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This short e-book will discuss the top 5 Advantages to going solar. There is also a secondary e-book that should be read after this one, that explains more in depth how solar works. Within this book begin your journey to lowering your electric bills, taking control of your energy cost, and helping to make a positive impact on the environment!

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Top 4 Solar Advantages

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By:Austin Weinland

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1. Save money on electric bills

We are all facing rising energy cost. Did you know that the average utility increase in the United States, over the past 20 years, has been 6%? The average rate of inflation is 3%! That means each year the cost to power our home goes up by two times the cost of inflation. Here is a link to the graph, 

Powering your home with solar can offer you a cheaper alternative to a cleaner power supply. Solar will decrease your dependence on the local utility provider. Now, what happens on a cloudy, snowy, or rainy day? No worries there, the sun is still "shinning" and emitting energy to your panels. With solar, depending on your home, system size, and area, you can decrease you utility bill from 20-100%.

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2. Solar Offers Several Programs

Every home is different and each of the owners within are unique. That is why solar can not be a one-size fits all option. With solar through BluePrint Solar, we offer you three amazing options. We know everyone is at a different financial level, and have found ways to ensure that there is something here for everyone.

1. Cash Option

     By investing in your solar system with cash, you will see the best return in the long term (usually you will break-even within 5 to 10 years). Even though solar systems are not as expensive as they used to be, they still cost an average of $11,000 net cost. What do I mean net cost? Simply put, the Federal Government is trying to help make alternative energy options more affordable, as even they have become aware that we need to start finding renewable sources of energy, by offering a 30% Tax Incentive for the cost of your system. Also, most states have there own level of tax incentive (such as Arizona offers a $1,000 State Tax Incentive).

2. Loan Option

     With the loan option your savings are seen over a longer period of time (usually closer to 10 years). Since you are not paying cash for the system, and since it is a loan there is interest, you will have a monthly payment for the system and the loan is for 20 years. You always have the option to pay the loan off early with no penalty. That being said, this is a great option for people that may not have the, lets just say $20,000, laying around to spend on a system. Contact BluePrint Solar today to learn more!


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3. Lease Option

     This option is the most popular solar option today. I think it is fair to say that 98% of the people that go solar use the lease option. This is the most cost effective way to go solar. With a no money upfront option, all you pay is a small monthly payment for the power produced by your system. The best part is that price is guaranteed for 20 years! With the rate utilities are increasing, 20 years from now your electric bill will be double. With our lease we insure each system, and also guarantee power production. Learn more about the solar lease program.

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3. Increase fuel independence

Today, alternative energy sources are more important than ever. There is a constant decline in our oil and coal reserves, and once those are gone we are left with out power. By converting your home into a solar home, you help to reduce our nation's crucial reliance on foreign oil. As we are all aware, foreign oil is known to have major price fluctuations. When compared to our traditional sources of power, solar is the clear choice. This is why more and more homeowners are switching to solar, now more than ever.

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4. Help out the enviroment

Solar Homes and power help reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. These include natural gas, oil, and coal. Fossil Fuels are the traditional way that we receive our power, but they produce harmful gas emission that affects the air, water, and soil. With solar we can avoid all these gas emissions, and power our world without harm to the ozone layer. The EPA is making a strong recommendation for everyone to make the switch to renewable energy. When you turn your home into a solar home, not only are you saving on your utility bill, you are also making an investment in the future of out planet for generations to come.

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