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Here is a quick introduction about what we will be learning this year in Spanish one and how you can best support your child in learning a new language!

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Spanish 1

 What we do in Spanish class:

This year we are so exicted to start the journey of learning to speak the culturally rich language of Spanish! We will be not only learning the grammtical structures of the language, but will also be learning about the diferent cultures that exisit in the Spanish speaking countries of the world. Although this is a first year Spanish class I expect students to only speak Spanish while in class. That may sound like a daunting task, but don't worry! By the end of day one students will have the vocabulary necessary to be able to function in class! All I need is for your student to show up to class with a go-getter attitude and before we know it, they will be speaking Spanish!

Grading Policy:

I firmly believe that to learn Spanish you must speak it. Therefore the majority of your student's grade will come from in class conversation activites. Simply put, if your student doesn't attend class it will be nearly impossible for them to earn an 'A' and more importantly to learn to speak Spanish. There will be various pop quizzes given throughout the semester to verify if students are memorizing their vocabulary words. This semester we will hit five vocabulary units, one unit every two weeks, and at the end of each unit there will be an exam. Each exam will include a written section, speaking section, and listening section. I can guarentee that if your student attends class everyday and participates, that the tests will be easy.