18 On average in the U S it is between the ages of 24 30 when your first child is born so let s give Bron the benefit of the doubt and say Bronny has a child at 24 years old LeBron is now 44 and has to wait another 18 years for that child to go through the basketball schooling process and then get to the league straight out of high school as his grandfather did King James would be 62 if this perfect scenario happened and that s not even considering whether that grandson is good enough It s overall just a super random and shocking thing to hear right now But who knows we could have an even higher scoring record if the King decides to stay playing for the next 25 plus years SCHS students report hearing damage from supervisors whistles Hannah Eberle A E Editor S an Clemente High School students have increasingly reported hearing damage and even temporary hearing loss after constantly being annoyed by supervisors whistles When entering the quad or parking lots on campus students are met with shrieking high pitched whistles In fact it is rare that a student makes it through a single passing period without being assaulted with an over eager whistle yielding staff member This constant torment has now been linked to a significant decline in student ear health at SCHS Some Triton staff members are clearly justified in their frequent whistle use for example coaches but supervisors have taken it to another level Morgan Mack ASB Head of Activities complained I have noticed a significant decline in my hearing My ears are constantly ringing it never ends Many students like Morgan have had a hard time focusing in class due to the trauma they incurred from the incessant whistles Recent studies have shown that noise pollution created by proctors is the number one leading distraction from These articles are satire and are meant for entertainment only adolescent studies Appropriate whistle use by staff members like a coach needing to gain their team s attention is completely acceptable In contrast many students find the supervisors use of whistles to be quite extreme and the consequences can be severe Senior Nathan Clark reported suffering a ruptured eardrum after wandering too close to a supervisor who decided to blow with all their might in an effort to shepherd students to class High school is the time when students start to become young adults so when are they going to be treated as such Supervisors have been using whistles to gain students attention since elementary school but is this really the best method Not only have students reported hearing damage but they have also reported symptoms of PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Senior Brad Wellikson shared I feel like a zoo animal being corralled back into his enclosure I have been waking up in the middle of the night in cold sweats after having terrible nightmares about giant whistles For all we know this psycho SCHS SIRENS Campus supervisors start to cause major health concerns with their screeching siren songs Malia Tuverson logical damage could have been prevented if whistle use was banned from educational environments starting at grade school With growing concerns students and parents are starting to wonder when enough is enough It is vital that we bring an end to whistle use on SCHS campus in order to protect the well being of the student body 13

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SCHS Satire J DRAKE READING one of his favorite novels in his early days Literary Days Drake dropped a book Hotline Me These articles are satire and are meant for entertainment only ust when we think he couldn t get any more talented Drake blesses us with the gift of literature Being in the game for over a decade Aubrey Drake Graham is most known for his hits in the music industry with genres like Hip Hop and rap However recently Drake expressed a calling to something other than music He took to Instagram to announce his secret project a memoir based on glimpses into music career journey and love life Hotline Me Incorporating motivating anecdotes and excerpts of his poetry Aubrey s work aims to inspire his young impressionable audience to explore the breadth of their talents and interests Fans of the artist were surprised to hear about his writing however they weren t shocked Junior Sofia Aliman explained y eah Drake would write poetry and say it s just like rap The inspiration in writing stemmed from his love for literature He has always been open about his passion in reading even posting on social media his current reads and past ratings of books Some of his favorites include Redemption 2012 from Will Jordan All Your Perfects 2018 by Colleen Hoover and Magic in the Wind 2000 from Christine Feehan In terms of his own novel the most notable anecdote in the book that has gained traction on social media has been his recollection of getting Vine famous In 2016 Drake decided to post on the then trendy and active social media app Vine to record his A PERFECT EXAMPLE of what texting while driving should look like Medical City Healthcare Texting while driving proven okay if you look up every once in a while Daniella Flores News Editor Publicity Manager recent report by the National Transportation Board found that it is perfectly okay for people to text while driving only if they look up every couple of seconds At first I thought to myself how shocking However the report found that it is healthier to look down at your phone every couple of seconds This diminishes panic and worries among drivers if they have something vital they need to take care of A 14 tritontimes com AJ Cabagbag Student Life Editor These articles are satire and are meant for entertainment only In 78 of the cases the report found that it was absolutely essential that drivers use their phones while driving Their situations were just too dire and required immediate attention Spokespeople for the board advocated for other ways of driving without using your hands After all if you re going to need one hand for texting you have to develop other ways of keeping the wheel straight The board suggested steering with your knees elbows and feet to en ventures on tour off the stage to which he gained immense popularity Treasured moments of his life cut into a maximum of 15 second video snippets had the power to reach millions of people Sharing this moment in his book Aubrey expresses his then found appreciation for technological advancements in our modern day society happy to have touched the hearts of many through the radio and phone screen Senior Emma Fann said I love him He is my profile picture Depending on its receptivity Drake has hinted at releasing another book Details regarding this newer project are scarce but nonetheless he will continue to amaze us with his multi talented soul and is on his way to dominating each and every artistic medium sure safety on the roads As an avid knee driver I was relieved when the board finally deemed knee driving to be okay San Clemente High School senior Tessa Campbell said There s just too much to pay attention to on my phone to look at the road For drivers with mounts for their devices it was suggested that they place them directly above their faces while driving That way they can immediately see any incoming news and not an oncoming vehicle While the report is specific to texting while driving it also applies to anything being done on a device So if you want to like that Instagram post really quickly or check someone s Snapchat story go right ahead But if you wanted to be more cautious you could check your phone for a more serious matter like an email Seeing that I will be learning how to drive next year it is nice to know that I can use my phone San Clemente High School freshman Ava Echternach said I wouldn t want to miss anything going on with my friends you know With that being said don t fret because no police officer will EVER pull you ever again for texting while driving

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SCHS staff plan to key cars without a parking pass Avery Kearl Writer he school parking system is based on seniority Seniors are guaranteed a parking pass Juniors enter a raffle and those without luck are forced to park on the upper campus along with the just licensed sophomores This system seems like a foolproof plan right The walk down from the upper is long and steep making the walk back up even more tedious This can be blamed as the main reason why students who are unable to receive a pass park in the main parking lot At first in order to sway the students away from this rebellious act staff would leave warnings on unpermitted cars parked in the main lot When this gentle reminder stopped working the school turned to take legal action by then leaving 43 tickets on cars that revolted against these warnings An anonymous source claims I ve gotten 3 tickets over the past year and still park in the main lot It s about the same price as a parking ticket so it could T These articles are satire and are meant for entertainment only be worse The proctors have not taken these criminal acts lightly and plan to destroy unauthorized vehicles These golf cart riding menaces started keying cars instead of the ineffective warning and tickets It s rumored that they won t just stop with keys so be warned unless you want a bat taken to your car park on the upper campus Who knows how far they ll go as they are the ones in charge Will it stop with keys and bats or continue down a dark path that leads to war Sophomore Phoebe Demoss threatened If the proctors do anything to my car they better watch out for their golf carts For students who park in the main lot without a pass it s imperative that all repercussions are considered Is not hiking the freshman hill to the upper campus worth the cost Unless you want a totaled car it would seem that it s not PROCTOR ADRIANA taking action against an unauthorized vehicle Triton Times Avery Kearl 900 new parking spots Claire Hedger Writer T he news that all sophomores and juniors have been waiting for more parking spots Days of scavenging for hidden spots dreading the treacherous journey to upper campus and receiving the infamous 43 pink parking ticket are now over The board has just approved the construction of a 4 level 900 spot parking structure here at SCHS This is a project that has long been long in the works and is finally becoming a reality thanks to Mr Carter Construction is scheduled to begin April 1st and end on Christmas Day Our very own proctors will be working from sunset to sundown every single day so build the new structure The process won t be easy but it sure will be worth it I am looking forward to building the parking garage said one proctor I just hope it is accessible for golf carts For the time being students will be expected to find their own parking spots in nearby businesses such as the Albertsons or McDonald s parking PARKING First digital model of the SCHS parking structure released Malia Tuverson These articles are satire and are meant for entertainment only lot However it must be noted that our campus is still closed and students will not be allowed to go to their off campus parking spots until the 3 20 bell rings Cars are not lockers One major concern that arose after the announced approval was the noise the construction would make during school hours To avoid this noise pollution the proctors will be forbidden to use electric tools and instead be given a few nails and a hammer So not only will it make the construction silent but it will also cut the cost It s a win win The structure will be divided by grade level Seniors get the bottom story juniors 2nd story sophomores 3rd and the freshmen will park their bikes on the open 4th story deck Each level will be equipped with security cameras surveillanced by proctors And get this Parking passes will sell for just 500 per semester What a steal I think the parking garage is going to be the best thing to ever happen to San Clemente High School one student said 15

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MISS SHOEMAKER S class is a reflection things she loves Star Wars and math Triton Times Daniella Flores Teacher spotlight Ms Shoemaker Sophie Echternach News Editor M iss Shoemaker may be new to San Clemente High School but she sure has made a lasting impression on her students and the community of San Clemente Miss Shoemaker or Miss Shoe as many students refer to her joined the SCHS teaching staff at the beginning of 2023 She now teaches AP Statistics and Data Science in addition to coaching girls softball Although she did not have her classroom or students since the beginning of the year she has swiftly adjusted and is highly regarded by her students Whether it s taking extra time to re explain a topic encouraging struggling students or just chatting with favorite students Miss Shoe is always there for the kids on campus Miss Shoe is one of the nicest teachers at this school and has constantly supported me throughout this year I love having her as my teacher senior Emily Ellinger said All of the positive talk about Miss Shoe sparked our interest to sit down and interview her to learn more about her time thus far at San Clemente High School and her own life What made you decide to become a teacher I have always wanted to be a teacher I grew up with 12 younger cousins and am very family oriented so I was 16 tritontimes com always hanging out with them Also my aunt was a special education teacher and one time she told me I would make a good teacher which motivated me to start the journey to becoming an educator What is your favorite thing about teaching so far I love hanging out with my students daily and supporting them in their extracurricular activities I love watching them excel in their sports Are you involved in any other activities at SCHS outside of teaching Yes I am the JV girls softball coach I love being outside because I used to play softball so it reminds me of my time playing I also love being a positive person on the field for the players I haven t played since high school and miss it a lot but coaching helps What was your own school experience like I went to Tesoro High School BOO but don t worry I love being at SCHS now and was involved in sports there I did swimming and waterpolo during high school and then eventually I attended SDSU for my teaching credential What do you think makes you unique from other teachers I open my classroom to students at lunch to give them a safe place to enjoy a break from academics or to work on homework I am also really good at making my classroom very collaborative And I try to make it very warm and welcoming and make every student feel safe here on campus Any advice you have for students surviving AP Stats Take AP Stats It s unlike any other math class you ll ever take making it unique But don t worry I ll help you through it You just have to come in prepared to make mistakes Ms Shoe helping a student during her AP Stats class Triton Times Daniella Flores

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SPRIN READY FOR nell er rb ba a m em oks f her spring lo nell shows of er e Emma Barb G Sophomor POP O F COL OR carin a ellswo Senior Carin rth a Ellsw o rth mod eling he r new lo oks Spring Style at SCHS Hannah Eberle A E Editor S pring and Summer are just around the corner it s time to start prepping the wardrobe with the help from San Clemente High School s best dressed students The upcoming seasons are the perfect time to express ourselves through clothing and style With warm weather rolling in quickly it s vital that we build the perfect closet Creating a bright wardrobe is the perfect way to celebrate the wonderful energy of spring Sophomore Emma Barbernell said I love to incorporate bright colors in any type of vest or sweater Emma can be found rocking a pair of Dickies paired with a bright top as a statement piece Along with a splash of color floral patterns can be a great way to match the beauty of spring Another way to revamp the closet for Spring is adding accessories Senior Carina Ellsworth said Lately I have been using bows as accessories throughout all my outfits Colorful bows can be tied up in hair used as a belt or even shoelaces Along with bows chunky necklaces are the hottest trend right now Spring fashion season is the time to be bold with necklaces that have charms in all shapes and sizes As the weather starts to warm up shorts and skirts are coming back into the picture Patterned bottoms are the perfect pieces to spice up an outfit For a playful vibe grab a gingham or corduroy bottom to match with a plain top Long midi skirts are a top trend right now floral or white lace patterns provide a sleek comfortable look Sticking to a classic jort is always a go to option Top the outfit off with a pair of sneakers or doc martens The familiar strip of Adidas sambas have held strong as a raging fashion trend this year Pair a bright spring outfit with a pair of white green yellow or pink samba to add an extra pep in your step For a muted tone slip on light brown distressed doc martens to finish the look for a pleasant spring day Senior Stella Jorgensen said My favorite shoes for upcoming seasons would have to be my low top chuck 70s and Onitsuka Tigers Most importantly as the warm seasons roll in make sure to wear what makes you happy and have fun with it 17

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GO FOR SOLITUDE Dorm rooms should be a place where you can relax destress and then refocus KNYFIVE College Dorm Essentials Gaby Pe a Writer F or many of SCHS s prospective seniors college is right around the corner As exciting as that is it s no lie that entering this new phase in life can be very stressful I am sure that I am not the only one whose mind has been riddled with questions such as What am I supposed to bring or How am I going to survive in a dorm For these reasons I have compiled a short list of dorm essentials that will hopefully help relieve some stress and bring guidance to both myself and others in the same boat Starting off many dorm buildings do not have air conditioning which can make it very hard to keep the room cool on hot days Therefore purchasing a small but effective fan can be a great investment for a dorm and doesn t take up too much space in the room On the topic of keeping dorms fresh please invest in some air 18 tritontimes com fresheners and other basic cleaning products Nobody wants to be in a dorm that smells musty Another item that could come in handy is an ottoman Dorm beds can be pretty high up sometimes making it difficult to climb into them An ottoman can be incredibly useful as it acts as a stepping stool and provides extra storage allowing your room to remain neat and tidy while saving you from having to make an effort to jump into bed A utility cart is another investment that can provide extra storage while not taking up too much space It is the perfect place to keep all the snacks that will help fuel you while you stay up all night studying For my fellow tea lovers having an electric kettle can be incredibly useful for it allows you to have hot water whenever you desire a warm comforting drink whether it be to destress ease a cold or simply because you love tea Speaking of a cold having a supply of medicine is essential for a dorm room I can almost guarantee that you will be getting sick so having the right medicine can save you from the agony of sickness Shifting from dorms to bathrooms many of us are going to have to use communal bathrooms in college Since we are going to have to share bathrooms with so many other students shower shoes are a must There is no guarantee that those showers will be squeaky clean all of the time so putting your bare feet on those shower floors is a terrible idea A plastic or mesh shower caddy is also a necessity You need something that dries quickly is big enough to hold all of your toiletries and preferably something that can be hung on the wall so that you don t have to put it on the floor when you shower

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Oh the places we ll go scan to find out where our seniors are headed 19

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Senior Advice eden havel head Editor to to be kind You have nd it s the a sy a is not e l o o d coffee h c S your frien people g in g n truly ri b s like ger that little thing oor open for a stran e free from to b the d or holding meone s day It s hard d comparison so n an can make competitio ic that your m e d a c a remember st ju t unhealthy u b l setting a grade in a schoo defined by t n is h rt o w etarpal Raveena Kh e ut g I v thin ranch o thing t s e b b e The try and find som it beto th i d s n i ed n an ick w whe learn s you ca to do St u were nt a o pme uch love od y as m u really how go of develo some yo in rs ter that no mat four yea ahead u e o s y d cau starte ly put form r e u o t i o e y defin ay shap la Pe a wi l l de w e i w Bo Be you rse Zowie Gr lf

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Truly take in every moment Join clubs make n friends everyw ew here go to th e football games and p articipate in ev erything Hig school is 100 h what you mak e of it so make the most of it and have fun Daisy Kopenhef er I would say stay on to but get in p of your work you can volved as much En as school e joy the entire h igh xperien ce be flies by cause it Hayden D ilL but orny n that c e b o Not t e best lesso s been to h me ha ully t ny truthf has taught myself in a at l s s o pre ith th cho high s e myself Ex ice along w and dv ry sb alway And my a r friends t ays u n lw o a a y c way I yone even g yourself n n i a e is if mb ou fro se yourself o stop y o l l ch Campbe Tessa arned is sson I ve le le ss st e b e Th ey to succe nce is the k ra to e v is e rs ts e n p e that er stud vice to oth ation and my ad procrastin id o v a d n a work hard Sean Dewey e The fake I love this quot stand ey fit in the real get in where th Tupac It s just ey belong by th re be he w ng ro st ol It s better to nt to high scho va it is le an re th so r la ly st hone e most popu th t en ar u yo if y my high a real one even le I can just sa op pe ith w in to fit er since to be fake just been made bett ly ite fin de s ha ce be what school experien than change to am I ho w be er him decided I d rath y idol and I love m s c pa Tu o ls others want A so there s that Ava Huntington learned lesson I ve nity The best ry opportu expee v e e k ta l hool is to igh schoo in high sc d a great h every opportua h e v I k g I thin is that at is takin available e part of th e for other students rg la a d n that ic rience a ay My adv y pretty quickly and w y m e m a b rs nity that c oing to fly rt four yea f their sho years are g o r t u to u fo o in st rt se o e o th eff em ld make th ssibly can put 100 act on they shou o p p im u o n y a ing ave Do everyth you do and try to le us everything this camp k o Trevor N va Get involved as much as you can and tal k to as many people as possible Eventually it will come in hand y as you join new classes and alread y have those connections Emily Ceja is to dvice school a t s e g My b d with the or anythin g e n v t i l r k o o a v get in a club sp end up m best l s t e l f th you her i whet t because nd some o f your a a o h like t ng friends nd go out i A z ama ories fort zone mem com Biniasz Sam 21

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STARS OF THE SHOW Seniors Christian McCleary and Daisy Kopenhefer headline as the lead roles of Phantom of the Opera SCHS Drama Department SCHS Drama wows with The Phantom of the Opera Amanda Dirpes Writer T he Phantom of the Opera is a classic story that has been adapted into numerous stage productions films and even a novel and San Clemente High School s musical adaptation of this beloved story proved to be an excellent opportunity for its young performers to showcase their talents and bring this haunting tale to life The story follows the tragic and mysterious figure of the Phantom who haunts the Paris Opera House and falls in love with a young soprano named Christine As he becomes increasingly obsessed with her he employs his powers to manipulate events at the opera house leading to a series of dramatic and tragic events Auditions for this musical were rigorous They take place over three days On the first day you dance the second you sing a song of your choice and on the third a song from the show After that everyone waits anxiously for the casting results senior Christian McCleary who plays the Phantom himself explained McCleary has performed in 14 school productions and has starred in several of 22 tritontimes com them The Phantom of the Opera required SCHS Drama s talented cast of actors singers and dancers as well as skilled technicians to create the elaborate sets costumes and special effects that are required to bring this story to life The musical score for The Phantom of the Opera is iconic and beloved by audiences around the world From the haunting melody of the Phantom s signature song The Music of the Night to the soaring duet between Christine and Raoul All I Ask of You the music plays a vital role in setting the tone and atmosphere of the story One of the biggest challenges of staging a high school musical of The Phantom of the Opera is recreating the intricate and elaborate sets that are required for this production and SCHS Drama delivered The sets were both visually stunning and functional from the opulent chandelier that crashes to the stage during the show s climax to the underground lair where the Phantom resides Elaborate costuming also brought the story to life We make some of the costumes and rent some from other drama programs This show has several quick changes on stage which are stressful to carry out but end up looking pretty cool We put a lot of time in leading up to the show and during tech week we practice from 4 10 PM every day Christine the leading lady played by Daisy Kopenhefer has a masquerade costume that was handmade by her grandmother said senior Isabella Starnes who worked on costumes for the performance Despite the challenges SCHS s interpretation of The Phantom of the Opera was an unforgettable experience for both the cast and audience members With its timeless story unforgettable music and stunning visuals this classic tale captivated the audience and left a lasting impression on all who viewed it Also congratulations to the entire cast and crew for their wins at the MACY Music Arts Commendation for Youth Awards on May 14th including Christian McCleary for taking home highest honors winning Best Actor

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battle of the bands kicks off at SCHS AJ Cabagbag Student life editor In the spirit of our very talented student body SCHS hosted a battle of the bands for some of the student run bands local to San Clemente For weeks five incredible bands went head to head performing their songs and working the crowds during their sets at lunch The Tritons kicked off the battle on Monday with the Bad Kissers a trio with Maile on the bass vocals Luke on the drums and Tre on vocals and guitar The members explain their choice of the band name as something that was pretty catchy for people to say Highly influenced by bands like the Backseat Lovers Arctic Monkeys and Cage the Elephant the band members were excited to debut some of their songs and catchy covers to the school during their set When asked what excites them most about the battle Tre replied Definitely putting our originals out there Despite having few members the trio absolutely delivered in their promise of good music with lively stage presence and incredible riffs Their performance riled up the school starting our battle off by setting high standards Rosewell composed of guitarists Sam and Jett vocalist Kayla drummer Zack and bassist Shannon followed their act on Tuesday They owe their unique name to bassist Shannon who named the band after a town in New Mexico well known for their UFO sightings In terms of musical inspiration the band explains their call to music as heavily influenced by bands like The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin Senior and guitarist Sam Sherreitt said w e re really influenced by a lot of more classic rock bands just with a really raw sound sharing their passion for authenticity in music This passion shone through in their performance as the front of the library filled with students eager to listen to their set Teachers even took aside time from their lunch to watch these musicians show up and show out Current Location took on the set on hump day a trio with Kieran on bass Bryce on drums and Jack on guitar and vocals Black Sabbath Ty Segall and CROWDS GATHER Students enjoy live band music during their lunch break Bowie De La Pe a Oasis are only a few of the influences of this up tempo band The members also share a more personal influence to their musical expression as drummer Bryse explained m y family was always kind of musically involved They got me a personal drum set when I was about 7 This long standing passion was clearly shown in their set a lineup packed with active and intense songs that kept the crowd hyped Bassist Kieran explains that they were most excited to play in front of peers at school and we are confident to conclude that their peers were just as excited to watch and hear them play Wool Club secured their set Thursday showcasing Luca on the saxophone Lindsay on vocals and guitar Gavin on guitar and bass and Logan on the guitar Logan and Lindsay took some time coming up with their unique name as Logan explained that they were trying to match the melancholic vibe of our music very atmospheric and The Wool Club seemed fitting The band seems to share a melting pot of inspiration influential genres ranging from jazz to indie rock to the Minecraft soundtrack Despite the immense diversity of genres the band finds a common ground by performing in unity as guitarist Gavin expressed I wanted that collaboration writing music and such Out performing the members show strength in collaboration blending a mix of different sounds and instruments to create a fuller and more cohesive tone to their songs Crowds went wild holding posters and throwing roses Last but not least trio Apollo Week end completed our line of talented bands the final day of the battle With Curren on vocals and guitar Ethan on bass and Kai on drums the band started out as a 7th grade talent show act and grew tremendously after that Although inspirations fluctuate drummer Kai sums up their general influences saying It s inspiration from all sorts of things During interviews vocalist and guitarist Curren actually expressed a dislike in the Battle of the Bands regarding its use of the word battle saying It s not a battle It s a showcase All of our bands we re just enjoying music and making them smile This point was clearly made through their performance exuding positive energy through their up beat and catchy tunes As the trio played with an eager attitude and incredible talent students could not help but smile at the feel good songs and carefree stage presence The band radiated positivity that reflected their perspective on this battle a celebration of music Students were able to vote for their favorite band using the 5 Star app Days later the overhead announced the winner to be the one and only Apollo Weekend Well deserved in their showcase of effortless talent and positive attitude Apollo Weekend expressed their immense appreciation for the support and votes All five bands were endlessly grateful for all of the supporters who enjoyed their show and the school is looking forward to possibly continuing on these battles for the following years We thank Mr Bisch for his incredible organization of this event 23

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BARBIE MOVIE Summer s most anticipated film stars Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling Vogue Summer brings Blockbuster movies and Binge Worthy Shows Chloe Gerhard Writer W ith only days until summer the hot weather and sparkling beaches are not the only things to eagerly await Movie blockbuster season is upon us as well as the anticipated release of several binge worthy shows With every genre ready to shine get ready to recline in your local cinema s loungers to be entertained The highly anticipated Barbie movie is a must see It is directed by Greta Gerwig known for Oscar nominated films like Little Women 2019 and Lady Bird 2017 The writing credits go to Greta and her husband Noah Baumbach known for his work on Fantastic Mr Fox 2009 They will be bringing camp to new levels with an all star cast including Margot Robbie as Barbie Ryan Gosling as Ken and Dua Lupa as Mermaid Barbie The Barbie movie will be the highlight of my summer junior Paloma Brunson said Speaking of Mermaids Disney will release the live action version of The Little Mermaid on Memorial Day weekend Predictions are swirling that it may smash previous box office records as nostalgic eighties moms are expected to flock to theaters to relive their childhood favorite while many will run to theaters 24 tritontimes com to see Lin Manuel Miranda adapt the classic soundtrack Fans of Spiderman have been waiting five long years for the release of the second Spider Verse film This animated marvel will take viewers into the shared multiverse of alternative universes If the sequel is anything like the original it will not only have a brilliant story but it will also showcase the innovative art of its award winning animators The film is like a love letter to Spiderman fans and art enthusiasts alike Other blockbusters expected to fill theaters with moviegoers include Guardians of the Galaxy 3 Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny and The Meg 2 Hopefully these movies will keep everyone satisfied as the world awaits the release of Dune in November This summer also brings the much awaited release of some of the best shows television has to offer Mark June 8th on your calendar for the Never Have I Ever Season 4 premiere This will be the final season for this fan favorite Viewers are anticipating what is next for our favorite love triangle and how the main character Devi will navigate her senior year Speaking of love triangles what would summer be without the release of The Summer I Turned Pretty Get ready to cheer on your favorite brother Are you team Jeramiah or team Conrad The Massachusetts beach house will be the perfect setting for a new round of pool parties and possibly a road trip I am very excited for The Summer I Turned Pretty season two and I am definitely team Conrad junior Jordyn Banks said Other anticipated TV releases include Heartstopper Ahsoka and Queer Eye Finally if this last year left little time for binge watching this summer will be the perfect time to catch up on Outer Banks The Last of Us and Poker Face What will you be watching NEVER HAVE I EVER SEASON FOUR Teens everywhere can t wait to watch the final season of Never Have I Ever Netflix

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INSTA REELS Tik Tok s competitor has a love hate relationship with social media users WaffleBytes Hot Take Instagram Reels Tik Tok Jenna forss writer I f you want a guaranteed cringe just tap on Instagram and scroll over to the Reels You will find some of the most out of touch outlandish humor It is extremely unpopular compared to its counterpart TikTok TikTok now has a chokehold on people of every age Ever since it began in 2017 after the death of the popular lip syncing app Musical ly it took the world by storm After TikTok spiked in popularity other social media sites began to follow suit to get their audiences hooked on that breakneck 15 second video that put people in a 3 hour long hypnotic trance These include YouTube s Shorts and Snapchat Spotlight The formatting is practically the same but they get an extreme amount of hate compared to TikTok because of their amount of cringe Some may say the king of the cringe is Instagram Reels launched in 2020 on the popular Facebook alternative This platform was immediately met with backlash by the younger crowd that this type of fast paced social media is targeted towards This next part is going to sound like some millennial sent from Insta itself come to preach to you Generation X s superiority in humor but I am Generation Z just like you and I have come to prefer Instagram Reels over TikTok As you may have noticed in a previous article of mine I am not the biggest fan of TikTok I believe the horrid app absolutely obliterates one s time management skills and steals precious moments from your day because of how sucked in you become I believe Instagram Reels provides the per fect solution to this issue The algorithm on Instagram Reels is less advanced than TikTok So since the videos are not as catered to your preferences you are less likely to spend as much time on the app because it is not the content that you enjoy the most Junior Mika Kuhne finds that c ompared to TikTok I find myself scrolling a lot less on Instagram Reels I am more productive with it So skip the addictive algorithms and you can still get the satisfaction of a good mindless scroll but when you need to you can easily turn your phone off super quick and get back to more productive mentally enriching activities Another reason why Instagram Reels is more up my alley is that it is subjectively funnier than its counterpart I find myself actually laughing out loud with the Reels more bizarre humor I tend to prefer that to TikTok s more complicated laughs or serious videos Junior Jordyn Banks commented that e ven though I like TikTok more than Instagram Reels there still are some funny videos on there Of course humor is subjective so this is just my opinion but I find myself walking away from a social media experience on Reels much happier rather than when I finally set down TikTok I can understand why my opinion is unpopular Overall TikTok is a better made app than Instagram Reels but it s the rawness and incapability of Instagram Reels that work for me Maybe if you approach Reels with a more open mind you might find a more pleasant experience than you expect 25

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GOOOOOOOLLLLLL The Tritons celebrate scoring a goal in one of their many playoff victories Boys soccer wins CIF Enzo Candolo Sports Editor E arlier this year the San Clemente High School Boys soccer team won their 4th CIF championship in the last 12 years The boys played a total of five fixtures up until the CIF final against the Long Beach Poly Jackrabbits at Long Beach City College Throughout the CIF postseason the Tritons outscored their opponents 12 1 in the Division 2 playoffs In games both home and away the boys balled out putting up high scores through most of their matches like against Artesia at home in the 2nd round with a 4 0 win another 4 1 win against Agoura and ultimately winning 2 0 against an LB Poly in the finals According to the captains they had a really selfless group that was willing to work Senior Ryan Savoie said We had so much success because we all had a strong passion for winning and developed a team first mentality Our energy and team spirit on and off the field allowed us to put every ounce of effort into our games and pull out big wins After their first loss in the league the boys locked in as it was seen as a wake up call They went undefeated from there winning the next 14 games including league CIF and State playoffs 26 tritontimes com The state finals however brought an unfortunate ending to their remarkable run and season with a 1 0 loss to a solid San Pasqual team at their home in Escondido California Despite the loss the team could reflect on the great times they had with each other and support from this San Clemente community as one of the best experiences they ve had to date Another senior captain Kian Jadbabaei said This team was probably my favorite team I ve ever been a part of and I loved making lasting memories We played great soccer and had so much fun along the way When Savoie was asked about what the team meant to him he also said It means everything to me this has easily been my best high school experience The team and coaching staff were also chosen for multiple CIF Southern Section first team awards CIF Coach of the Year Chris Murray CIF MVP Jake Poole CIF 1st Team All League Andrew Drabkin Finn Linas and Ryan Savoie The boys were also awarded even more 1st and 2nd Team SouthCoast league awards and celebrated by the City of San Clemente at the city council meeting Although they had a great run this year the incoming varsity team has already begun to work to accomplish even more this upcoming year As we wish our seniors good luck and goodbye we ll never forget the class of 2023 and the championship they brought back to SC BRINGING HOME THE HARDWARE The boys bringing the CIF championship trophy to San Clemente

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