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 Nathan's great change. 











   It was during a really bad storm and a surplus of nickel had just came in that day. As Nathan was turning off the light, where the nickel was stored in, a huge surge of lighting struck down on Nathan. Then he awoke in his bedroom surrounded by his parents. Their faces masked in fear.

   In the town of cityville, there lived an ordinary guy named Nathan. He just recently moved into town, saying so he didn’t have friends. Instead Nathan just hung out with his dad most of the time at the metal shop. Nothing cool happened to Nathan until one night changed his life forever.













   Nathan unraveled his bed sheets only to reveal his metallic like skin. He rushed into the bathroom, Nathan didn’t look like Nathan anymore. Instead someone who belong in a fictional superhero movie. Being in the room with all the nickel and being struck by the lighting, caused his whole body to be consisted out of nickel. He also found out that he had the ability to attract metal and play with electricity.


   Mom, Dad I must…” before Nathan could even finish his sentence, a loud cry for help was heard outside. Turns out Nathan wasn’t the only one effected by the huge lighting storm. Spreading terror onto the streets was the apparent local town bully. 


   Nathan knew he could use his powers for good and protect the town of cityville. 


   I am the one and only, Lava Man. I am here to burn this town into ashes.” Nathan confronted Lava Man. They both stood on opposite ends of each other. Lava Man blasted out magma all over Nathan but it didn’t hurt him. Since he was 100% nickel, Nathan was able to withstand high temperatures and not be effected by it. Amazed by his new ability, he used this to his advantage. Nathan used his power of conductivity to collect all the iron made objects around him to make a dome surrounding Lava Man. Lava Man was trapped and Nathan kept him isolated  until the E.V.I.L agents came to send him to a special containment unit. 


   Nathan knew he had to protect his town. With his head held high and any sort of fears settled aside, he marched his way out the door and found himself in the streets. Ready to confront his enemy.


   Once Lava Man was sent away, the citizens of cityville all came out of their homes to see their hero. They all gathered around and cheered. Nathan's parents were there supporting him. 

   “What’s your name?” asked someone from the crowed. Nathan stopped and wondered. He had to have a cool name if he was going to be a superhero.

 “You can call me… Metal Man” said Nathan, well, Metal Man. Metal Man was happy and so was everyone else.

 Nathan wasn’t just and ordinary guy and more, well he isn’t really a guy at all but that day changed him. Not just physically but his mindset has too for the better. 




The End.