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Spencer's snowy quest

Spencer is lost and can't find her way home. She has been lost for a long time.

All Spencer sees is the soft snow on the ground.      And she is hungry as a wolf from her long journey. 

Slowly she walked on through the snow. In the distance a town started to appear slowly.

Maybe she lives in in the town. She starts to pick up speed to get to the town faster.

She was in the town square. As she started to slowly turn in circles around the square she realizes she doesn’t recognize any of the houses. Compared to her, the houses were like a thousand feet tall, so none of them could be hers.

Spencer realized that she was really lost. She starts to wander around the town and comes across a snowman.

“Ho ho hello there child.” Spencer, startled, looked around in a panic. “Behind you my dear child.”

“It is I the magical snowman Peppermint cinnamon tinsel,” The snowman said

“Well i'm going to call you Peppermint,” Spencer said “ I am Spencer, just wanted to let you know”

“Can you help me find my way home?” Spencer asked Peppermint 

“ Why of course i'm magical Spencer,” Peppermint replied “ Here take my hat, it shall guide you, all you have to do is put it on."

As Spencer starts to walk away she starts to hear a quiet “ Break a leg on your way home, kid” From Peppermint the snowman

Spencer put on the hat and a path way of lights appeared. Spencer took off down the path on her way home.

When Spencer walked through the door of her house and her mother greeted her. 

"How was your play date honey?"