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Research Report on Bipolar

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The Ups and Downs  of Bipolar Disorder

                  By: Sofia Terlesky

Chapter 1: The Maze of the Brain

Chapter 3: Has it Happened to you?

Chapter 2: The Controller

Chapter 4: Can you get Passed it?

Chapter 5: The Here comes at Last

Table of Contents

"So Alfred, tell us, how did you compare our fighting to a disease in the brain?" asked Doctor Strange.

Alfred Pennyworth grabbed hold of his GPS. 

"He's here at Crime Alley, by Main Street," read Alfred.

 "This guy is such a disease, he's undefeatable!" screamed Hulk.

Hulk delivered a solid punch to the face, (but Bullsye punched harder).

Gotham City was home to some of the worst crimes in history-so the Ferocious Five had to be ready. Of course there wouldn't be the Ferocious Five without The Flash, Black Canary, Hulk, Alfred Pennyworth, and Doctor Strange. They all had many different backgrounds, but they came together in Gotham to protect the city. That's what they had to do today.

Beep!Beep!Beep! The crime alert blared on and off. Bullsye had just made his next move, and it was up to them to him. "Suit up!" yelled Hulk. Everyone did as told.

15 minutes passed and they were in the biggest pickle the five had ever seen. Bullsye was stronger then ever.


What is this awful disease? It's Bipolar, and it can be defeated with hard work and perserverance.

Boom! Hayaa! Pow! Things were getting chaotic at the Superheroes Headquarters. They were all training to fight the worst criminal on Earth. The Marvel Villan Bullsye had just reached the outskirts of Gotham City-where their Headquarters contained the best training zone anyone's ever seen.

The Flash ran in rapid circles, (but Bullsye ran faster).

And, like they predicted, once they used all their powers as one, Bullsye was out in a blink of an eye.

""Hey, that reminds me, how about we look at Bullsye like a psychotic disease like Bipolar, and we can use all our powers together like the brain for the biggest comeback ever?" replied Alfred.

The Black Canary screamed as loud as she could, ( but Bullsye screamed louder).

The Maze of the Brain

When you have a Psychotic tantrum, your Amygdala is firey, red hot, but when you have a Depressive tantrum, your Amygdala doesn't work at all.

"Shaina please, I don't know what I did to you," I wailed in a high pitched whine.

"Why can't you just leave me alone?"

Bipolar is a controlling disease that makes you very sad one day, and completely insane the next.

"Why did you do this to me?"

"You're so mean!"

Shaina was screaming awful, hurtful words to me

More than 6 million Americans suffer from Bipolar, like Bri's sister, and when they have one of their episodes, it's hard to stop them.

Sobbing and sobbing I ran down to my mom. Diana.

Shaina, my little sister, has Bipolar Disease. Of course we support her as much as we can. Emotionally, Financially, and Physically, but this was getting out of hand.

Sometimes you can get the cheery Shaina, who plays and hugs. Sometimes you can get sad Shaina, or just wicked Shaina. Today, she was Wicked.

It comes from the Amgydala. The Amygdla is a small,, almond-sized mass of gray matter inside each part of the human brain, that controlls emotions.

"What is wrong with you Shaina?" I yelled

"I don't know, I don't know what to do!" she pleaded.

"That is an excellent question," replied Alfred, as he began explaining to the rest of his team

"Well, sort of, but what is Bipolar, what sort of thing could do this to an innocent person like Shaina?" asked Doctor Strange.

"Do you understand now?" asked Alfred, as he finished sharing his horrible story about Bri's sister Shaina.

"Mom! Mom! Shaina is screaming at me!" I cried.

The Controller

Well, Bipolar isn't just one episode and it's over. The emotion and stress is present daily, but when you have an episode, it can last for weeks or even a couple months.

It's not hard for you to catch someone having a Bipolar episode. Screaming bad words, crying, punching, kicking. But the depressive symptoms? That's a different story.

Doctors and Scientists do everything they can to slow down the frequency of the epsidoes, But there's not much they can do. Like I said, when they're at a hightened state, all you can do is hold on tight, and hope the ride is over soon.

Has it Happened to you?

Think of it this way. How can you tell if someone is depressed, and have Bipolar, or if they're just having a bad day?


"Well yes, there are treatents that people can do to help, but sadly, most do not follow through," sighed Alfred.

"There must be something that can help them, that can defeat Bipolar, like we defeated Bullsye," said The Flash.

Bipolar will stay with you like Batman and Robin, and without treatment, it will never get better.

"Yeah, can't the Brain use all the pieces and parts together like we used The Flash's speed, The Black Canary's sound, Alfred's wisdom, Doctor Strange's mind reading, and my strength together to defeat Bullsye?" asked Hulk.

But even if you do get treated, you will still have the disease, and will have to return for medical help. Some treatments will even increase your episode, others will help. I guess all you can do is hope for the best.

Many people, like Bri's sister, think they don't need treatments. They think Bipolar will just die off as time passes, like a simple cold, but they're wrong.

People like Bri's sister, will seek help, get treated, but won't follow through with it. Bri's sister was becoming normal Shaina. She was glad that the treatments were balncing her attitude out. But unfortunately,she was unwilling to make the sacrafises that the medicine required-such as no alchohol, which is what bring us here today. And I always wonder to myself, if she would've just proceeded with the treatments, would this all be different?

Of course, you can't ever fully get rid of Bipolar. The symptoms will still linger. But if you get some sort of medicine or procedure, it will most likely decrease the likeliness of an episode.

Can you get Passed it?

The Hero comes at Last

On the other hand, if your case is like a ticking time bomb, and you could go off at any time, you would want something more urgent like surgery or therapy. Youcould get a surgery called ElectroConvulsive Operation, which is a surgery dealing with electricity in the brain. Or you can get a therapy like PsychoTherapy

There are many different treatments, ranging from medicine to surgery, but you must choose your treatment wisely depending on the severity of your disease. 

If you have a controllable case, but can still be harmful, you most likely will just want to purchase medicine. You can get pharmaceuticals like mood stabelizer drugs, Anti-Seizure drugs, and Anti-Psychotic drugs.

All of these are good ideas, but be careful, one wrong decision, and everything goes down hill.

"You get the Pain much more than any one else, but you see the Sunrise as Beautiful as any one else,"

Just like Super Heroes defeat Super Villains, with the proper treatmments and effort, you can defeat the sickening disease we call- Bipolar.

"I think we understand now, with the right powers that stupid villain can be defeated," cheered Docotor Strange.

"Exactly, and if we're talking about the Human Body, the powers are the treatments, and the villain is Bipolar," nodded Alfred.

Psychosis: A severe mental disorder in which thoughts and emotions are impaired that contact is lost with External Reality

Bipolar Disease: Characterized by both Manic and Depressive episodes

Amygdala: A mass of gray matter involving emotions.

Psycho Therapy: The treatment of Mental Disorder by Psychological rather than Medical means.

Depressive: Causing feeling of hopelessness 

Psychotic: A person suffering from a psychosis

ElectroConvulsive Operation: A surgery dealing with Electric Currents in the Brain