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Kitchen Safety & Sanitation

By: Jayden and Spencer

foodborne illness is spread by food that is contaminated





Shigella is spread through poultry, dairy products, and raw vegtables


Prevention: Drink clean water, cook food well, and wash your hands


Treatment: Get rest and drink fluids. Stay home from work or school


Foods: Chicken, milk, raw vegtables


Anything that results in damage or injury in the kitchen.



  • open flame
  • malfunctioning machinery

chemical & physical hazards

Avoiding: Clean cutting board and knife or use different sets for meats and vegtables.

Direct- when food already has bacteria

cross- when bacteria from something else gets on another thing


an example for cleaning is when dishes are dirty and you wash them


an example of sanitation is when you clean off the counter after using it.

Clean- All foods & dirt are removed

Sanitized- Surfaces have a reduction of pathogen

Clean and Sanitary

Hand Washing

When to wash hands

- Before cooking

- Bathroom

- Before eating

40-140 F are the temperatures in the danger zone

At those temperatures bacteria can grow and grows most rapidly in this         range.

Danger Zone

Fattom- Food acidity, time, temperature, oxygen, and moisture

explains conditions that bacteria like to grow in


Ground beef




Stuffed Poultry


Internal cooking temperature

160 F


165 F


165 F

The safest ways to thaw food is in the fridge or in cold water


2 hours is max time to leave out perishables

Use ice or blast chiller to cool food fast and safe


Keep food above 140 F to keep hot


To keep cold have food at 40 F


To prevent cuts pay attention to what you

are doing, know proper knife usage, and

don't use alcohol or drugs


To prevent fires don't hold pets or kids while cooking, stay in the kitchen, and keep sleeves aways from heated surfaces and open flames

Fires & Burns

To prevent falls keep items in reach, clean up spills, and wear shoes in the kitchen


To prevent electric shock replace damaged equipment, dry hands before using equipment, and don't plug more than one thing into the same plug

Electric Shock