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Specifications Guide and Installation Procedures (2022)

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www.JETFilterSystem.com800-475-2029Serviceable Weep Hole SystemSpecification Guide US PAT #7,615,148, US PAT #10,124,281, US PAT #10,731,317Installation Procedures• Backflow Prevention• Standard Open-end Weep Hole Component• Flow Rate• Speed to Drain• Diameter Specifications: 2.5”, 3”, 4” and 6”• Maintenance & Installation• ApplicationsProviding Drainage and Geotextile Soil FiltrationADVANCED DRAINAGE TECHNOLOGY

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www.JETFilterSystem.com800-475-2029Serviceable Weep Hole SystemUS PAT #7,615,148, US PAT #10,124,281, US PAT #10,731,317Why do retaining walls fail?Lack of proper drainage is the most common cause of retaining wall failure. Drainage and soil filtration are vital to designing walls and maximizing their service life. Retaining wall drainage systems serve two functions. First, they drain the water (hydrostatic) pressure from behind the wall and, second, they stop soil from eroding through the drains (soil filtration). When drainage systems clog and fail, excessive water (hydrostatic) pressures builds up on the retaining wall. Eventually, the retaining wall will show signs of destress. Sustainable Weep Hole Filters are the perfect solution.Water always Wins:The solution.Earth Retaining Structures (ERS) are failing daily due to clogged or insufficient drainage systems. JET Filter System will help protect your investment and avoid costly repairs.Water always seeks the easiest path to flow. Therefore, drainage systems must always be the “easiest path”. Traditional retaining wall drainage systems are installed behind the wall, buried under the soil. Over time, drainage performance decreases as soil particles begin to clog the filter fabric. Once clogged, the drainage system stops being the “easiest path”. At this point, water will find another path or backup behind the wall. Fixing failed drainage systems buried behind the wall require costly excavation.What are Serviceable Weep Hole Filters?Serviceable Weep Hole Filters by JET Filter System provide drainage and soil filtration. Installed through the front of any new or existing retaining wall, Sustainable Weep Hole Filters help prevent failure as they reduce water pressure and prevent soil loss. Most importantly, Maintainable Weep Hole Filters are always easily maintained, they can extend the life of your valuable investment.Weep Hole Filters can be installed on seawalls, bulkheads, bridge abutments, wing walls, stormwater channels, box culverts, dam spillways and even underground parking garages. They are the perfect solution for concrete walls, all types of sheet pile (steel, vinyl, aluminum, composite, etc), MSE walls and even wooden bulkheads.Prevent The Leading Cause of Wall Failure:Excessive Buildup of Hydrostatic Water Pressure & Soil Erosion2Providing Drainage and Geotextile Soil Filtration

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• Overview Geotextile Filtration & Erosion Control• Open-End/Closed-End Weep Hole Components• Product List• Engineering Specifications• 3” dia. 316 Stainless Steel• 4” dia. 316 Stainless Steel• 6” dia. 316 Stainless Steel• 2.5” dia. ABS• Backflow Preventer One-Way Filter Check Valve• 3” dia. 316 Stainless Steel• 4” dia. 316 Stainless Steel• 6” dia. 316 Stainless Steel• 8” dia. 316 Stainless Steel Sub-Horizontal Drain System• Mirafi Specifications• Product Use Information• Concrete Seawalls• Sheet Piling (RETRO)• Sheet Piling• Bridge Abutments• Retaining Walls• Speed to Drain/Flow Rate• Contact UsPg 2Pg 4Pg 5Pg 6Pg 10Pg 14Pg 18Pg 22Pg 24Pg 26Pg 28Pg 30Pg 34Pg 37Pg 38Pg 39Pg 40Pg 42Pg 43TABLE OF CONTENTSPg 41Pg 36

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Extend the Life-Span of a Wall DesignFILTER with ONE-WAY CHECK VALVERelieve hydrostatic water pressure without allowing water back inProviding Drainage & Geotextile Soil Filtration JE™800.475.2029Dewatering Solutions for Earth Retaining Structures •Steel Sheet Piling•Bridge Abutments•Concrete Seawalls•Vinyl Sheet Piling•MSE Retaining Walls•Flood Control ChannelsOpen -EndClosed -EndEROSION CONTROL with CLEANABLE, REPLACEABLE Geotextile filter media cartridgeMade in the USAUS PAT# 7,615,148Weep Hole ComponentUS PAT# 10,124,2814

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Cleanable Filter CartridgeDrip GuardStainless SteelPart # JF3SSwww.jetfiltersystem.com3” Diameter 316 SS6US PAT #7,615,148

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Cleanable Filter CartridgeEasy To InstallErosion ControlPart # JF4SSwww.jetfiltersystem.com4” Diameter 316 SS10US PAT #7,615,148

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Cleanable Filter CartridgeEasy To InstallMaximize DrainagePart # JF6SSwww.jetfiltersystem.com6” Diameter 316 SS14US PAT #7,615,148

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Cleanable Filter CartridgeEasy To InstallAvailable In 4 Colors Gray, Slate, Clay or BrownPart # JF2.5ABSwww.jetfiltersystem.com2.5” Diameter ABS Units18US PAT #7,615,148

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Cleanable Filter CartridgeLouvered VentOne-Way Backflow PreventerPart # JF4SSCVLVwww.jetfiltersystem.com3”, 4” & 6” Diameter ASTM/316 SS Backflow Preventer22US PAT #10,124,281Part # JF6SSCVLVPart # JF3SSCVLV

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BACKFLOW PREVENTERONE-WAY FILTER CHECK VALVEFACT SHEETTypeClosed-EndDia.4”, 3” and 6” DiameterHousing316 Stainless SteelFilter MediaMirafi® Filterweave 300 FW Series Woven GeotextileCartridge/CapFlame Retardant Polycarbonate/Acrylonitrile/Butadiene Styrene UV ResistanceCagePerforated 1/4” opening 5/16” Staggered 16gaCheck ValveThemoplastic Vulcanicate Sarlink® TPV 5700BInspection CertificateMade in USAAnchorSupplied (4) Thread-Forming Structural 300 Series SS Fasteners Corrosion Resistance Requirement4”, 3” or 6” Diameter Weep Hole Core OpeningPermanent Mounted SS HousingONE-WAY Check ValveLets Ground Water OutStops Tidal Wake/Storm Surge EnteringCleanable, ReplaceableGeotextile Filter Media CartridgeStops ErosionProviding Drainage & Geotextile Soil Filtrationwww.JETFilterSystem.com800-475-2029Wave & Overtopping - Tidal Flooding ConcernsProtect Our Coastal Infrastructure• Seawalls• Outlet Structures• Flood Control StructuresWeep Hole ComponentRelieves The Hydrostatic and Hydrodynamic Water Pressureswww.jetfiltersystem.comUS PAT #10,124,281

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Cleanable Filter CartridgeLouvered Vent3.5”dia. Through Pipe Fittingwww.jetfiltersystem.com8” Diameter 316 SS Sub-Horizontal Drain System30US PAT #10,731,317Part # JF8MAX

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Flood Control ChannelsSeawallsOutlet StructuresThe outlet drains are provided with check valves to prevent the backflow of water from the channels into the drainage system.Check valve drainage should be used for channels where continuous relief of hydrostatic pressure is important to channel performance and to help ensure no soil loss or panel failure.With storm tidal or wake action concerns, the weep hole system will facilitate the passing of hydrostatic water pressures (ground water) and stop soil loss from behind the seawall structure.The backflow preventer check valve will stop the passage of water from entering through the structure from the seaward side.Water control is a major factor with regards to safety and integrity of the structure.Seepage must be controlled, It can progressively erode soil from the embankment or its foundation, resulting in rapid failure of the structure.The drainage system is designed to prevent migration of soil particles but still allow the seepage to drain freely.Providing Drainage & Geotextile Soil Filtrationwww.JETFilterSystem.com800-475-2029Backflow PreventerONE-WAY FILTER CHECK VALVE• Let’s Ground Water Out with Erosion Control• Stops Tidal Wake/Storm Surge Entering• Cleanable, Replaceable Geotextile Filter Media CartridgePROTECT MARINE STRUCTURESRelieve Hydrostatic Water Pressure With Backflow PreventionRISING SEA-LEVELS AND HIGHER TIDES INCREASE RISK OF FAILURE“As climate changes and sea levels rise, it pushes groundwater up behind sea walls for more and more days per year, thereby increasing hydrostatic pressures that can impact sea walls.” Dr. Leonard Berry, Co-Founder, Coastal Risk Consulting, LLC, Plantation, FL.

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Geotextile Filtration and Erosion Controlwww.JETFilterSystem.com800-475-2029Geotextile Filtration and Erosion ControlINSTALLATION DETAIL PROFILE36

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Speed to Drain- Flow RatesMade in USAFaster Flow Rate & Longer Time Between MaintenanceThe conical design of our 4″ dia. maintainable weep hole filter gives 210% more filter fabric surface area than a 4″ dia. traditional weep hole. The increased surface area allows our filters to produce greater than 200%* additional water flow. The 4″ dia. weep hole filter also has 9 times the surface area of our 2.5″ dia. ABS filters and 1.5 times the surface area of the 3″ dia. units. As a result, the 4″ dia. units are the most versatile filter and can be used in almost any application.Storms, sprinklers, waves, groundwater and other events can deposit large amounts of water behind a wall. It is important to drain the water before it causes damage. Our 4″ dia. weep hole filter can drain 20.79 gpm*.US PAT #7,615,148US PAT #10,124,281US PAT #10,731,31742

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precision quality aspiration facilitationwww.jetfiltersystem.comTeamed with our state-of-the-art facility, JET Filter System, LLC can improve the products manufacturing ability through the application of advanced technology and automation, by reducing cost.

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