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Pretty in Pink, this little ray of smiles brings sunshine to all those around her.

This charismatic decendent of a Firefighter is ready to lead the team into
whatever comes their way.

Here is the most JustINCREDIBLE young man to his family and friends.

This lovely lady is committed to her family, friends, her church, and her community.

As the oldest of 8, he has always dreamed of being
an emergency dispatcher to help others.

Committed to demolishing milestones,
this llittle ball of sunshine is happy to make people laugh.

Dancing and singing is this DIVA's game, swimming like a fish is her fame.

Singing and dancing is this DIVA's game, swimming like a fish is her fame.

As a baseball player with the Miracle League of Michigan
this prankster tries to be the very best at everything he does.


Daddy's main playmate is a pure joy to his family and
he is starting to take his first steps: so look out...

Her job at a workshop with developmentally disabled adults
gives her pride that comes from helping others.

Superman has a new rival in him;
as he makes his impact on all with a smile and his swagger.

Everyday this super hero fights to keep others happy with his sense of humor.

Along with being the Spirit Award winner as received from her summer band
mates this past summer, she also loves to volunteer at the Humane Society.

An avid poster of the best of political truth, this Lake Orion
resident has his Associates Degree in Business Administration.


Her greatest joy comes from snap chatting with family and friends,
this Student of the Month has a compassionate heart.

Born into the world as the 1st. 
This laid back guy is learning to share his toys.

Loving Legos is this 1st graders passion.

This peek-a-boo player is learning how to crawl.

Love is all around and upside down, as she
commands everyone to comply with her princess wishes.

This happy cheerleader has competed for
state championship and enjoys shooting & hunting.

This littlest of three has accomplished the art of rolling.

Her biggest passion is working with patients and families
by providing support for them in and outside of the hospital.

While climbing onto the couch is her latest
accomplishment this little beauty loves to make people smile.

We are pleased to introduce a future screenwriter
whose favorite accomplishment so far is being an Uncle.

Giving the thumbs up for his love of Univeristy of Michigan football,
this sportsman also enjoys sled hockey and monster trucks.

Committed to living life full of many athletic experiences,
this circus lover wants to be shot out of a canon.

Always advocating for families and herself.
This Mom of 2 is also our very own superstar!

Yes! Let it be known that this animal lover brings
unrelenting joyfulness to those in his world.

 This little chatterbox is mastering the art of commando crawling.

This little man enjoys playing with his siblings but his future 
wishes may hold to be an outdoors man.


This newshound is up to date on all things newsworthy.

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