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SPEC 22 Brochure

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SPECTACULAR THEME 2022 This year s theme is Together This theme is relevant on a number of levels We ll be drawing particular attention to the visual of a table and how as we gather together everyone has a place at the table that all are welcome Our scripture emphasis will be taken f rom Luke 24 13 35 The Road to Emmaus Frequently Asked Questions At what age grade level am I able to attend SPEC You must have completed the 9th grade through having just completed your senior year in high school 15 to 19 years of age approximately How much does it cost to attend SPEC The base cost for SPEC programming housing and food is 395 Additional fees vary per delegation for travel and other delegation specific costs For everyone born a place at the table a voice to be heard a part of the song a rainbow of race gender and color the right to belong JULY 16 23 SPECTACULAR CofChrist org spec is a ministry of SPEC COFCHRIST ORG On the campus of Can friends family come to SPEC to see me perform in the musical or watch one of my games Unfortunately no This year SPEC is a closed camp experience Which means no visitors are allowed I have so many more questions who can I talk to Your delegation leader is your best resource for all things SPEC They ll provide all the information you need as well as be able to get your questions answered 22 r a l u c a t c e Sp How do I register for SPEC Registration is done through your delegation Please talk to your delegation leader for all the details and deadlines that are necessary to attend SPEC Are there any protocols in place due to COVID Yes There is a COVID vaccination mandate in place this year for all SPEC attendees Complete details of those protocols are available from your delegation leader r e h t e g T SPEC_CofChrist

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What is SPECTACULAR The mission of SPECTACULAR or SPEC as we call it is to create a safe positive focused community that encourages young people ages 15 19 to discover who they are their inherent worth and cultivate and express their giftedness SPECTACULAR is a Christian based week long experience that happens each July that routinely hosts up to 1200 campers and staff from all over the US and Canada who gather on the campus of Graceland University in Lamoni Iowa In certain years we expand and celebrate an international SPECTACULAR that attracts young people from all over the world These international participants travel from Europe Asia Tahiti the Pacific Islands Australia and Mexico SPECTACULAR Programming LEADERSHIP ARTS SPORTS Over the 50 years that SPEC has been in existence the SPECTACULAR community has shared resources through an offering that donates to causes like HealthEd Connect Outreach International Playing for Peace ONE Love Your Brain The Harmony Project To Write Love On Her Arms the Community of Christ Oblation Fund and many many more The SPECTACULAR community has also welcomed renowned guest speakers from these causes as well as New York Times best selling authors world class athletes social activists entertainers and ministers like Rachel Held Evans Philip Gulley Jars of Clay Kevin Pearce Nadia Bolz Weber Benjamin Mathes Lifehouse Shane Claiborne Jamie Tworkowski and many more The Foundation of SPECTACULAR All SPECTACULAR campers have opportunities to participate in classroom experiences that promote learning leadership skills practicing peace and justice protecting our environment exploring poverty and health issues as well as having additional experiences that allow them to participate in the expression of arts music and sports competition SPECTACULAR is true to it s name SPECTACULAR is a youth ministry of Community of Christ During the week campers can look forward to sharing in all avenues of the SPEC experience including theme classes SPEC Today worship and visual arts classes like pottery glass fusion and jewelry making Performing arts classes like theatre and musical performance and stage production Adventure Classes like yoga Girls Strong and cooking We believe all are called to make a positive difference in our world We develop and equip people of all ages to generously share the peace of Jesus Christ and to courageously pursue justice SPEC also includes individual and team sports competition From golf to table tennis to wrestling to quiz bowl soccer softball basketball and volleyball just to name a few All sports are fully officiated and scored SPECTACULAR is Generous In Community of Christ we warmly embrace one another as family even if we have never met With 250 000 members in more than 60 nations we celebrate our diversity and nurture welcoming inclusive communities We seek genuine vulnerable connections with one another and God We offer a community where you can belong be valued and loved deepen your spirituality and discover a purpose that can change lives and communities Enduring Principles Grace and Generosity Sacredness of Creation Continuing Revelation Worth of All Persons All Are Called Responsible Choices Pursuit of Peace Shalom Unity in Diversity Blessings of Community Mission Initiatives Invite People to Christ Abolish Poverty End Suffering Pursue Peace on Earth Develop Disciples to Serve Experience Congregations in Mission

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