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Did the course meet your expectations?

I really enjoyed this class and enjoyed learning about Special Education learners and how to teach and find ways to get them interacted and interested. I think I thought this class was just another boring requirement but Dr. G. made it so much fun with fun activities that required us to think outside of the box and use what we learned in our Tech in the Classroom class and I loved that. I am so glad that I took this class with this group of people.

Did you meet your own expectations of yourself?

Yes, I do think that I was able to meet my own expectations. I go into each class that I take with the attitude that I am there to learn something new everyday that I spend in here. I was able to learn how certain students learn if they are special ed and I learned that school is not easy for them and I also learned that there is always a way to get a student engaged in what they are doing in school. You as the teacher just always have to be creative!

In This Class...How Did You Grow?

I felt like I grew in the best way that I could from this class...being a better soon-to-be teacher by learning the different types of learners and how to cater to their needs and how to make all activities fun and make them want to get involved.

  • What learning experiences will you "take with you" as a future teacher?

I will take so many learning experiences with me...the way that Dr. G taught us to look inside of a kid and find out their strengths and what they enjoy doing and use that to help us establish a lesson plan for that specific student is what I will take with me not only if I decide to teach special ed one day but also use it in my normal classroom. 

What Did You Think of This Course?

This course was for sure one of my favorites that I have taken in college. I think that when you get along with the majority of the people in your class it makes it more enjoyable for everyone, The friendships that I have made, the things I have learned I will take with me and keep close to my heart forever.

I would not make any changes! I think that this class is perfect and I would not have it any other way! The activities are fun and Dr. G is amazing!

Any Changes?